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    Happy Birthday Q! I hope you enjoy some
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    . The average age of the current roster: 25.2 Average experience of current roster: 3.2 Without AV's 46 years and 23 years.... Age: 24.8 & Experience: 2.9 For an 10-6 and 1-1 team with Rookie HC and coordinators and a 2nd year GM that is pretty spectacular. ****************************************** Carroll Phillips and Jihad Ward both played at Illinois and were coached by Phair ****************************************** Carroll Phillips and Ahmad Thomas won state football championships together in Miami in High School ****************************************** Antonio Garcia, after being a 3rd Round Pick (with lots of accolades) of the Patriots, was released after being diagnosed with blood cl.ots in his lungs and dropping 40 pounds. Fully healthy now he COULD be the hier apparent to Castonzo. ****************************************** Al-Quadin Muhammad was a 4 star recruit at Miami and was suspended with then teammate Jermaine Grace (former Colt) and missed 2 years of college ball due to another suspension where he was falsley accused of an domestic altercation with a roomate - he was still drafted in the 6th round by the Saints on pure talent - redshirted even though he tore up the preseason twice - and Ballard scooped him up at cut down day. Theoretically he would now have his 4 years of college experience and I believe he will breakout candidate this year! ****************************************** Deon Cain and Marcus Johnson both started their college careers as quarterbacks until transitioning to wide receivers. We will reap those benefits. ****************************************** Jihad Ward is my other breakout candidate on the defensive line. He was always better suited for the UT position, and Eberflus surely saw that when he coached him at the Senior Bowl and with Dallas briefly, as does Phair his old college line coach. Now that he is in a position to use his natural abilities with us, I see 5-10 sack potential in him and he will be my second breakout candidate of the year. ****************************************** We have 6 tightends on the current roster, only one of which was drafted. Additionally, 2 were college bball players (Travis & Alie-Cox) and one was a wide receiver (Billy Brown). Very interesting and diverse backgrounds for the deepest TE room in the league. ****************************************** Lastly, while I will not have Cain or Fountain as breakout candidates (yet), but, I will say that they will contribute this year in the offense. Likely at the expense of Pascal and/or Rogers.
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    This is my first and last attempt at a Mock based off of free agency, perceived team needs and trades that have taken place. If for some reason Brissett is traded, I reserve the right to add that pick (or pick) in as well. 1 - Christian Wilkins - DT - Clemson 2 - Jaylen Ferguson - DE - LA Tech 2 - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - S - Florida 3 - Justin Layne - CB - Michigan State 4 - L.J. Collier - DE/DT - TCU 4 - Bobby Evans - OT - Oklahoma 5 - Blake Cashman - LB - Minnesota 6 - Stanley Morgan - WR - Nebraska 7 - Ryquell Armstead - RB - Temple This may not be accurate but it addresses more pass rush up the middle and off the edge. Plus a rotational defensive lineman who can line up on the end in short yardage and UT in passing situations. A versatile Safety that can play Geathers role in a high 2 and then drop down in nickel and dime situations. A lenghty corner to throw into the mix with Wilson, Desir and Collins on the outside. A depth piece for the linebacking corps that could add to the special teams mix too. A talented LT that needs a year of refining technique and a pro strength and conditioning program to potentially take over for Castonzo. A reliable Z receiver that can be used in the Reggie Wayne mold to move the chains and use his route running skills for bigger gains and TD's when everyones keyed in on T.Y. and Ebron. And the running back is a true power back AND has the added ability to play fullback as well, if needed. These additions seem to fill in the gaps from the last two drafts and adds significantly to the core of the team! Go ahead and critique it, agree with it or offer different players in different rounds that fill out the roster, and why you think it would be better!
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    Wanted to start a topic for our All Pro Guard!!! Saw this on the Colts Facebook page.
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    You're never one player away. -- Chris Ballard
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    Must read from Greg Cosell on AJ Brown and N'Keal Harry. He sees what I saw (that means I'm as good as Cosell, officially).
