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    Andrew Luck just passed for 39 TDs with Humpty Dumpty at WR at almost every position. I'm not too worried about what he will do with this group. I'm pretty confident it's going to work out.
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    He was definitely great at catching teams trying to substitute. But sometimes, especially against the Ravens and Chargers, he got sucked into playing the game on their terms. They'd show that "amoeba" defense where they wouldn't really get lined up until late in the play clock, limiting the adjustments that the offense could make in response. I think it would have been better to just line the offense up and run your play quickly, over and over, and keep catching the defense out of position, forcing them to get lined up quickly, then start making your changes.
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    Banogu was in a very scheme specific defense. He's raw, and has very little "technique". Not saying he won't be good, or even great some day, but he's a major project. We didn't use a SAM last year a lot IIRC based on snap counts, so there's that too. To add, thought most reports had him working with the DEs during OTA. IMO, the Colts should use him in scheme specific snaps to maximize his athleticism, and not try to overload him to early. Okereke is a project too. As a ND fan, I payed plenty of attention to him over the years. His base is pretty slight for a MLB. Again, he might be good, but I don't see him passing Walker this year. I'll be happy if he excels on STs. You have to have a very low opinion of Walker (who had a good tackle/snap ratio last year to think Okereke jumps him. Speed, not sure where he'll end up. If it's WLB, he'll be behind Leonard. If SAM, again, we used SAM very little last year. The guy is really a wildcard if you know his history. Converted in college from QB to WR to LB. Had several injuries. And arrested... IMO it will be a victory if simply makes the team.
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    Second one will air tonight. He says after going over video of injury with trainers it was bad technique that caused the ACL tear.
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    Marc Sessler All-Under-25 Team includes three Colts. Tied with the Chargers for most from any one team. T - Braden Smith G - Quenton Nelson LB - Darius Leonard http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001032132/article/patrick-mahomes-joey-bosa-headline-nfl-allunder25-team
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    Just got an NFL Network notice that the Colts are out on McCoy....price too high..per Tom Pelissero. The did reach out but his asking price is still around the $13 mil etc....who knows maybe something changes in the future if he doesn't sign elsewhere.
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    Walker is not just a guy. He had over 100 tackles last year.
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    A great reminder of how young this team is. It is really exciting to see Colts management stay disciplined in free agency with an eye on keeping these young guys around when their contracts come up. It is a style that requires a lot of discipline, but is great for the fans as we can watch these guys grow and develop, instead of having massive roster turnover every year as we constantly have to release great players for "cap reasons".
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    Hmmm... maybe Still a possibility... This could still happen. I think McCoy isn't getting the salary he was expecting. From anyone. Makes me think either reports of 11 mill were wrong, or he overvalues himself and the the play for a contender talk at reduce $ was somewhat a cover. This is interesting and I wonder if we get the guy and at a decent figure as well.
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    Ware might have a decent mix, but he's not the guy you want running a bunch on 1st and 10... Just like Hines isn't the guy you want running up the middle at the goal line (unless he plans to jump over it). Mack was plenty good on 1st and 2nd down last year after he came back from injury. Mack is 4.5 guy while Ware is 4.65 or more. Now if Mack went down, I'd seriously have to think about Ware vs Wilkins, but Wilkins is definitely the closer style to Mack than Ware.
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    They lost to the WS champs every year. Mets lead 5-3 now, after the 2nd 2-run HR in this game by our rookie Pete Alonso.
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    They played better teams. No one was beating the Red Sox last year. The year before was Houston's year. Maybe this year the Dodgers will win. Btw, Minnesota Twins are looking good. Best record in baseball as of this morning.
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    Thor got out of the jam. Going to the 4th, game tied at 3.
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    These Dodgers hitters are so tough. Mets and Dodgers tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 3rd. Men on first and third and 2 outs for Dodgers.
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    Cubs have the day off tomorrow, so they can enjoy this win. They play their last game of May at St Louis on the 31st. Open up a 3 game set with them. Should be fun.
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    Thanks for the article. It got very silent at that stadium. I'm surprised they kept Almora in. He seemed so shook up. The article does not necessarily say that the kid is ok. It says she was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Hope she is fine. Anyway, the players on this Cubs team are very likeable.
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    I agree, great post. Glad the kid will be fine. What a scary moment. Yeah the flag was collecting dust there for a minute
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    First off....what a terrifying moment tonight, I can’t begin to imagine what Almora felt after that as he’s a parent of two toddlers...so awful!!!! Glad she’s going to be ok it seems, here’s another link. Heartbreaking. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1281122001 Although I’m happy for the win, I would take a loss if it meant that didn’t happen to the poor little tike.....but I’ll still dust this thing off.....
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    Cubs win, Cubs win 2-1 over the Astros! Very much needed to end the 3 game losing streak. MVP is back and healthy hitting a HR and the Professor pitched 8 great innings. Cishek closed the game in the 9th. Brewers had the day off so the Cubs are now 1 full game ahead of them in the NL Central. Cubs improve to 31-23, Brewers remain at 31-25 in 2nd. Fly the flag Hozer .
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    Mean while Cubs lead 2-1 in the top of the 8th. MVP is back and has homered tonight.
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    I used to take my niece and nephews but we never sat where a ball could hit us. I did sit in the field level with my niece a few times but we were protected by netting. How old was this kid? Thanks for the update. Good news.
