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    This should be a fun list. Lets start with the best five to hold back the death threats 5. Not Relying On Andrew Luck Ballard's first press conference won me over because he said he understood who Andrew Luck was, but he was not gonna be the only reason we win. He was gonna build a team that can win in the trenches, on defense, and with a running game and that was important to me because teams that are fortunate to have franchise QBs tend to mask their teams flaws with their superstar QB and fail to address the rest of the team's needs. 4. Building Through The Draft The draft imo is the best way to build the roster. Im not saying free agency does not help, but if you look at the patriots, their not huge players in FAs. They build through the draft and fill the remaining needs in FA using second tier free agents which is exactly what Ballard has done. Building through the draft allows you to have superstar and/or depth on your team without jeopardizing your cap. 3. Fixing The Run Game Ballard has drafted three RBs Mack, Hines, and Wilkins all in the later rounds of the draft and for the first time since Addai, we have a legitimate run game with a workhorse back in Mack and two very good complimentary backs in Hines and Wilkins. Before Mack, the run game has struggled to the point we didn't have a 100 yard rusher in 4 years and a 1000 yard rusher in 9 years. Mack hasn't had a 1000 yard season, but he has shown to be a threat in the run game and has forced teams to defend the run. 2 Creating A Defense If you look at the defense since Ballard has taken over, there is only one player left from the Grigson era and that is Geathers. Ballard has said that the first thing that needed to be reworked is the defense and that only one player on the defense was worth keeping that being Geathers. Ballard wanted to create a defense that has multiple fronts and relentless pressure from multiple contributors and you see that with starting with bringing in Sheard, Autry, Hunt and Houston and drafting Turay, Lewis, and Benogu. Then with the secondary, you have physical corners with length in Desir, Moore, Wilson, and Ya-Sin with a safety that can roam and prevent deep passes. With all that, the defense has improved in the two areas that have plagued the colts defense for years that being defending the run game and stopping 20+ yard plays. 1. Giving Luck Protection This is by the far the most important thing Ballard has done. Drafting Nelson and Smith and picking up Glowinski and Boehm has given not only the protection Luck has needed, but also depth. Its more then Luck taking quicker throws because you see the line holding up even with deeper pass patterns and in the run game. Marlon Mack and the o-line have allowed Luck to take the burden of having to make every play and allowing him to play smarter and in result stay healthy. Now for all the good Ballard has done, hes not perfect so for all the Ballard lovers, just hear me out. 5. Draft Woes Now im not saying Ballard has not hit on the draft because he has, but the drafting of Basham, Banner, and Stewart haven't provided the same impact as players like Mack, Hines, and Wilkins have had being drafted in similar rounds. Then you have players like Fountain who couldn't crack the roster even with lack of options at WR during the season and Wilson who is struggling with consistency. With how much talent though Ballard has added through the draft, this is low on the list. 4. Pass Rush Ballard's focus has been in the trenches, however in three drafts ballard has taken two DBs and a G as his first picks. Ballard has used the second round to draft three pass rushers in Turay, Lewis, and Benogu and time will tell if they can bring a consistent pass rush, but if we can not generate a consistent pass rush, the defense will struggle facing QBs like Rivers, Carr, Mahomes, Ryan, and Brees. 3. Lack Of Depth At LT AC is a stalwart on the line and I am probably one of the few that really value what he brings to the team. With that being said, there is no reliable depth at LT and that was apparent at the beginning of last season. Haeg is more of a G then a T, but he can play T, Clark has not proven to be anything more then serviceable depth, Garcia is an unproven backup, and Webb is coming off an season ending injury. 2. Josh Mcdaniels Now I am not putting that completely at Ballard's feet as I was a huge advocate for Mcdaniels and would have made the same decision. The problem I had with this was one allowing Mcdaniels to go back to the Patriots faculty when you know Kraft and BB were gonna try to talk him out of it and two announcing him as your Head Coach and having a press conference without having a signed contract. It was bad look for the colts and a bad look for Ballard. 1. Lying about Andrew's Injury I'm sorry I can not let this go. I honestly feel like we as fans were blatantly lied to in 2017 about Andrew's injury. For weeks, we were told hes close to being back and I honestly believe that was the farthest from the truth. Could there have been a setback in the rehab? Of course, it happens, but I also think the injury was not made as severe as it was until Andrew was put on IR. Irsay is also partly to blame for that as well as I think it was done to sell season tickets. We all know a Andrew Luck led colts team sells more tickets then a Tolzien led colts team.
