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    As long as they get open and catch footballs, I don't care what letter they are
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    Colts: Jabaal Sheard DE Knee DNP Jonathan Williams RB Rib DNP Devin Funchess WR Back LP Kenny Moore II CB Thumb LP Jordan Wilkins RB Ankle LP https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/04/indianapolis-colts-practice-injury-report-sept-4-week-1/ So far the Chargers Report was unavailable
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    I just came home from work and I am super tired... but I read the whole thing like you said because I like your posts and I knew you wouldn’t steer me wrong LOL. You were right! Have loved Ebron since he first joined our team, his talent as well as the confident energy he brings. Also love to see the rapport he is continually building with Brissett. I’m hype!
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    oh i was here, i just never thought that much of Jacoby. watched him closely in 2017, training camp and preseason i see a guy who is not accurate, doesnt move well and is slow to make reads. he was fine for a backup, im not convinced hes the answer kelly may not be the answer either, i just think hes worth a look when the other option is JB
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    Chris Wessling of NFL network has some pretty powerful insight as to the reasons why luck chose to hang it up. Citing his own cancer battle as a basis for his speculation. Basically dissecting lucks statements from interviews given after the injuries started piling up. It's an interesting take, and one I believe in. As someone currently fighting cancer, it moved me greatly to hear the words Luck was using to describe his sense of self during his neverending cycle of pain and treatment. They're words I use all the time. It consumes your entire being until you dont even know who you are, with it or without it. It's a mental health issue and one I know all to well. I dont blame him at all for retiring from the thing kicking the s#*+ out of him daily. Not a day goes by that I dont wish I could do the same. Beyond my own disappointment about this season and my admitted momentary lapses in perspective I wish him the best. What hes going through eclipses contracts, money, fame and fans.......put simply, its just bigger. I just hope he heals, in every sense of the word.
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    If my wife made me give up a career in the NFL, I wouldn’t want it known either.
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    I’m such a Colts homer I believe every week can be a W.
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    I believe the effort level as a team is going to be like a bunch of madmen.
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    I think this is same argument that many here made about the Stephan Morris vs. Scott Tolzien. I don't think any of us were saying Stephan Morris looked amazing, but that he looked better than Scott Tolzien. Morris supporters were ridiculed and basically told to shut up and trust Pagano, but lo and behold..... The difference now is that while Jacoby is a good backup, I saw things from Chad that I don't think Jacoby could do. On the flip side, Jacoby is known for his long ball and strong arm, but so is Chad. Also, Chad has that gunslinger, Bret Farve type determination that will win you football games when you are close or down in the fourth quarter. I don't know if he is better than Jacoby or not, but I think the organization is in a situation where we have to find out and not "crown" anyone prematurely. Not including Chad in on the 53 man roster is in my opinion a dereliction of duty on the coaching staff. If that happens I think they are trying to create the illusion that Jacoby is a franchise QB, when really no one knows yet.
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    haven’t played w luck all offseason
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    Colts struggled with pass-catching RBs last season and Ekeler has averaged 10+ yards/reception in his career. He’s also averaged 5+ yards/carry...so he’s no slouch running the ball. And Jackson was solid enough as a rookie last season. Gordon being out certainly doesn’t hurt the Colts...but I don’t think we can underestimate their RBs. Not to mention Hunter Henry is healthy...and Colts have had issues with TEs. LB and S was a big focus this offseason...so hopefully we will see some big time improvements in these areas.
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    I feel the same way. 7-8 win team. The positive is Brissett got almost all the reps in training camp, so he has chemistry with the offense. I think our defense is just a monster now.
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    That's a good point. I simply prefer the committee approach of the Patriots. Eagles, and even the Colts with Rhodes and Addai. It's been a long time since a great running back won a super bowl, if my memory is correct (it frequently isn't).
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    It’s what I tried to relate in another thread. In high school, in 1972, I talked to my neighbor returning from war, with part of his hand blown off. We had a mutual friend who had committed suicide after he came home. The neighbor told me: “No man can judge another man’s pain.” I realize, maybe I shouldn’t mention war injuries in an NFL forum, but mental pain isn’t understood. My only hope is that Andrew recovers, both physically, and mentally.
