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    As you might know, there's a Purdue fan who is dying... Tyler Trent has terminal cancer. And he wanted to go to the bowl game tonight that Purdue was playing in. Jim Irsay made it happen. Gave his family the use of his private jet. Here's the ESPN story with a picture... Well done, Jim! http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25619573/indianapolis-colts-fly-tyler-trent-purdue-boilermakers-bowl-game These are the kind of gesture's Irsay does that make me like him.... he's a part of the community in ways that some NFL owners never are....
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    https://www.stl.news/ap-all-pro-team-has-kansas-city-accent/238886/ HUGE honor for these guys!
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    Got to give some love to Desir. He's quietly been playing at a very high level. He has shut down some of the league's top receivers (Hopkins, Amari Cooper) and was matched up against Hopkins again today. Before the game, Hopkins promised that he would not be shut down like last time. He emphatically stated that it would not happen again. Desir (and Deshaun Watson) held Hopkins to 5 receptions for 37 yards, again.
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    It's about 7 on Christmas Eve and every year the thought occurs to me. God has blessed so very much and I offer a prayer to all those that are less fortunate, alone, hungry, in pain or any other type of distress. Precious savior in your unlimited wisdom and Grace we pray for the people that need the help the most. Please find a way out for the desperate. Bringing families back together and help them find the provisions they need. Thank you Jesus
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    Thanks for creating a thread for this. I was having a hard time finding whether or not anyone was disappponted with free agency so far. This was much needed.
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    I won't be on the forum much, if at all, after today until after the end of the year (I know, I know, most of you are happy about that.) For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and I hope you get to spend the time how you want, whether that be with friends and family or alone or traveling to exotic locations. For that that do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday season. Just remember, just because you don't celebrate Christmas does not mean you can't enjoy all the good food. :). Take care everyone. --Coffeedrinker
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    Funny I came to this website specifically to post about the draft after seeing the two All Pro selections today and I saw this thread has been revisited. I have to give a lot of credit to Ballard. His draft really came on the second part of the year. I will gladly eat crow and say I was wrong in this case. Gladly. Good luck Colts this weekend.
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    Holders latest Stampede Blue podcast talks about how close this team is. He’s been covering the NFL for 14 years, he’s in the locker room, and he said he’s never seen anything like it. He said Luck and Walker are best buds, Sheard has taken Lewis under his wing and the D and O players all get along. No matter the outcome Sunday, or the rest of the season, Ballard and Reich have done an incredible job building a winning culture that we can all be proud of.
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    According to the PFF folks there have been series of stories about Quenton Nelson and his participation in the combine last year. You can hear the stories here(go to 47:25): Story 1: Quenton was interviewing with the 49ers and they showed him the tape of him blowing the safety away coming from the other side of the formation from the game vs Georgia. So they ask him "what did you see, how did you see the safety blitz? Talk us through this" and Quenton answered the regular stuff "I've studied tape, I saw the formation and picked up the blitz, etc."... then he looked straight at John Lynch and added "I would have done the same thing if it was you" Story 2: Quenton and his trainers had decided to not do one of the drills at the combine and some team told him "if you don't run that drill we are not going to draft you" and he was like "Look, all I do is bury people into the dirt every single play and if you cannot work that out from the tape then I can't help you"