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    If I live to be 100 (don’t worry, I won’t come close) I’m going to hate this thread with the intensity of a THOUSAND white hot suns! These kind of threads often surface during the 40-50 days of the summer break. There’s just nothing to talk about. People throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks. No worries.... I’ll do my best to stay out of it... have fun! Enjoy yourselves!
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    I disagree with a lot of your points. 5. This is the point I agree with. Basham, Stewart, etc. are bad draft picks, but I think Basham was the highest draft pick (3rd round). Not too big of a deal, and you can make the argument that Ballard was drafting for Pagano and didn't have his guys in place. 4. More pass rush isn't bad, but Ballard could have added more. Then again, who could he have added? Houston got released, and they signed him. No draft pick is a sure fire pass rusher either. Based on the system, I don't think Colts need one really good pass rusher, although that would be nice. 3. Agreed, but it's not a "worst decision". I think the LT has some depth if Castonzo were to get injured. 2. McDaniels' decision wasn't on Ballard. No one could have predicted he would have gone back on his word. Besides, Ballard can't keep him in Indy. What are they going to do, lock the doors? 1. I disagree with this one the most. Why would the FO choose to lie about Luck's injury? I see this sentiment a lot, and it's not true. You are reading too much into it. Ballard never set a date for Luck to come back, and I think they shut him down because of his progress or for the high draft pick.
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    Here is my opinion: I feel like this upcoming season is the perfect opportunity to provide Aaron Holiday some meaningful minutes as the backup point guard position. If we sign Satoransky, who is a decent player, it going to affect his development.
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    For every one step back, Ballard takes two steps forward. That’s his success formula. His ideas and vision are solid enough to withstand the occasional mistakes. He seems to be really relaxed and confident and it spreads across the whole organization.
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    He's not going to get cut unless he completely forgets how to play WR. It's not like his cap hit hurts the Colts a lot anyways. They still have a lot of cap space. He's the most proven WR on the roster after TY, and I think he can do some good things this season.
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    Yeah maybe. I think it was just simply a screw up and I have a different theory based on Lucks physical condition. If your the Colts, would you rather have the perception that you lied about Lucks health or would you rather come out and say that your star QB isn’t in the right place, mentally and physically, following his surgery(stuff Luck has alluded too since)
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    It was too much of a bad tradjection for not to be a lie. It was first, he'll be ready for Training Camp, then he'll be ready for the season opener, then he'll be ready for the next game and the next game and then he went on IR.
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    Might get interesting before the trade deadline end of July.
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    I see ugly and Ohio State and based on the results of the past several years, I automatically think Michigan. But I guess from a OSU fan, those games have not been ugly at all.
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    Ballard's good decisions far outweigh his mistakes.
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    #1 best move should be hiring Frank Reich. What is funny is the #1 worst move was hiring Josh McDaniels because he backed out and made Ballard look bad. Luckily for us McDaniels did back out. Hiring Reich was the best thing by far that Ballard has done. He has created a system that protects Luck much better and gets the ball out of Luck's hands faster. -Ballard has had 2 exceptionally great draft picks in Nelson and Leonard. Nelson alone makes the O.line much better and Leonard is a monster on defense. He has also had 2 terrible one's in Basham and Banner that didn't pan out at all. I can't wait to watch Parris Campbell, I think he has the potential of being a great player in this league. -Ballard picking up Eric Ebron (2018) and Justin Houston (2019) in Free Agency is genius to me. Ebron was great last year. -Just some of my thoughts.
