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    Hes doing ok showing signs of heating up . Hitting around 260 right now with 15 homers . Im excited what the Edman kid has brought . Loved him in spring . Ozuna should be back soon .
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    They have two more series to go. Coming into this game, the Phillies had hit the Mets 12 times and the Mets hit them six times. The Mets hit Hoskins on the leg today. Then he hit a HR in his next at bat. That's a way to retaliate. How is Goldy doing?
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    That's a lot for one year it sounds a lot like Baker and Larussa . Baker team would hit a Card . You knew retaliation was coming . In all honesty you have to do it to protect teammate .
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    Congratulations to our US Ladies Soccer Team. Another World Cup.
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    Yeah we took game 1 over the Sox and now back in 1st place in the NL Central. Glad to see Kimbrel get the save after the other night. Brewers and Cards both lost. 1 more game then the all-star break. NL Central standings as of now look like this: Cubs 47-42 Brewers 47-43 (.5 back) Cards 44-43 (2 back) Pirates 43-45 (3.5 back) Reds 41-45 (4.5 back)
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    Philip Irvin is a former first round draft pick who kind of stalled in the minors. He has been up and downbut the last 2 years he has performed well when playing. If he could continue this as a regular who knows?
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    I have no idea if they would do a deal for that. As for Harper, it’d be absolutely embarrassing if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
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    The Mets are done. I want to trade our veterans except Todd and the starting pitchers unless we get some good prospects in return. Untouchables: McNeil, Alonso, deGrom Would like to keep: Thor, Lugo, Conforto, Nimmo, Frazier, Hechavarria, Dom Smith, Amed Rosario, Nido, Matz and maybe Wheeler Everyone else can be traded but they don't have much value. Most likely to be traded: Wheeler, Frazier (both free agents after this season) Maybe Gsellman and Carlos Gomez Lugo has lots of value but we need him. He is almost an untouchable, IMO.
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    On the Cubs network today, they were saying Zobrist is expected return. Not sure when.
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    Feels like deja vu from last year for the Cubs. Inconsistent bats, and they keep making a lot of silly errors. They are better then the product they’re putting out there, and I really hope they get back on track. Super lucky to be leading the division, it’s going to be a scrap to the finish against some very scrappy teams. Reds making a lot of noise. Cards are dangerous. Pirates play like world beaters against the Cubs. I’m not impressed by the Brewers(other then yelich). Really hope Zobrist returns, his locker room presence is missed as well as his clutch batting. I think Russell is a goner. Should be an interesting second half.
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    I am not Maddon. I am not Baez. I am not a representative of the Cubs, just a fan. Why do you keep making this about the Cubs? They weren’t even involved in this situation? A former player that I am a fan of was. I’ve already said that they do dumb stuff. They are not perfect, I criticize them all the time. Maddon has done that in the past, and I think it’s dumb to get yourself kicked out of the game. Say your piece and move on when warned. He needs to be there in the dugout making decisions, not in the clubhouse sipping wine.
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    Cubs lose so not a good way to go into the all-star break. Great news is we are in 1st place in the NL Central going into the all-star break. Brewers lost. Cubs 47-43 into the break and the guys are off until Friday. Rest and re-group. Start playing Cubs baseball like we know. Brewers 47-44 - just a half game back. -Before the season started if you told me we would be in 1st place in the NL Central at the all-star break I would take it. I thought the Brewers and Cards would be much better record wise at the break. Cards are 44-43 as of now, they are playing right now and it is 0-0 in the 5th at Giants.
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    Maddon did it a few days ago and the Cubs blew the doors off the Pirates. Cubs sometimes look content though.
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    Lol. Maddon does it all the time. He clearly believes that getting ejected fires up the team.
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    Not following??? Did Baez rush the mound after being hit against the Reds? Was Baez ejected recently? I did mention that I know Cubs players have done it in the past, no? My original statement pertains to all baseball players, not just the Cubs, you brought them up. I was talking about Arrietta vs Frazier. Frazier was hit, acted like he was going to rush Arrietta, and Arrietta said if he wants to handle it in that manner then he will defend himself, at least that’s my take on it. IMO it shouldn’t take someone getting hit or ejected to fire up a team. Should always play with that type of ferocity. I hate it when the Cubs wait until something like that happens to get motivated to win a game. Maximum effort all the time, but that’s just me.
