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    If you can diagnose injuries at that sort of range can we sign you for the NHS?! We’d save a fortune having you diagnose our patients remotely with no examination. Aside from the team all round having a nightmare I’d put it more down to him hitting the equivalent of the “rookie wall” after so long out without playing.
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    I am already laughing so you can join me on opening day and laugh too. You do know we are underdogs in that 1st game so if we lose do not be surprised. A lot of people think we will lose that anyway regardless if Luck practices. I think we can win as long as Luck is out there but that is one of our tougher games on the schedule. If we start 0-1, I will not panic, we almost always do.
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    1. Reich mentioned a minor calf injury. At the time, it was most likely more than a minor calf injury, given that the calf/ankle was scanned for muscle tears. Per Luck, there were no tears and it did not look like it could lead to an Achilles tear. Perhaps, that's why Reich mentioned it was minor, because it was a soft tissue injury without any tears. 2. Luck was rehabbing the calf/ankle and it was improving, and that's why there did not seem to be much worry from the coaching staff. They noted it was a "minor" issue. 3. Luck had a set back and the pain resurfaced. The situation has now become more dire, simply because of the lack of time to fully heal before week 1. 4. Just 2-3 days ago, Luck said that he is still feeling a little pain, but less than before. It's improving and he feels like he will be ready for Week 1. A) Overall, I don't think the FO/coaches lied. The situation changed due to a set back. B) Luck has been in front of media talking about this. I don't think he needs to be in front of media every day talking about it. We just have to be patient. C) Given the situation, what would you like for Luck to do? Practice at camp and take a chance at the calf/ankle get worse, leading him to miss actual games in the season? Clearly, the right thing to do is take care of the issue, get Luck's body ready for the season, despite missing out on valuable practice time.
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    Walker seems like a great guy, but I have always thought he was a TERRIBLE QB, and is one of the worst 3rd String QB's in the league. His accuracy is bad, and I don't see the point in having him on the roster. Our defense only suffers playing against a college-level QB talent during practice.
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    He had no moves and no hand play on rushes, poor hand placement, no bend, no strength.. he would just run straight forward and then play pat a cake with the tackle until the play was over.
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    Kelly's more talented. I didn't even think it was a question before the game really. It's just the off the field stuff that's hindered him. Honestly, I think the coaches know this and more or less wanted to play Walker first out of respect. Walker's probably proven to be a great teammate and hard worker over the years, but I think Kelly is the better talent. For the WR's sake, I hope he gets more run in the next few games.
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    Good lord, this is ridiculous. There're people who honestly think moving on from Luck is a logical approach? What? Who cares if he doesn't play in the preseason? Are you telling me that you would rather he got reps now and made the injury worse, than for him/them to remain cautious and make sure that it was in-fact a minor setback? The team can't lie about it, they're literally forced to disclose the injury for what it is. Can they lie about the severity to some degree, or the generalized location? Yes. I can assure you that the caliber of physicians working for the Indianapolis Colts are at a skill level great enough to determine if surgery several months ago was the best course of action. Lol, and some of you guys legit think you know better than people that are directly linked to the situation, even Andrew himself. It's comical, and you're bored. Go read a book or something.
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    Living in NY Metro area is can be hard to see Colts games . I actually started to keep track of this last 2-3 years because I started to notice it . And yup they did what they always seem to do . They are replaying the Colts-Bills game at 2 O'clock IN THE MORNING . But Cowboys or Giants or Steelers replays always seem to get prime time . AGAIN Colts have fans too.....Just like the Cowboys,Giants and Steelers …..Apologize for the rant !!!!!
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    We're fans. We always want our team to look and play well...that's our way. Coaches have a different way and means in the preseason. They wanted (and got) to see how certain players perform...or don't. From their perspective, the first preseason game went exactly as intended. On to LA. In a bit.
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    Put Kelly in with the 2's dump Walker cause he sucks.
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    He was out there early in the 1st quarter. I noticed because I didn't expect to see him that early. He played pretty well honestly.
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    Walker and Leonard have the cutest bromance love them.
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    I'd throw Chad Kelly in now. You basically know what you have in Walker, I'd like to see what Kelly can do.
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    I hope Cain gets some time with Kelly. My guess it will be Fountain though.
