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    Pretty nice mock for the Colts. I would like to swap OT Mechi Becton in for Trey Adams though.
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    The Senior Bowl starts 1/21-1/23. There is a lot of players to watch. Please use this thread to discuss who you are excited about. Once practices start we can discuss how they are looking. I think we can all agree that pretty much all the QBs are of interest. Love Herbert Gordon Hurts Also some WR and TE Pinkney Pittman Jr Jennings Gandy-Golden Aiyuk Claypool Cant wait to see them all.
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    Even though I think a QB is high priority for us, I say we still take DT 1st round. Then take best QB available with a 2nd round pick.
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    Where did the idea come up the Colts players were not being held accountable in the locker room?
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    So trade up I say. This is no time to fool around and gamble that your guy drops. Too many teams need a QB. This off season calls for a bold and decisive decision at QB.
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    I made my first pre-combine mini mock on January 1, back when I assumed that we could find a QB of the future in someone not named Burrow, Tua, or Herbert. Now, I'm not so sure. Yes, we could take one of the others. And, yes, they could be serviceable. But I'm not falling in love with any of them. And I have a feeling that some other team would reach for them anyway, whereas we would rather pick them where we rate them. I also made my first mini mock before it was learned that Costanzo just might retire. And the more I thought about it, and listened to Kevin's Corner on it, the more I was certain this is a Huge Issue. Almost bigger than dealing with JB's limitations at QB. Seriously. SO! Here is my second pre-combine mini mock. Assumptions: we do NOT draft a QB. At all. Instead, we make a temporary solution by bringing in a veteran like Andy Dalton, Derek Carr, or Teddy Bridgewater. And we also assume that Costanzo actually retires, and we need to deal with Left Tackle right now. Rd 1 / Pick 13 - Jevon Kinlaw, DL3T, South Carolina 6'6" 310 - He is still probably going to be the best player on the board when we get to our pick. CB says that this defense starts with the 3 technique, and I agree. This guy is a massive disruption mauler. Just don't ask him to do calculus. Rd 2 / Pick 34 - Trey Adams, OT, Washington 6'7" 334 - Probably the second best prototypical left tackle in the draft. Great measurables, and ability to protect the blind side. Suffered an ACL in 2017 and back surgery in 2018, forcing durability concerns. Rd 2 / Pick 44 - Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU 6'3" 192 - Still graded mid second round by several sources. 102 catches for 1,434 yards and 18 TD's this season as Burrow's go-to play maker. Rd 3 / Pick 75 - Brycen Hopkins, TE, Purdue 6'5" 245 - Racing up the draft boards quickly, I have to pick him much earlier than in my previous mock. 61 catches for 831 yards and 7 TD's this year. Provides a downfield pass catching option to replace Eric Ebron, who will not be returning. Rd 4 / Pick 112 - K.J. Hill, WR, Ohio St. 6'0" 200 - 57 catches for 636 yards and 10 TD's this year. Polished route runner who suffered from less than stellar QB play for the Buckeyes. Solid and dependable. Rd 5 / Pick 142 - Reggie Robinson, CB, Tulsa, 6'1" 197 - Solid corner from smaller school. 4 INT's with 13 passes defended and 38 tackles. Sleeper pick that may be a steal. What do you think? How do you think I did with not being able to draft a QB and a LT in the same draft?
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    I suppose you cannot be situationally aware in every way. I dont think it deserves charges either, and I personally wouldnt have done anything about it, but we are all different.
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    Leonard is a stud...but Walker is not. So if he is getting a "bag," I hope he gets it from somewhere else. Walker is solid against the run...but still struggles in pass coverage. His PFF grades match the eye test. I just don't see Walker as a foundational piece...and the Colts can't pay everyone. So my hope is that Okereke can take the starting role because his pass coverage is much better. But he is going to need to improve his run defense to do that.
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    Good thing theres only one player in the NFL like Derrick Henry. Sadly, we face him 2x a year..
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    I think it's a nice draft based on your assumptions but I really think we will be drafting a QB. And we couldn't get Carr without trading picks. I think the only FA QB we might be interested in is Bridgewater. I think they would rather play JB versus any of the older guys.
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    I want a QB as bad as anybody, but IMHO there are only 2 QB's I'd take at #13, and I expect both to be gone: Burrow and Tua. So in that vein, I've always subscribed to BPA that fits a need. DT is not usually sought after as high as position players like QB and WR, and Derrick Brown, by most accounts, is a top 5 talent in this draft. Due to the likely run on QB's, and if he is still somehow there at #13, I would RUN to the podium to take this guy if I'm Chris Ballard. How long has it been since we've had a TRUE 2-way guy like that from the middle? He can stop the run and he can rush the passer. When I watch him I see him just below a guy like Donald, and that would totally change the feel of the defense, perhaps in the same way that Nelson did for the offense. Remember when people said guard is too high to draft at #6? Where are those people now? I think this guy's impact can be just as good for the defense. I want a QB too, but I'm not about to REACH for one just because it's a need. And there's always FA.