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    So, everyone has been starting a thread to share their viewpoint... I was mostly (but not entirely quiet yesterday) But it feels like I should offer my two cents now... those of you who are not fans/friends of mine, well, here is your chance to rip me. Take your best shot. Here we go.... 1. Not surprised we lost, but WAS surprised the game was so lopsided. But it was from the very first play/series. 2. In my judgement we lost badly and the "game plan" looked so poor basically because we got whipped badly at the LOS on both sides of the ball. Their D-line outplayed our O-line. Their O-line had their way with our D-line. When you lose the battle at the line of scrimmage, there aren't many game plans that succeed. I think all the comments about what "a terrible game plan" are badly overstated. Lose the Line of Scrimmage, lose the game. I don't know WHY we got beat so badly there, but we clearly did. Reich's comment about being outcoached and outplayed were the exact right things to say. You don't throw any one, or any group under the bus. But inside the franchise, there ARE answers to be found. The coaches WILL KNOW what happened. So will Chris Ballard. 3. I don't believe we gave up on the run too early as many here do. I believe the Chiefs took the run away from us. There's a difference. When you can't win with your bread and butter, then you become one dimensional and easier to defend and defeat. 4. I'm not the least bit down on Frank Reich and can't understand why many here have lost faith in him over one loss. After such an incredible season, you jump ship over one game? Sorry, but that says much more about you than it does about him. And what it says is not good. If you're one who wonders if we can do better at the HC position, then I hope you're cooling off after blowing off some steam for a day. Frank Reich coached a not very good team and got every last ounce of talent out of them. Most coaches would not have turned this team into 10-6 and a playoff win in their first year. Major props to Frank. Glad he's our coach. 5. I don't know why, but Luck was dreadful yesterday. Seriously dreadful. I think his first 3 or 4 passes were either batted down at the line of scrimmage, or batted down by LB's or DB's... and it looked like he lost a LOT off his fast ball. Was it weather related? Don't know? Was his arm tired after a long season? Don't know? But he was clearly off his game. He looked like the Andrew from the first 6 weeks of the season. I'm still hopeful that after an off-season of rest and rebuilding we will see an even BETTER Andrew Luck in 2019. His arm got stronger and better during the season. Should be even better next season. 6. Still curious if the success of this season will accelerate Ballard's 3-year plan of rebuilding? It might, but I have no gut instinct for it. I think there are arguments both for and against it. Ballard and Reich will probably have an end of the season meeting with the media tomorrow. Really looking forward to hearing/reading what they have to say. If not tomorrow, then Tuesday or Wednesday. Would recommend everyone pay close attention to it. Both are pretty transparent if you kow how to read between the lines. 7. Been a football fan for more than 50 years and this season was one of the most enjoyable I've ever expereinced. I suspect it's the same for many of you. Nothing that happened yesterday changes anything for me. I've been referencing the expression we're playing with House Money for months and that's the way I feel. We had everything to gain and nothing to lose. I kept posting about letting the young players play and learn on the job, even if it meant some losses. We did that and we will be a better team for it. I'm glad we didn't trade for all the big name players around the trade deadline. I'm not expecting a major trade this off-season either. Not for Antonio Brown or LeVeon Bell or anyone else. We might move up or down in the draft to get who we want, but that's standard for Ballard. But he's not trading for an expensive player. Not happening. I'm probably forgetting some things... over looking some things. Perhaps what you respond with will trigger some other thoughts. But I welcome hearing from you. Even if you want to tell me that I'm full of... well... you know. Bring it! The 2019 off-season has begun! Let the fun begin!!
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    Funny how we can win 10 out of 11 games, then lose to what is likely a Super Bowl team, and all of a sudden "we're just not that good" or "our schedule was weak" or we played lousy QB's." We are good. Better than most of the teams in the league. We're just not in the top echelon of the league, which only includes 4 teams (Chiefs, Patriots, Rams, Saints). We're every bit on the same level or better than the next tier of teams (Ravens, Cowboys, Texans, Eagles, Bears, Steelers, Chargers, Seahawks, Titans). Are you watching the Chargers getting embarrassed by the Patriots? It happens. When a top team plays their "A" game and a 2nd tier team plays like garbage, it's s blowout. We're simply not at the top level yet, but we took a giant leap towards that level this season. Another good draft, a couple key signings, and rookies with this year of experience (including coaches), and I'm confident we will be in that top echelon next season.
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    Its Gameday! And I just got engaged last night! Now let's pick up this W today and make my weekend complete!