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    Meh, I'm not going to say I predicted it or saw it coming per se, but I was absolutely not surprised when it did happen. So Ballard not picking up on ANY red flags in the whole interview process is/was a little concerning... Glad it happened though, cause Reich may be my favorite Colts HC... So... I'm not gonna do a top 5 best/worst list, I'm just gonna go out on a limb & say that Ballards ordeal of "getting" his HC encompasses both his best & worst decision... I guess the whole fiasco also makes Ballard that much more relatable? It shows that he is human and prone to error, while also showing that he is able to learn from his mistakes. Just glad it worked out in the end with little to no foreseeable detriment to the team...
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    I agree with all of this but the last one. I don’t think he lied to us. I think he and the team got caught under estimating the severity of Lucks injury. I also think there is some truth to the status of Lucks mindset during his rehab. Even when Luck did start throwing there towards the end, he looked skinny, underweight and it affected him. I think it was a gross miscalculation and I think that is why the long time team doctor retired
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    McDaniels is #2 and Reich isn't listed? Reich and Eberflus were the biggest reasons for the turnaround last year this side of Luck being healthy.
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    'the impact of authentic, unconditional kindness' we see too little of that, he's an inspiring young man
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    IMO, not really. Stafford throws a decent ball. He's 66% witch is just a tick behind Luck. Stafford had multiple WRs with 1000+ with a healthy Tate. Ebron had a drop problem there, and he dropped plenty with Indy last year. The difference is, the Colts increased Ebron's RZ targets big time, and it paid off with TDs. Ebron wasn't a well rounded TE, or asked to be, in Indy. He was asked mostly to be a flex and not block a whole lot. And, he wouldn't have gotten near the targets he did last year had we had a decent WR group beyond TY.
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    I'd be lying if I thought Edmund Sumner would be in the Pacers plans for the future...
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    Surprising. Always was a serviceable point guard during his time in Indiana. Much better shooter than people give him credit for.
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    6-3 now, Cubs trying to chip away. Heyward with a 2 run HR then Almora hits in Russell after he reached third on a triple.
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    It is 5-0 Reds now. Looks like not our night. Still no word on Hamels.
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    Doubt Celtics give up Tatum. I think Brown can make a turnaround though. Rebounding will be an issue though. I guess Vic, when he comes back? Or maybe Myles can finally get his chance. Yeah, wasn't he a lottery pick before the scandal? Seems like an interesting player.
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    Wilson has always been a playmaker and a downfield thrower, and has always tended to hold on to the ball and leave the pocket to extend a play. I never saw Wilson as a game manager. He was a QB that was protected by the scheme early on, but he was also weaponized by that scheme, and grew into it. And eventually, he became the scheme. He is kind of like Rodgers in that he'll take a bad sack rather than throw a risky pass, but most coaches prefer that. Smith is a conservative dink and dunker who is so risk averse that he won't challenge a secondary, and is more likely to get rid of the ball too early than wait for a play to develop. Smith is gun shy because he knew that if he turned the ball over, he didn't have the playmaking ability to make up for it, and he'd get benched. He turned over a new leaf in 2017 and was one of the most effective deep passers in the league, but before he got hurt last year he looked like the same ultra conservative QB he always was.
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    I really love the official podcast. The one yesterday had Campbell on. He is a smart kid and was very impressed by him.
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    You’re talking about the Michigan games, and yes Haskins came in to win the game two years ago. Gary Coleman! Lol! I was was referring to the Purdue game last year and Iowa the year before. Throw in OK two years ago and we had enough of Shiano getting blown out. Embarrassing.
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    Colts fans undermine Wilson almost as much as Seahawks fans undermine Luck. They're both great. What probably tips the scales in Wilson's favor for this discussion is three things: a) Wilson has not missed a game; b) Wilson has been to two SB and has won one (and was the most important player on the field for his team both times); and c) he was a third rounder, representing a tremendous value for the Seahawks. I'd rather have Luck and wouldn't change what we did in that draft, but saying Wilson has had a better career or even grading him as a better draft pick doesn't bother me.
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    Honesty I think this Colts teams has been OVERhyped so far this offseason. 10th on this list is probably a good place for them right now. Let’s not act the Colts were complete world beaters last season. This team still has work to do and has a tough schedule ahead.
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    Hamels has a strained Oblique. He may be out 3 or 4 weeks is what I am hearing. Brewers and Cards both lost last as well. Does anyone want to win the division?
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