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    Are you sure??? I thought CB did a poll of the fans, before he made ANY moves Of course.......... and I am not saying anything different I hadnt watched anything on this guy until today.......
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    They have two more series to go. Coming into this game, the Phillies had hit the Mets 12 times and the Mets hit them six times. The Mets hit Hoskins on the leg today. Then he hit a HR in his next at bat. That's a way to retaliate. How is Goldy doing?
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    Congratulations to our US Ladies Soccer Team. Another World Cup.
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    Thanks for posting that video. He's certainly talented. One thing I took from that video was his QB. He delivered every pass with ease. Down field, out routes, screens & with great touch as well. It also made me wonder where this school is located. There are more people in the stands at my local HS games than I saw here. He has break away speed & seems to have good hands with great verticle leap. Very curious to see what he can show in camp.
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    Not only Gurley, but they also missed Cooper Kupp, etc. So they were missing pieces. Anyway, the Rams and the Colts were in a very-very different situation. The Rams actually had a pretty good core of a roster, and a freshly drafted young QB. The Colts had a depleted roster, and an elite QB coming back from a serious injury. What the Rams did is not sustainable. Bringing all those quote on quote star players in, is not a sustainable way of building a team. It can boost the team for 1-2 years, but then they need to pay their QB, and probably cut some of those veterans - and swallow a nice big DM -, because most likely a few of them will be on downhill in 1-2 years. But still, it made all sense for the Rams, because 1. they could patch all holes in their roster and immediately become contenders, 2. they have a tough decision to make soon regarding their franchise QB, because he does not seem to be in that "elite" category, who is a no brainer to resign. So they could build the team for the short term, and deal with the rest in 2-3 years. The Colts in the other hand, had a roster of more holes than NFL caliber starters. But, they had a QB who - if healthy - they can expect an elite production from, for possibly, another decade. So it worth to build a team around him, for the long term. So, for the Colts, it didn't make any sense to go all-in in one year. It wouldn't have made them contenders in year 1, but could ruin their long term future regarding cap management .... and also regarding developing young players, who could not get on field if there's a veteran playing. For the Colts, it made more sense to build through the draft. That's the way to build a team - and keep it together - for the long term.
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    Philip Irvin is a former first round draft pick who kind of stalled in the minors. He has been up and downbut the last 2 years he has performed well when playing. If he could continue this as a regular who knows?
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    Could Malone University receiver be NFL draft's biggest sleeper? https://www.toledoblade.com/sports/pro/2019/03/01/malone-university-ashton-dulin-nfl-scouting-combine/stories/20190301176
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    I have no idea if they would do a deal for that. As for Harper, it’d be absolutely embarrassing if the Nationals make the postseason and the Phillies don’t make it
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    Consider this: We've not had one day of training camp. Not one snap in any game this year. How can anyone objectively predict whether a guy will make the team, or not? This is not a popularity contest, or determined by the best "hype" on the Internet. It's determined by performance and team fit. Who knows?
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    On the Cubs network today, they were saying Zobrist is expected return. Not sure when.
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    Feels like deja vu from last year for the Cubs. Inconsistent bats, and they keep making a lot of silly errors. They are better then the product they’re putting out there, and I really hope they get back on track. Super lucky to be leading the division, it’s going to be a scrap to the finish against some very scrappy teams. Reds making a lot of noise. Cards are dangerous. Pirates play like world beaters against the Cubs. I’m not impressed by the Brewers(other then yelich). Really hope Zobrist returns, his locker room presence is missed as well as his clutch batting. I think Russell is a goner. Should be an interesting second half.
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    I am not Maddon. I am not Baez. I am not a representative of the Cubs, just a fan. Why do you keep making this about the Cubs? They weren’t even involved in this situation? A former player that I am a fan of was. I’ve already said that they do dumb stuff. They are not perfect, I criticize them all the time. Maddon has done that in the past, and I think it’s dumb to get yourself kicked out of the game. Say your piece and move on when warned. He needs to be there in the dugout making decisions, not in the clubhouse sipping wine.
