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    I mean if year one of the rebuild results in 10-6 and a playoff win, then I'm down Honestly, just in general with sports, I don't like it when teams throw in these arbitrary timelines for when the team would/could/should be good. It just adds pressure. Because lets say everyone buys into this '3 year rebuild' and by 2020, the fans, the media, the FO and all them expect to be SB or bust. Well that 2020 thing is gonna be set in stone no matter what happens to the roster from now till then. Everything can go wrong in the drafts and injuries can hit and FAs can bust and people will still expect the Colts to be SB contenders in 2020 since thats the timeline the team gave. Just in general the team should never stop building. Keep adding talent, being smart with your money, and have a culture that can grow its own, because the NFL is crazy and rosters change fast. I've said this before a bunch and I'll say it again. I'd rather the Colts compete in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and so on rather than just 2019. Lets do that by constantly drafting our own players, coaching them into solid NFL guys, and being smart with our money.
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    Saying he's about to get two rings this year huh?
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    Marriage is a 3-ring circus: 1. Engagement ring 2. Wedding ring 3. Suffering
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    I'm sure his flip-phone and neck-beard are protected by a pre-nup. But if not, what is the approximate worth of half a flip-phone and half a neck-beard?
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    The fact that we are finding out after the fact, via an article in the Indy Star (and not Instagram or Twitter or FB) is so AL, I just love that guy. Congrats Andrew and Nicole!!! Enjoy the off season to the full.
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    I'm not gonna say "woman weaken legs" Congratulations good sir!
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    For the list of available players, click Link. Many thanks again to @ColtsBlueFL for posting it and updating it.
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    In my view, a team in today's NFL is always in rebuild mode. Free agency, injuries, coaching changes, the relatively short player "life cycle", and the inherent risk associated with speculating on a player's future production all add to a very fluid organizational structure. A team needs to constantly re-invent itself if it wants to be successful week in and week out (think NE). Ballard is good at constantly scanning the wire and bringing in guys to upgrade the roster. As far as Irsay's comment, i believe we have to really look at 2018 as Ballards "real" first year. In 2017 he still had Pagano and other coaches and schemes and players who weren't "his guys." We've seen last year the start of the new culture he is building. One more year of building and we should have a solid team with good depth throughout along with a good cap situation. And those young guys will be maturing into experienced players. I think the "3 year plan" is still a realistic goal. I expect us to be better this year with a better roster, but we've discussed here before it will probably take one more draft and off-season (2020) until Ballard has the roster (in luding depth) where he wants it.
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    Sounds like Irsay is writing off 2017 as as a transitional season given that Pagano was still HC.... and under a one year assessment with Ballard as GM. And then there was Andrew’s whole injury/rehab mystery which Irsay....by the way.... stoked in the wrong direction with his (paraphrased) “Andrew will start opening day” comments. All in all, 2017 was just a weird season and thank God we’re past it. And one could hardly lay its woes entirely at Ballard’s feet when Irsay likely directed him to retain Chuck (and his 3-4 defense) for the time being.... and we went from Irsay’s mistaken assurances about Luck to complete and absolute ambiguity. So Irsay’s semantics.... or whatever you want to call his “rebuild” timeline comments.... do have merit given that Ballard’s hands were tied in a couple very key areas before the rebuild could truly begin. Whichever way we look at it, Ballard’s approach.... and of course, Andrew’s comeback.... have combined to take the nightmare that 2017 was, and cast it smaller and smaller into the rear view mirror.
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    Watch some game tape The guy doesnt get many sacks, but he does get pressures, and a few hits on QB When he hits the QB....... they take an extra moment to get up He isnt my first choice, but since we rotate ANYWAY........ he could man the downs on 1st and 2nd just fine. This may make Hunt a bit more successful, so he wont be on the field all day As he seems to ALWAYS draw the double team, the UT may be better off Lastly, the guy IS a menace against the run. If ONE guy blocks him........ he is making a tackle in the backfield He doesnt just stand like a trash can....... he gets some penetration Again.... not my first choice...... But if we got him with 34 (or 26) Im not crying too much
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    Just watched some tape and up the middle he’s a lot to handle. He destroys anyone who tries to block him one-on-one. Erick McCoy is one of the top center prospects in the draft and he had his way with him. He also played Boston College and gave Lindstrom all he could handle. He penetrates very well and will blow up a lot of run plays. He can pass rush but he really just needs to work on his hand usage, because he’s quicker than he looks. And yeah I saw a bunch of QB hits as well.
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    I would agree with this as well Having a guy that can do ALL of the DB spots would allow some coverage schemes that might confuse the QB This is why I like Chauncy Gardner, who is a converted CB, and can play SS, and FS equally well
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    Andrew luck married his long time girlfriend in Prague this weekend according to the indy star. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/03/31/andrew-luck-wedding-nicole-pechanec/3323937002/
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    This has been out for a couple of days so you may have seen it by now. I actually think this is one of the better mocks I've seen by one of the 'guys in the know'. Starts off with DL in Round One! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001024602/article/fourround-2019-nfl-mock-draft-broncos-select-qb-in-round-4
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    DraftTek highest rated player left at need position is Julian Love, CB Notre Dame. Highest rated player left over all is Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford. I would be more inclined to drafting the TE than the Guard, since they drafted a Tackle already.
