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    I apologize. I suppose I just do not, and never will, feel comfortable with the whole ribbing, trash talk, mindset that's prevalent on social media. I really have no use for social media, and this is the only place I go for Colts info, but..... that's apparently my issue, and there's solutions to that. Carry on.
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    Did you read the entire convo between @2006Coltsbestever and me because it was a discussion about why I am luke warm about baseball especially right now and he was talking to me about why he is so proud of the Cubs not demeaning anyone
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    Here is the answer to both questions @2006Coltsbestever and I are a lot alike in our fandom for our favorite teams He was relating the story to me I am sure that @HOZER, @NFLfan, and @Jay Kirk aknows fans of other teams and had instances like this at work or in public. I know I have
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    Lol. That is not a "spanking". I thought you were losing 9-0 or 10-2. Mets are getting spanked. We have walked 12 guys! It is 12-6.
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    Bernie Mac played a retired MLB Superstar who has used the Moniker Mr. 3000 to make money after his playing career but due to a scoring change he loses several hits
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    “A League of its Own” but that might be because it was filmed at Bosse Field(Evansville) and League Stadium(Huntingburg) I coached against “Stillwell” when he was in HS
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    This will be the last time you will get to see the most prolific scoring Quintet in NCAA History
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    No big deal. I do post some redundant stuff and if someone isn't a Cubs fan they may get tired of reading it. I don't post on Twitter or have Facebook so this is this place I tell my stories and post about the Cubs constantly. I really wish we had a Brewers fan in here or even 2, it would be fun for me.
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    I only followed by ESPN updates because I am on a self imposed sports moratorium getting ready for tonight The only sporting events I am watching is the IIHFbWomen’s Hockey World Championship and possibly a NCAA Softball game
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    I thought the Cubs had problems, what is up with the Red Sox? They are 2-8
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    Maddon on the win: "In the infamous words of Larry Bowa, we needed it like oxygen," http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26460661/cubs-victory-snapping-6-game-skid-oxygen
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    When it comes to @buccolts, what he says doesn't really bother me. I will defend myself though and say I never demean anyone in here and when the Cubs play bad I am very critical of them, when they play well than yes I do boast at times. The Whitesox fan on here that doesn't post on here much has bashed the Cubs several times on here in the past, @Myles even takes his occasional shots at the Cubs, it's called friendly ribbing, banter. The story I told was about a Whitesox fan I work with, it wasn't even about anyone in here and he hates the Cubs like most Whitesox fans do. Maybe I shouldn't go to other forums and read what some of their fans post because some of the stuff they say is awful about the Cubs. This is the only place I post so I get a lot of my chest when I am here. I also love posting stuff about the history of the game, hence those posts. I am far from insecure about the Cubs.
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    Wrong. If you were doing it in jest or to rib us Cubs fans we would laugh and talk smack right back at you. There’s fans of several teams on here and obviously not just the Cubs. That’s kind of the whole point of this thread, to talk about and maybe boast a little bit about our teams. Heck, we even criticize and berate them when necessary, it’s all in fun. Cubby Chubbies, I never heard that one, that’s great, lol!
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    Pot meet kettle, you’re demeaning an excellent poster on here for simply expressing his feelings about a teams accomplishments and maybe talking a little bit of friendly smack. I seem to recall having an interaction with you in the past about the Cubs/Pirates, can’t remember exactly what it was about and am not going to read through hundreds of pages to find it, lol, but it was friendly banter if I recall, at least on my side it was.
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    It depends on when you ask Growing up it was Track and Football When I was an HS athlete it Track and Summer Workouts for Football When I was Coaching it was Softball and Football Now it is Basketball and Football
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    It is a year round and very common thing for me since I know fans of other teams in every sport at every level
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    He’s proud of his team, nothing wrong with that. It was quite an accomplishment to win the World Series after a 108 year drought. You’re right there is a White Sox fan on here, not that it matters because yes he was discussing a interaction he had with a friend who is a White Sox fan, and was telling us about it, simple discussion, didn’t bother anyone else. The Cubs/Brewers rivalry is starting to heat up, so I expect there will be plenty of banter to come, you may not be happy. Didnt say you should block him, maybe just cruise by his posts in this thread if they are ruining your day.
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    I thought you were just joking with him at first, Geez....... Its not childish swipes, it’s called friendly banter, ribbing, trash talk. A lot of fans do it.........and he always gives credit where credit is due. Just like you mention he doesn’t have to go on thier forums or read thier comments, you don’t have to read his posts if it gets your underwear in such a knot. Also noticed no one else seems to have a problem with it. Oh and btw, with social media the way it is, you no longer have to go to thier forums to see what they are saying, sometimes they bombard the Cubs/Colts sites with trash talk. Speaking of Crips......
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    The White Sox thing was at work not on a forum I have no problem with @2006Coltsbestever Because that is with me Princeton Community Tiger Sports and any former Tiger
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    I've been on the A.J. Brown bandwagon since the off-season began. I think he is the #1 wr for Indy. Will he be the best in the NFL of this class when all said and done? I'm not sure. But I think of everyone in this class, A.J. has the best shot of being tops for production in Indy.
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    I seen it, it did not even bother me. I am used to it from him . You are right though, last I looked this a sports website and I love the history of the game and following sports is technically a hobby. No big deal
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    Probably the player who winds up with the best QB, on the best team, in the best situation.
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    Same with Mets. Too bad we did not score some runs in the 8th. We just scored 3 in the 9th. It was 12-1. It is now 12-9. Nats closer is coming in.
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    Another period of USA Hockey on NHLN then something lighthearted before Pregame at 4 CST
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    The rubber match, Hendricks needs to come out and take care of business.
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    Good podcast! (I just found it)
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    What is your favorite baseball movie? Link: Article on 30th anniversary of "Major League" Behind-the-scenes stories about the making of "Major League" as its celebrates its 30th anniversary
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    I am sure if there was a Brewers fan here, you would not post anything to hurt his/her feelings. You got along with AMfootball when no one else couldn't. Lol. When she put down your favorite players and team, you did not demean her or the Pats. So, I'm sure you would get along with that Brewers fan. I think the more the merrier. I wish more baseball fans would join. I notice that there are Orioles fans and Yankees fans but they don't post in this thread. While it is a baseball thread, it seems that only fans of NL teams are posting.
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    Yeah it would be cool if ND repeated. They beat UConn 2 years in a row as well.
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    One reason why I only went to home games when I went to Colts games was because I felt safe. I went to around 50 games in my time from 1984-2013, last game I went too was the Texans game in 2013 and we stomped them. Anymore I just enjoy watching at home and not messing with crowds of people. I did go to 1 Colts road game, that at Chicago in 2004. I went with 3 other guys and 2 of them played O.Line for Ben Davis when I was in school . Nobody was messing with us . Colts won big that day but the Bears fans around us were actually cool.
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    Brianna Turner broke the schools career block record to ensure the victory
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    I did not realize they won. I noticed UConn up by something like 8 with a few minutes left. I assumed UConn would win. Didn't ND win last year too?
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    What does that mean? Is Crip a name of a gang? Sounds familiar but I don't follow gangs. Lol But these don't seem to be gang-related. These seem to be opposing fans fighting with each other.
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    I am not sure of these details but Dodger Blue is a Crip Color
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