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    Unless you find a way to get Corona virus from the broadcast of TV...... you may be OK The broadcasters can protect the small team they have with masks I think we are going to have football (But I have no crystal ball) If we are still shut down in September, kiss this country goodbye There isnt enough money to print to pull it together. Your pets will end up being your lunch The answer is to protect the elderly, and wear masks when possible, not crush the greatest nation this world has ever seen........ The perpetual shut down cannot continue
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    Me? Sarcastic? Get outta here...
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    I have mixed feelings on the article. I don’t see how JB is ranked higher than Dalton, Winston and Newton. But... either way it’s nice to see a professional show appreciation and respect to our guy. JB is clearly a top-5 back up and NOT as one noted poster recently called him... “soon to be flipping burgers...”
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    First off, it's a HS job. Doubt he retires or leaves the NFL early for that gig. Second, given his history of having 9 kids, it makes it clear that when it comes to business, he is never one to PULL OUT prematurely.
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    Take the Jags +8. Colts usually struggle down there.
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    Lol, if LEONARD isn’t an elite starter, I don’t know what LB is!
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    Man. I really want this to happen. We already have arguably THE best OL in the league with the guys we already have. we have one....ONE weak link. And even Glow is not a bad OL. He was a lot better the year before than he was this past season. He definitely had a down year. I’m just saying. He was Pretty good a couple years ago for us. Adding Warford Pushes Glow to the Roll of our main backup O-Lineman. Solves a lot of our depth issues for sure. It’d be nice if (knock on wood) But if a guy can’t go, us to be able to throw Glow out there for a week or 2. So... Adding Larry Warford......Yeah. It’s on. We’d have HANDS DOWN. HANDS DOWN The BEST offensive line in the NFL. Maybe even the best OL ThE NFL has seen in recent history as I totally expect Braden Smith to take another big step forward in becoming one of the best RT’s in the league. I’ve seen some articles saying they view Smith as a potential Breakout pro bowler. OMG I’m getting so jacked thinking about our line with big Warf. Castanzo - Nelson - Kelly - Warford - Smith LOL. YEAH. Come get some !!!!! Rivers is going to have so much time, and he gets rid of the ball quick anyway. He’s never had an OL like the one he’s about to have with us. I am looking for Rivers to be talked about A LOT on all the talk shows and all over NFL network all season long. I think he’s about to have one of the best years of his career playing behind the best line in the NFL, having a 2 headed monster Of Mack and Taylor at RB, an all around offensive weapon in Hines. Two really solid TE’s in Doyle and Burton. And a really good group of WR’s in Pittman, TY, Campbell, Pascall. Final thoughts. Adding Warford is like giving steroids to a Pittbull. Or like giving even more steroids to Brock Lesnar. Make this happen CB.
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    They are showing cases where people are getting it that are shut in...... I think everyone will end up getting it.... no matter what is done.... Immunity will be built, we will move ahead Swine Flu and other strands have come and gone...... These things end up petering out
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    I think the worst case, you have the game with no spectators...... The TV money is enormous.....
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    But Philip doesn't - he's only lost there twice (the last time was in overtime) in 9 career games against the Jaguars and he's never lost to them in his home stadium. Rivers is 6-2 at Jacksonville and only 1 of those games was decided by less than 2 touchdowns. I was at that game in 2015. The Chargers were up 31-19 with only 1:37 left, and Jaguars stop us on 3rd down & 10 from our 34 yard line. We line up in punt formation, and they don’t even put anyone back to receive, indicating that they intend to sell out to block it. At this point, the Chargers have several options (call timeout to discuss, put the offense back on the field, move the punter back farther than usual, ect.) but they do none of them. Shockingly, (I say in jest) the punt is easily blocked but at least we prevent them from advancing with the recovery. This takes 7 seconds, so the Jags have the ball at our 14 and they score a touchdown in 2 plays, taking only 9 seconds. They miss the extra point, so they’re still down by 6 and need to recover the onside kick but if they do, they have almost a minute & ½ to get another touchdown to tie, and a successful extra point would win the game at that point. The kickoff only traveled 9 yards and was knocked sideways out of bounds by one of our players, giving the Chargers the ball with 1:21 left, and Jacksonville already out of timeouts so all we had to do was kneel twice, and “escape” with the win that ended up a whole lot closer than it should’ve been. The Chargers fired their special teams coach a few days later.
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    You can facepalm all you want, but once again, no one said Irsay should sell the Colts because it is in his best interest, or Peyton has a right or is more fitting as an owner. As a fan of Peyton, it would be cool. That is it. That sentiment seems to be going over your head. I'm willing to bet Manning has more of a fan base than Irsay.