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    The kid is talking and alert and will be ok according to the kids mom and security. Almora has been notified and is relieved at this point. On a side note, if I had a baby or a kid younger than 8 or so I would not take them to a game. Just too young with the crowd around, also stuff like tonight can happen. That is just me. I didn't start going to Colts and Pacers games until I was 12 because my mom thought I was too young until then.
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    Unless someone else shows they can play center at high level Boehm isn’t going anywhere.
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    Ward had like 3 sacks in just a few games. So I can see why he is high on him.
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    He has potential, but he can't stay on the field. I think he's played in something like 11 games the last two years. Maybe the new training staff can help him. When he plays he looks good. I suspect Ballard doesn't see the value in paying a rotational guy (McCoy) what he wants.
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    It kind of reminds me of how the Chargers never declared their coverages vs Peyton till after post snap. Nowadays, post snap recognition, OL giving you just enough time and QB's legs have gained more traction nowadays. The other counter offenses decide to do is "keep it simple, we will just run it and run it very well to not get caught up in this", something the Patriots did very well last year. Now that defenses get smaller to take away the passing game, the Patriots have gone bigger on OL and front 7, which is why you need to have a defense able to play against all styles of offenses and cannot invest just in one type of LBs or DLs or DBs.
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    Belichick, Saban, Kirk Ferentz (long time Iowa head coach), Pat Hill (former Fresno State head coach)... and in the front office, Ozzie Newsome, Michael Lombardi, at one point Dom Anile was there (later connected with Polian in Carolina and Indy, was at times his right hand man), etc. That team had an amazing group of talent on staff. And then the next HC put together a staff with the Ravens that was just as impressive, and they've had a bunch of assistants move on to bigger positions over the last twenty years. They had a crazy pipeline.
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    I wouldn't say its a waste. Rookies and first year players are still getting valuable reps that they'll need to prepare for the season.
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    And it begins.
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    So, just to confirm, Andrew Luck is out today?
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    He was progressing just fine last year. When Ishmael was called up from the PS it was supposed to be Fountain - though the FO sent him home for a family matter and brought up Ismael instead. Later in the year he was officially added again - and though he dropped the WIDE OPEN TD pass versus the Chiefs he did perform a beautiful double move to get himself that wide open. I believe in what the film showed, what he showed at the East West Shrine Game, and what he showed the last pre-season game last year as well - and I believe what Ballard said about getting him a bit of seasoning before we would see him playing on Sunday's. This is his year to make the squad.
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    First off, the Colts' "standard" uniforms are hands-down some of the best in the league. The all-white road uniforms are *the* best road unis in the league (in my humble opinion). All that said, the blue-on-blue look is also fantastic. They look great on TV. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing these again at some point this year. Blue on Blue by Andrew R., on Flickr
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    That's because they were Humpty Dumptys. Trust what you see, these guys won't be like the last group. It's a much better group than last year. They will prove that.
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    He has always looked BAD as a CB so lol. Is it that hard to find a good gunner that can't contribute otherwise? I hope we have moved past that.
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    My guess (and that's all it is) is that Ballard just doesn't see the value in him at anything like $10-12MM/year for a rotational guy.
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    Pat Angerer had over 100 tackles once. Number of tackles is a bad way to measure how good a LB is.
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    Haeg is our best backup. Boehm is also making it in my view. Clark is gone and needs to be gone. I just hope we have a clear cut replacement. If Clark makes the team we are not safe at all should either tackle go down beyond Haeg. He can do it, but it isn't ideal. Clark is not a quality replacement at either tackle.
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    I'm tired and will be going to . Let me know if the Mets win. Mets just scored, it is 6-3. I may leave the TV on.
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    Another visit. Carolina? Another 3-4 team with this time under 10M in cap space. The Ravens were being squeezed at 14M in their quest to sign him. They Panthers could use a DT but would they really restructure a contract or two or cut a player for McCoy? Does he really view them as contenders? I don't see a fit here but anything can happens I guess. Come on Chris, pull a "Houston".
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    After the draft Ballard said he likes what we have along the line in general, citing Hunt and Autry had very good years on the inside last year, he expects Grover Stewart to make a big leap this year, and that Jihad Ward is a very good player. Also said Lewis will play a bit more inside this season. Of course he isn't going to publicly bash our own players, but he sure did sound genuine when talking about it. My guess is unless there is an unexpected player who gets waived, or someone on our team gets hurt, we're not going to make a big splash on the interior of the DL.
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    Sounds like Parris had another good day. I am so excited to see him with Luck. The news on Hines sounds exciting also. He can be our sproles. That guy always killed us when he was with the chargers.
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    The secondary is in for a rude awakening once QB1 gets back on the field...
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    Nice to hear the rookie is making plays...
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    And they were slowly building a really good program. That coaching staff was great... the front office... the support staff... unreal talent there... And then Art Model announced he was moving the team to Baltimore. Everything imploded. The last season was understandably terrible and everyone was fired. NFL films has a great special on BB’s time there and what happened then and since... worth your time if you can find it.
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    Think so, but its not very clear
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    Q signed my new QN Colts hat yesterday. He was wearing a RUN THE DAMN BALL hat. It was awesome. I Gotta have one. And what big Meaty Hands he and Denico have.
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