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    Brady’s been taking team friendly deals his entire career. That is all on him. His been praised for it by everyone as well. I just think he’s tired of living under the shadow of the hooded one and wants to try to squash that theory before he retires It’s also entirely possible he’s ticked off because NE hasn’t or hadn’t tried to extend him prior to this season as they done in the past.
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    English No Afrikaans Nee Albanian Jo Amharic Aye Arabic Laa Armenian Votch Asturian Non, nun Azerbaijani Yox Basque Ez Bengali Na Bosnian Ne Breton Nann Bulgarian Ne Cantonese M hai Catalan No Cornish Na Creole Non Croatian Ne Czech Ne Dagaare Aí Danish Nej Dutch Nee English No Esperanto Ne Estonian Ei Eurish No Farsi Nah Finnish Ei French Non Frisian Nee Galician Nom – Non Georgian Ara German Nein Greek O’hi Gujarati Naa Hawaiian `A`ole Hebrew Lo Hindi Nahi Holooe M¯-sï Hungarian Nem Icelandic Nei Ido No Indonesian Tidak Interlingua No Irish Ní hea, nil Italian No Japanese Iie Korean A-nim-ni-da , A-ni-yo Latin Non, Minime Latvian Ne Lithuanian Ne Luganda Nedda Malaysian Tidak Mandarin Bú shì Marshallese Jaab Norwegian Nei Occitan Non, nani ( formal ) Polish Nie Europortuguese Não Portuguese Não Quecha Manan Romanian Nu Russian Net Serbian Ne Sesotho Tjhee Slovak Nie Slovenian Ne Spanish No Swahili Hapana Swedish Nej Tagalog Hindi Thai Mai-chai/mai-oua Tswana Nnyaa Turkish Hayžr Ukrainian Ni Vietnamese Không Welsh Nage Wolof [No] Xhosa Hayi Yiddish Neyn Zulu Cha
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    I say build the team stronger first a young QB succeeding has more to do with a strong supporting cast than their own talent at first. Manning was the rare exception. Dont reach on a QB build the trenches.
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    Absolutely hate Tom Brady. However a obviously diminished Brady is still a vastly superior option to Brisket
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    I cannot even imagine a universe in which this would happen. There's too much drama between pat and colts fans. If Brady came here, I think the forum might implode and suck us all into an alternate reality
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    Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater, Eli Manning, Dalton, Winston Now, Derek Carr......
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    If he can still throw it like that, he'd probably add 3-4 wins to any team's record that he starts for now.
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    I am of the belief that Manning asked to be released. He knew he only had 3 or 4 more years left and did not want to be part of the rebuild he knew Grigs needed to do.
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    I truly believe Ballard is not going to waste a pick on taking a QB with the first pick..... Especially where the Colts are drafting Big gamble if Love was taken and dosen't pan out. The Colts are on the doorstep and need several pieces. The Luck thing was a set back now I hope the left tackle doesn't become one. With additional pieces on defense the colts can be a top 10 defense. Hoping the draft will address this first.
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    Kinlaw is such a good pass rusher, I’m not sure if he isn’t better than Brown, and I like Brown a lot. Either would do at 13 followed by Lamb or Jeudy. QB can be addressed in the mid 2nd (Eason, Gordon, Hurts)
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    We made the right move getting rid of Peyton. We were in total rebuild mode, had a stud like Luck coming in, and Peyton would've been stuck playing behind a bad O.Line. We did Peyton a favor letting him go, he found Denver and got that 2nd SB ring as a starter that so many do not have. Only 12 QB's in 54 SB's have won 2 or more. Peyton got it and retired a winner too which never happens.
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    Hope it doesn't leave us hanging.
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    I'd still run through a brick wall for Ballard. I think he's handled the myriad of bad situations very well and has this team on the right track. I agree with what's said above, the QB situation and how he handles it will have a lot to do with his legacy.
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    I would've thought Gordon would be available later than our 2nd pick. I'd pick a beast DT and WR with the first two picks then hopefully get someone like Gordon with the 3rd.
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    The bolded isn't a great team building philosophy. It's not unreasonable to suggest that JB can get better. But that's not what the team should rest their hopes on, at least not entirely. When the DL gets worked over, we acknowledge it and ask for better players on the DL, same at other positions. This doesn't mean that the young players at those positions can't get better, but there are multiple factors to team building. One is the improvement of young players, another is acquiring better players. When you have a player who is struggling due to obvious limitations, it doesn't make sense to hide behind "hey, he could get better, right?" Especially at the most important position in team sports. What if JB is like 98% of 27 year old NFL QBs who don't suddenly become quicker, more accurate, better playmakers and better decision makers? There's a lot of extremism on this topic. I don't think JB is trash who should be cut; I think that's nonsense. But I think that he's pretty far away from being a franchise level QB, and it would be a mistake for the Colts to expect him to make a gigantic leap from what he is now to what we need him to be. I don't really care what Pat McAfee or other talking heads have to say about this. I've watched every snap of JB's pro career. I've watched the All 22 from the 2019 season. I've studied the numbers. I know what JB's strengths and deficiencies are, and I know how they were affected by his supporting cast. I know how rare it is for a QB with his profile to become a playmaking, franchise QB. I know what successful teams typically (almost always) need out of the QB position to make the playoffs and win in the playoffs. End of the day, we need better QBing to be a good team, and it's statistically improbable that we get the kind of QBing we need from JB. I'm all for improving the team around him and working him to help him get better, but there needs to be a plan to transition to a better QB in the near future. It would be professional malpractice for the Colts to count on JB becoming what we need to get to where we want to be.