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    I'm not arguing your main point, because you're right. But just so everyone knows, the next game Philip misses, if there ever is one, will be his first. Ever. In his entire life. High school, college and NFL. That's right. He's never missed a game. At any level. Maybe some of you can, but I honestly don't know that I can justly even speak about that. It's utterly beyond my ability to identify with that. Heck, I miss work every year, and I sit at a desk developing software for a living. Not any behemoths crashing into and landing on me 20+ times a day doing that, either. As I nicknamed him early in his career, the guy is The Human Terminator
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    It's a fairly new school, but in an area where they know some people, and according to Philip, it's a place that aligns with what he and his family believe in the areas of education and spirituality. So they think it's a great fit for what they want to do next. Good for them, and I hope it works out well. But get the Lombardi first .
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    If anyone thinks Philip Rivers won't give 150% for any reason, you don't know Philip Rivers.
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    I think expecting more than a year for rivers is a bit ambitious to begin with. Makes me feel even better that we got Eason in the draft. To your point I think the opposite. I think he’ll give everything he has and end things on a strong note
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    Ok...please explain the crappy situation for him last year? He got to play QB for a team that made the play offs the year before and was being g talked about as a SB contender. I think most QB’s would like that situation, no? His first year where he was traded for and then starting not long after obviously wasn’t ideal, but last year was a dream chance that all back up QB’s would die for.
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    Projected Cap Space 125 mil Must re-sign Kelly - We need to keep our o-line intact. Kelly deserves to be one of the top paid centers 4 year 42 mil 20 mil G Houston - Houston walked in and became one of the best players on our defense. Provided leadership and constant pressure with 11 sacks and I can see a similar season this year. He still has plenty in the tank. 2 year 25 mil 15 G 102 mil cap space Would like to see Re-signed Walker - Walker and Leonard imo are one of the best LBer tandem and Id like to keep that intact, however Okereke might make the colts think he's moveable. 5 year 40 mil 20 G Hilton - I am one of the biggest Hilton fans, however it depends on health and how well guys like Pittman, Campbell, and Pascal develop. 2 year 30 mil 12 G Mack - I honestly still think Mack will get re-signed. Even if Taylor has a good rookie year, Mack and Taylor could become the best RB tandem behind our line. Unless Mack really is upset about sharing a backfield, he is not gonna get top dollar anywhere. 4 year 28 mil 14 G 72 mil cap space Depends if needed to Re-sign Rivers - Obviously it comes down to rather or not Rivers has anything left and if the colts feel confident about Eason. 1 year 25 mil Rhodes - I'm rooting for Rhodes. I think he's the prototypical Ballard corner, but he needs to show he's still a top corner. 2 year 26 mil 10 G 34 mil cap space Would not be expensive to Re-sign Burton Stewart Muhammad Will likely move on Brissett Hooker Autry
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    It could be Wes Welker?
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    I think overall, it's all a mix. Some HCs dictate more, some less. O-minded HCs likely shape the O and provide more guidance, than D-minded HCs IMO. Reich had a HC (Chargers) who had an O background, but Reich still called the plays. Pederson in Philly was O-minded and called the plays instead for FR. I'm guessing we're closer to 2018 Colts %s than 2019's. Last year we scored 22.6 on average vs 27.1 (5th) in 2018. Defensively, we gave up 23.3 in 2019, vs 21.5 (10th best) in 2018 Only 5 teams have been in the 14ppg (D) area in the last 10 years, so that's a huge ask. My hope is give up 17ish or less, and score more than 24 on average.
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    I'm not saying Bobby didn't play well. All I'm saying is Walker deserves to be paid. He's more then performed and has been a solid starter.
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    Well I hope Reich don't pick up Belichick's habit of not knowing anything about cheating or over looking some pretty shady things done by his team.
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    Jags 0-4 Titans 0-4 Texans 0-4 Colts 4-0
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    Yeah I have been here for 8 years and I have never seen you be sarcastic.
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    They need to buy the Jets and make something worthwhile out of that crappy franchise.
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    I don’t want to see Irsay out of majority ownership of the Colts, the man has been a great owner. He is very passionate about his team, he has spent plenty of money on it and involves the fans in a lot of ways. He is quirky and just an eccentric man. Manning could absolutely be an asset to not only the team, but to Jim and the Colts brand. you are correct, as a fan, it would be fantastic if we could get Peyton involved in an ownership partner to Irsay, wow, how much more recognition would this team get just with that bump alone. I would love to have Peyton as a minimum, to have a role with the team. Billy Brooks has done a phenomenal job but do you think the bump with Peyton involved wouldn’t be real? I do and so do many others. as for Peyton having the capital or resources to buy a team outright, that remains to be seen. I’m sure he would have to have some others with deeper pockets to help but a team outright. I don’t believe Jim would sell any part of the team to anyone right now because he has his girls ready to take over. Unless there was some discord or an unwillingness for them to have a complete and competent takeover, I just don’t see Manning as a part of the ownership in Indy. It’s ok though.
