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    Don’t know if you all saw this. Darius Leonard and his wife had a baby girl named Mia a couple of weeks ago.
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    Ballard's line about... "we're not building a team to match up with others, we're building a team for them to match up with us." Was brilliant.
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    First off.... ths is NOT a mock. Just my 32 best players. I don't do mocks, but I try to rate the top talent. Very little film study. Mostly going by the evaluators I respect most. I've done as many as four rounds per year. But this year, as I did last year, I'll only do one. Life has too many obsticles in the way. As I always do, I break down the round into a top-10, a bottom-10, and a middle-12. I'm rarely satisfied getting the right names into the first round projection, I'm tryng to get them into the right third of a round. I've had as many as 28 of 32 right names and as few as 24. So.... here we go.... 1. Nick Bosa DE Ohio State He's rated for me equally with Q. Williams, but gets the nod for the top spot based on the importance of the position he plays, DE over DT. 2. Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Second String last year; 2nd overall pick this year. Has anyone comes so far; so fast? 3. Josh Allen Edge Kentucky Can play OLB in a 3-4 or a DE in a 4-3. Is he Kahlil Mack 2.0? 4. Devin White LB LSU Can reportedly play MLB or the Will. Athletic and powerful. 5. Ed Oliver DT Houston Been a roller coaster ride. Start of the year; top-5. Middle of the year; top-15. Wowed at the combine has him back in the top-10 and my top-5. 6. Montez Sweat DE Mississippi State 6'6" 260; nearly 36' arms; 10 1/2 hands; 36' vert; 125" broad; 7.0 3-cone, And he has very good tape. Wow! 7. Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma The size makes him Russell Wilson, but far, far more athletic. Scary athletic. Baker Mayfield's rookie year gives Murray even more credibility. May go 1st overall. 8. Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State Only one year as a starter. (Same with Murray) Always a big red flag. But he's a pocker passer. Pure arm talent. Are recent reports of dipping stock a smoke screen? 9. TJ Hockenson TE Iowa 6'5" 250 Best all around TE this year, and in the last few years. Comparison to Gronk may be somewhat overstated, but TJ is still a top-10 player. 10. Andre Dillard OT (LT) Washington State Consensus best LT in the draft, yet many have him 5-10 spots lower than I do. Whatever flaws he has are correctable. Positional value trumps all. 11. Devin Bush Will OLB Michigan Can also play MIKE, but some teams will view him as too small for the inside. Great athlete, great backer. And yet I often see him mocked lower. Not sure why? 12. Drew Lock QB Missouri Some say he has the best arm of this class. Others fear his 9" hands, well below average. Teams reportedly either love Lock, or are meh on him. 13. Jonah Williams OL Alabama Started for 3 years for Alabama. Played LT the last two years. He's 6'4", 302, and has 33 5/8" arms. Too small for LT at NFL level for some teams. But could play (start) any of the other 4 OL positions. He's that good. Many think he's the best OL in this draft. Not for me, but he's close. 14. Brian Burns DE/OLB Florida State One of my favorites this year. He and Sweat are what Ballard is looking for to be his RDE. Will Ballard trade up? Not likely, but we have reportedly shown considerable interest. 15. Jawan Taylor OT (RT) Florida Big and powerful. A pure right tackle and not a LT. Could play G if need be. His game is not finesse. You run hard behind guys like him. 16. Colin Ferrell DE Clemson He was top-10 eight to ten months ago. Not sure what he did wrong, but now I mostly seem him in the teen's or the 20's. But I think he's a RDE at the next level. 17. Jeff Simmons DT Mississippi State Can you believe Simmons and Sweat were on the same Bulldog Defensive Line?! Simmons has two strikes against him, otherwise, he'd be top-10, and perhaps even top-5. He blew up a knee in early February training for the combine. And 3 years ago, in high school, he beat up a girl who was reportedly bullying his sister. It's on videotape. Everyone says he was a good kid before the incident, and he's been perfect for the last 3 years since then. Saw a story this week saying everyone in the scouting community loves the kid and will back him as a great kid. Called a culture changer for your program. Jim Irsay, are you listening? Please? 18. Rashaan Gary DE/DT Michigan One of my least favorite players. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Tremendous tools and mostly under-achieving tape. Where are the results? Teams will gamble on his great, raw, and mostly untapped talent. 