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    What Grigson did is what some of the forum members want Ballard to do. Grigson let our record influence on how close he thought we were. He attempted to go for it but failed. Personally I don't have a problem with Ballard's approach. A draft and a 90 man roster is quickly coming up. A lot to think about real soon.
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    With the 73rd pick of the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select D'Andre Walker, Edge/OLB, Geogia @Finball is on the clock from now until 7:22 PM EST (1922).
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    Ballard has said quite a few times 'it's' not about one player". He has backed that up by saying "he wants the good teams to game plan for us, not the other way around". We don't have the depth for that to be the case right now. Till we do I don't see too much change in his approach.
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    Bengals are going to continue building that offensive Line, and are gonna take an offensive lineman who has already been playing in Ohio. Therefore the Bengals Select: Michael Jordan C/OG OHIO ST. @NFLfan is now on the clock 1657-1857
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    Very nice, married his college sweat heart. The 1st of many rings to come
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    You’re correct. She was on the Stanford gymnastics team. Been together ever since. ADD: Nicole also has a degree in architecture, like Andrew does. But, oddly enough, currently works as a field producer for ESPN and NBC Sports.
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    With the 68th pick in the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft, the New York Jets select: L.J. Collier–DE/OLB–TCU @shastamasta is OTC
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    Being married, he may start spending more time in the film room now.
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    Okay, looking back at round 1 and 2, this is what I THINK happened. Oakland and the Giants traded, part of that deal had Oakland getting pick number 95. Cleveland gave the giants it appears pick number 95 as part of the OBJ trade, not pick 80. That list is one I got from NFL.com and I think they got the 2 picks backwards. so @chad72 should have pick 80, pick 95 went from the Browns to Giants to Oakland. Anyone concur?
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    There goes 50% of his assets lol.
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    ...do we have to have the talk about the night before the 2020 Super Bowl?
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    Would you like me to tag everyone? @stitches has already confirmed. I don't know if everyone else is aware of this thread.
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    With the 64th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select Elgton Jenkins, Int OL, Mississippi State This concludes the second round of the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft. The third round draft thread has already been posted by Commish Csmopar @csmopar. Click Here for the link. The third round will start by noon EST (about 2 hours from now) or possibly before that. Are you ready @stitches? You will be on the clock. For available players (still undrafted), see below. The last few picks have not been crossed off yet.
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    Another question I’ve had answered about Lawrence is the PED suspension. He said he really has no idea what it came from. Said it could’ve been something he ate or some type of reaction in his body. It makes sense though because the same thing happened to Mathis. He took a fertility drug so he and his wife could have more kids and got dinged for it. So that question is answered for me. Still think he should drop a couple pounds though. He moves well for 342, but imagine how he’d move at 330.
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    I work with Jay Kirk. Some empoyers aren't really human. Just sayin'. they make you jump through hoops and then force their company meat (poorly cut steak) down your throat once a year to show their "appreciation". but it does pay pretty decent....I am drifting off topic.... In the Cardinal game Saturday, I saw a highlight of Goldy punching a ball through a hole in the left side of the infield. a really slow roller. I thought it looked like he wass taking what t they were offering and going with it instead of working on his launch angle. I was damn impressed with that at bat.
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    I think Coby did a great job for us. Hopefully we've both glimpsed the future!
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    I think he could excel at either safety spot. This year he could play the 3rd safety spot. And as much as Hooker gets hurt he could easily slide over and play Hookers spot until he gets back. If we are matching up on a team i like the idea of him and Hooker deep because they are both big ball hawks.