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    No QB in the first round? Huh? Murray might go first overall. Haskins is going top-10... and Lock is likely going between 11-20. So... no QB in the first round has a less than 0 percent chance of happening. And that’s what Colts fans should want. The more QBs taken before we pick, the more any player we don’t want are picked before us, the better the chance that a player we covet falls to us.
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    Somewhere between slim and none, and slim is out of town.
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    Fans and media get enamored with free agency, but those experienced and shrewd in the business of making such team decisions on free agents have some basic rules dictated by their experience. I'm fortunate to have access to them and thoughts about them from some. (it is even edited for forum brevity) ******************************************** 80-85% of the time an FA is a bad value because a team has decided that a players projected production will no longer match the price his contract demands. 15-20% of the time, players can be on the market simply because teams are being squeezed by the cap. (too many good players to keep). These have higher value, but the scarcity drives up the price, so it still is not great value. Rarely do true difference makers hit FA, and they will be exceptionally expensive. Because of the salary cap impingement, a free agent must be productive (600+ plays per year) and have longevity. More mistakes are made in free agency at the cornerback position than any other. Never sign a player 27 or older to a 5 year deal, nor a 4 year deal for a player 28 and older. Never sign any high risk injury player to long term deal. You must evaluate the player, establish the schematic fit and establish the right price. Never, ever sign a player and change his technique or schematic fit. It just doesn’t work. Be cautious of the player who's production dramatically increases in their contract year. Teams are more likely to be paying for the production of that contract year while getting the lower production from those non contract years. The team needs to carry at least $6 million in cap resources (preferably $10 million) into the season for replacement(s) for injured players. This is after off season- FA signings Spending $6- 8 million for rookie draft pool Spending $1 million of cap space allocated for practice squad players Stick to your budget. If the team spends recklessly, there will inevitably come a time when there's a need for the money that you no longer have. Spending Tier I money on a Tier II player only inflates what you have to pay your own Tier I player when it is time. The salary cap eventually penalizes severely for overpaying players relative to what their production value is. Player must be at least a good or great 3rd down player. Any high priced FA must be on the field and productive for those critical downs. Do not sign a player for more than the team leader or your best player at that position. This about rewarding loyalty and maintaining a balanced cost structure within your team because otherwise it creates bad locker room chemistry. Players know. They do. Never believe that your locker room culture will change a person’s behavior. This is rarely the case and when it does work it is only on a minimum salary short deal. Giving a large money or long term deal in this situation RARELY works if ever. You're never 'one player away' from a Super Bowl because there is a 100% injury rate in this sport. Ignore the outside noise. A segment of the fan base will be unhappy. The local media will be unhappy, the agents will be unhappy and you are sure to hear that you are not trying to win. ** STAY FOCUSED—REMEMBER THE MISSION** Every one looks out for their own interest. You have to look out for the best interest for the team and stay focused on that. Set a price that is fair and if that price escalates, walk away. You are not in a church auction. You run a football team. If you do so, your cap will be well managed which is absolutely essential for sustained success and you will have the ability to sign your own free agents first. They are the priority when you are a good team, and you are a good team because you draft well. Always remember that the free agent you lose hurts you more than he helps his new team. This is why historical trends show that it takes a free agent changing teams and systems almost a year to fit and become really efficient. *********************************************************** I didn't write these excerpts, but written by one has been there and did the job before they penned a very long list. I trimmed it down slightly for the forum.
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    "Gets separation coming out of breaks at the top of routes" It's okay to say the same thing about different players. The advantage to doing so is that we can easily compare one report to the next, instead of trying to translate colorful phrases into football terms. This is one my favorites, on DK Metcalf: "Rushes through pattern ingredients rather than developing their flavors as a route chef"
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    And after a while...that high 70s temp EVERY single day takes its toll.
