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    https://www.albertbridgecapital.com/drew-views/2019/6/17/stay-in-the-game Yeah, must read.
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    I don’t know what criteria fans use to define a #1 WR but drawing double coverage, running all the routes and being a guy that opposing coaches have to game plan for puts him in that category for me.
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    https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/17/indianapolis-colts-red-flags-secondary-depth-cornerback-safety/ Some days I wonder who writes this drivel? The same people just wrote how both Hooker (FS) and Moore II (Slot) were Elite at their positions. Did we aquire enough talent it was asked this offseason? Hmmmm.....lets see: Corner Room: Still had: Wilson, Hairston Re-signed Desir Re-signed Milton Signed Collins to Futures Contract - a former 2nd Round pick and super bowl starter (may of been defensive MVP if the Falcons didn't blow it) Drafted Rock Ya-Sin Drafted Marvell Tell III Whomever wrote that article did not witness Wilson absolutely turn the corner (pun intended) and become the 2nd Round pick he was supposed to be. They also view Desir as simply a journeyman, but he's been here 3 years and has finally tapped into the potential his small school draft profile said he had. And now he's here for 3 more years. Moore II = Duh, they rated him as elite Hairston lost his job to Moore, lost some of his mojo and appears to have regained it thru OTA's and Mini Camp. Otherwise he's been a solid starter thru his first two years. Collins - has the draft pedigree, has proven it at the highest levels in this game. We know the ONE downfall. But talent wise he is there. Rock Ya-Sin showed out in OTA's and Mini camp and will be a solid addition even if he doesn't start plus he plays special teams! Tell has shown the coaching staff (by all indications of offseason reporting) that he is taking very well to the switch to CB from FS. Even if he isn't the greatest at the techniques, guess whst he does have: special teams experience AND can play either safety spot. Milton is a gunner, that's it and that's all. Safety Room: Still had: Hooker, Odum Re-signed Geathers Signed Kindred (former 4th rndr from TCU) Re-instated Farley from IR Drafted Willis With the exception of Willis, every safety listed above has started and played well. Yes even Odum who started off slow but ended really strong (much like Moore in his rookie season). I still think Kindred is just as talented or maybe even better than both of Geathers and Farley so that will be an interesting battle. Since Hooker is the only "real" household type name the national prognosticators fail to see the rest of the roster.
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    That's the best thing I've read in a long time. Goes to show how one act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life. We get so tied up in petty things that we miss opportunities. Kenny could have just as easily kept driving that day because he could have felt had more important things to do. These are the guys we need in our locker room and our community.
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    Polian built from a foundation too but this team 'feels' different. Polian never built this kind of depth, he had his superstars and filled in the blanks with cheap, young players who were often undersized. Ballard is drafting and signing players of seemingly equal skill sets (following his measurements profile) to offer layers of depth and competition throughout the entire roster. Their motors and intelligence will set them apart, not necessarily latent athletic ability. This is something more akin to what Polian did with his Buffalo teams versus his Colts teams.
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    People like to talk about how we've been blessed with QBs. I think we've been just as blessed when it comes to WRs. To go from Marv, to Reggie, to now T.Y. That is 3 HOFers in my book
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    Final sentence of article " While Indianapolis isn't Belichickian in its level of impressive just yet , it sure seems poised to assume the role if New England ever steps aside ". ……………..DARE I believe ????? ( At the bottom of the article there is a comment section with a lot of fans disagreeing ) Article link >>>>>https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2840869-ranking-the-nfl-teams-best-set-up-for-the-future?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=nfl#slide10
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    Seriously though, thank you for posting this.
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    And i've been looking at the roster wanting to keep more than we will. They're young, some unproven,yes, but i see better talent and depth at the back-end of this D than i can remember. Some interesting speed, size, and traits. And many of them ate flexible and versitile. By mid-season, i expect this D to start getting very exciting to watch. We are gonna be FAST, and with that i expect a bunch of turnovers. Gonna be fun.
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    Holy @$%& Devil Dog @TheMarine why you gotta post stuff that touches the one feeler this retired Soldier still has.....
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    It helps that movies are not filmed in order they are seen. But what helped the most was the lighting budget for the movie consisted of a couple light bulbs and the character wore the same costume that consisted of a long jacket, long hair, and face paint, which would have allowed a similar looking person to stand in as well as use close up shots from other unused scenes that would have wound up on the cutting room floor otherwise (I believe fast and furious used a cut Paul Walker scene from an earlier movie after his death). I'm was more surprised to find out Lee's stunt double was the director of John Wick.
