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    Hey guys, want to thank everyone for your input on the Colts, I have learned a lot from your input on moving forward good or bad LOL At my age it's time to past the torch to more inquisitive minds to see what the future holds for our organization. I only wish the best for us as fans and hope you will too. I am a old timer who knows my time is growing shorter. I hope I will be around longer, but, if not I hope you guys keep the faith and the dream longer. In this busy world that we live in , time marches on , and my only wish is that we can all agree that. no matter what our differences is that we can form a bond that we are galvanized to the betterment of our franchise. So in retrospect , just remember we are all Colts fans and give your fellow fans, the respect regardless if you agree with them, that in the end it's about us as a team.
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    It was an outstanding play that shows why Hooker is viewed as an elite talent. Not a perfect throw by Rivers, but it took Hooker flashing from out of the frame to snatch the ball away with one hand to stop a back-breaking TD. This is the type of play that you said he didn't make in 2018 (setting aside his injury recovery). He's a playmaker with insane range and excellent ball skills, and that play shows a sample of those traits. You're going out of your way to downplay how outstanding that pick was. By the way, I was at the game (humblebrag), sitting right behind that end zone (it was great for the pick and the Mack TD, not so great in OT). Hooker made an amazing play. I thought it was a sure TD, and then #29 comes out of nowhere, looking like a superhero. It was a very impressive play by any standard.
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    First off, losses happen, it doesn’t mean we need to freak out. second, I have no idea why some of you are in complete freak out stage. 6 months ago and all thru the summer, we heard people clamoring about the first 4 games and how tough they were. With Luck, MOST people said they’d be thrilled to be 2-2 or best case, 3-1. Now, we’re without Luck, and suddenly 2-2 means blow it up, we’re done. Seriously folks, there’s gonna be ups and downs with a young team that’s missing several starters. Deep breathes
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    By far, our biggest mistake of the draft was not trading back into the 3rd round so we can hear Pat McAfee announce more picks
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    That final drive to ensure the win after the Falcons put it in question was just a thing of beauty. Used the pass game, used the run game, kept it short not because he had to but because it was the best way to win. Marched down the field using all our weapons. Our OL was battered an struggling but held up just enough to allow us to execute. Well done to Mr. Reich. That was a major strategic victory against a team that, while a bit mentally soft, is no joke to play against. They almost outplayed us, they gashed our D hard, but our HC had them out-thought and it didn't matter
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    I'd ask this..... Why would you, or ANYONE, make such predictions now? Based on one game? This post feels like someone had one six-pack too many and sat down at his computer..... And then you top it off, by calling anyone who disagrees with you.... a homer..... Geez, what a train wreck of a post..........
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    There are only 20 names listed. We didn't pick in the top 20 picks. This should not be a surprise.
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    Its always fun to see this
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    Model citizen. He just needed to get away from Big Ben's toxicity in Pittsburgh. The Raiders got a steal. Colts should have been all in on him.
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    So talented, not one team was willing to put in a waiver claim
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    I hope it’s for Jamies Winston. A legit franchise QB!
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    lol.....Brissett aint getting no hook in favor of inferior qbs like Brock Osweiller or Matt Cassell after 5 weeks time. The Colts organization is alot more behind Brissett than many of you wish to aknowledge. Notice there is very little talk from the Colts since last weekend? It's all business with them. Brissett is the qb in 2019, and there is plenty of confidence in him from top to bottom.
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    In my opinion, what Luck did actually is worse. Now, before you all call for my head, read this and let me tell you why. One of these two had numerous interviews and pressers saying they were expecting to play week 1. One of these two went out 2 weeks ago, in front of all the fans, and ran cone drills, then said afterwards he felt pretty good. One of these two went out on national tv on the 3rd preseason game and threw footballs in front of the fans at the stadium and on tv. One of these two then announced he was quitting late in the 4th quarter of that very game in which he was throwing footballs around in the pregame. The other never actually said in public he was going to coach the Colts. People aren't, I repeat, ARE NOT upset because he retired. Most everyone is understanding to his reasons. People are mad and upset because he taunted fans for the last month with things mentioned above and more. He played the fans for their emotions, he showed off in front of them twice at games. Then suddenly, retires with a lame excuse such as "losing the love of the game". That doesn't happen over night and it surely doesn't happen middle of a game where you're on the sidelines. No, this whole thing was brought on by Luck himself. He toyed the fans and that is why so many, including myself, think he betrayed the team and the fans.
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    still in shock. i'm going to get drunk lol Chad Kelly starting by week 4
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    Love Ballard's tease at the end. "I'll see you all Thursday... or maybe not, maybe Friday".
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    All this repetitive shivering snivelling fear of losing to KC is tiresome. Good teams lose games all the time. We are clearly not favourites to win it but rattling on about it in just about every thread is unnecessary.
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    He looks like a bum. Let's get rid of him, I think we could get Kirk Cousins for him.
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    People are going to be wondering how he fell to us and got paired up with Luck.
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    Not to mention luck and manning both being 30.
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    I now expect zero sacks, the next three weeks.
