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    He was definitely great at catching teams trying to substitute. But sometimes, especially against the Ravens and Chargers, he got sucked into playing the game on their terms. They'd show that "amoeba" defense where they wouldn't really get lined up until late in the play clock, limiting the adjustments that the offense could make in response. I think it would have been better to just line the offense up and run your play quickly, over and over, and keep catching the defense out of position, forcing them to get lined up quickly, then start making your changes.
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    Banogu was in a very scheme specific defense. He's raw, and has very little "technique". Not saying he won't be good, or even great some day, but he's a major project. We didn't use a SAM last year a lot IIRC based on snap counts, so there's that too. To add, thought most reports had him working with the DEs during OTA. IMO, the Colts should use him in scheme specific snaps to maximize his athleticism, and not try to overload him to early. Okereke is a project too. As a ND fan, I payed plenty of attention to him over the years. His base is pretty slight for a MLB. Again, he might be good, but I don't see him passing Walker this year. I'll be happy if he excels on STs. You have to have a very low opinion of Walker (who had a good tackle/snap ratio last year to think Okereke jumps him. Speed, not sure where he'll end up. If it's WLB, he'll be behind Leonard. If SAM, again, we used SAM very little last year. The guy is really a wildcard if you know his history. Converted in college from QB to WR to LB. Had several injuries. And arrested... IMO it will be a victory if simply makes the team.
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    Second one will air tonight. He says after going over video of injury with trainers it was bad technique that caused the ACL tear.
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    Marc Sessler All-Under-25 Team includes three Colts. Tied with the Chargers for most from any one team. T - Braden Smith G - Quenton Nelson LB - Darius Leonard http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001032132/article/patrick-mahomes-joey-bosa-headline-nfl-allunder25-team
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    Just got an NFL Network notice that the Colts are out on McCoy....price too high..per Tom Pelissero. The did reach out but his asking price is still around the $13 mil etc....who knows maybe something changes in the future if he doesn't sign elsewhere.
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    A great reminder of how young this team is. It is really exciting to see Colts management stay disciplined in free agency with an eye on keeping these young guys around when their contracts come up. It is a style that requires a lot of discipline, but is great for the fans as we can watch these guys grow and develop, instead of having massive roster turnover every year as we constantly have to release great players for "cap reasons".
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    They lost to the WS champs every year. Mets lead 5-3 now, after the 2nd 2-run HR in this game by our rookie Pete Alonso.
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    First off....what a terrifying moment tonight, I can’t begin to imagine what Almora felt after that as he’s a parent of two toddlers...so awful!!!! Glad she’s going to be ok it seems, here’s another link. Heartbreaking. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1281122001 Although I’m happy for the win, I would take a loss if it meant that didn’t happen to the poor little tike.....but I’ll still dust this thing off.....
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    Cubs win, Cubs win 2-1 over the Astros! Very much needed to end the 3 game losing streak. MVP is back and healthy hitting a HR and the Professor pitched 8 great innings. Cishek closed the game in the 9th. Brewers had the day off so the Cubs are now 1 full game ahead of them in the NL Central. Cubs improve to 31-23, Brewers remain at 31-25 in 2nd. Fly the flag Hozer .
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    Mean while Cubs lead 2-1 in the top of the 8th. MVP is back and has homered tonight.
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    Ward had like 3 sacks in just a few games. So I can see why he is high on him.
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    And it begins.
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    First off, the Colts' "standard" uniforms are hands-down some of the best in the league. The all-white road uniforms are *the* best road unis in the league (in my humble opinion). All that said, the blue-on-blue look is also fantastic. They look great on TV. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing these again at some point this year. Blue on Blue by Andrew R., on Flickr
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    You guys need to read these 2 articles, as to how NFL defenses have lost their way by not adapting, very englightening. I see a lot of pattern matching within zone concepts in Eberflus' D. That is why our CBs are not going to be just zone guys. The NFL is different now and offenses are different now from the Dungy's Bucs and Colts days. Read both these articles by Doug Farrar, well written, IMO. Vic Fangio does a lot of this in his D and that is why his D is largely successful and has adapted to the current NFL. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2018/11/06/the-match-game-part-1-how-nfl-defenses-lost-their-way/3/ https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2018/11/08/the-match-game-part-2-how-nick-saban-re-imagined-defensive-coverage/ Read Part 1 before reading Part 2. My favorite line from Nick Saban in Part 2 is, "but if their [players] are better than your [players], you can’t play Cover-1".