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    NFL doesn't care if a fan comes to the game....It's all about that TV money. You spot on Mike
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    Yep, been here for 17 years, and never once have I been sarcastic. You must be thinking of someone else, 'Bestever...
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    Well of course. Just a reminder that Bucky Brooks wrote this during last season: ”This will be an unpopular opinion in the state of Indiana and beyond, but the Colts are a better team with Jacoby Brissett than they were with Andrew Luck as their QB1. Now, I know the Luck apologists will flood my Twitter timeline with all kinds of venom, but allow me to explain.” Not only did he make this absolutely asinine comment...he then called anybody who would disagree a “Luck apologist.” # that guy.
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    That is the narrative some take when they must find a scape goat. It don't matter the circumstances of why things turned south for the Colts last season because they don't care. It's a lot easier to just point a finger at one person than actually look and understand the how and whys of things.
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    PureLuck is Andrew Luck! Inside INFO!! LOL
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    I feel alot better with JB on the roster for this year. Rivers hasnt missed many games in his career, but he’s only 1 hit away from needing a backup. Especially at his age. If Ballard is all in for this year as some think, its a smart move to have a more tgan capable backup. With the cap hit affecting a trade, and relatively little savings from cutting, it makes sense. After getting caught with his pants down over the surprising Luck retirement, he did say he wouldnt let it happen again. Going into 2020 with Eason and/or Kelly as the primary backup could be a repeat of just that.
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    An interesting strategy the Colts could pursue in signing Warford is to restructure Glowinski which would save 2M on the cap where he is currently counting at 6.9M. He would then become our veteran backup on the OL for the guard spot. If he was good with that they could even extend him a year.
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    Yeah, barring injury you are correct. I think it's why he's still on this team that they couldn't find any good trade offers for him. He may resign next year as a backup for a much reduced amount or he finds another team to be a backup on. He's not a starter in this league that we all know.
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    Yeah, I voted PUP to I think it'll be at least or the year or two after until we see his full potential.
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    We should this year with Buckners help. At least, more than before.
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    I didn't mean to laugh at this, I meant to like it. But, I also know I will get frustrated hearing the announcers say TD Pittman, no Patmon, no Pascal... TD Colts.
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    that's vegas asking for money right now
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    Ehh, I don't know if they invested any more time in him than they would another late first / early second round guy on their board. They spent a bunch of time on Pittman, right? Doesn't mean they changed their mind on Love, just didn't have a high enough grade on him to take him at #13. It was the hype train that suggested they might, not really anything the Colts did.
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    Except for he actually did have all the first team snaps...AL was injured. Starting QB prep, yup got that too. Film study, well I sure hope he was.
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    You couldn’t have hoyer coming in and making more money. There also needed to be a message sent that they trusted Jacoby and he was the guy. There was nothing wrong with giving him a raise. The issue was how much.
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    This guy (Taylor) is a home run to the house player. I'll take him any given Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
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    Badgers run a ton of outside zone. They probably run inside zone too at times, which is common with zbs teams if the defense loads the outside. Here's a good article from last year. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/film-study/2019/07/105067/film-study-despite-running-the-same-system-for-nearly-two-decades-wisconsins-oversized-offense-continues
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    He says Mack "struggles"when he's injured and Taylor "doesn't really catch the ball out of the backfield"... That's his criticism of the Taylor pick......not very insightful.
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    Congrats to @PureLuck. Some of the best performances in this competition that I've seen over the year. Picking 4 players right is no joke.
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    Unitas was the NFL All 50th Anniversary Team QB. Without him and the Colts 58 Overtime Championship on National TV, there probably wouldn’t be an NFL today. So he was my vote. Side note- Lenny Moore was also recognized on that team- yet many on here don’t even recognize him in the Colts Top Ten!?!?!? Most ratings, prior to Brady’s success- rate Montana as by far The Best. I still rate Joe as better than a Brady. I personally enjoy Peyton as my Favorite Person who had an NFL Career. Not only innovative and successful, but fun-loving and Charitable. Archie and Olivia raised a Keeper, for sure!!!
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    It’s completely biased, but I think Peyton is at the top. Changed the game, from a passing and leadership standpoint. He was literally a field general in that he was an offensive coordinator. His ability to read defenses was unparalleled. I really liked Marino too though.
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