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    I would take him over Mariotta ........ all day every day
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    I can’t say enough about what Vinny means to this organization. However, why is he still playing? It was obvious last year that he should have seriously considered hanging his cleats up. What he did (actually didn’t) do today was upsetting. Not just to me as a fan, but to his team. The team has been through a lot this month and they still showed true grit and have stayed in this game the entire way. Vinny let everyone down regardless of how this ends.
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    Whoever runs this account is very talented. They make me smile. I feel sad for the people who not only don't like it but feel compelled to criticize it. We need more things that make us smile not less
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    I'm saying again just off my eye for talent I think Sirriani and Reich could mold Chad Kelly into a real nice NFL QB. Hopefully JB is the answer, but if not I think the answer could possibly be here already.
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    I like how people just make stuff up, and then start peddling it as anything more than the product of their imagination.
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    Bummer that all the starters are out! I’m going with a group of friends, including some Bears fans(Boo!). Alot of people on here saying they feel bad for people going and that it’s too much money to go watch scrubs....Going to a game at Lucas is more then just watching the game. It’s about tailgating, hanging out with good friends and having a good time, razzing the opposing teams fans, all in fun of course, and also hanging out with fellow bleed blue colts fans! Same reason I went to watch the Cubs even during the bad years, the atmosphere and fans were awesome no matter what. I don’t really mind watching the second and third stringers fighting for their futures. As far as price, I got a pretty good seat for $48, so can’t complain. It’s going to be a fun day no matter what, not going in with high expectations like I do during regular season.
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    Hey friends. I am live at grand park today. Going to take some diligent notes and write up everything I see today and post it after practice.
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    If TY keeps it up I feel good about his chances of making the team.
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    We've noticed more outreach from the Colts media department. This is evidently the reason why. https://www.colts.com/news/colts-productions-is-changing-the-way-you-see-your-team
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    This teams really got something special the day they drafted Quenton Nelson
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    This is the kind of hard hitting analysis I like to see
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    Sorry. Where is that written? In the Fans NFL guidebook? It's nonsense. This happens when it happens. You might as well think of it as Luck sustaining another injury, this one in the pre-season. You don't plan to get hurt. All this fan-boy outrage over quitting with two weeks before the season starts is just so much incredible nonsense. Stuff happens. It sucks for the Colts, but oh well. Stuff happens.
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    Yeah it’s a game. I hate that he’s retiring but Andrew Luck playing football doesn’t impact my everyday life. If this is the worst thing in your life right now you should be thankful for what a great life you have.
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    You really do post a lot of over dramatic tripe at times. What he is actually saying is TY is still hurt.
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    Andrew luck . *. You will be remembered as a quitter.
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    I'm starting to think that whatever CB does, it will always somehow involve a 2nd round pick. Not only has he stockpiled and drafted great players of our own in the 2nd round, 5 of our 13 2nd round players are also free agents that CB pulled from others teams. The guy needs to claim it as a nickname. Here are the 13 players Jabaal Sheard, 2011 2nd round, 37th pick by the Cleveland Browns Margus Hunt, 2013 2nd round, 53rd pick by the Cincinnati Bengals Devin Funchess, 2015 2nd round, 41st pick by the Carolina Panthers Jalen Collins, 2015 2nd round, 42nd pick by the Atlanta Falcons Jihad Ward, 2016 2nd round, 46th pick by the Oakland Raiders Quincy Wilson, 2017 2nd round, 46th pick by the Colts Darius Leonard, 2018 2nd round, 36th pick by the Colts Braden Smith, 2018 2nd round, 37th pick by the Colts Kemoko Turay, 2018 2nd round, 52nd pick by the Colts Tyquan Lewis, 2018 2nd round, 64th pick by the Colts Rock Ya-Sin, 2019 2nd round, 34th pick by the Colts Ben Banogu, 2019 2nd round, 49th pick by the Colts Perris Campbell, 2019 2nd round, 59th pick by the Colts And we already have two 2nd's in the 2020 draft. Next!
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    I believe he deserves it, and it shows the rest of the team if you work hard you get rewarded. It's be absolutely amazing to see the transformation from where he was when he got here to where he is now. Congrats Kenny!
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    Thank you guys, I'm not giving up , just hoping that I can be here for the future. Regardless I will always be a Colts fan , and I only wish is that we as a group can love and respect each other regardless of what we think about, how the franchise , should go in the future.
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    One thing that is 100% certain.....people will whine,complain, pitch a fit no matter what happens......thinking only the 1st round matters etc.
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    I never saw a fan base that got so negative so fast in the past few days. We had no chance to win this game, we should just sit players because the bye week is next week. Take that fair weather fans!
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    it's Brissett by a large margin he's played one game so far and many already think he has locked up being our franchise QB and is taking us to the playoffs every year.
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    Nobody can see the future. It's why you don't burn bridges
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    I would like to remind everyone here about the elephant in the room and by that I mean Yes their crawling out already to get ready to annoy us about not drafting player X when we took player Y who has never been mentioned on this forum. Don't antagonize or engage. Its a waste of effort and studies have shown you lose your sanity. With that being said, sit back, relax, open a few cold ones and enjoy the weekend of unpredictability
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    Awww.....let the media have their fun. For all his flaws... Jimmy Irsay is one of the best owners a fan could ask for... and "the media" knows it. And look at the bright side.... at least he hasn't kissed his QB on the lips and gotten himself busted in a Florida whorehouse.
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