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    The author wrote that there are too many broadcasters that criticize baseball rather than highlight what is great about it. He especially called out John Smoltz, who the author finds too negative. The author believes that broadcasters like Smoltz do not help to attract fans.
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    I actually think Baseball is the best sport ran out there. I have grown to like it better than Football and Basketball even. Baseball is the one sport IMO where I do think it is just as great now as it was 30 years ago. Basketball definitely isn't better now and nor is Football what it was 20/30 years ago. In Basketball you breathe on someone wrong it is a Flagrant Foul and the REFS are at an all time worst in that sport, also you have stars wanting to team up with other stars to ring chase/forming super teams. You did not see that in the 80s or 90s. In Football, all the rule changes favor the offense and it makes it tough to play defense unless you are the Pats who get away with holding a lot .
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    I wonder what baseball fans here think about this article. It is somewhat long but it is a good read. See link below. A Plead for Less Negativity in Broadcasts Here is an excerpt: Basically, baseball should be presented by people who enjoy watching baseball, but it instead feels like those who cover fundamentally do not enjoy it, have more complaints than positive things to say, and do not fluently understand the current analytics and methods of the game. While baseball isn’t exactly “dying,” it is true that the game is not as popular among younger fans as it once was. There are many reasons for this, basically none of which MLB has ever properly or fully addressed, but the fact that nearly every local or national broadcast has an overall negative outlook on the game is certainly not helping. No impressionable 8-year-old child wants to hear about how much better the sport was 30 years before they were born; they’d rather hear about what a special time this is in the game’s history... Simply put, baseball is pretty dang awesome right now, and the people who broadcast these games to wide audiences should enjoy this current iteration of the game and highlight its strengths instead of harping on its weaknesses...
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    Right now if I had to put a number of wins on the Cards and Cubs, I have both at 93. I have the Brewers at 90. I think they fall off a bit and the Cards improve. Cubs will be about the same as last year. I think all 3 teams win 90+ games.
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