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    Look, I know there are a lot of upset people about how free agency has played out, but I wanted to take a deeper look into Ballard's process and maybe relax some people's anxiety. 2 of Ballard's core philosophies are.. 1. Take care of your own players. 2. He wants the Colts to be the best team in the league at developing talent. I think we can all agree that FA has been full of huge contracts payed out to (outside of Earl Thomas and a few others) good, but not elite players. Ballard's view is likely that he'd prefer to spend our cap room on resigning OUR guys and keeping our core together, rather than let our stars go and try to find their replacements. Next year, we have a ton of big name free agents. AC, Kelly, Ebron, Moore, Sheard... just to name a few. Then TY is the year after. So, the question is, where is all this money we have gonna go? Its gonna go right there, to OUR guys. Now, I have seen many people say, "It doesn't matter what they spend, if we want to win a Superbowl we need better talent." If you are of that belief, you're not wrong.. What is wrong is assuming Ballard doesnt believe that too. He knows it. The difference is how he chooses to find that jump in talent. Instead of bringing new faces into the building on big expensive contracts, he is putting all his resources into developing the talent we have. Taking good players and making them great. Let's look at pass rush for example. (I'm gonna use Madden like terminology just because it's easy to digest) Let's say, on a scale of 0-100, Kemoko Turay was at a 75 last year. Maybe Preston Smith was an 84. Ballard drafted Turay with the belief that, (and again, I'm just thinking hypothetically here) with time/reps/the right coaching, Turay could be a 90. So, in his mind, his answer for the pass rush is already on the roster. Instead of REPLACING a 75 with an 84, he wants to UPGRADE his 75 to that same level and hopefully beyond. It's more affordable on the cap, and it establishes a culture of progression. When players think, "Man, the Colts can help me get the best out of myself. They can help make me the best version of me." then not only do they want to come here and stay here, but they also trust the coaches and lean into them. They work harder knowing that the team has a proven track record of success developing players. They become better players, we win more games, they earn their more money for their next contract. The entire system is symbiotic. It takes time, and I know that's frustrating when we as fans can't look on paper and just already know the team is definitively better than it was last year. But Ballard has proven that he can do this. Just look at last year... Ebron went from ridiculed bust to leading the league in touchdowns. Glow went from obscurity to incredibly impressive starting RG and earned a nice contract. Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir, even Quincy Wilson were mocked and called "the weakest position group on the team"... and look how well they played as they got better and better throughout the season. Ryan Kelly went from a solid Center to arguably the best center in the NFL. So, yes, its easy to be upset. Theres nothing wrong with wanting impact players to come to the Colts. But Ballard is banking on himself, and trusting that they're already here. He's earned the right to have this season go HIS way and on HIS terms, where he can prove to all of us that he can make that process work.
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    Here it is official: https://www.colts.com/news/colts-bring-back-howard-mudd-to-staff-klayton-adams-named-assistant-offensive-li
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    What a great guy. We need to bring him back. He could have even a better season if he had a entire off season with Luck.
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    A injury free Andrew Luck in his prime. Think about that for a second. No more rehabbing the shoulder, no mental block of worrying about getting hurt, no more answering questions if he can ever play again. This is going to be his first off-season in years where he can focus on his craft and not about getting better injury wise. To throw 4600 yards and 39 tds with basically just Hilton and Ebron to throw to is another scary thought. There is no doubt in my mind Ballard will get Andrew and Reich the weapons they need to really make this offense prolific. I can't wait for September already. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!! Side note, I just might be going to the chargers game next season. Crossing fingers
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    Some plays he remembers like Oher in The Blind Side trucking his opponent to the other end of the field
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    ....after it was discovered Pierre Desir had DeAndre Hopkins in his pocket.
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    So.... I'm sitting in my car this morning listening to NFL Network radio, and on comes a promo.... it's Polian on a recent NFL Network radio appearance and he's talking about Darius... Now, I'm going to quote him, but I'm sure I won't get every word right. But pretty darn close. You'll get the idea pretty quick.... And he says.... "Derrick Brooks made the Hall of Fame playing this Tampa 2 defense and Darius Leonard is going to be better than Derrick Brooks, MARK MY WORDS! In the years to come, when the Colts are the featured Nationally televised game of the week, and everyone sees just how great Darius Leonord is, they're going to realize he's a future Hall of Famer." There might be a little more, and I might be a word off here and there, but this was the gist of it... Darius Leonard --- Future Hall of Famer! Thanks, Bill! The Colts can't buy that kind of advertising. We'll take it!
