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  1. I don't disagree but I did not follow the American League so much. I remember him as a White Sox player. Am I right? Who do you think should have been voted in before him? Some of the guys I saw that he was going against in the voting were Albert Belle, Joe Carter, and some others. Joe Carter is a guy who hit a dramatic HR to win a World Series for the Blue Jays. I may have put him in first...but I am not looking at stats. Maybe Baines has him beat by a lot. I am going solely by recollection. Baines was also a quiet guy. Maybe that is why I don't recall so much.
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  3. Christmas Music Here through the last months!
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  4. I am ok with Baines getting in. Here are his numbers: 2866 Hits, had he had 3000 him getting in would be a no brainer .289 average = Not Great but Very Good 1628 RBI's 384 HR's -Problem some people have with Baines is, he just did everything Very Good but wasn't Great in 1 area like hitting 500 HR's for example, he had 384.
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  5. Yep...a great reliever before it became envogue. Baines on the other hand.....hmmm..can I say I question that one. I mean all the guys that can't get into the Hall and he is who does. He was a great player...but HOF....me thinks not. I mean it only takes 12 of 16 voters to get in (mostly ex players and managers etc)....clearly a push back to the analytics crowd lol. Seemed more like he was buddy buddy with guys on the committee than anything.
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  6. Absolutely he deserved it , he had great years in Chicago , St louis and if im not mistaken Boston ?He should've been in sooner.
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