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    Crazy money for someone that has only been to the playoffs once. I get he is great though.
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    Mike Trout is about to become a very very rich man! http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26306935/sources-angels-trout-new-430m-deal
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    Another game where they are getting outnumbered by a more talented team. Frustrating to watch, but I've accepted that we will be the 5th seed playing the Celtics in the first round.
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    Up 11 early but down 55-48 at the half as well as Sabonis and Turner played together against OKC, they were almost as bad defensively together tonight To be fair, I do not remember the last time the Pacers won in Portland. Lillard really can make shots from anywhere, cant he?\ Thad Young. Cory Joseph and Tyreke all have not scored
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