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    So proud of this team. Its been a long four years, but now the journey begins. Next stop, houston
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    This has been an incredible season. The fact that we have a chance at 10 wins and a playoff game is amazing after starting 1-5. I really think we have something special with Ballard and Reich leading this team. Can't wait to see what else the future brings.
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    Don’t know if you all saw this. Darius Leonard and his wife had a baby girl named Mia a couple of weeks ago.
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    There is one good result from the Chiefs game... What a relief to finally have some leg room now that all the fair-weather fans have jumped off the bandwagon!
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    ***EMERGENCY*** **SEVERE WEATHER ALERT** NOTICE to all fans , players , andcoaches of the Kansas City Chiefs and located in and around Arrowhead Stadium. A powerful, fast-moving STORM has ARRIVED. This storm has moved progressively and left a trail of destruction thru the Tennessee valley and into Houston, where after 3 hours, turned northeast toward Kansas City. All people dressed in RED are advised to stay indoors, pteferably in the basement, until the danger is over at approximately 7:30 pm Saturday evening. ***This has been a civil service announcement ***
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    Colts can't protect andrew luck. Hes always hurt and he'll never be the same again -Least sacked team in the league -39 tds and 4600 yards. 2nd and 3rd in the league respectively Colts can't run the ball. Their a soft team that can't win upfront -Ran for 200 yards on the top run defense - 900 yard rusher in just 12 games - 5 100 yard rushing games including playoffs Colts defense is a bunch of no name players. There isn't a single play maker on that defense -Leonard will for all accounts be DROY -Number one scoring defense since week 7 allowing only 16 points a game -Did not allow a single 100 yard rusher all season -38 sacks on the season without a single double digit sacker We have always wanted to know what would the colts look like if Andrew had what russel wilson had for most of his career or Bortles last year and honestly this team will only get better which is the scary part about all of this. Regardless what happens on saturday, this team will be a threat in the NFL for years to come.
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    Great video. Did anyone else know Clark was a farmer. This video cracks me up. Looks like he lives a very simple life for being a big football star.
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    You seem like an individual who could win the $20 million lottery but then complain that there were 2 winners and you only received $10 million each.
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    I wonder if part of it has to do with the Denzelle Good incident.
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    I'm not gonna pile on him. His brother was murdered, and that's a hard thing to deal with. Wish him well with his new team. Do good, Good.
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    Anyone that thinks we're gonna walk out of nashville with an easy dub is in a rude awakening. This is gonna be a dog fight
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    https://www.colts.com/video/malik-hooker-picks-off-eli-to-seal-colts-comeback-win Gotta show Hooker some love on this play. I jumped out of my seat and screamed. Got hit in the head by the wife for scaring her
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    Ballard's line about... "we're not building a team to match up with others, we're building a team for them to match up with us." Was brilliant.
