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    Here is my opinion: I feel like this upcoming season is the perfect opportunity to provide Aaron Holiday some meaningful minutes as the backup point guard position. If we sign Satoransky, who is a decent player, it going to affect his development.
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    Might get interesting before the trade deadline end of July.
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    I'd be lying if I thought Edmund Sumner would be in the Pacers plans for the future...
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    Surprising. Always was a serviceable point guard during his time in Indiana. Much better shooter than people give him credit for.
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    6-3 now, Cubs trying to chip away. Heyward with a 2 run HR then Almora hits in Russell after he reached third on a triple.
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    It is 5-0 Reds now. Looks like not our night. Still no word on Hamels.
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    Doubt Celtics give up Tatum. I think Brown can make a turnaround though. Rebounding will be an issue though. I guess Vic, when he comes back? Or maybe Myles can finally get his chance. Yeah, wasn't he a lottery pick before the scandal? Seems like an interesting player.
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    Hamels has a strained Oblique. He may be out 3 or 4 weeks is what I am hearing. Brewers and Cards both lost last as well. Does anyone want to win the division?
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