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    If I am reading it correctly, the Phillies have hit 36 batters so far this year, 12 of them have been Mets players. Arietta has hit 6 batters; at least 3 have been Mets (the ones he hit yesterday). The other 3 could be one or more Mets. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/PHI/2019-pitching.shtml
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    I am not sure but Jake looked wild yesterday. I have seen him have a couple of games like that with the Cubs
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    Are the Phillies always wild. I'm going to see how many players their pitching staff has hit. They have hit Mets batters 12 times.
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    Then why? Because opposing pitchers just want to hit Mets players? This is why I asked if you think it’s some type of conspiracy. Yes, there have been Cubs players that have retaliated, never said they haven’t. Of course they should be angry, it hurts, and could even put you on the IL. Say your piece and take your free base. Rush the mound or press the issue, and now you’re out of the game, and no longer able to help your team. Not smart. It’s stupid for pitchers to purposely hit anyone, you’re giving up a free base, risking someone’s health, and essentially walking someone. Then there’s some pitchers who admit to pitching up and inside to try to throw off batters, but not hit them. Sometimes crap just happens.
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    Who said it was a conspiracy? The players get frustrated when they are repeatedly getting hit. Phillies have hit Mets players 12 times so far this year. And they are one of our biggest rivals because of proximity of the two cities and being in the same division. Arietta hit 3 Mets players yesterday. So are you saying that players should not get upset for getting hit by a pitch? I'm sure there have been Cubs who have charged the mound in Cubs history. From the time I began watching baseball, I have seen players retaliate for getting hit.
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    I read the link and I don't blame Frazier for being upset. Those teams sound like they have a bad history with this. When the Cubs play Pitt, we have a problem with them hitting our guys as well. That is why Maddon lost it the other night. After Frazier got hit he was angry and Jake was actually calm looking at him like what . Jake hit him with a change up in the arm. After Frazier got kicked out he was cussing and threw his helmet in the dug out. I think Jake wasn't intentionally trying to hit him. Had Jake hit him in the head with a fastball I could see Frazier losing his cool then, It is what Jake said after the game where he was wrong.
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    Todd's reply to Jake's threat: “He can say what he wants. I am just sick of getting hit, especially by this team.” Much more classy than threatening an opposing player. Link
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    That is fair enough. I can see why he would want to fire up the Mets. Maddon did it the other night at Pitt. It fired the Cubs up.
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    I think he said something to the umpire to get kicked out but he had every reason to be upset. If you check, Mets players have been hit more than players on any other NL team. They need a leader to say this can't continue. Then Jake went on to hit another player despite having been warned. The Mets hit him right back. The right way. Lol.
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    Yeah what Jake said was wrong because people could take that as a threat but I seriously doubt he was serious. In the heat of the moment we all say dumb things. Jake is frustrated because Philly is struggling. I thought Frazier overreacted when he got hit by Jake. It wasn't close to his head and Frazier went nuts. I like Frazier as a player though. Jake is one of the best pitchers ever in Cubs history. Yu sucks .
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    I saw that last night. Hope Arietta gets suspended. He hit 3 of our guys yesterday and then threatens my man Todd after the game. What a (you know what)! I hope Todd stays classy and ignores him. Glad the Mets beat him and stood up for Todd.
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    Guess things got a little dicey during the Mets Phillies game yesterday..... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cubshq.com/amp/update/WATCH-Jake-Arrieta-threatens-Todd-Frazier-says-he-will-put-a-dent-in-his-skull-26888 Arrietta cracks me up, lol! Man I miss having him on the Cubs!
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    no we just moved it to " oh it'll be the lakers or clippers again yawn"
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    Thanks. Do you think the Reds would part with him for a starting pitcher? The Mets have helped the Phillies have life. Without the wins against the Mets, the Phillies would be way behind. Harper has been a disappointment for them.
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    I agree with the starting lineup. That’s a really good bench unit as well. Lakers might be the favorite. That’s not good
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    Scary collision at the plate in Angels and Astros game. Lucroy taken to hospital for tests. It's not clear what Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick was thinking in the home plate collision. Link
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