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    Yeah you guys keep winning, it is cool you and @NFLfan have your own celebration Gifs like Hozer and I have. Makes it fun. I can't wait to see how the Cubs do against the Cards in that series starting May 3rd.
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    Bader made a highlight diving catch , and makes it look easy.
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    You know as well as I when its Cubs Cards throw the records out the window. Its definitely a rivalary .
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    It is at Wrigley so I am hoping for 2 out of 3 but when those 2 teams play the team that usually wins gets the small breaks. If it was at St Louis I would be happy to get 1.
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    Cubs start a tough series with the Mariners tomorrow night.
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    Tomorrow the Mets will face the pitcher with the best ERA in the majors, Luis Castillo. He has a 1.23 ERA. I know it is early but that is impressive. We have our work cut out for us. Time to go rest. Have a good night fellas.
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    I won't be posting that gif tonight. Congrats! How's Goldy doing?
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    No matter what happens tomorrow, at least the Cubs we get out of April above .500. After that bad start I wasn't sure it would happen.
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