19. Noah Font TE Iowa Font and Hockenson, the two top tight ends both on the same team. Nice for Iowa. If Hockenson is the pure tight end, then Font is the more receving option. He'd compare more to Ebron in style (minus the hands issue) 20. Christian Wilkins DT Clemson Measured smaller and heavier than expected at the combine. 6'3" and 315. Not 6'4" and 305. Does that scare anyone? Maybe. But he didn't test as well as expected. Does THAT scare anyone? Maybe. Read within the last week he's both a 3-tech AND now also a Nose Tackle. Hmm? Said by all to be great in the locker room. A natural team leader. A very Ballard-like guy. Been mocked well into the 20's for the better part of a month. Does he reach the Colts? 21. Cody Ford G/T Oklahoma Played at 340 this year, but showed up at the combine 10-12 pounds lighter. Can play both right tackle and inside at guard. But he's not a LT. 22. DK Metcalf WR Mississippi My first wide receiver appears. And I wouldn't be surprised if he falls to the 2nd round. Incredible body, incredible athlete EXCEPT, he's more a straight line runner with blazing speed. But he's not a sophisticaed rout runner. Runs a more limited rout treet. Raw. Needs polishing. Boom or bust? 23. Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma Some think he could've gone top-15 if not for a foot injury in early January. Very small. 5'9" and sub-170. Said to play bigger than his size. Compared favorably to DeSean Jackson. Can catch deep or take a short pass a long way. Field changer. Game changer. Good hands. 24. Greedy Williams CB LSU Best man corner in the draft. Tall and lean. Tested better than expected at the combine. Was thought to be possible top-10 pick eight to ten months ago. Stock has slipped by still a first round player for me. But not for everyone. 25. Demarcus Lawrence NT Clemson 6'4" 342 and that weight is down from his high in the 350's. Vince Wilfork 2.0? If he reaches us and we try to get him at 34, will New England let him get past them? Vince Wilfork 2.0! Some have questioned whether he's a scheme fit for the Colts. Said to be better in a 2-gap scheme, not our 1-gap. 26. Garrett Bradbury C North Carolina State Fast riser late in the draft process. Said to be the top center in what is reported to be a very good class of centers. 27. Johnathan Abram S Mississippi State Yet another stud defender from the 2018 Bulldog defense. He has supporters and detractors on ths website. But the Colts are reportedly high on him. Will they take a safety in the first round for 2nd time in Ballard's 3-years? Maybe. He'd be the strong to Hooker's free. 28. Chris Lindstrom G Boston College Could also slip into the top of the 2nd round. But I'm calling this the Quincy Nelson effect. You can improve your o-line with high quality guard play. Lindstrom reportedly tested through the roof at the combine. Advanced metrics off the chart. Scouts ran back to double check the tape. Colts said to be high on him too. 29. Deandre Baker CB Georgia High confident, highly competitive and highly successful corner. Has a fearless attitude. At 5'11" and 193, is he big enough to play outside? Or is he only an inside slot/nickle corner? Teams will differ on this. But he's an easy first round talent. 30. AJ Brown WR Mississippi A pro's pro. Not flashy, but he just gets the job done. I liken him to DeAndre Hopkins with Houston. The guy you want to look for on key 3rd downs. 31. Byron Murphy CB Washington Another corner with a lot of support on this website. He's another sub-6'0" corner who may only play in the slot. But he shutdown whoever he faced, so maybe he can play outside? Could slip into the 2nd round, but he's only my third corner on my board. Hard to see only two. 32. Chauncy Gardner-Johnson S Florida Just my second safety. If you don't like this choice, then pick someone else. But so far, only Abrams makes my list. And I don't see a draft with only one safety going in the first round. Some team will take another, and I picked CGJ for his all-around versatility. But it could be someone else. Close, but just missed: Josh Jacobs RB Alabama Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame kaleb McGary OT Washington Erick McCoy OL Tex A&M Dalton Risner OL Kansas St Parris Campbell WR Ohio State N'Keal Harry WR ASU Rapp/Savage/Adderly S Various schools Rock Ya Sin CB Temple Daniel Jones QB Duke (Will someone trade up to take him at the bottom of the first round? Entirely possible) OK..... there's my board.... feel free to vent and give me your opinions. Happy to hear from all... Thumbs up or down? Bring it! We're now inside a week.... the excitement grows! I'll have more posts & threads in the next 6 days..... Thanks for checking out my board.... NCF
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    It's so quiet around here that even the trolls and Negativians are nowhere to be found. I'd even be happy with people making stuff up at this point. I guess its good tho for us to catch our breath and let the skin grow back on our fingertips. Soon enough, we'll be back to name-calling, backstabbing, and slander. Yes, Colt fans, its draft time.....enjoy.
