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    Last couple of days, it was pandemonium on whether Luck's calf was peeling off the bone (exaggeration, some ppl can't tell), and now he's almost ready to come back. Lol this is why we don't react with emotion, and we take an objective, rather than subjective, approach. Allow things to play out, then accept them for what they are.
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    This really sounds like a drug reference....
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    Luck looks like he is getting ready.
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    The Vikings have given Dan Bailey some serious competition and traded a DP to Baltimore for backup K/P Kaare Vedvik @NFLfan
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    If you had Okereke in Speed's body, youd have the perfect LBer
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    I took the time out to re-watch the tape from yesterday and listen this kid can flat out FLY. He looks like a Leonard clone and was very impressive his his first live game as a Colt. He made a few bone head moves but that’s to be expected as a rookie. Overall the good outweighed the bad. He showed Amazing lateral movement and agility to get from sideline to sideline. He has track speed and acceleration is off the charts. He was almost always in the mix of the play with a tackle or assist. I was really encouraged and surprised. I think Speed is going to a dawg here in Indy.
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    If it is.... holy crap will be my response
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    He was definitely clutch today. I read earlier that Chisek when in the IL for inflammation........So many injuries starting to pop up. Zobrist has been hitting Dingers in the minors, so well hopefully be seeing him back soon! Strap on your seatbelt Brother, it’s going to be a bumpy ride to the finish I’m afraid!
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    Cubs win Fly the flag Hozer, I am happy, 2-2 vs this team is a win on the road . I am being serious. We usually stink against these guys. Reds have a good club. It's all good. MVP saved the day and he should now and then being the great young player he is.
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    To the 8th, 5-3 Cubs. MVP's moon shot is the difference.
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    Take that! MVP with a long 3 run HR, Cubs now lead 5-3. Stick that in your bread basket Reds.
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    I am definitely expecting a couple of trades by Ballard before the opener. I would be surprised if he were to let good players get claimed without attempting to trade them first.
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    Wed and Thurs. Those are the last two training camp practices.
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    I mean... it wouldn't be shocking if he was cut. This grade is on very limited number of snaps and mainly against backups. We have some good depth at corner. IMO he needs to show up in special teams snaps. If you are 4-5-6th corner you need to be able to contribute in other ways. The thing is... I'm not sure he would clear waivers for us to stash him on the practice squad. I still think he's a project well worth developing and putting resources in if not for this year, for the next.
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    Why are they letting him practice.
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    With Luck's calf off to a rocky start, don't be surprised if we carry 3 QBs, and that 3rd QB will most definitely be Kelly, IMO.
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    No worries. I was just confused
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    In that clip where it talked about how much ground he covers I believe that play was made from him playing Mike.
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    Luck is slowly getting more involved with the team. I think he is close.
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    Doyle is back st practice. We certainly can count on Doyle to be a good blocker. Reich and Luck Love TE so it wouldn’t be surprising to keep 4. You do have a good point with DF.
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    Agreed but they have a lot of work to do.
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    How long till the 1st "Speed Kills" shirt shows up. Hey, its still better than build the monster.
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    I'll welcome the new moniker! I too tend to root for the underdog (aka Speed) but I am not just basing my excitement on this game. It's a culmination of what the scouts, Ballard and coaches have been saying about the skills they bring and how, specifically, they 'could' shine in our system - and the reports from camp of getting first team reps (and not looking lost) to what they showed Thursday night. That's what gets me positive about their "potential"! As far as bickering - I did start the Vanilla thread where there has been a bit of bickering on my part.....lol
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    Hearing a lot that the o has struggled all camp but seeing tweets I am not seeing it. It’s not Luck but I don’t see them being bad. I also find it odd Bowen keeps saying DF doesn’t look like a 10m dollar man. But the last couple practices I see touchdowns and a couple chunk plays. Not sure what they are expecting. He won’t be TY and yes on a one year deal they probably did overpay a little.
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    Thank you! I try my best.
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    Lol you cant be serious. Remember the Lions a few years ago? Yeah they tore up the preseason just to go nearly 0-16 in the regular season. I cant believe yet again, people are taking preseason seriously as if we haven't been watching football for the last 30 years.
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    I bet he just saved a bunch of money on car insurance.
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    The thought crossed my mind that if Brissett needed to play then that was a horrible way to call plays.
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    I was thinking either that or we acquired someone big in a trade.
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    Extensions maybe?
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    Good to see Banogu out there. Campbell's hamstring was be really nagging him though. Of course, WR's one of those positions where you really don't want to mess with a hammy.
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    Few things I noticed......Rock still looked a bit crossed up in zone, but played pretty good man. It seems like they wanted to test those abilities to stress him out a bit. Khari looked decent in cover two (with the exception of the helmet to helmet) and looked good covering tightends. Speed looked the part of an NFL linebacker. He did have a helmet to helmet which could have been avoided. But, he seemed to fill his gap and made tackles - not the drag down from behind type either. Okereke looked good filling his gaps in the run game as well. Managed to catch him playing zone coverage and he seemed to pick up and hand off folks as they passed thru his zone. Gerri Green hustled, I'll give him that much. He struggled to disengage from the OT on every play that I saw him in there. I saw Tell in good coverage, once. That was literally the only play I saw him in though. Our rookie OT got abused a couple times, but did okay on most of the plays I saw. Patterson - IR Campbell - DNP Banogu - DNP
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    Yep! I thought I’d poke my head in with the season just around the corner. At this point I think the relationship between Williams and Washington is unsalvageable. I hate parting with early round picks on older veterans, but he’s the kind of guy to help make a massive turnaround on a bad unit.
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    That whole argument about not giving anything away during the preseason is mostly garbage. You want to execute your base offense (and defense). Sure, you don't want to show any gadget plays. During the Peyton years, we ran the same offense continuously. Everyone knew it, it was just so well executed it could hardly be stopped. We just didn't look sharp. Some teams, like the Bills, Browns, Pats, and a few others, looked like they were ahead of us. That will change as the preseason goes on.
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    He had no moves and no hand play on rushes, poor hand placement, no bend, no strength.. he would just run straight forward and then play pat a cake with the tackle until the play was over.
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    Have you guys never watched a preseason game before?
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