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    I haven't read the article but it is admitting they have enough evidence to find you guilty but you are not saying you did it. You aren't exactly saying you didn't do it though either. That isn't required.
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    That would be perfect. I hope as many RBs and QBs as possible get picked before us...
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    Anyone know where this guy is projected to go in the draft?
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    Great analogy. The problem is that we have data suggesting that 6 (or more) out of 10 cars that switch owners don't last another five years. So assuming that the players you're getting in free agency are going to replicate past success is shortsighted, at best. There's a ton of evidence that all but proves that free agent additions are going to come up short greater than half the time. To the bolded, that was my exact point. People like to say 'the draft is a crapshoot,' as if free agency is a sure thing, and it's not. Free agency is just as questionable as the draft, and far more expensive. And again, just in case someone misinterprets my point, I'm not against free agency at all. But I understand that signing Player X, Y or Z isn't always going to magically solve my roster issues.
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    You talk to people in the midwest and they froth over fires and quakes. You talk to people out west and they are terrified of the idea of a tornado. And 30 below zero. The difference, and I DO know this: 1. The people in the midwest are the best in the country. 2. The taxes and cost of living in CA are absolutely insane. As is the traffic. Awful. 3. There is nowhere to live in the Bay Area, or for that matter, any of the CA big cities; the cost of housing has left reality. 4. You can live amazingly well in the midwest, especially Indiana. The cost of housing is among the lowest in the nation. Home ownership per capita may be the highest in the nation. 5. It comes down to weather; can you tolerate 4 tough months out of the year to live a better life? There is no doubt the weather in CA is better. But most people rarely make it to the beach. And they spend the better part of their extra time commuting to and from home. 6. I choose the midwest. Having lived out west until an adult, I know what I'm talking about. 7. That said, San Diego is amazing. Too crowded; too expensive; too little opportunity. But a phenomenal place. You just have to adjust to living in your car and lining up for everything. I choose life out here. And I am very, very ready for Spring.
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    Yeah, and it makes some sense. I could see it happening, but I'm thinking I could have written that, well, 'cept that I'm not a twitt....er....er.
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    No offense, but as someone who was born & raised in Indiana, & lived there until I was 22, I'd take my chances with the earthquake.
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    Elway did us a favor, Nelson>Chubb. I am so glad we took Nelson.
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    Things have been slow thought I’d do a mock. Here it is: 1st round Jerry Tillery DT ND pass rushing 3 Tech that has the upside to be the playmaker we need the 3tech to get this D to the next level 2nd round(Jets) Gardner-Johnson S Florida this kid is the definition of versatile can do it all on the back end. Paired with Hooker look out 2nd round Joe Jackson DE Miami has a nose for the QB 24 sacks in 3 years at the U comes off the edge with speed and length with a knack for strip sack solid vs run Could be a little early but not sure why I like what I see 3rd round Khalen Saunders DL Western Illinois A small school kid who dominated the big school lineman in Mobile 4th round Mecole Hardman WR/KR UGA I love the juice this kid can bring to the offense and finally getting that explosive PR draws comparisons to Tyreek Hill that’s explosive 4th round(comp) Terrill Hanks LB New Mexico St More speed at LB a fast rangy converted S and he can cover TE’s and RB’s in sub packages out of the gate 5th Dennis Daley OT South Carolina he has a future at LT solid Sr Bowl not only is Castonzo’s deal up at seasons end so are Haeg and Clark’s. 6th round Dexter Williams RB ND he can be the thunder to Mack’s lightening or help keep us going if the injuries come again 7th round Leon Sandcastle CB out of no where CB looks to have the goods but needs coaching could be a real steal MLB also interested I wanted more picks. I could see CB trading back. I really would’ve liked to get a TE with Ebron and Doyle both FA’s I just noticed that didn’t happen this is a deep class.