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    How the heck does this guy keep things so quiet
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    Fans and media get enamored with free agency, but those experienced and shrewd in the business of making such team decisions on free agents have some basic rules dictated by their experience. I'm fortunate to have access to them and thoughts about them from some. (it is even edited for forum brevity) ******************************************** 80-85% of the time an FA is a bad value because a team has decided that a players projected production will no longer match the price his contract demands. 15-20% of the time, players can be on the market simply because teams are being squeezed by the cap. (too many good players to keep). These have higher value, but the scarcity drives up the price, so it still is not great value. Rarely do true difference makers hit FA, and they will be exceptionally expensive. Because of the salary cap impingement, a free agent must be productive (600+ plays per year) and have longevity. More mistakes are made in free agency at the cornerback position than any other. Never sign a player 27 or older to a 5 year deal, nor a 4 year deal for a player 28 and older. Never sign any high risk injury player to long term deal. You must evaluate the player, establish the schematic fit and establish the right price. Never, ever sign a player and change his technique or schematic fit. It just doesn’t work. Be cautious of the player who's production dramatically increases in their contract year. Teams are more likely to be paying for the production of that contract year while getting the lower production from those non contract years. The team needs to carry at least $6 million in cap resources (preferably $10 million) into the season for replacement(s) for injured players. This is after off season- FA signings Spending $6- 8 million for rookie draft pool Spending $1 million of cap space allocated for practice squad players Stick to your budget. If the team spends recklessly, there will inevitably come a time when there's a need for the money that you no longer have. Spending Tier I money on a Tier II player only inflates what you have to pay your own Tier I player when it is time. The salary cap eventually penalizes severely for overpaying players relative to what their production value is. Player must be at least a good or great 3rd down player. Any high priced FA must be on the field and productive for those critical downs. Do not sign a player for more than the team leader or your best player at that position. This about rewarding loyalty and maintaining a balanced cost structure within your team because otherwise it creates bad locker room chemistry. Players know. They do. Never believe that your locker room culture will change a person’s behavior. This is rarely the case and when it does work it is only on a minimum salary short deal. Giving a large money or long term deal in this situation RARELY works if ever. You're never 'one player away' from a Super Bowl because there is a 100% injury rate in this sport. Ignore the outside noise. A segment of the fan base will be unhappy. The local media will be unhappy, the agents will be unhappy and you are sure to hear that you are not trying to win. ** STAY FOCUSED—REMEMBER THE MISSION** Every one looks out for their own interest. You have to look out for the best interest for the team and stay focused on that. Set a price that is fair and if that price escalates, walk away. You are not in a church auction. You run a football team. If you do so, your cap will be well managed which is absolutely essential for sustained success and you will have the ability to sign your own free agents first. They are the priority when you are a good team, and you are a good team because you draft well. Always remember that the free agent you lose hurts you more than he helps his new team. This is why historical trends show that it takes a free agent changing teams and systems almost a year to fit and become really efficient. *********************************************************** I didn't write these excerpts, but written by one has been there and did the job before they penned a very long list. I trimmed it down slightly for the forum.