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    ROUND 2  1. Arizona (3-13) .527 - @stitches - Greg Little, OT, Miss. State 2. Cleveland (7-8-1) .516 - @CR91 from Indianapolis from New York Jets (4-12) .506 - Marquise Brown, WR, Oklahoma 3. Giants from Oakland (4-12) .547 - @w87r - Jonathan Abrams, S, Miss. State 4. San Francisco (4-12) .504 - @pacolts56 - Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina 5. New York Giants (5-11) .527 - @w87r- Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia 6. Jacksonville (5-11) .549 - @shastamasta - Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State 7. Tampa Bay (5-11) .523 - @MPStack - Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State 8. Buffalo (6-10) .523 - @Finball - Kelvin Harmon, WR, NC State  9. Denver (6-10) .523 - @twfish -- Daniel Jones, QB, Duke 10. Cincinnati (6-10) .535 - @Zoltan -- Irv Smith, TE, Alabama 11. Detroit (6-10) .504 - @Matthew Gilbert -- Nasir Adderley S/CB Delaware. 12. Green Bay (6-9-1) .488 - @WarGhost21-- Joe Jackson, DE, Miami 13. Atlanta (7-9) .482 - @danlhart87 -- Khalen Saunders, DT, Western Illinois 14. Washington (7-9) .486 - @John Hammonds -- Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio St. 15. Carolina (7-9) .508 - @MPStack -- Eric McCoy, OL, Texas A&M 16. Miami (7-9) .469 - @Zoltan -- Chris Lindstrom, IOL, Boston College 17. Indianapolis from Cleveland (7-8-1) .516 - @chad72 -- Josh Jacobs, RB 18. Minnesota (8-7-1) .504 - @NFLfan -- Taylor Rapp, S, Washington 19. Tennessee (9-7) .520 - @OffensivelyPC -- Dexter Williams 20. Pittsburgh (9-6-1) .504 - @Clem-Dog -- Charles Omenihu, DE, Texas 21. Philadelphia - from Baltimore* (10-6) .496 - @chad72 -- Rock-Ya-Sin, CB, Temple 22. Houston - from Seattle* (10-6) .484 - @PureLuck -- Kaleb McGary, T, Washington 23. Houston* (11-5) .471 - @PureLuck -- Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan 24. New England - from Chicago* (12-4) .430 - @danlhart87 -- Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama 25. New England from Vikings from Philadelphia* (9-7) .518 - @danlhart87 -- Amani Oruwariye , CB, Penn St 26. Dallas* (10-6) .488 - @shastamasta -- Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia 27. Indianapolis* (10-6) .465 - @chad72 -- Chauncey Gardner Johnson, S, Florida 28. Los Angeles Chargers* (12-4) .477 - @Jared Cisneros -- Will Grier, QB, West Virginia 29. Kansas City* (12-4) .480 - @Jared Cisneros 30. New Orleans* (13-3) .482 - @SaturdayAllDay 31. Kansas City - from Los Angeles Rams* (13-3) .480 - @Jared Cisneros 32. Vikings from New England* (11-5) .482 - @NFLfan @ColtsBlueFL is keeping an updated list of available players here: [Updated at 9:30pm (21:30) EST]
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    Weird. I have a mock draft in my Notes section of my phone I’ve been creating and it looks almost identical to yours with the first couple picks. Wilkins, Abram, and Samuel I have in just about the same spots. I have a LB in the 4th although it’s a different player, and I had Kaden Smith. Great minds think alike!!! Nice job
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    Deep safety, down safety, slot CB, blitzer, fights through screens well, and has good short area quickness to keep with TEs and pass catching RBs. With the 59th pick, The Indianapolis Colts select: Chauncey Gardner Johnson, S, Florida @Jared Cisneros and The Chargers are on the clock till 8:45 pm ET
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    Frank is right IMHO. If you can't run it at a high level, the odds of winning in the playoffs plummet. Defensive Coordinators still stop the run first, because if you don't, you're in for a long day on defense, and your odds of winning anything plummet. Some things will never change, no matter how many passes are thrown. They'll need better blocking at the TE & WR positions, and the addition of a" Beat Down" RB to meet those goals. Rathman 2.0 type...
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    I would like to see a Marshawn Lynch/Blount type runner on the roster, then we could break the will of the defense.
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    A coach saying he is going to take a job with a team and then changing his mind? I've never heard of such a thing happening before!
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    Can we agree Cain needs to at least play in a regular season game before we call him great? I like Cain and I am excited to see what he can do but calling him great now isn’t true.
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    We could use a disruptive NT, at least as much disruption as a NT can bring. Its why I wouldn't mind signing Suh, since I think he'll be playing more NT at this point of his career. Lawrence would be fine. Cheaper and younger than Suh so we can sign our own as they come due. Grover is strictly a backup, IMO. Not sure we'd need to spend pick 26 to get Lawrence.
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    Those 58 career rushing TDs certainly help his case of being a franchise QB. It's also an NFL record for QB rushing TDs with Steve Young being a distant second with 43.
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    Can someone pin this thread? Thanks
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    I agree about the timing of the Colts joining in free agency frenzy, if indeed it ever happens......but for a different reason. I think Ballard will have his hands full next year trying to sign all of the key free agents on the team itself. He has to run through that gauntlet before he can look outside for the finishing touches. That’s why the draft this year is so critical. It sets things up for the final push to build a SB team.
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    With the 61st pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select, Jaylen Ferguson, DE, Louisiana Tech. @SaturdayAllDay is on the clock. 8:23-10:23 EST
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    My favorite Colt and my fave player was and remains Dwight Freeney. So I thought this clip was pretty dang cool. Joe Thomas is one of the best LTs I have seen. I'd put him up there w the likes of Munoz, Ogden, Pace and Walter Jones in terms of the best I have seen in my lifetime (caveat- I'm 38 so I haven't seen some of the old school Tackles play first hand). In retirement, Thomas has provided some nice analysis and commentary and this vid is his discussion on Freeney. For those Freeney fans, it is a nice watch.
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