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    I doubt any high profile WR is itching to sign with us right now. That passing game is not doing receivers any favors. And I doubt any "prove it" candidate comes to Indy either(Ebron/Funches types). We will have to overpay for talent in the receiving core until we prove we can feed the ball to receivers through the air.
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    First of all, think of what has happened the last couple times we unexpectedly lost our starting QB. The team was fighting for the #1 overall draft pick. All arrows point to this team finishing 7-9, which means the overall talent has increased, and is not as reliant on superb QB play as it has been in the past. On paper the D is actually good, just not good enough to carry a team. There is some great building blocks on offense, especially the o-line. Our RB Corp looks like it will continue to be legit. We have our answer on what Jacoby is, and that is a great backup/ fringe starter QB...and there's nothing wrong with that, but he should not be plan #1. We have a couple of young promising pass catchers, but this is an obvious area that needs to be improved in the off-season. I know it sucks to look at a lost season, but there is still hope for the future with this squad...with Ballard continuing to build and fill holes through the draft.
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    I'm talking about when the game was tied and we had a chance to take the lead this post has nothing to do with brissett
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    I have followed the Colts since 68. Why didn't they start Terrik Glen today?
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    It would be nice to find out under game situations where they stand with how Kelly will be if given a chance. Too many people on this forum have a man crush or are afraid of being labled wrongly for wanting a better option at QB. They will jump all over the kicker with no problem. The time has come to fish or cut bait for the coaching staff. Do what is best for the team and move forward. I think the head coach knows they spent to much money on Brissett and Hoyer. He wasn't even allowed to hire his own coordinators. I'm sure if he had his way, Vinny would be gone too.
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    Theres one big factor that changed it all. Andrew Luck. We have one of the best O-Lines in football but when your QB hold onto the ball and is too nervous to throw to to open receivers it is going to make the offensive lines job more difficult. Also the receiver stats are down for the same reason. A QB PROBLEM. Dont get me wrong. Injuries play a role and so does the terrible special teams play but this team is struggling mainly because of the one reason.
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    Where are the posters who said they preferred Brissett to Luck?
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    I just don't even...terrible blocking there. What a way to take the air out of things.
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    JB is special garbage. Blind as a bat
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    And Tannehill is not Mariota...
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    IMO the Pats and their lack of offence will catch up to them in the playoffs.
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    Hmm...what is this "screen" you speak of? This is foreign to a Colts offense. I must research this...
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    I don’t follow college football so I didn’t realize how good he was in college. I wonder if we will be able to re sign him. He might get his chance to be the feature back on another team. He might cost to much especially with Mack maybe getting a extension in the off season.
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    A few hundred fans would not be loud in a stadium of 60+ thousand. This isn't philly.
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    I’ve been preaching patience with JB all season long. So what I’m about to say, I say with a bad taste in my mouth but I think it needs to be said. I think at this point, you shut him down for the rest of the season. Ever since he got banged up, he’s played scared, which has magnified his normal issues of staring down people. I think it’s time that you see what you have in Chad Kelly against number 1S playing full speed. I am not a Chad Kelly fan, but I seriously think they’d want a good look at him because they’re gonna have to make some move in the QB department next season. Id be okay with drafting a QB if one is there that is an upgrade and letting JB, CK and the rookie battle it out for the starting spot in TC.
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    Colts need A LOT of help coming to be competitive IF Luck stays retired. Ballard imo, despite the platitudes he receives, has done a very poor job this past year. He needs to improve.
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    Only keep AV if this is in place next year LOL
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    Never know what happens. Ballard has shown that he likes to accumulate picks. Maybe we trade back this year to gain more picks, then make a package to trade up next year. Even if the team isn't bad enough to go 2-14, they could still have a shot at drafting a top QB prospect.
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    And the thing is, the South is such winnable division if played better.
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    This one is on JB and the special teams.
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    Lmaooo guys I spotted the 14 year old. Who gave you access to the computer?
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    Triple coverage... he’s just not smart enough to be a starter
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    I’m so done with this team! My god they are horrible at finishing games! Kicking game is a joke!!!!!
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    You think keeping Adam was Frank's call? How quaint.
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    I’ve never seen a Colts team where the D has to pull the O’s butts out of the fire
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    This team needs to figure it out fast though, either have a plan to end up with a QB as the future, or bottom the * out for a year so you can draft one....mediocrity at QB is a miserable place to be
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    Ugh, we let them back into the game.
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    That's more Reich playcalling imo.
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    JB throwing to no namers on 1 leg and still up 10
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    Since Luck has left the building can we scrap the hurry up in 3rd and 1? We fool NOBODY
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    That's two great play action plays. Gotta use that PA more.
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    He's a tight end for our opponent, so likely, yes Tannehill will end up looking like Brady today is my worst fear....lol
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    Good play, still locking in from snap on one guy, but at least he was wide open and downfield more than ten yards ....
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    That means we might go out and sign someone next year.
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    That’s no joke I try to always stay optimistic on here but lately this place has been so doom and gloom, I’ve had to step away for awhile. I mean we’re 6-5 I fully believe we’ll be in the playoffs again. Go jacoby! Go vinny! go colts!
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    I am sure as hell glad this team won't pack it in as easily as you.
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    Can we get a win Sunday ?Man we've lost 3 of last 4 .wow
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    I would never trust my money in a bsnk.
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    I hate to say this but this is the world we live in today. Now with legal sports betting its only going to get WORSE. Everybody feels entitled :(. Good, bad or ugly I'll still root for the Colts every Sunday and expect a win but not lose sleep over a loss.
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    I think the QB future is more important than WR at this particular moment.
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    The same guy Ballard traveled to see in person yesterday... Compare his 2018 stats to this year.... https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/4036378/jordan-love He lost his coaches, multiple WRs, RB, OL, and more from last year. His D is also much worse. It's like he's playing on a new team in a new scheme, with a lot less talent this year... He's been asked to do a bunch more.
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    He's got my vote. But us having JB should show us the importance of having a strong backup. Unless we're sure CK is ready for the number 2 spot, I don't mind spending a mid to late round pick on a QB. Or even bringing in a guy with some experience that maybe didn't pan out elsewhere to be our backup. Like a Mariota or Winston. Guys like Tannehill or Keenum could be good backups too. Now if you tell me I can get Justin Fields in 2 years... Everything changes.
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