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    A few things on Kindred: 1) He was pretty damn good in 2017. He didn't play well last year and got hammered for it. But his 2017 season was great. I think he had a PFF Grade of 82.0 then for those that like to hammer home on PFF 2) His contract was set to be $720K this year based on his 4th round drafting. Why is everyone continuously reporting his $2M figure? Because he played well enough in 2017 and enough snaps in 2018 to bump his salary up to $2.025M through the proven performance escalator system. 3) We paid Chris Milton $1.5M for his contributions as depth and special teams. Kindred is the same type of player at the S position. He can contribute on both coverage units and he is a very solid backup S who can play in the box. And he costs slightly more than Milton. And less than Geathers and Farley. 4) We are paying him as a 4th Safety and special teams contributor and we are paying him around 50th-60th best S money. Sure he makes around what Adrian Phillips got which some of our board wanted. But he also comes in around the cost of guys like Chris Banjo, Blake Countess, Jordan Lucas, etc 5) He has a decent amount of starting experience. Which will prove valuable if/when our S position takes a hit health-wise and he is thrown into the fire 6) He is still only 25 years old. He is a solid guy to get and evaluate and see if he earns a follow on contract. He is the quintessential low risk grab. He's a one year deal w a chance to be a diamond in the rough or be gone if not needed. Since his contract is only salary with Cleveland eating the rest of his pro-rated signing bonus, I don't even know if he would hurt us cap-wise if he is cut before the season and doesn't make the final 53. Even if he does count there it will be small potatoes. I like the move personally.
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    I mean if year one of the rebuild results in 10-6 and a playoff win, then I'm down Honestly, just in general with sports, I don't like it when teams throw in these arbitrary timelines for when the team would/could/should be good. It just adds pressure. Because lets say everyone buys into this '3 year rebuild' and by 2020, the fans, the media, the FO and all them expect to be SB or bust. Well that 2020 thing is gonna be set in stone no matter what happens to the roster from now till then. Everything can go wrong in the drafts and injuries can hit and FAs can bust and people will still expect the Colts to be SB contenders in 2020 since thats the timeline the team gave. Just in general the team should never stop building. Keep adding talent, being smart with your money, and have a culture that can grow its own, because the NFL is crazy and rosters change fast. I've said this before a bunch and I'll say it again. I'd rather the Colts compete in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and so on rather than just 2019. Lets do that by constantly drafting our own players, coaching them into solid NFL guys, and being smart with our money.
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    Well, we’re gonna suck now.
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    Concur. I will say his strategy is very sound and works well for us. It also is something that I think should make players happy. He is basically making an offer and if they think they can do better he is saying "hey we want you back but if you want to see what's out there, please do what's best for you and your family. go shop around and then come back to us. if it works and we can match then great. if not, at least you did what is best for you and no hard feelings." I would love that of an employer. It doesn't work for everyone (think R.Melvin who seemed angry and then allegedly took less to leave us), but for most people this would be a culture you would embrace and want to be a part of.
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    We've noticed more outreach from the Colts media department. This is evidently the reason why. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-productions-is-changing-the-way-you-see-your-team
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    What a guy! This is a man Colts fans can be damn proud of, and he will get paid handsomely for all of his actions, on and off the field.
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    Colts Fans, Man, I just couldn't take anymore of the talk about Funchess, his drops, his speed, he's not a legit number two receiver etc. I do live in NFC South country so I do see a lot of Panther games and always thought highly of Funchess so I went to all the video I could find and here are my humble conclusions on the guy. 1. He catches almost everything with his hands, he let's very few balls get in on him and when he does that's when he has some trouble but this guy has very strong hands! 2. He catches the ball in traffic extraordinarily well, I would go so far as to say 4.5/5. 2a. You could make the case he lacks separation speed but that's not necessarily what the tape shows. More what the tape shows is a lot of designed throws to Funchess no matter the coverage and Newton seemed to throw to him in traffic without hesitation, that to me speaks volumes. The throws in traffic could be the reason for the drops, frankly, what I saw I would rate him well above the likes of Pierre Garcon as an example we can relate to. 3. He can and will run every route. 4. He plays faster than his 40. 5. He high points the ball very well. 6. I see a guys who's every bit of a number two receiver, in fact, he appears to be closer to a one than a three. 7. He plays to his size (a lot of big WR's don't). I would be very excited about Hilton, Funchess, Inman combo. Ok to call me crazy. I've been wrong before...I'll be wrong again!