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    . The average age of the current roster: 25.2 Average experience of current roster: 3.2 Without AV's 46 years and 23 years.... Age: 24.8 & Experience: 2.9 For an 10-6 and 1-1 team with Rookie HC and coordinators and a 2nd year GM that is pretty spectacular. ****************************************** Carroll Phillips and Jihad Ward both played at Illinois and were coached by Phair ****************************************** Carroll Phillips and Ahmad Thomas won state football championships together in Miami in High School ****************************************** Antonio Garcia, after being a 3rd Round Pick (with lots of accolades) of the Patriots, was released after being diagnosed with blood cl.ots in his lungs and dropping 40 pounds. Fully healthy now he COULD be the hier apparent to Castonzo. ****************************************** Al-Quadin Muhammad was a 4 star recruit at Miami and was suspended with then teammate Jermaine Grace (former Colt) and missed 2 years of college ball due to another suspension where he was falsley accused of an domestic altercation with a roomate - he was still drafted in the 6th round by the Saints on pure talent - redshirted even though he tore up the preseason twice - and Ballard scooped him up at cut down day. Theoretically he would now have his 4 years of college experience and I believe he will breakout candidate this year! ****************************************** Deon Cain and Marcus Johnson both started their college careers as quarterbacks until transitioning to wide receivers. We will reap those benefits. ****************************************** Jihad Ward is my other breakout candidate on the defensive line. He was always better suited for the UT position, and Eberflus surely saw that when he coached him at the Senior Bowl and with Dallas briefly, as does Phair his old college line coach. Now that he is in a position to use his natural abilities with us, I see 5-10 sack potential in him and he will be my second breakout candidate of the year. ****************************************** We have 6 tightends on the current roster, only one of which was drafted. Additionally, 2 were college bball players (Travis & Alie-Cox) and one was a wide receiver (Billy Brown). Very interesting and diverse backgrounds for the deepest TE room in the league. ****************************************** Lastly, while I will not have Cain or Fountain as breakout candidates (yet), but, I will say that they will contribute this year in the offense. Likely at the expense of Pascal and/or Rogers.
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    Here my first attempt(it's going to be an aggressive one... more of a what I want to happen than what I think Ballard would do). It is NOT going to be perfect and I probably will make some mistakes with free agency designations(RFAs vs UFAs etc.), assumptions about the price of players etc.. If you see egregious mistakes please don't hesitate to point them out. I'm using Overthecap's Colts page for salary numbers. I'm using this article for Colts' own free agents. I will be using spotrac's free agency tracker to find other teams' free agents and if there is market value figure listed, I will try to be close to it, unless I deem it ridiculous for one reason or another. For the draft I will be using fanspeak's mock system. I will run it with Matt Millers board, but I will try to take players based on how I feel about the players without trying to cheat the system(for example if a player I have ranked no. 20 is there on the board at 26 and is BPA, but is ranked 77 on Miller's board I will NOT pass on him because I know I can draft him in later rounds, I would consider this cheating the system because I have information that in the real world GMs don't really have). Starting Team Cap Space: $117,374,480 Own Free Agents: Unrestricted FAs Pierre Desir, CB 3 years 17M (9M guaranteed, 6 fully guaranteed first year) Clayton Geathers, SS 1 year 3.5M Margus Hunt, DL - 1 year 3M guaranteed Dontrelle Inman, WR 1 year 5M guaranteed Mike Mitchell. SS 1 year 2.5M guaranteed Matt Slauson, OG 1 year 2.0M guaranteed Adam Vinatieri, K 1 year 3.5M guaranteed Mark Glowinski, OG - I want to sign him, but IMO he's going to get more than I'm willing to give him so I will let him go Najee Goode, LB Ryan Grant, WR Geneo Grissom, DE Ryan Hewitt, TE J'Marcus Webb, OT JJ Wilcox, SS Al Woods, DT Restricted FAs Evan Boehm OC/OG - original-round tender(1 year/2.05M) Mathias Farley, S - original round tender(1 year/2.05M) Chester Rogers, WR - original round tender (1 year/2.05M) Chris Milton -no tender Corey Moore - no tender Ross Travis - no tender Exclusive rights FAs Marcus Johnson, WR 1 year 660K Luke Rhodes, LB/LS/ST 1 year 660K ----------------------Total Spent on Own FAs: $32.97M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $84,404,480 Other Teams' FAs: Preston Smith, DE, 26 years old. 4 years 48M(28M guaranteed, 12M fully guaranteed in the first year) - here's a young free agent coming off his rookie contract. Ex-2nd round pick. A player who's been improving every year and has shown some exciting things athletically. He is an athletic freak who will fit seamlessly into our aggressive attacking scheme(eventual replacement for Sheard) Tyrell Williams, WR 27 years old, 3 years 30M(16M guaranteed, 10M fully guaranteed 1st year). 