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    I'll be going to a few practice sessions at training camp this year. Any of you going also? I plan on doing some scouting of the team, mostly some of our unknowns, and see if I can get a feel for what we really have out there. I'll be there the 25th, that's the date I'm doing something for a fan that cannot make it to training camp. Caroline Cann and the Colts organization have set something up, so I can do this for that person. While I'm there on that day, I'm hoping to get to speak to a few people, Colts and media both. Any of you have anything specific you'd like me to check on, watch for, or ask if I get the chance? Pretty excited to be able to do this, hope I can make at least this one fan's wish come true! (I'll explain what's going on in that area after it happens. Reason's.)
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    To your post, that is why many think Peyton is the best ever because Peyton was the system. He called his own plays the majority of the time and went to 4 SB's with 4 different coaches.
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    So in years past I always really enjoyed looking at the UDFA that the team had picked up and loved to do write ups on standout or on players i felt strongly would make the team. Well now since Ballard has built this team so deep I think this may be the first year that a UDFA wont make the 53. To be honest I couldn't name a single guy we picked up this year but i still have a ton of guys from the past in my memory like Curt Maggitt, Bug Howard, and Mekale Mckay. So thank you Chris, thank you for ruining my offseason.....
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    This brings back a lot of good memories. Lol @ Castanzo.
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    I know Cann left. But we had this meeting set up 3 months ago prior to her leaving the organization. She kept her word on this, even after she left, she set this up between me and the Colts. Great woman.
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    Look forward to your reports. The biggest enigma I think is EJ speed. I’m not expecting much this year but any info on him will be appreciated
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    The interior D line and if any of the UDFA d linemen are flashing. Thanks in advance Lawrence.
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    Right now the position the interests me the most would be the CB position. Desir, Moore, Wilson, Ya-Sin, Hairston, Milton, Collins, and Tell plus udfa and try outs. That is a pretty crowded position group and someone is either going to get cut or traded so I will be curious to see who is getting playing time.
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    The usual stuff. Reps for young guys at crowded positions -- safety, corner, LB, WR, RB, etc. Who's rotating on the OL, who will be the backup LT/RT, how does Deon Cain look, can anyone block Justin Houston, etc. Edit: What are they doing with Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell?
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    If you ask me they both seem like liars and neither can be trusted from what I have read/heard from their past and present. Sounds like they deserve each other and I have a hard time believing anything either say. I just feel sorry for the kid being in the middle of this.
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    There’s also the matter of a 3-year old boy with a broken arm. And a threatening audio tap which makes him sound like a monster. Hard to see how Hill gets away zero suspensions.
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    Did anyone here watch the press conference with Malcolm Brogdon? Really seems like a nice guy with strong character and leadership.
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    Lester is a great human being.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/1707707001
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    Yeah, you would have thought they would have hired someone new by now.
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    Yeah, I have personal interest in Shippy myself. Even if he is slightly undersized for the NT role. He and I have spoken right before the Colts signed him, and have been following him closely ever since.
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    Luck elevated every Colts team he's been on. Evidence by what happened when he was gone the one year. Wilson is good, don't get me wrong (I also happen to think he throws the best spiral in the game) but Wilson has benefited from a great team (defense in his case) around him to help ascend him and get him to SB's. Same as brady, he has benefited from a great team/coach around him his entire carrier. Luck on the other hand will put the entire team on his back and carry them, regardless if the rest of the team or coach is trash or not.
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    So if we can make the 2nd round, how should we not have Super Bowl aspirations? The greatest dynasty ever is running on fumes, and has been for a few years now. It's time for us to take over as the powerhouse of the AFC. I'm not saying it will happen this year, but I hope it will happen this year. At any rate, we have a shot
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    lol at Deshaun Watson being anywhere near the top 10.
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    I’d love to find out how they are using their LBers. Now that they have 3 starting caliber LBs in Leonard, Walker, and Okereke, I wonder if they’ll play 3 LBs on the field more. They didn’t seem to do that so much in 2018. Also id like to see how our rookies are progressing and how Braden Smith is progressing at RT.
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    Not to open up a can of worms but Wilson has never been better than Luck in reality except when Luck was injured in 2017. Wilson won a SB so some think that . Put Luck on the Seahawks when Luck was playing in 2013, they might of went 19-0 with that defense and RB lol. Luck would've never threw an INT to lose a SB either, JMO. Wilson is great though but he isn't Luck. Luck needs to win a SB so people quit this nonsense
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    One of those moments when you just know your team finna take the L. Like when players continuously drop like flies after 3 plays.
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    I just watched the condensed Texans game again on youtube......... Luck had a great first half, he was crisp, he was accurate....... But...... something I didnt really get before.... he looked like he did in the KC game...... for the last quarter and a half. (We had a lead, that covered this) Part of me wonders if he injured something in that 3rd quarter in the Texans game that effected him the rest of the playoffs Watch the video, and see if you see the same thing I dont think that you wear down mid game...... something wasnt right, from that point on. Hopefully its all healed
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    Brees is better than Luck (I hate to admit) but not Wilson.
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    I was all ready to roll in here guns blazing ready to fight for Ballard's honor, and then you made me laugh! lol
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    I think the reason for this is, with the talent / team fit evaluators we currently have and trade-downs in the later rounds, those candidates will already have been drafted by us. This isn't saying it's not possible for an UDFA to make the team, only that those will be "unicorns" - very rare individuals that fell through the cracks.
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    Last season went a long way toward smash mouth football but the Chief's playoff man handling we were given says we still aren't quite there yet. Give our young nucleus time to grow into full grown men and this team will be a beast!
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    Interesting tweets from Jacoby in a span of two days. Lol.
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    He was very clear what a Blue Card player is.
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    I’m pretty sure that anyone’s use of the word “soft” in describing the Colts was dispensed with when Quenten Nelson planted Jadeveon Clowney like a tent peg.
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    It's gonna be tough for future UDFA's finding a roster spot now that we have a GM and scouting staff that know how to evaluate talent for the draft.
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    Barring injury, it'll be a tall task to every of our UDFAs to get in. If anyone, it might be Penny Hart. He needs to beat Chester Rogers at punt returning. If that happens, he might be able to earn a spot.
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    Congratulations to our US Ladies Soccer Team. Another World Cup.
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    I saw that, It's soo sad what happened. Devastating to work his young life toward a goal to play in the NFL and for that to happen, but life has a twisted way sometimes. My prayers and thoughts are to his family, for his full recovery, and hope he can find peace from this somehow, to know that his life is not over, he just has to seek a new direction in his young life.
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    I read that earlier. Very sad. Way too young to die. RIP Jared. My condolences to his family and his fans.
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    Because its the outcome the nfl wanted. Hey, at least the Colts weren't the team chosen to lose to Pats.
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    I want the Colts to sign Aaron Hernandez for the Shotgun and Pistol formation. Of course, same for the Indiana Pacers. He would offer them a much needed shooter.
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    I would put him ahead of Tannehill and Mariota and Winston right now.
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    RIP Jared Lorenzen. One of the first UK football players I got to watch play. Also was a Colt for part of a season. 38 years old. Terrible.
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