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    Scheme fit doesn't bother me. He has the traits of an edge rusher, he has the ideal body type, ideal length, and ability to beat blockers from the edge. Scheme change is a problem for stiff rushers who can't bend and/or don't know what they're doing on the field. I don't think that's the case for Houston.
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    Imagine being a young pass rusher on the Colts having Justin Houston and Robert Mathis teaching you
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    Yes add DL to the dl to protect DL
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    Ebron has done all the things you want when you sign a free agent. He has played at a high level, been good in the locker room, and has endeared himself to the fan base. I admit when they first signed Ebron I was nervous, but he has quickly become one of my favorite Colts.
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    That was really well done. That locker room was so quiet after that KC loss. Ebron crying at the beginning had me. He is turning into quite the leader. His response to the video.
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    Yeah, I don't like when players on my football team are trying to win the Masters, either.
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    I want the Colts to have the #1 rushing attack. And the #1 defense. And end the season as the #1 team in the NFL.
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    Wait...what the hell? I thought FA was over and we failed....
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    Hooker & Hooker @ Safety?
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    Love Ballard's tease at the end. "I'll see you all Thursday... or maybe not, maybe Friday".
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    I know it's the down time of the year. But I haven't felt this excited for next season since the Manning era. I really feel like this is the year Andrew comes into his own and becomes truly elite. Frank Reich showed so much growth throughout the season. He is the right guy. I trust him in big games to make adjustments unlike Pags and make the Colts having a lead be terrifying. Not only that but the draft has the possibility to land us multiple franchise players. I believe in the process Ballard has instilled in this franchise. So awesome to see how great the culture is now compared to where we were. Just wondering how everyone else is feeling?
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    No Andrew Luck drama. No dramatic staff changes. Picking toward the end of the first round. Barely any FA additions. It's been a quiet offseason for the Colts. I'm fine with that.
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    A coach saying he is going to take a job with a team and then changing his mind? I've never heard of such a thing happening before!
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    Sheard is not getting cut. hes our best run defender on the line imo and sets the edge really well
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    I think if he didn't believe Funches can be the next Ebron (Autry, Hunt), he wouldn't have signed him in the first day of free agency for 10 mills. However, with Funches on board, he has the "luxury" of drafting trully by his board, no positional considerations. Whoever jumps out of his board, he can pick him. Btw, its crazy that two years ago this roster was literally a disaster. Ballard had to sign yourneymen from the street to be STARTERS on sundays. And now, he has a young, quality NFL roster with depth and without glaring needs. Great job, Mr. Ballard.
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    Pretty Awesome! Lol
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    When Ballard said he doesn't want guys who are bad for the locker room, I'm not sure he meant literally.
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    One thing that is 100% certain.....people will whine,complain, pitch a fit no matter what happens......thinking only the 1st round matters etc.
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    The fans say "we are in great shape. Ballard will smash the Draft again. Luck is elite. We will win the Super Bowl. Etc." The schedule comes out: "aaaahhhh, we are doomed. It's fixed. Schedule from hell. Chicken Little, Chicken Little......aaaaaahhhhhh. Fans, eh.
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    That makes the majority. This will be the final round of the 2019 Gavin series of Mock Drafts. Thanks to each of you for keeping this tradition alive despite Gavin not being with us any longer. And a HUGE special thanks to @chad72 and @NFLfan for helping me keep things on track and under control.
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    Awww.....let the media have their fun. For all his flaws... Jimmy Irsay is one of the best owners a fan could ask for... and "the media" knows it. And look at the bright side.... at least he hasn't kissed his QB on the lips and gotten himself busted in a Florida whorehouse.