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    So the more I have been thinking about this the more I became interested in hearing what the forum thought. I actually believe that, and I have no evidence, that Ballard may really like Jalen Hurts. You may ask why? Hurts was ultra productive in his college career. Hurts played for Saban at Alabama and learned how to carry himself like a professional. Even after losing his starting spot, he stayed and supported Tua. When needed he stepped in and won the SEC title game. He was named Captain of the Oklahoma team after transferring and earning the teams respect. He then learned offensive football from the best offensive mind in college football, Lincoln Riley. He then went on to complete 68.7% of his passes for 32 TDS and 8 INTS He led OU to a Big12 Title and a CFP Appearance. Even when OU got run out the building he carried himself in a way that showed maturity and confidence. Keep in mind Ballard was at that game. Career record as starter 39-3 He seems to check on the boxes that Ballard and Reich have for a QB, on and off the field. I also think he could develop into a very good QB. Thoughts.
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    I wouldn't draft him at 13, but I see I'm likely in the minority. Give me a guy like Brown or Ruggs over him please.
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    I liked him too from what I saw in the CFP. He's projected as a mid-late first rounder. To be honest, I'd be a bit disappointed if we went LB at pick 13. If he fell to one of our 2nd round picks, that'd be too good to pass up. However, with Leonard, Walker and Okerere I'd say LB is our strongest position (right there with OL assuming AC comes back). We have definite needs at DL and WR. We likely have need at TE (assuming Ebron's gone). We are likely to address QB in draft or FA. We could use some secondary help. Typically, I like the BPA strategy, but right now I think outside of OL (assuming AC returns), LB, RB, and P I think we have glaring concerns at every other position.
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    And you'd be ok with him wearing Andrew's number
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    Don’t sleep on Herbert. I’m not worried about him going to the Chargers. I think Carolina is the team that would take him.
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    Thanks for sharing. Fun Stuff, and Marshall and Mosley are getting big!
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    Hell no, rather have Tebow than him. Brady would probably retire on opening day coin flip if he came to Indy anyway.
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    No. I doubt we will miss out on all the first round QB. Question is how much does ballard like them. Colt fans are really starting to sound delusional.
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    Yes and I wouldn't think twice about it. Tom still has a couple of years left. His struggles this season had more to do with chemistry than talent. He still has zip on the ball and he still can throw it deep.
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    Simmons reminds me of Kam Chancellor. Maybe a little Deon Bucannon also. Both were LB/SS and were mismatches for opposing offenses. Being that big and athletic they have range in coverage, but can lower the boom against the run. Simmons can be used in a Seattle 4-3 or a Cardinals 3-4 or even a 49ers 4-3 wide-9. He really is a great chess piece when drawing up a defensive strategy. If we get a DT in FA i think drafting Simmons would be a great option.
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    I can't find his salary, but I know in June of 2019 he was promoted from Vice President of Player Personnel to Assistant GM. He was probably making ~$250k prior to his promotion and is now probably making >$400k. Sure an upgrade to $1mil k would be nice, but it's not like he's financially insecure where he's at now. There have been rumors for a while that Dodds doesn't want to be a GM, he likes flying under the radar. And the vast majority of people in America could live pretty comfortably at $400k +.
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    I love how yet again this thread has tried to become about JB. in regards to your point. JB is 27 Jalen Hurts is 21- plenty of time to develop. Also he will get that chance with Frank Reich and Nick Siranni. Not bad people to learn from. Plus his running is helpful. He can use it as he learns and develops. Kinda like Russell Wilson and Lamar have done. Side question. What if you can get Ceedee Lamb with 13 and then get Jalen Hurts with 34. They have an amazing connection. Thoughts?
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    Maybe. Everyting I've seen is he is around 6'3 295lbs and since most that I've seen seem to think he has a first/early second round grade, it seems he has that basic level of size, speed, strength and agility for the NFL.
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    I didn’t think of that angle. The indianapolis school teachers must be having a heck of a time with 7 or 8 Peytons in EACH class. And those are just the GIRLS ! 35% of student’s names ought to be Peyton by now. No? just kidding. If i was having a son, it would be hard to ignore Naming Peyton. Personally, I would go with Antonio Banderas {insert last name here}. Rolls right off the tongue.
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    How is Richards an upgrade? He was let go by the incoming coaching staff so they appear to not value him. Plus, Dallas' D dis not inspire me last year as their star players did not show up. He plays the same zone concepts as the Colts do and look where that has gotten us.
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    Lamar is a good running back, and shows no signs of being anything more.
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