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    Cubs lose so not a good way to go into the all-star break. Great news is we are in 1st place in the NL Central going into the all-star break. Brewers lost. Cubs 47-43 into the break and the guys are off until Friday. Rest and re-group. Start playing Cubs baseball like we know. Brewers 47-44 - just a half game back. -Before the season started if you told me we would be in 1st place in the NL Central at the all-star break I would take it. I thought the Brewers and Cards would be much better record wise at the break. Cards are 44-43 as of now, they are playing right now and it is 0-0 in the 5th at Giants.
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    Maddon did it a few days ago and the Cubs blew the doors off the Pirates. Cubs sometimes look content though.
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    Lol. Maddon does it all the time. He clearly believes that getting ejected fires up the team.
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    If I am reading it correctly, the Phillies have hit 36 batters so far this year, 12 of them have been Mets players. Arietta has hit 6 batters; at least 3 have been Mets (the ones he hit yesterday). The other 3 could be one or more Mets. https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/PHI/2019-pitching.shtml
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    Are the Phillies always wild. I'm going to see how many players their pitching staff has hit. They have hit Mets batters 12 times.
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    Who said it was a conspiracy? The players get frustrated when they are repeatedly getting hit. Phillies have hit Mets players 12 times so far this year. And they are one of our biggest rivals because of proximity of the two cities and being in the same division. Arietta hit 3 Mets players yesterday. So are you saying that players should not get upset for getting hit by a pitch? I'm sure there have been Cubs who have charged the mound in Cubs history. From the time I began watching baseball, I have seen players retaliate for getting hit.
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    I read the link and I don't blame Frazier for being upset. Those teams sound like they have a bad history with this. When the Cubs play Pitt, we have a problem with them hitting our guys as well. That is why Maddon lost it the other night. After Frazier got hit he was angry and Jake was actually calm looking at him like what . Jake hit him with a change up in the arm. After Frazier got kicked out he was cussing and threw his helmet in the dug out. I think Jake wasn't intentionally trying to hit him. Had Jake hit him in the head with a fastball I could see Frazier losing his cool then, It is what Jake said after the game where he was wrong.
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    Todd's reply to Jake's threat: “He can say what he wants. I am just sick of getting hit, especially by this team.” Much more classy than threatening an opposing player. Link
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    I think he said something to the umpire to get kicked out but he had every reason to be upset. If you check, Mets players have been hit more than players on any other NL team. They need a leader to say this can't continue. Then Jake went on to hit another player despite having been warned. The Mets hit him right back. The right way. Lol.
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    Yeah what Jake said was wrong because people could take that as a threat but I seriously doubt he was serious. In the heat of the moment we all say dumb things. Jake is frustrated because Philly is struggling. I thought Frazier overreacted when he got hit by Jake. It wasn't close to his head and Frazier went nuts. I like Frazier as a player though. Jake is one of the best pitchers ever in Cubs history. Yu sucks .
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    I saw that last night. Hope Arietta gets suspended. He hit 3 of our guys yesterday and then threatens my man Todd after the game. What a (you know what)! I hope Todd stays classy and ignores him. Glad the Mets beat him and stood up for Todd.
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    Malone is in Canton, Ohio it was a GLIAC School and now a GMAC school
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    According to the press, Dumb and Dumber was a successful movie grossing $247 M. It may not be obvious, but there is something vaguely familiar between that movie and the Colts under Pagano and Grigson.
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    With the Colts injuries against KC, it exposed our weakness - the performance difference between our starters and 2nd / 3rd string players. Even the starters that played were banged up and performance suffered. What seems to be different today is that there is more talent, potential and (hopefully) performance to be found in our depth players. Provided we don't over-play our starters day in and day out throughout the season, and develop our depth, this year should be different.
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    That highlight tape is impressive, runs all routes, wins 50/50, has top end speed, plays fearless, beat double and triple coverage, blocks down field, shows route savvy, what's not to like? If that package was against SEC talent he'd be a first rounder. The hard thing to know is how good he is versus that competition. Like you, I like the potential of guys like this for our team, if that talent translates against NFL competition he'll have a spot. Thanks for sharing!