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    Bah! Those kids are just lucky that Peyton isn't in camp.
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    Why jo number for Brady to Gronk? Is there a discrepancy because of the *** ? Like Sosa and McGuire?
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    There may be times where he looks like our #1... formation wise and production wise. He's going to be difficult to cover, especially when trying to minimize the mismatches Frank Reich is going to exploit with Hilton, Campbell, Doyle, Ebron and Hines.
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    Vic is untouchable the chances of him being in any trade talks are at like -500%
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    https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/06/13/why-is-trent-dilfer-coaching-high-school-football-one-reason-is-son-he-lost/?utm_term=.5612327a85b4 I thought you guys should read this.
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    Stop worrying about it. There is a 0 chance of him getting cut IMO!
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    LMAO that Ballard or anyone on his staff hinted at 4 wide receivers. nonsense! And what a reach for a scenario.
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    Good post. I disagree with this part above. Closing speed is a trait, and players with better closing ability turn more pressures into sacks. It's the difference between Jabaal Sheard (good 40, bad jumps) and Chandler Jones (bad 40, good jumps), for instance. Or Frank Clark (14 sacks, 67 pressures) and Trey Flowers (7.5 sacks, 98 pressures). Length is a factor as well, for obvious reasons. More to the point of the analysis, pass rush and coverage always have been and always will be symbiotic. Tight initial coverage gives the pass rush time to affect the QB, and if the pass rush is affecting the QB quickly, it reduces the QB's effectiveness, especially on intermediate and deep attempts. Take either away, and the other is impacted negatively. A good offensive approach can more easily gameplan its way around a good pass rush than it can good initial coverage. If you can get receivers open quickly, you can get rid of the ball before the pass rush becomes a significant factor; even better if your receivers are good after the catch and after contact. But having a good pass rush allows your secondary to play more aggressively early in the down, both in alignment and technique. And the big thing that I think this analysis underestimates is the impact of zone coverage, especially zone matching. A defense can take average cover guys and employ them in a way that minimizes a quick passing attack and protects the back end at the same time. Still, if the pass rush can't get home, eventually that coverage will break down and a receiver will be open. And a defense can do this without undermining the pass rush. To the contrary, if you don't have pass rushers who can beat blockers, you can't scheme additional pressure without undermining the coverage. My point is that while pass rush and coverage go hand in hand, it's a different analysis to determine which individual players are more important to a defense. That individual analysis is the primary reason why pass rushers get paid more than even the best cover men; not to mention the fact that there are more above average coverage players than above average pass rushers. I also think the value of pressures relative to sacks is overstated. Sacks end plays, create a yardage disparity, and even force turnovers. Every sack is a negative play for the offense, bottom line. A pressure has an indeterminable value, because a QB can be pressured and still create a positive play for the offense, maybe even a score. This is why even PFF weights sacks in their pass rush productivity stat. I'm all about pressures, but sacks are more valuable.
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    We would have to pay the $7m. It was guaranteed at signing. We would save $3m of his base salary though. Long story short, he will be here for this season.
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    Amazing story! Thanks for posting!
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    I don't see any of Reggie's examples as 50/50 balls. What i saw was T Y having DB's stressed out and extended to try to stay with him and T Y showing Elite ball tracking ability. They were still running with him and he does a great job going for the ball before they can react. Yes, he does this A LOT! T Y does disappear even though Andrew is always looking for him. Way to many forced passes his way that get Andrew in trouble. Andrew will get better i hope with all the great coaching up Frank is giving him. And it should only help T Y when we have better overall weapons to attack D's with. It is coming.
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    Another excellent movie!!! (er, movies)
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    Damn it... Too early for the watery eyes. Why did you do this?! lol That was a beautiful story.
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    @HOF19 That title threw me off, like “who are those future #1 Colts?” Anyway, CBSSports agrees: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/which-nfl-team-could-become-the-next-patriots-style-dynasty-here-are-the-most-likely-candidates/ IMO, it’s a little too early to claim victory.
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    What a story.... Happy for both of the guys.
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    Mostly stuff from his final year of college at Temple, his Senior Bowl, and camp so far where he is consistently getting INT's. He is learning the zone scheme quickly and he said the game is slowing down for him already.