10M a year might seem a bit excessive but IMO he is the best WR on the board and he will get paid because of an overall underwhelming class. He has experience with both Sirianni and Reich and I can see them pushing for him. We need a reliable big receiver who can track and catch the ball in contested situations. We don't really have this type fo receiver right now. He also has some speed which helps him get separation. As you can see I'm targeting young players throughout this mock - he is still only 26 years old too(will turn 27 in couple of weeks). Mike Iupati, OG 31 years old - 1 year 4M - multiple times pro-bowler and all-pro, Iupati has finished two consecutive years on IR and is getting up there in age, this is why I'm giving him a smaller contract than one might assume for the level of player he is when at 100%. This year he started very shaky after missing almost the full 2017 season, but was gaining steam by week 13 when he suffered an MCL sprain and was placed on IR. I will be willing to take a chance on him returning to his high end play from before his injuries(2017 bicep injury, 2018 MCL - so I don't think they are related). He will be starter/competition for the RG spot on our roster. Grady Jarrett, DT, 26 years old - 5 years/75M (46M guaranteed, 15M guaranteed 1st year) This is the crown jewel of our free agency. I'm not sure Atlanta will let him hit free agency, but if they do, we need to jump on it. He is an elite interior lineman and just had his best season, ranking no. 6 on PFFs interior linemen ranking and a lot of it was due to his exceptional 3d down pass-rush productivity - according to PFF he was ranked 3d in win %(21.8) and 2nd in pass-rush grade (90.1) on 3d downs. Yes, he is undersized but come on. That's the reason he was underdrafted too... at some point his play has to matter more than his 6'0 height. He is one of the better interior linemen and better interior pass-rushers in the league right now and again - he's still just 26! Put him in our either at the nose or at 3tech and unleash him onto opponents. I believe he can even improve his pass-rush productivity when given the license to just go and be aggressive. Cam Fleming, OT, 26 years old, 1 year/4M - a solid swing tackle/spot starter/depth Justin Coleman, CB 26years old - 2years 8M (5M guaranteed, 4M 1st year) - solid CB for competition/depth... Again... he's still young too, comes from Seattle, just like Desir. Those are the main FA acquisitions. I will give allowance of about 10M more for filling out the roster with several more depth/competition pieces. And with that said... ----------------------Total Spent on Other Teams' FAs: $59M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $25,404,480 And here comes the draft... Round 1. Pick 26 Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson... here we go. We put together a Clemson interior linemen combo of Grady Jarret and Christian Wilkins. Both of them can rush the passer, both of them can stop the run. This is the off-season we get set at interior DL. Round 2. Pick 34 N'Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State. Regulars here know that I'm not Harry's biggest fan but if he falls to the second round, I think the value is solid and I think he provides exactly what we need as a after the catch threat. He's extremely explosive with the ball in his hands - he can make people miss and he can truck over them when needed to get an extra yard or two for a first down. He's very physical at the catch point on contested catches. He completes our receiving core very well. Round 2. Pick 58 Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware - very physical and aggressive safety, with great technical tackling skills and good in coverage. He is extremely versatile and can play both in the box and single high. Will fit great in our system and will be great complement to Hooker. He might be this year's small school gem, ala Darius Leonard. Round 3, pick 89 Dalton Risner, OT/OG, Kansas State - one of PFF's favorites. Reports are that NFL teams are not as crazy about him as people