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    Yeah Bryant is on a better pace this season than his MVP season in 2016. Great stuff.
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    @2006Coltsbestever you’ll like this.... https://mobile.twitter.com/MrJuanCeballos/status/1129751465969487872/photo/1
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    @Four2itus and @Buck Showalter the Howard Mudd thread had me thinking about Primus. Thought I would share a couple other songs from them that I have been listening to.
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    Cubs take care of the Nats 14-6, MVP hit 3 HR's! Fly the flag Hozer. The NL Central Standings look like this as of May 18th: Cubs 26-16 Brewers 27-20 (1.5 back) Pirates 22-20 (4 back) Cards 23-22 (4.5 back) Reds 20-25 (7.5 back) -Cubs looking solid so far this season, Brewers are hanging close, Cards after starting 20-10 are now struggling a bit. Long way to go though.
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