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    The Dodgers just pulled a Brewers on the Brewers, down 3-0 and win it with a 2 Run HR 4-3! Go Dodgers! Now lets see how the Brewers respond to losing HFA. Next 3 are in LA. They finally got a taste of their own medicine and their luck ran out. As of now the Dodgers are favored to win the series, just like that . Nice choke job by Yelich at the end, he got owned by Jansen
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    Well if the Dodgers get trounced, I’m all in for the Astros being an ex Texan and all. Really I’m for whoever is against the Rockies, lol.
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    I still can't picture the Brewers holding up the WS trophy. They may get by LA but watching them hold up the WS trophy would be similar to watching the Indians do the same. Can't picture that either. 2 small market teams that usually choke somehow. I still say the winner of the WS will come out of the AL, I have been saying that for a while now. Even if the Cubs were still in it I would feel like that. The Sox and Astros both are just so much better than everyone else.
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    I’ve not watched any baseball since my Cubs knocked themselves out, salty I know. A lot of Brewers fans are awful, and just relishing the opportunity to rub this in our face. Payback will come next season brother, count on it!
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    Brewers won again! Maybe they are just that good this year. Another 1 Run win.
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