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    I'll say this about Chad Kelly, I really didn't know who he was until this summer, yea I saw a couple games of his at ole Miss but just here and there. In 4 preseason games he is by far the best young qb the Colts have had vying for the backup position in over 20 years. Better than Browning Nagle, Jim Sorgi, the guy before Sorgi, Curtis Painter, Chandler Harnish, Steven Morris, Philip Walker, and who knows how many other guys I can't even remember. Chad will be an nfl qb somewhere, hopefully it will be here!
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    yes, they can tag two times in a row. price just jumps up a TON. They can also use a couple other tags that allow him to receive offers and then they get the choice to match it or get draft picks in return, usually 2 first rounders .
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    I think all teams do. You at least take notice and do your due diligence.
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    Kenny Moore is getting a sack on (Cry me a) Rivers...calling it now
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    Something else that I was just thinking about listen to a Ryan Kelly interview on the colts cast. JB and him have worked together since 2017. We are so fortunate that there are quite a few players he played with in 2017.
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    I have seen several posts saying Brisette is either mediocre or not going to be able to run this offense on a high level. Some compare 2017. This year we saw 10 passes in pre-season games where he completed 8 for 100 yards and I think a TD. How can we judge his abilities based on a very different 2017 team where he got to the team less than 2 weeks earlier, where he was sacked 52 times and we had a poor defense that meant he likely was playing from behind quite often. We need to give him a chance to see how he is after first team reps all most all pre-season, 2 years under the new system, a formidable defense, a very good front offensive line and a much better coach and play caller. We should hold out criticism until he earns it. Hopefully he will only earn our praise. Bledsoe to Brady, hmmmm That worked out well... Lets hope Luck to Brisette is our version. Remember Wally Pip
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    Yes, but the player is now a satisfied participant. Not a disgruntled 'franchise tagged' player. The tag is no longer a 'badge of honor' it once was. Who would play, then... Hoyer? Swag? {maybe he stays clean, and develops more} Or a new drafted QB? Brissett is not a disgruntled player, and the tag is free to use on someone else if needed. Not exactly the same, but 2 weeks before the 1999 season, Trent Green went out with serious injury for the year. Kurt Warner (only football snaps were in Euro NFL and Arena league) took over. contract was redone with a pay increase for that year. After Warner led them top the Super Bowl title, he got a massive contract to be the Rams starting QB, Trent Green came back for 1 more year as his backup (then was moved to be KC's starter). He might. The Colts have a good team. Some football greats in the know say Brissett has the "IT" factor. That pied piper ability to get the other guys to follow and play a notch above, as a collective. With this more talented group and the improved coaching, JB might not only prove you wrong, but Dick Vermeil as well who said about about Warner's feat, 'It was never done before, and will never be again.' It's a lot to ask, for certain. But never, say never. Even Franck Reich had great success as backup with great success starting games behind (an injured) Jim Kelly. And he helped Nick Foles to great success when Carson Wentz went out. In my mind, I'll be more surprised if JB lays and egg rather than excels this year. Just my
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    I thought about that too. But just read where now they are expecting Allen to play. August 30, 2019 08:52 PM Chargers' Keenan Allen: Ready for Week 1 by RotoWire Staff | RotoWire Allen did not play in Thursday's 27-24 preseason victory over the 49ers. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering neither the Chargers nor 49ers opted to play any of their regular starters. Allen did miss time throughout the preseason with a minor ankle injury, but it never seemed to be a significant issue. As a result, the 27-year-old should be set for a Week 1 matchup against the Colts.
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    They say this crap but they will still move them around to find the favorable matchups.
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    That’s why our dline has to be great. Rivers is a statue and is we give him no time to get the ball out we should do well.
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    As long as he stays healthy he's worth it, but that's a big if with that position. Gordon has NO additional power, the Charger gave him permission to seek a trade, but nobody stepped up to talk. The Chargers offered him 10 million a year and he turned it down, they now said they'll only give him what his contract says which is 5.7 million.
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    I think the upside could be as many as 11 wins, but the schedule is tough and Brissett is an unknown.