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    no we just moved it to " oh it'll be the lakers or clippers again yawn"
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    I haven't done much 2020 research yet either. But I've got a feeling that even though RB's Etienne, Taylor, and Dobbins might be available wherever we pick (28th to 32nd?), CB might be thinking that 2020 will be the year we address not only OT depth, but possibly Castonzo's replacement. Am keeping an eye on Oregon's Calvin "Doc" Throckmorton, who is not only a top lineman this year, but also working on his pre-Med. And also watching to see if Tennessee's Trey Smith recovers from the blood clot in his lung.
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    Its a long shot... I agree....... but Rogers is a middle of the road, returner and receiver ... I dont see him becoming special........ Fountain hasnt really done anything yet... maybe he lights it up in camp I do like Cain to get a spot though This camp and preseason will be interesting...... some folks that we all like are gonna get CUT
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    Tough to make the PS let alone the roster. Rogers Pascal Cain are already ahead in terms of making the roster. He'll have to beat out Fountain and Marcus Johnson. Krishawn Hogan seems to be team fav as a project.
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    Thanks. Do you think the Reds would part with him for a starting pitcher? The Mets have helped the Phillies have life. Without the wins against the Mets, the Phillies would be way behind. Harper has been a disappointment for them.
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    He never should've carried that clipboard with his throwing arm!
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    The area where the training camp is located is a very new, and likely the quickest growing are of Indiana. I've spent alot of time in the are for work. Top Golf is a very fun thing to do whether you're super into golf or not. The indiana gun club isnt far from there and have trap * and a nice sporting Clay's area. K1 speed is a cool indoor go cart track but there is a couple other in door go cart tracks. If shopping is your thing The mall right there in Carmel is nice. Then there is all the monuments in downtown. The museum at the speedway is cool too.
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    I hope that Houston is a piece that will raise, collectively, the DL's level of play. If that happens, then I agree. If the pass rush improves, that will have a positive impact on both LB and especially DB play. If it all comes together, our D can be very formidable. It's going to be very hard though. The QBs / passing teams that we face this year will be far better than last year.
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    I think the Jags with Foles are going to take a step forward over Houston and the Titans. I think we will win the division crown. You may think I'm being a bit bold here, but I'm expecting our D to be right up there with the Jags D when it's all said and done. I think we are really deep in the secondary, and I think we may potentially have better pieces on our D line overall then what the Jags have had the past two seasons outside of Calais Campbell.. The speed of our linebackers is very similar in my opinion and we are pretty good on the back end too. And with it being the 2nd year in the system the execution will be better. Im expecting the D to be pretty consistent.
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    To switch off topic just for 1 post, opening day will show me a lot where we stand. Playing at the Chargers will be tough. If we win that we will look real promising. If we lose that game it won't be the end of the world. I would still have us going 11-5 or so but winning a game at LAC would be impressive.
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    The Kansas City Chiefs went from choking in the Wild Card Round against Mariota and the Titans to being an offsides penalty away from a Super Bowl berth. What is your point? None of us have a clue as to how things will turn out as so much changes season to season in the NFL.
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    Remember... we had our own offensive meltdown against Kansas City... don’t see why we get a pass while the Rams get dinged...?
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    But they lost, so it doesn't count. /s
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    Which part did we miss? 1. Getting to an AFC Championship game? 2. No losing seasons in 5 years? 3. Three years of playoffs, winning more games each year (WC, division, AFC title game)? 4. Taking over a team with the #1 overall pick (the worst team in the league)? 5. Turning over almost the entire roster and winning 11 games in year 1? 6. By all accounts stuck with a coach he wasn't allowed to fire even though he ran the most predictable offense in the league (ill find the article if you want to read it)? I get it. Everyone loves Ballard and I like what hes done so far but lets not act like Grigson burned Indy to the ground.
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    A recent poll shows babies disagree. 100% of babies enjoy being thrown up in the air. Although another poll shows mothers disagree with babies. 100% of mothers don't like dad tossing the baby in the air. Of course, there's always that one dad that does it wrong and ruins it for everyone else...
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    I think you will see another WR drafted....or a TE. Funchess will likely be gone...Hilton is a year older. Even if Cain and Campbell are both what they hoped for...there is still room to develop another Day Two pick at the position. We will see though.
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    Scary collision at the plate in Angels and Astros game. Lucroy taken to hospital for tests. It's not clear what Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick was thinking in the home plate collision. Link
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