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    I hear everything you're saying about Funchess, and I have similar concerns. But this analysis is incredibly enlightening to me. We have plenty of evidence that players can be misused by one staff, then used in a more ideal way by another staff. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley are good examples; I just listened to Kevin Demoff sing Robert Woods praises also. Three examples of players who are being used ideally by the Rams new staff, but were misused to varying degrees by different coaches. One that hits closer to home is Ebron, and we witnessed that firsthand last year. Every situation is different, and it's unrealistic to suggest that just putting a guy with Luck and Reich will automatically make him a better player. But there is evidence and proof of concept here. So with this particular analysis -- not the slot production, the specific route production -- it shows that the routes that Funchess is most successful with are the same routes that Luck throws the most, and with pretty good success. Those routes -- outs and curls -- are routes where size and body control are considerable factors; those two traits are right in Funchess' wheelhouse. They don't rely greatly on straight line speed, which is not one of Funchess' best traits. Those routes don't lend themselves to yards after catch, which is something that Funchess doesn't do well anyway. And then the sluggo production, in a small sample size, might give Luck and Reich a new weapon that they can use effectively. The slant production is something that might improve because of Funchess' size. This speaks to the idea that Reich and Ballard saw a guy that could be used effectively in the Colts offense. It suggests that they are going to ask Funchess to do the things at which he's shown he can excel, just like they did with Ebron. They probably won't ask him to be a downfield threat, because he's not effective in that role. Ballard talks about wanting the coaching staff to have a plan for a player, and that analysis helped me to see clearly what the plan for Funchess will likely be. And hopefully, they have a plan for a guy who will take shorter passes -- whip, stick, flat, dig -- and then get yards after the catch. And based on the strength of the draft, I think that player can be found and acquired at some point in the middle of the draft. Long story short, this breakdown shows me specifically that Funchess can be used in a way that will help him produce and add a new element to the offense. That's without expecting him to do something that he has never been good at.
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    I just wanted to share some info about the Mathis-Turay relationship, and how much potential Turay has. Turay stayed in Indy this offseason to work with Mathis' team. Gary Brackett tweeted to Turay that his career really took off when he decided to stay and work throughout the offseason. But what really stands out to me is the passion in which Mathis exhibits towards Turay. Mathis stated that it's his life's mission to make Turay great, and even called him his "son." Gotta love this on so many levels, but we've got one of the greatest Colts of all time, who was elite at his position, taking all offseason to work with a big upside 2nd year player, who decided to work hard and get better rather than go do normal offseason fun stuff that most players do. I can't wait to see how much progress Kemoko has made working with Mathis. https://twitter.com/Kturay_58/status/1108470127991889930?s=19 https://twitter.com/GaryBrackett58/status/1108820626805059585?s=19 https://twitter.com/RobertMathis98/status/1108854714974851073?s=19 https://twitter.com/Kturay_58/status/1108842437584261146?s=19 https://twitter.com/ProXAthlete/status/1103802338920280073?s=19 And one more, just to wrap this up with a big smile. https://twitter.com/RobertMathis98/status/1108820983362846721?s=19
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    In my view, this draft will be made or not by what we do at Pick 34. It's our bonus pick. The day he was hurt I floated the idea of taking Jeffrey Simmons at pick 34. But today, I'd like to toss out a new name for you to consider. This is a name that a year ago, this player was discussed as a possible top-10 to top-15 player. But this year, most draft sites say he's likely a Round 2 pick. Not sure why? When I read his profiles, they're mostly favorable and his problems, his issues, seem to be fixable with good coaching. And we've got that. So, I wonder if Mississippi Left Tackle Greg Little is a consideration at Pick 34? It at appears to be a very poor year for Left Tackles. All the other top lineman appear to be Right Tackles or guards. They may get a look at LT, but scouts believe it's not their best position. Williams, Taylor, Ford.... all RT's or guards. Oly Dillars is a true LT. Little would be the 2nd best. And if Ballard doesn't think we can re-sign AC to a deal, then maybe we'd take his heir apparent a year early so he'd start by 2020? Here's his NFL.com profile. he's listed as the 36th best player. Will he be there at pick 34? If he is, will Ballard consider him? https://www.nfl.com/prospects/gregory-little?id=32194c49-5442-3164-c0c4-a09d5b847151 The Colts might be the perfect team to take Little. A year to learn on the job before stepping in. I look forward to all your thoughts.... whether you agree or disagree...
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    Now re-sign Inman and nail the draft and it will be all good.
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    Keep them away from Robert Kraft
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    So, actually Ballard has been active in free agency, just not necessarily with other team's free agents.
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