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    They lost to the WS champs every year. Mets lead 5-3 now, after the 2nd 2-run HR in this game by our rookie Pete Alonso.
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    They played better teams. No one was beating the Red Sox last year. The year before was Houston's year. Maybe this year the Dodgers will win. Btw, Minnesota Twins are looking good. Best record in baseball as of this morning.
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    Thor got out of the jam. Going to the 4th, game tied at 3.
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    These Dodgers hitters are so tough. Mets and Dodgers tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 3rd. Men on first and third and 2 outs for Dodgers.
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    Cubs have the day off tomorrow, so they can enjoy this win. They play their last game of May at St Louis on the 31st. Open up a 3 game set with them. Should be fun.
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    Thanks for the article. It got very silent at that stadium. I'm surprised they kept Almora in. He seemed so shook up. The article does not necessarily say that the kid is ok. It says she was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Hope she is fine. Anyway, the players on this Cubs team are very likeable.
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    I agree, great post. Glad the kid will be fine. What a scary moment. Yeah the flag was collecting dust there for a minute
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    First off....what a terrifying moment tonight, I can’t begin to imagine what Almora felt after that as he’s a parent of two toddlers...so awful!!!! Glad she’s going to be ok it seems, here’s another link. Heartbreaking. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1281122001 Although I’m happy for the win, I would take a loss if it meant that didn’t happen to the poor little tike.....but I’ll still dust this thing off.....
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    Cubs win, Cubs win 2-1 over the Astros! Very much needed to end the 3 game losing streak. MVP is back and healthy hitting a HR and the Professor pitched 8 great innings. Cishek closed the game in the 9th. Brewers had the day off so the Cubs are now 1 full game ahead of them in the NL Central. Cubs improve to 31-23, Brewers remain at 31-25 in 2nd. Fly the flag Hozer .
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    Mean while Cubs lead 2-1 in the top of the 8th. MVP is back and has homered tonight.
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    I used to take my niece and nephews but we never sat where a ball could hit us. I did sit in the field level with my niece a few times but we were protected by netting. How old was this kid? Thanks for the update. Good news.
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    The kid is talking and alert and will be ok according to the kids mom and security. Almora has been notified and is relieved at this point. On a side note, if I had a baby or a kid younger than 8 or so I would not take them to a game. Just too young with the crowd around, also stuff like tonight can happen. That is just me. I didn't start going to Colts and Pacers games until I was 12 because my mom thought I was too young until then.
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    Nothing confirmed. Just going by what I heard late last night.
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    Kris Bryant says netting needs to be done around the seats down the line after kid gets hit by ball. MVP has spoken, get it done Commish.
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    You guys gave one away. Sorry that happened. Cubs have done that a couple of times this year too. Should never blow an 8-5 lead in the 9th so I see your frustration.
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    Thanks, buddy. The prized closer we traded for blew the save. It is infuriating. We give up very good prospects for this pitcher who is supposed to be lights out. To make the trade happen, we take on Robinson Cano's crazy contract (Brock Osweiler-esque). Seattle's top prospect is a guy we gave up in that trade. I'm very disappointed but not surprised. That is what you get when you trade good prospects for older players. We waste an ok start by Noah. Now we have our worst pitcher going against one of the best hitting teams. I'm annoyed.
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    I will follow the game here at work and update it when it is over, sleep well
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    I'm tired and will be going to . Let me know if the Mets win. Mets just scored, it is 6-3. I may leave the TV on.
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    Houston was and is a great team but the Dodgers were favored in that series. It's up in the air this season. I can't believe how well the Twins are doing right now. Indians are in trouble.
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    I thought Houston was a great team. I was not surprised that they won. Let's see what happens this year.
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    Dodgers should've beat Houston IMO, they had Game 7 at home. I do agree though, they have lost to great teams the last 3 years. Cubs beat them in 2016 (NLCS), Houston in 2017, Sox last year. Some teams just have bad luck and never get over the hump. Look at the Indians for example the last 3 years too.
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    Dodgers are very good every year but still haven't won a WS with this group. Every year it seems like it may be their year but then they fold in the WS or the NLCS.
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    Well, what if someone has no one to care for the child/baby? I would not take a baby as he/she could not appreciate the game. But some people have no babysitters. We don't know their reasons. Say, they are Cubs fans vacationing in Houston. They may not have anyone to leave the baby with. (I know most of the time that is not the case, but just giving an example.) I would not take a baby to a game because not only can't the baby appreciate it, but it is difficult to watch and enjoy the game when you have to tend to a baby.
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    I used to take them when they were younger. I used to take my niece when she was 6-7.
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    If I had a kid, I would take him/her if they were 10 or so because as a young kid it would be a cool experience. Anything younger than that is pushing it IMO. 10 puts someone in the 5th grade.
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    4, I edited my post a little. See above. 4 is way too young. I have actually seen people holding babies at games before though.
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    I would like to point out the reason they moved KB to outfield is to get Bote, Russell in who both started to heat up. Also we only have 3 OF on 25man right now and thus to give them a break/make best lineup we have to move Bryant who is the only infielder currently who also can play outfielder well.
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