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    Nothing confirmed. Just going by what I heard late last night.
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    He has always looked BAD as a CB so lol. Is it that hard to find a good gunner that can't contribute otherwise? I hope we have moved past that.
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    Not sure if you are in Indy or not but JMV, local radio talking head here in town, has sources inside the team who suggested the same around draft time. They like the d'linemen they have now.
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    Leonard is an outlier. Rookies don't usually excel in Year 1. Expecting any of our rookies to look anything like Leonard did is setting yourself up for disappointment. Also, honest question: Has anyone here ever seen EJ Speed play? I haven't. We don't know what he is, or what he will be. I'd bet dollars to donuts that he's not a Pro Bowler this year.
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    I was hopeful, but it wasn't clear. We still had Pagano's defense, we didn't know much about Ballard or what a new staff might look like, etc. But the length of those DBs from the 2017 draft was at least an indication. Then we hired a "Cover 2" coordinator, and played soft vanilla zone defense for the first two months of the season, so it wasn't super obvious early in 2018 either. Some of the coverage adjustments as the year went on made it clear that Eberflus wasn't going to just run Cover 2, and then Ballard's comments after the season and during draft season, culminating in the Rock Ya-Sin pick, kind of sealed it for me.
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    I don’t see how Goode stays either, especially knowing that he isn’t even on the team any longer lol.
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    Not just Milton, who likely gets cut. I suspect after the first 4, its a dogfight for the last CB slot (assuming 5 CBs and 5 S's) between Tell, Collins and Hairston, with Tell getting the nod if he pans out as they hope. He can play safety in a pinch.
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    You guys gave one away. Sorry that happened. Cubs have done that a couple of times this year too. Should never blow an 8-5 lead in the 9th so I see your frustration.
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    Autry, Lewis, Ward... even Hint in a pinch. Ballard may not see the need that you do.....
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    I will follow the game here at work and update it when it is over, sleep well
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    I'm tired and will be going to . Let me know if the Mets win. Mets just scored, it is 6-3. I may leave the TV on.
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    Houston was and is a great team but the Dodgers were favored in that series. It's up in the air this season. I can't believe how well the Twins are doing right now. Indians are in trouble.
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    Yeah, that's an understatement. That may be the historically worst year for a division coming up. I can't see Brady losing to any of them unless it is a team wide brain fart. They have a couple tough games against the NFC East, but I think the AFC North will be a cakewalk for them since they open at home against Pittsburgh and they are laughably better than the other 3. Baltimore is ridiculously overrated this year. Cincy is no problem and Cleveland will underwhelm in my opinion. I see only 2 tough games all season for them, Philly and Dallas. Even if they lost both, they are looking at a big yawn to go 13-3 or better and getting the #1 seed for the zillionth time. Then they'll have to play either 2 of these teams: KC, Indy, San Diego or Pittsburgh. I think we may be the toughest of those, so we'll likely get our chance to finally get past them in the Luck era before Tom retires, which I think he will do if they win it all again.
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    Dodgers are very good every year but still haven't won a WS with this group. Every year it seems like it may be their year but then they fold in the WS or the NLCS.
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    I think Clark and Haag are candidates. Don't forget the trade option. I think he could get a pick for Haag.
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    I used to take them when they were younger. I used to take my niece when she was 6-7.
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    If I had a kid, I would take him/her if they were 10 or so because as a young kid it would be a cool experience. Anything younger than that is pushing it IMO. 10 puts someone in the 5th grade.
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    4, I edited my post a little. See above. 4 is way too young. I have actually seen people holding babies at games before though.
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    Another visit. Carolina? Another 3-4 team with this time under 10M in cap space. The Ravens were being squeezed at 14M in their quest to sign him. They Panthers could use a DT but would they really restructure a contract or two or cut a player for McCoy? Does he really view them as contenders? I don't see a fit here but anything can happens I guess. Come on Chris, pull a "Houston".
