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    Brissett is a fine backup, but a top class QB he is not.
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    He holds the ball too long, and is inaccurate.
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    I think I'm officially done hoping JB will get any better. Those close ups toward the end of the game made me sad as hell. Love him as a person, but he's still struggling with the basics and I don't see things changing. If he believes he's good enough to be a starter, he need to find a team with a different system (similar to Chud) that makes it easier on the QB.
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    Cam is not the answer unless you want to relive this past season with Luck where the QB could walk away at any moment.
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    Exactly, things are great when he can just look and whip it over to the primary read. It's the plays like the 2nd pick that just can't be made. It started as a single high safety with 8 in the box, and he still managed to throw into triple coverage. One of his better halfs maybe, that 2nd half was horrible.
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    I actually thought he was doing well in the first half. He was hitting his receivers in the soft areas of the zone, something he didn't do last week. He was moving the ball and making some good throws on 3d down, but the second half was just horrendous - troubles with accuracy, troubles with his touch(rather - lack of touch), trouble processing blitzes(the protection didn't help), some horrendous decisionmaking(both INTs)... it's just all came crashing down... Usually when I say he lacks anticipation I mean it when he doesn't make throws that he needs to make and throw receivers open. The second INT is a clear example of lack of anticipation and timing in the reverse sense - he couldn't see both safeties zeroing in on the deep route and he threw it when he shouldn't have. Oh well... I don't know what to say anymore. IMO the case for drafting a QB becomes stronger every game. Jacoby is failing in variety of ways right now. We wanted to see him with more responsibility in our offense and the result wasn't great past the scripted plays in the first half.
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    This game crushed me bad ,our season over.
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    His stat line is really pathetic. Stats per 36 mins: Myles Turner: 13.6 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.8 blocks, 1.2 assists, 2.0 turnovers, 13.2 PER Goga Bitadze: 12.7 points, 9.1 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, 2.5 assists, 1.6 turnovers, 15.2 PER When a high draft pick with tons of size, speed, and athleticism and multiple years of NBA experience is pretty much getting outplayed by a rookie with 14 total NBA games under his belt, that's a huge problem. Turner needs to be traded now while his value is still high. Rim protection (which Bitadze can also provide) isn't important enough to hold this team back by keeping Turner on the roster
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    I wonder if you know what you're saying sometimes, and I'm not trying to be mean, I legit wonder. How did they struggle til Inman came in? Inman had 28 catches in 9 games (2 of which he did absolutely nothing) for a grand total of 304 yards and 3 scores. That's nothing. Luck had 10 games last year with 285+ passing yards, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 5 games with 350+ passing yards, Brissett has NONE. Luck had 9 games with 3+ TD passes, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 3 games with 4+ TD passes, Brissett has ZERO. They had really similar weapons, you can argue Brissett had it better because he has Doyle and the oline has been intact all year, while Luck only had the full line half the year. No more excuses. He has been average at best ALL YEAR, he's not the answer unless you're looking for mediocrity. A GOOD/GREAT QUARTERBACK ISN'T DEFINED BY HIS WEAPONS, HE DEFINES HIS WEAPONS.
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    I’ve been preaching patience with JB all season long. So what I’m about to say, I say with a bad taste in my mouth but I think it needs to be said. I think at this point, you shut him down for the rest of the season. Ever since he got banged up, he’s played scared, which has magnified his normal issues of staring down people. I think it’s time that you see what you have in Chad Kelly against number 1S playing full speed. I am not a Chad Kelly fan, but I seriously think they’d want a good look at him because they’re gonna have to make some move in the QB department next season. Id be okay with drafting a QB if one is there that is an upgrade and letting JB, CK and the rookie battle it out for the starting spot in TC.
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    And 0 blocks in 29 minutes of action. Embarrassing
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    Sigh I don’t like writing this but Jacoby is proving to be a high end back up. He looks really good early but once teams get tape on you and especially if they see you again they expose your weaknesses. I am in the do what it takes to get a QB high in the draft camp. I know there are QBs to be found in free agency but I doubt they would be that much of an upgrade over Brissett. Teams don’t let good QBs get away very often and even then it’s normally a crazy situation like the Colts with Manning.
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    Then we aren't doing crap again next year.
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    Trade for Cam and let Reich revive his career or we could blow it up draft a qb and trade TY
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    12.6 points and 6.3 rebounds in over 30 minutes of action per game so far this season for Turner. Can they just trade him already while his value is still decently high? He's so unbelievably soft
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    Since 1984 when the Colts moved to Indianapolis, JB is easily the 4th best QB we have ever had. Only Peyton, Luck, and Harbaugh were better and we have had at least 15 or so QB's that have played in a few games, most of them have sucked. I liked Hasselbeck but he was just too old when he was with us and could give us maybe 2 or 3 good games. Hasselbeck prime was good! Jack Trudeau helped us win the 1987 Division but Dickerson was our offense in reality.
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    I think the QB future is more important than WR at this particular moment.
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    The same guy Ballard traveled to see in person yesterday... Compare his 2018 stats to this year.... https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/4036378/jordan-love He lost his coaches, multiple WRs, RB, OL, and more from last year. His D is also much worse. It's like he's playing on a new team in a new scheme, with a lot less talent this year... He's been asked to do a bunch more.
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    Fortunately, Ballard signed Brissett to a 2 year cintract through next season. Plenty of extra time for evaluation. Ballard's no fool.
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    Frank still developing him and he's still young .In games played he is really in second year .Take a look at Darnold right now he's regressing .To me brisett getting better .
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    I'm happy with him now, at least for the rest of this season, if he can take us to a division title and a competent playoff showing then he gets next year too... at the very least. I'm still into the idea of Trevor though.
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    He's got my vote. But us having JB should show us the importance of having a strong backup. Unless we're sure CK is ready for the number 2 spot, I don't mind spending a mid to late round pick on a QB. Or even bringing in a guy with some experience that maybe didn't pan out elsewhere to be our backup. Like a Mariota or Winston. Guys like Tannehill or Keenum could be good backups too. Now if you tell me I can get Justin Fields in 2 years... Everything changes.
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    He’s so close to average. Just not quite there. Draft can’t come soon enough. Although the Colts have continually raves about JB. He’s going to start next year.
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