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    No, he is not the son of Stanley Morgan that starred for the Patriots and 1 year with the Colts. Having said that, this guys draft profile reads like Reggie Wayne's. Ssme height and weight, a touch slower on the 40 perhaps. But as I was reading his profile info it sounded eerily similar to Batmans! ....."Soft hands" ..... "Best route runner" ..... "Runs full route tree" ..... "Functional game speed" This guy is the prototype receiver for moving the chains. Would be an excellent choice to play opposite T.Y. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/stanley-morgan-jr http://www.espn.com/college-football/player/_/id/3699902/stanley-morgan-jr https://www.nfl.com/prospects/stanley-morgan?id=32194d4f-5222-6706-9d2c-5359857cc05f
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    Why doesnt your MOM read things???? And.... WHO is this Cokluer guy Go check some game tape on Collier........ his position should be JOGGER
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    Why would the Giants do this? Answer - they wouldn't.
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    I see. So it would be Krafts side admitting only that it's possible that the prosecution has enough evidence to find him guilty. Apparently, it's standard operating procedure for first time offense misdemeanors. Also part of the deal https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/19/prosecutors-offer-to-drop-prostitution-charges-against-robert-kraft.html Seems like a win win
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    I don't think he'll drop very far. His heart condition sounds like something that his doctors aren't concerned with. It doesn't seem like a Maurice Hurst situation. I'm not sure he fits the Colts. He has length and explosiveness, but he's high-waisted, I'm not sure he can hold up on the edge at DE, he seems like a better fit for a 3-4 as a rush backer. So if he did drop to #26, I don't know if I'd draft him. I want to get back and watch him more carefully because his combine performance kind of demands it, but my initial impression is that he's not the right fit for our defense.
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    Really? It's what any good WR does after he "produces linear velocity from the orthostatic position."
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    Not a huge fan...especially as a 2nd round pick. After he got everyone's attention at the Senior Bowl...he seemed to become a favorite around many Colts fans for various reasons. So I watched a couple of games. He's a solid prospect...just not one I would prioritize over others in this class (or be comfortable passing on to draft). Parris Campbell...on the other hand.
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    The Browns are already clearing out some locker space for him!
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    Anyone know where this guy is projected to go in the draft?
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    So much attention on Jacoby Brissett, but I continue to wonder why people think he's in high demand as a starting QB. I like Brissett, I think he has tools and upside, but I don't see any team going out of their way to acquire him right now. Especially the Giants. They're evidently content to let Eli finish his contract as their starter, and he wasn't as bad as people think he was last year. And if they really like someone in this year's draft, they're within range to get anyone they want (outside of Murray, assuming the Cardinals want him at #1). I feel like trading for Brissett this year would be something like their 8th option, out of ten. I think they'd sooner commit to a tank job in 2019 and get another high draft pick in 2020 so they can go after one of the three guys presumed to be at the top of next year's draft.
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    I’d like to see his consistency on FG/XP snaps improve. Too many high ones throwing off the timing of the kick. Was execellent on punts.
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    Some of these online guys need to remember that a scouting report isn't meant to be an exercise in creative writing. "Leverages open catch windows from the top of his route" I've read this a dozen times over the last five minutes, and I don't know what it means or looks like on the football field.
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    Hmmm.....so your saying there is a chance.
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    And you are wrong again about the KC defense. They changed some of the starters with younger players and improved a great deal by later in the season. That putrid D gave up 17 pts a game at home. Try knowing more of which you speak. I have watched Ballard's methods work so many times that i find your whining about it pretentious and arrogant. I think you must be fairly young. And you don't know if he has been conservative or not. I do believe he and his staff know how to grade players and establish a worth. And i am sure the science of building a 63 man team is so far over our heads that to think you have ANY idea is a Joke. I was not liking the Funchess add at all. I gave it one argh post and let it be. Show me. And i enjoy being proven wrong, it happens occasionally.
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    I am totally expecting this to happen if he can pass his physical and Ballard doesn't really low ball him.