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    OP is good stuff. This is exactly what I think Ballard and Eberflus want to do, which will resemble the 2012-2014 Seahawks -- Cover 3 with pattern matching, some Cover 1 man, some Cover 2, blitzing situationally, with some NASCAR DL packages. Fast, physical, tough, rangy on the back end, penetrating up front, good tackling, two every down backers... And Ed Dodds was there while they were building it. Side note: I don't know why I didn't realize it before, but Dodds and Ballard go back to A&M Kingsville together. I always kind of wondered why they were linked to each other, and I think that explains it.
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    Nice to hear the rookie is making plays...
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    I honestly don't think it matters. Andrew is fine. There is nothing alarming about missing OTAs
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    I hear ya, but they really aren't allowed to do very much in OTA's anyways. Very basic drills in shells and not always at full speed. The meat of the offseason work and playbook installation is training camp. That's why they are cautious with guys in the spring. Campbell can always workout privately with Luck like Rogers did at Stanford last year. Plenty of opportunities.
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    Think so, but its not very clear
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    I ran across this moments ago- "One league source was skeptical of how real the Colts’ level of interest actually is, however, and believes it might be driven by folks outside their building." He's still in Baltimore- "McCoy visited the Ravens on Tuesday and his visit will continue into Wednesday, when they could attempt to sign him. While the Ravens are primarily a 3-4 defense, a move here would reunite him with former Bucs defensive line coach Joe Cullen, whom McCoy worked with from 2014-15" and this- "McCoy visited the Browns last week before returning to Florida to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday with his family and has remained in touch with the Browns. Sources tell ESPN that the Browns are still very hopeful that he’ll sign. The biggest thing is that he wants to go to a contender. Does Cleveland fit the bill? McCoy wants to be wanted and general manager John Dorsey has conveyed how much they’d love to have him. McCoy also is a fan of quarterback Baker Mayfield. And he’s never had the luxury of playing next to guys like Myles Garrett and Olivier Vernon." Not looking good for those fans wanting him to wear the Shoe at this point, but you never know what could happen until pen meets paper.
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    I would be surprised if ALL those guys were lost for the season (they all have a history of injuries, so losing one wouldn't be that big of a surprise), but if they ALL were, I wouldn't be surprised at the worst record in the NFL as a result. I was surprised when Manning was lost for the 2011 season (I drafted him in three different fantasy leagues in the preseason before they announced his injury), but I wasn't surprised we had the worst record in the NFL without him. I was surprised when Luck was lost for the 2017 season (I believe some in the organization were saying he would be ready to play at some point), but I wasn't surprised by the bad record as a result. Something to think about: It was surprising when Brady was lost for the season in game 1 of 2008, but how surprising was it that the Pats still went 11-5 without Brady?
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    His perspective on players from smaller schools might take more time to develope because of lack of facilities and good coaching. Maybe Fountain will show some skill this year.
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    Ballard Fan Boys: Luck Fan Boys: Poll: Colts Fans: Poll Creator:
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    Q signed my new QN Colts hat yesterday. He was wearing a RUN THE DAMN BALL hat. It was awesome. I Gotta have one. And what big Meaty Hands he and Denico have.
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    When I think of Mudd, I recall the beauty of the two WR, two TE set with the stretch play and/or the play action off of said stretch play. Mack showed A LOT more patience last year and I think his one cut and go speed would be reminiscent of pre-Kansas City horsecollar tackle (aka blown knee play) Edge. Plus our lineman are uber athletes and can pull with the best of them if we ran stretch plays out of a 3 wide set too!
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    No, only TY looked like a Smurf. But he's the fastest Smurf alive!
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    Ballard will not outbid anyone. Unless true offers were dirt cheap. Period. End. The Pro personnel department and pro (and maybe college) scouts have a scouting report and a '$ number, a value' placed on him (and lots of NFL players/others). They will not revise and extend upon that # at the last minute for emotional/other reasons. They aren't "fans", they run this team/organization. They set and operate to protocol.
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    What other good LB do we have? Walker is just a guy, and no one else has played. Funchess is a major question mark. Campbell and Cain have never played an NFL game (I really like them both). Ebron and Doyle (assuming they're healthy) are good, but again, they were in the mix last season when the receiving corp as a whole had bad games, and dropped 28 passes. I am optimistic about all of these guys. All I'm saying is pointing to these guys and saying anything more than 'I'm eager to see what we have' is incredibly ambitious. We have one proven LB, and one proven WR. To me, everyone else at those two positions is a question mark right now. TE is solid, assuming they're healthy.
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