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    Change the locks when they leave
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    You just keep throwing stuff against the wall and try to see if anything sticks. Good luck. You're entitled to whatever opinion you want. But you remain mad at the wrong person. The fault was not with Adam Shefter. The fault is with the Colts employee who leaked the news. Ballard knows it. Most everyone involved in the story knows it. Only some posters here, including you, who have no idea how the media is supposed to do it's job, don't seem to know it. You're wrong at the wrong person. You just wont admit it. You don't want to admit it. That's just you being you.
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    I use this headline on NFL.COM Web site as just MORE fuel !!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>> NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Chargers in top 10; Colts plummet...….GO COLTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The celebration has more to do with the philanthropic activities that he participated in while in Indianapolis, not his actions as a player.....real life. The mayor said Luck will remain a “Hoosier for life” for his lasting impact on the city, including “his dedication to Riley Hospital for Children where he delivered gifts, caroled during the holidays, sent messages of encouragement to staff and made surprise visits to patients fighting for their lives.” Hogsett also highlighted Luck’s efforts to encourage physical fitness and proper nutrition through the “Change the Play” program and his dedication to reading and education through the “Andrew Luck Book Club.”
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    I think I have come to terms with him being retired, but then again, I had his hard count cadences stuck in my head this morning for whatever reason so maybe I am not over it fully yet. I think Andrew really wanted to play this year, but I think his mental state got the better of him as the season got closer and wanted to get out before he thought it might have been too late. I just think he didn't feel comfortable talking about his mental health with the game and with his press conference being rushed he didn't feel comfortable giving us all of the reasons why he left. As a fan, it's frustrating to see a young star leave when the team is finally ran well from an organizational level and with an abundance of young talent. But if it is truly his mental health, I am glad he is stepping away so he can re-gain a grip on that. Part of me thinks as well that he might have feared having worse injuries down the road. I always hope a player can walk away while they still can, rather than being carried away like players such as Favre and Theismann (I know Favre was up in age, but getting knocked out on your final snap is not the way to go out). Maybe someday Luck will come forward and tell us. But until then, I wish him the best in the next chapter of his life.
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    Good grief. How many times must this be said. The bouncer at the bar made up the part about the AK. He later admitted that to get the cops to come out to the bar there has to be a report of a firearm threat. This is why the assault and menacing charges were dropped and he was only found guilty of disorderly conduct, the same as Mayfield, who in case you forgot, actually fought cops and fled from them. There's also a video of the whole incident and Kelly never says that. Breaking into someone's home? He thought he was going to his friend's house that was actually a few doors down. It was 1am, all the lights were on, and the door was unlocked. His toxicology report came back negative. He's no angel, but you're acting like he's Joe Mixon who broke a young woman's face or Jeffrey Simmons who beat the hell out of a woman on video and then jumped around bragging about it when he got tired of beating her.
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    Funny post. Of the three he is the only one to be arrested for stumbling into a stranger's home
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    1 - But if it isn't putting us in salary cap trouble, what is the difference? It's just Irsays cash. 2- There is a bit of risk. It would have been a dumb move to commit to him for 4-5 years at this point. 2 years puts us in a good situation to evaluate what Ballard and Reich believe to be a quality starter in the NFL. If they are right, they won this handily. If not, they did nothing but waste some of Irsays money without hurting the cap. Low risk, high reward if you will.
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    I’m more comfortable with Haeg not starting. Probably benefited playing against the 2s and 3s.
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    Loved the guy's comeback ability. Hope he gets healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Now, can we focus on football?
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    How many tackles for Darius Leonard? Will Houston get a sack? Will Rivers dare to throw to Malik Hookers territory? Other day, Ballard said he was defense oriented. I want to see them frustrate a veteran QB.
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    Here is an interesting way to view the deal: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/02/jacoby-brissett-basically-gets-the-franchise-tag-early/
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    Colts haters will troll to no end over this, but ultimately its true we blew it by "only" winning one SB with Peyton and Luck combined russ went to a better team thats all there is to it. Luck could have won there and wilson would have gone no further than luck did here
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