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    Morning all. We have the first trade to announce. Eagles get Pick No.18 Vikings get Pick No.25 and Pick No.57 Round 1 1. Arizona (3-13) .527 - @stitches 2. San Francisco (4-12) .504 - @pacolts56 3. New York Jets (4-12) .506 - @w87r 4. Oakland (4-12) .547 - @csmopar 5. Tampa Bay (5-11) .523 - @MPStack 6. New York Giants (5-11) .527 - @w87r 7. Jacksonville (5-11) .549 - @shastamasta 8. Detroit (6-10) .504 - @Matthew Gilbert 9. Buffalo (6-10) .523 - @Finball 10. Denver (6-10) .523 - @twfish 11. Cincinnati (6-10) .535 - @Zoltan 12. Green Bay (6-9-1) .488 - @WarGhost21 13. Miami (7-9) .469 - @Zoltan 14. Atlanta (7-9) .482 - @danlhart87 15. Washington (7-9) .486 - @John Hammonds 16. Carolina (7-9) .508 - @MPStack 17. New York Giants - from Cleveland (7-8-1) .516 - @w87r 18. Philadelphia- @chad72 19. Tennessee (9-7) .520 - @OffensivelyPC 20. Pittsburgh (9-6-1) .504 - @Clem-Dog 21. Seattle* (10-6) .484 - @Finball 22. Baltimore* (10-6) .496 - @WarGhost21 23. Houston* (11-5) .471 - @PureLuck 24. Oakland - from Chicago* (12-4) .430 - @csmopar 25. Minnesota- @NFLfan 26. Indianapolis* (10-6) .465 - @chad72 27. Oakland - from Dallas* (10-6) .488 - @csmopar 28. Los Angeles Chargers* (12-4) .477 - @Jared Cisneros 29. Kansas City* (12-4) .480 - @Jared Cisneros 30. Green Bay - from New Orleans* (13-3) .482 - @WarGhost21 31. Los Angeles Rams* (13-3) .480 - @DaveA1102 32. New England* (11-5) .482 - @danlhart87 • Chicago - @SaturdayAllDay -> Oakland: Khalil Mack - • Cleveland - @CR91 -> New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. • Dallas - @shastamasta -> Oakland: Amari Cooper • New Orleans - @SaturdayAllDay -> Green Bay: Marcus Davenport Round 2 1. Arizona (3-13) .527 2. Indianapolis - from New York Jets (4-12) .506 3. Oakland (4-12) .547 4. San Francisco (4-12) .504 5. New York Giants (5-11) .527 6. Jacksonville (5-11) .549 7. Tampa Bay (5-11) .523 8. Buffalo (6-10) .523 9. Denver (6-10) .523 10. Cincinnati (6-10) .535 11. Detroit (6-10) .504 12. Green Bay (6-9-1) .488 13. Atlanta (7-9) .482 14. Washington (7-9) .486 15. Carolina (7-9) .508 16. Miami (7-9) .469 17. Cleveland (7-8-1) .516 18. Minnesota (8-7-1) .504 19. Tennessee (9-7) .520 20. Pittsburgh (9-6-1) .504 21. Philadelphia - from Baltimore* (10-6) .496 22. Houston - from Seattle* (10-6) .484 23. Houston* (11-5) .471 24. New England - from Chicago* (12-4) .430 25. Minnesota- @NFLfan 26. Dallas* (10-6) .488 27. Indianapolis* (10-6) .465 28. Los Angeles Chargers* (12-4) .477 29. Kansas City* (12-4) .480 30. New Orleans* (13-3) .482 31. Kansas City - from Los Angeles Rams* (13-3) .480 32. New England* (11-5) .482 • Baltimore -> Philadelphia: Lamar Jackson • Chicago -> New England: Anthony Miller • LA Rams -> Kansas City: Marcus Peters • NY Jets -> Indianapolis: 2018 Picks • Seattle -> Houston: Duane Brown
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    I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Brissett isn’t going anywhere. He will more than likely sign elsewhere when he is a FA but he won’t get any crazy contract. He has already become the forgotten guy imo. Doubtful we get a comp pick either because we will spend a little in FA’s that will knock us out of a pick. As to the the other scenario. Doubtful but for the sake of debate it could be possible teams would rather wait for next year to get their QB. Way better options next year if they all come declare. This year is more of a forced year and to me you have mediocre guys that are destined to be back Ups. Including Murray to me. But who knows... the draft draws crazy scenarios all around.
