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    And the Cardinals freefall has begun. Most everyone in the starting lineup is back and healthy, then we start losing. No idea why they extended Carpenter...I think he's toast, for the most part. Ozuna says he wants to stay in St. Louis, but he's become injury prone. Nothing done of significance before the trade deadline, while the Cubs got better. There needs to be a major shake up in the front office in St. Louis if they don't make the playoffs for a 4 straight season. Their formula isn't working.
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    I'd love that. Sign me up. There are some very nice people here. I am pretty sure the Vikes play the Colts in 2020. If they play in Indy, I may attend. That's true.
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    1st time this season, Cubs are 11 games over .500. Cubs now 63-52, Brewers are 60-56, Cards are at 58-55. Cubs win!
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    First off my condolences on the loss to your family , You HAVE to catch a game at Wrigley, it’s like nothing else! I always talk to opposing team fans after games and they all say they loved their experiences at Wrigley and would definitely be coming back. I was surprised at how many A’s fans actually flew in from Oakland. The area has definitely changed with all the new buildings and stadium upgrades, but it still maintains its nostalgic charm and uniqueness. Love the atmosphere as well! Would be great if the Vikings played in Indianapolis sometime soon, doesn’t look like they do this season. Lucas Oil Stadium and downtown Indy are also a great time, I think you would love it. Still think it would be cool to have a forum get together sometime. There’s also a baseball stadium next door to Lucas Oil, where the Indianapolis Indians play, who are a Triple A team for the Pirates. Great little stadium as well. Chicago is like any other big city, just depends where you go. The downtown and north end districts are safe for the most part and have plenty of police protection. Just have to know where you’re going and what you’re getting into.
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    When my sister lived in a suburb of Chicago (Oak Park), I visited there and wanted to attend a Cubs game. All games were sold out. I thought Chicago was a great city, very clean. I did not see any of the violence that is reported on the news. I'd like to visit again one day. I'd like to visit Indiana too one day. I'm going to Miami (FL) tomorrow (my uncle's ex-wife/my cousins' mother passed away).
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    So much fun, any day at Wrigley is a good one. First time I’ve ever been there for a grand slam, that was so awesome!!! Can’t wait to go back.
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    Thanks, Hozer. This is the first I am hearing/reading about this. How was the game?
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    It is looking way ahead but if we play the Dodgers in the NLCS, we have to put pressure on them early. That is our only chance, they are very strong. We have to steal game 1 in LA to have a chance. I know I am looking way ahead but teams that win game 1 in the NLCS win 77% of all series in the history of MLB.
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    We look really good right now but still a ways to go brother. I am feeling good about this now but things can change quickly in baseball . We have had the best team over the last 5 seasons so why I doubt these guys is my problem
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    Wow that was great, but I agree, they should have saved some of those runs for tomorrow!!! Chatwood has a great game, can you believe it??? Let’s keep this hot streak going!!!!!
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    After tonight we will be 3.5 ahead of the Brewers and 4 ahead of the Cards. Nice to sleep well for a change . Go ahead and fly the flag Hozer, this has been over for a while . El Mago batted left for fun and he did hit a deep fly ball . 12-5 to the bottom of the 9th.
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    Lets save some of these runs for tomorrow. 12-5 now Chicago.
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    @NFLfan good luck with this signing, he just couldn’t get it going with the Cubs. Hopefully change of scenery helps. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/mets-sign-brad-brach.html
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    Hammels with a rough night, replaced by Chatwood early, who surprisingly has done pretty good so far. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the Castellanos signing? 2 HRs tonight! Change the mans name to BLASTellanos!!! New catcher Lucroy not doing bad either, drove in a run was a nice base hit. 2 newest guys making immediate impact, love it!
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    5-5 now . The road is cute. It isn't over until it is over on the road with us . After 3, 5-5. Never a dull moment.
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    Cubs lead 5-1 over Cincy. Real cool man . Playing at Cincy is never easy.
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    I will send you a guys an invite for a GoToMeeting in the next week or so where I will randomly sort the team names 3 times to establish a draft order and let it known a couple of weeks prior to the draft. That should help you do mocks with that order in mind. Thanks.
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    To accomodate the guys in Europe and the guys in the US, we will go with August 31st, 11 am ET on a Saturday. Have your hungry man breakfast and coffee, and be ready.
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