assumed early in the process. Matt Miller has him pretty low on his board too, but I have to take him here. I'm willing to draft him as a depth/competition/developmental prospect with versatility to play both RT and and guard. He's got a physical and nasty streak in the run game and has good anchor in pass pro. Needs work with his pass set in pass-protection, but overall I think he would be a steal at this point of the draft. He might even push for starting spot sometime during his rookie season. Round 4, pick 128 Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma If he was healthy he would go much higher, but a RB with a current ACL injury is likely to fall(and he did in this simulation mock too). He has in spades what Mack is missing the most- contact balance. He has good size and plays with force and power in addition to having a great burst through even the smallest holes. I think he can be a great complement to our stable of young RBs and possibly be even more if he manages to stay healthy. Round 4, pick 135 Chase Hansen, LB Utah. He's a converted LB(from safety) and he's a playmaker. Flies all over the field, very rangy. Had impressive 22 tackles for loss and 5 sacks this last year as his first time LB. Comes from zone defense so he will fit well in our Tampa 2. Has to work on getting off blocks better, but that's why you get him in the late 4th. Round 5, pick 165 Jamel Dean, CB Auburn. Had somewhat of a down year but I still like his physical profile. He is huge and physical! If he gets his hands on you at the LOS and jam you, you are not getting much separation. Might be better fit for man-press scheme, but oh well... at this point of the draft I'm good drafting physical and athletic profile and coaching him up to do what is required in our scheme Round 6, pick 200 Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson - great hands, good router runner. Slot receiver in our rotation. Round 7, pick 242 Joe Dineen, LB, Kansas ----------------------Total Spent on Draftees: $10M ||| Remaining Cap Space: $15,404,480 Depth chart: Offense: QB: Andrew Luck, Jacoby Brissett, Phillip Walker RB: Marlon Mack, Rodney Anderson, Nyheim Hines, Jordan Wilkins WR1: TY Hilton, N'Keal Harry, Zach Pascal, Daurice Fountain, Steve Ishmael WR2: Tyrell Williams, Deon Cain, Marcus Johnson, Krishawn Hogan Slot: Dontrelle Inman, Chester Rogers, Hunter Renfrow, James Wright, Jordan Veasy TE1: Jack Doyle, Mo Alie-Cox TE2: Eric Ebron, Billy Brown LT: Anthony Castonzo, Cam Fleming, Le'Raven Clark, Antonio Garcia LG: Quenton Nelson, Joe Haeg OC: Ryan Kelly, Evan Boehm RG: Mike Iupati, Matt Slauson RT: Braden Smith, Dalton Risner, De'Ondre Wesley Deffense: LDE: Jabaal Sheart, Denico Autry, Jihad Ward, Al-Quadin Muhammad DT: Christian Wilkins, Hassan Ridgeway, Grover Stewart 3T: Grady Jarrett, Margus Hunt, Tyquan Lewis, DeShawn Williams RDE: Preston Smith, Kemoko Turay, Carroll Phillips WILL: Darius Leonard, Chase Hansen, Anthony Winbush MIKE: Anthony Walker Jr., Skai Moore, Joe Dineen SAM: Matthew Adams, Zaire Franklin SS: Clayton Geathers, Mike Mitchell, Isaiah Johnson, Ahmad Thomas FS: Malik Hooker, Nasir Adderley, Mathias Farley, George Odum, Rolan Milligan RCB: Quincy Wilson, Jalen Collins, Jamel Dean LCB: Pierre Desir, Justin Coleman, D.J. Killings Slot: Kenny Moore II, Nate Hairston Special teams: LS: Luke Rhodes P: Rigoberto Sanchez K: Adam Vinatieri *names in green are rookies **names in red are new FAs Any thoughts and critique are welcome.
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    Nah, you have 18 years to be with her. Saturdays are for the boys!
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    Colts beating themselves has to be the biggest concern. If we don't beat ourselves, we can go toe-to-toe with them.
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    Just no. Any guy who would just not show up and walk out is not the character we need on this teen. Why do you think the Steelers imploded with all that talent. To many players who only think of themselves and are not team guys.
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    Deserves a round of applause tonight. 5 catches, 71 yards and a TD. Led the team in receiving yards and catch totals
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    The Colts will probably be linked to half of the free agents on the market this week. There will be a lot of smoke, there probably won't be much actual fire.
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    Initial contract details: Update: Ian Rapoport also reported that it includes a $4.2 million signing bonus.
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    Stop giving the man clicks..
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