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    Brissett is 5-12 as a starter and only has 1 year left on is contract. I highly doubt any team considers Brissett a quality starter and any team would give up anything better than a 3rd round pick for a one year rental.
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    You imply it with every post. You keep saying posters here have a crush on Geathers and that he’s a JAG. And we keep pointing out that Ballard wants to re-sign him. Posters have pointed to his position as a captain. You think JAGS are made captains? By the way, ESPN has him in the 60’s of their top-100 Free agents. Again, not a JAG. You seem to think you’re the only person here who understands and knows what Clayton Geathers really is. The rest of us, including Ballard, don’t know the truth. Only you know. That’s not a winning argument.
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    Miles Boykin and Kelvin Harmon seem like the sort of guys who fit into the Ballard vision. Really like both of them.
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    Yes.... and you’ve either looked at the wrong stats or misinterpreted the stats... But here's a question.... why is Ballard still trying to re-sign Geathers (at his price) and he let Brice go without a deal. Ya think maybe Ballard knows something you don’t know? Or is he a homer too?
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    I think when it's all said and done we will reach an agreement with Clayton and then we will draft another safety. That safety will be used in the same way Clayton was used when he was drafted. And then that safety will take over for him in the next season or two. Why isn't what you're doing extremism of the opposite order? You're getting these types of responses because that's what youre doing.
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    Why does everyone have a crush just because they disagree with you?
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    I was in Daytona, so you had some air movement from the proximity to the ocean. And you could count on the seemingly everyday 2pm rain shower to cool things down. Inland areas as a different story.... stifling heat and humidity. However, i found the "crazy hot" period of summer (in florida) was much more bearable than the length of cold, miserableness here in Pa. Plus, wonen running around in bikinis rather than 4 layers of clothes was a definite plus that blatantly tipped the scales. What can i say?.... i'm a "guy." When i got to college in Florida, some got sidetracked by alcohol (lower legal age), some the "white stuff "(it was the 80s), some the "green stuff", some the beach. Me? I went CRAZY on golf and the tens of thousands of "fresh blood" spring breaker ladies who showed up every week with bad intentions, and a desire to push some boundaries. Life is wonderful.
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    Grew up and live in Pennsylvania. LOVE the seasons, tho it seems we only get summer and winter now. I lived in Florida for 4 years of colege and i have to say, the older i get, the more i miss the warmer climate. The solution is 2 hous s i guess. Live in the North for summer and move south for winter. Snow is over-rated . Haha
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    Let me ask this: How do you think the "crapshoot" nature of the draft differs from the "crapshoot" nature of free agency? In two years, what's the likelihood the Landon Collins is still with Washington? How does that compare with the likelihood that Malik Hooker is still with the Colts? Assuming health, in both cases, of course... My point is that free agency and the draft are similarly questionable. The difference is that free agency is more expensive from a cap standpoint, while drafting takes more time. But neither method of adding players is risk-free, plug-and-play; both are uncertain and require foresight, patience, and discipline.
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    There is an outstanding article in today's MMQB on why some teams have been light spenders so far in free agency. They specifically focus on Dallas but the theory applies to Ballard and the Colts. Interesting tidbits * Weak overall FA class * A study from one team that suggests only 30% of unrestricted free agents plays as well or better than they did the previous year. * Big spending teams are chasing draft mistakes - Kwon Alexander getting a big deal because of the Foster fiasco * Scheme fits - big deal. Trying to un-ring a bell in many cases * Comp Pick formula is more of a factors
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