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    Where is our doom and gloom Bills fan friend. He should be watching this with us. lol
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    In the regular and post season
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    There you go again, using the n-word. Which I believe can be used to aptly describe this thread.
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    I need to see him do against guys further up the depth chart. Hopefully he gets that chance.
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    Agreed, it is a cause for concern. It’s an unfortunate situation, especially right before the beginning of the season. But it as things stand right now, Luck wanting to get his body right is the correct approach, IMO.
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    I think this is kind of naive. I don’t think anyone really has that concern. It’s more about how we won’t be sharp to start the season. Nothing new he has said he will be ready.
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    Off topic from Khari or the other rookies - I'm still wishing they'd stop putting Lewis at NT/UT......he needs to play DE and replace Sheard eventually. Sliding him inside on passing downs is fine. But on running downs they simply pushed him off of his spot or let him run right by the play.....
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    Wrong league. I'm not in this PPR one...lol Sorry for the confusion
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    That has been my point all along. An entire spring/summer doesn't heal the thing, (remember he didn't participate in any summer workouts) but a week or two during training camp, while still walking through plays mind you, will? Righttttttttttttttttttttttt. Wait for it....imo he has no shot of playing opening day unless he either magically heals or whatever is going on in his head goes away. Prozac???
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    This is the comment that (to me ) that ends this dispute .Are we happy no not entirely…….BUT IT IS THE FIRST PRE-SEASON GAME ……..I have a family full of Giants fans who are complaining about their game last night …….and the Giants WON last night and what am I telling my family members ?????......IT IS THE FIRST PRE-SEASON GAME !!!!!!!
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    There is no correlation between the play calling in the KC game and the play calling in preseason. If it turns out that Reich isn't a good play caller -- and I think that's an unfounded criticism, even including the KC game -- it won't have anything to do with the plays called in preseason. So again, you're pointing out that Luck not being on the field isn't ideal. Thanks, I'm glad you're sharing that high level analysis. Not likely. Listen to Reich. You don't have to agree with it, but he's said how he'll approach preseason. They've also already dropped the hint that Luck won't play in preseason; we'll see how that goes, but don't be surprised if he doesn't play before Week 1. Listen, you can express your fandom however you want, but when you stand on a soapbox and talk about how the staff doesn't know what they're doing and you're unimpressed, then the team goes on 10-2 stretch and no one hears from you, and then you're back to complain about the play calling in a preseason game, you're going to come across as less than genuine.
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    isn't Vanilla in preseason game 1 kind par with the course?
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    There is no correlation between playing well in preseason and playing well in the regular season. Preseason is about evaluation and preparation.
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    Yes, Julian...like you've never cried before.
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    Long time no see! I think it's not a bad value trade at all, always quite liked Johnson as a RB. Trent Williams may well be available but at what price? 2nd rounder at least you'd think.
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    It is looking way ahead but if we play the Dodgers in the NLCS, we have to put pressure on them early. That is our only chance, they are very strong. We have to steal game 1 in LA to have a chance. I know I am looking way ahead but teams that win game 1 in the NLCS win 77% of all series in the history of MLB.
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    I need to see Phillips play with the first team.
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    Kelly is already looking Ten time better then walker.
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    It would behoove Walker to do something on his drive.
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    Hate to see that ... especially in pre season.
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    Can’t wait to see fountain with Kelly the second half. At least we know Kelly can be a NFL QB.
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    5-5 now . The road is cute. It isn't over until it is over on the road with us . After 3, 5-5. Never a dull moment.
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    Thanks, I just talked with a customer service rep at Hulu and she confirmed that the game is blacked out but couldn't explain why a game in Buffalo that is being broadcast on Fox 59 would be blacked out here (I live in Bloomington).
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    So can I quit the play by play now?
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    A younger Hopkins. Thomas is phenominal. I suspect his % of cap in 3yrs will look reasonable, just as Andrew is reasonable now.
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    yeah they can't put an uninjured player on IR. Even if it weren't against the rules, I cant see Cain ever agreeing to that.
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    Do any of you live in central Indiana and have Hulu? If so, are you getting the game? Strangely, Fox 59 doesn't show up on my menu tonight, which I guess is because of some kind of game blackout on Hulu.
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