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    Where is this film at? I'd like to watch it.
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    Yep...... Tailor Made........ Who is this Tayor fellow and what is he making? JUST KIDDING Im starting to sound like NCF!!!!
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    I have VERY high hopes for Ward...... that guy can move for a 300Lb guy A pressure that results in an incomplete is a huge win. On 3rd down, its almost the same as a sack. Real pressure gives the Colts an increased chance at turnovers I HOPE that Okereke can be a player for the Colts.......... I'm a bit skeptical.... I hope that I am wrong
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    Here is your fast secondary: Hooker - Unk. - I'd guess in the 4.45 range Geathers. 4.55 Farley - 4.50 Kindred - 4.50 Willis - 4.46 (per Ballard) Odum - 4.45 Desir - 4.52 Moore - 4.47 Wilson - 4.54 Hairston - 4.52 Collins - 4.48 Rock - 4.48 (per Ballard) Milton - 4.40 Taylor - 4.39 Tell - 4.52 Versatility piece: Wilson has played outside on the perimeter and in Geathers dime package spot inside. Tell is trying to make a Tre Flowers switch from safety to corner, however, he still has a safety skill set and could be used there as well. Plus let's not forget the 80"+ wingspan on him! We could afford to keep only 4 safeties if both Wilson and Tell are on the roster. I know the FO speaks highly of Geathers but availability is still the best ability a player can provide. I do like Geathers too, but, if he gets dinged up again this TC or pre-season I see an injury settlement taking place and he'll depart.
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    I expect Rock to start day 1 opposite Desir, with Moore in the slot. Rock looks that good. We have a complete secondary right now, and I believe someone will shine at CB, FS, and SS this year with everyone we have.
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    Outstanding! It's great to know that Kenny is as good a person (or even better) as he is a player. And I hope Chica continues to do well too!
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    Ok....can't see through the watery eyes....
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    T.Y. is the consummate pro, he doesn't draw the media to him for any other reason than his play on the field. Because of that he rarely gets press until the end of the year when he's up for Pro Bowl consideration.
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    OMG I am crying. That is a amazing story. Kenny went and visited sick kids the day he signed his extension.
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    Wow. That article was amazing. I was nearly brought to tears, it hits that hard. Thank you for sharing this! This story really brightened up my day. And thank you Kenny, for being such an amazing person as well as player! Just wow...
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    That is awesome, not only is Kenny a very good football player, no, great football player he is an even better man. And, thankfully, we as Colt fans can say that about a lot of our players over the years. God Bless Kenny Moore.
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    Perfect. Kenny Moore deserves every penny. And I hope he proves he is worth every penny plus some in the next several years. This team already makes me very happy to be a Colts fan... but man they are growing on me even more by the day.
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    A drone swoops across the field and catches the robots pass. Ballard smiles at Irsay and points to his famous notebook...page 230. Manning walks out of the shadows and says.... I like it.
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    ** John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Caserio “has a clause in his contract that says he can’t interview with other teams.” ** I'm pretty sure there was extra pay in his contract for that as well.
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    I also liked 'Some people take part of the double cheeseburger home but, I can eat two'
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    Which means, if they hire him, it will be in May or June of 2020. Again, I'm thinking this might be a thing moving forward. Link discussing this: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/14/report-nick-caserio-has-a-contractual-provision-that-keeps-him-from-leaving-new-england/ I'm confused by this. It's strange that the NFL would allow this kind of provision in a contract, when rules state a team can't block an employee from interviewing with another team for a promotion. Can you do this with any front office employee, whether he has roster input or not? What about an assistant coach? I was thinking the terms referred to in Caserio's contract were that he has some control over the 53 man roster, so even a GM-type position is still considered a lateral move. And apparently, the Texans weren't aware of whatever the terms were, so the confusion isn't just from the media and fans, but also exists among the teams. That might be even worse if teams are using this kind of "no interview" clause to keep personnel guys from leaving. The Patriots are masters of pushing the envelope. This just seems counter to a specific league rule designed to promote employee development.
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    Depends on how fast he learns zone. Seeing how fast he learned football (started in 11th grade). and became a solid corner in college, I don't think it'll take long. To me, Wilson is a decent to good corner and won't be very difficult for Rock to pass on the depth chart.
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