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    Even tho we lost, I feel like there were a bunch of positives and overall outperformed my expectations. - Luck looked fantastic minus that first throw -Ryan Grant did a good job as the #2 -Ebron is going to be the guy between him and Doyle -Leonard was all over the place. Very impressive -Same with Hooker. Couldn't tell he had that nasty injury -O-line looked solid. Even without Castanzo -3rd down conversion was great. Don't know the exact numbers but had to be around 10-15 -Defense was really not as bad as expected. Besides letting Mixon run all over us. -Rookie RBs flashed great potential. I thought Hines looked better even tho ball security scares me. Anybody else impressed with something?
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    1. The COLTS lost this game, not Geathers, not Doyle, not Wilson, not the offensive line, not the defensive line.....the COLTS as a team, collectively lost this game. Also remember, first time HC, OC, DC and ST's coordinators with the youngest (minus Vinny of course) roster in the NFL. Full stop. 2. All of the things that worried even the most casual fan came into play, the running game of the Bengals and thier stout defensive line. Thier lines controlled the game for the most part. Why act surprised when it actually happened? 3. Speaking of thier defensive line, we should be looking to them as the blueprint for what Ballard is trying to build, 8 deep that rotates in, stays fresh and crashes like a wave in the 4th quarter. 4. Stopping the running game is fixable, I saw a lot of gap assignments that were missed, including sealing the edge on the 26 yard scamper by Mixon that sustained a drive. The average age of this team is 25, the defense actually averages around 24 so they will run hot and cold as they gain experience. For example, great play by Turay EXCEPT for reaching too high and horse collaring the ball carrier. And again, Turay provided the pressure forcing that last FG by the Bengals. I will say this, Autry was virtually invisible the entire game and as I suspected should be used as a run stopping end and situational interior pass rusher. 5. Those of you poo pooing on Haeg when it was Webb and Braden Smith that gave up the back-to-back hits/sacks by Dunlap.....once Castonzo returns to LT and Haeg returns to RT the oline will be fine. Nelson held his own against a perennial pro bowler in Atkins and Kelly and Slauson played just fine. 6. Mack, Wilkins and Hines will make a nice trio of runners/receivers in this offense as the season wears on - I do think with those 3 Hewitt should be active on gameday as a lead blocker though. 7. Ebron, Doyle and Swoope will be a good trio in the middle of the field. 8. Ryan Grant is as advertised, no frills, runs good routes and catches the ball. As does Rogers and Pascal. But, we need a true number one in the draft next year for sure. Those guys all need to be in the slot, not on the outside. 9. The young secondary will only get better with more time together. Wilson and Hairston on the outside and Moore in the slot with Hooker/Geathers/Farley will be just fine and make more plays as they gain experience and confidence. I think Milton isn't long for the 53 man though and Lenzy Pipkins will be called up from the PS soon. 10. Those young linebackers are going to run to the ball and smack someone in the mouth.....and will also overrun a play a whiff. Today both Adams and Franklin layed the wood on special teams, Leonard was virtually everywhere and the combo of Moore/Walker were running and hitting as well. Moore did seem a little tentative at times like he was still diagnosing the play and was a step slow - that will improve with more game time. 11. The defensive line was equal parts frustrating and exciting today. For every good pressure or penetration they got they gave up a big run or lost contain. They will get better with coaching up on maintaining gap assignments just like the linebackers will. The interior of the line, more specifically the UT's (Autry) were invisible and allowed the red rocket to step up into a clean pocket under Sheard, Hunt (and his 2 sacks), Turay, Muhammad and Basham. 12. Special teams were just fine, even with the missed FG. Coverage units converged and hit the returners squarely. 13. My final point, A LOT of posters in the game thread were saying they see the same old bend but don't break defense. You're comparing a bunch of rookies and 1 year veterans playing thier first meaningful snaps against established veteran teams of the past. What I saw was a YOUNG team making YOUNG mistakes but one that looks to be more talented (collectively) than those teams of the past.
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    Capt. Luck says, Do not fret.
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    And your user name is misspelled. Everyone has things to work on and fix
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    I know there have been some positive posters but I’ve seen a lot of negative comments. Overall the Colts played a pretty good game and if the ball would have rolled this way or that way it could’ve been a different story. Think about how many changes have been made to this coaching staff, players etc. I know people don’t think highly of the bengals but they do have some playmakers and this is a new season. The team will grow and get better and I am proud to see some good things come out of this game when I had no idea what to expect. On to Washington!
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    I thought they called a great game, and had the best game plan they could put out there. Playing without the starting LT and with two rookie RBs. I can't believe how many ignorant posts I've read here. For all those complaining, do this drill: How many Colts that played today would start for the Bengals? Luck, no doubt. TY would be their #2, possibly Nelson. That's it on O. On D, maybe Hooker, maybe not. Luck is a great equalizer, but the coaches did a great job of keeping us in this game.
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    You have 8700 posts on this forum. Really? You can't believe it?
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    So no one is going to give the Bengals defense ANY credit for knocking that ball loose? The Colts knocked 2 out of A.J. Green's hands. Was that bad play by Green or good Colts defense for knocking those balls loose?
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    It was really just the way we lost that hurt. If you step away from the emotional aspect of the game , and view the broader picture , it really wasn't that bad. Lots of positives.
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    One day the Colts will find that 4,5 or 6th round RB that grows on trees everyone talks about.
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    When glass is being emptied, it's half empty. When the glass is being filled, it's half full. The Colts glass is definitely half full.
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    The young LBers are going to be fun and they played well. Woods and Hunt were great. Grant's solid Wilkins and Hines (Hines caught the ball and protected it) Luck threw for 300 and a couple deep balls We're young. It'll be fun to watch this team grow.
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    Browns are getting closer to getting that big fat complete win soon. It's coming.
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    I'm happy to have Andrew back. I thought for the most part it was a good, competitive game. That final play could have very easily gone the other way and could have been the game winner for us, but it wasn't. I thought for the most part Andrew looked good. I thought for the most part our Defense looked good. It was a disappointing loss, but.....I am still optimistic.
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    It was one of many plays that cost is the game. Whether you want to see it that way or not
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    I agree that’s it’s more how we lost at the end. That’s what sucks. That, and a lot of us have to go to work in Bengals country... Their fans, will not be kind. It was great to see Luck back, and great to see him overcome that interception. There is still a lot of work to do for this team to win a game.
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    My expectations are low this year so any wins are just gravy to me. Want to see Luck get through the season in one piece and keep improving all around mostly.
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    Quenton Nelson is the real deal.
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    He didn’t cost the game. Good grief. Even if he holds on to the ball and gets the 1st down, there is not guarantee we get a touch down, which we had to have.
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    I thought we would get blown out today. We were going up against a good, physical, experienced team while fielding a very young team. To my surprise we looked organized and fast. The play calling was very good but we just made too many mistakes to win the game. This team will get better each week they play together. Anything more than 6 wins will be a good season for this team. I’m looking forward to an exciting season watching this young team.
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    He’s the red rifle not the red rocket haha. A red rocket is a dog boner FYI.
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    The only thing that held Mixon back was the number of carries.
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    Ppl were ripping Hines on here. Glad he played well
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    Anyone that expected this team to be without major flaws was kidding themselves. Lots of young players. Plenty to be happy about on this game. And plenty to worry about as well. Just enjoy watching the young guys develop.
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    It happens. Doyle is still solid. Colts still made plenty of mistakes to a poor Bengals team. A lot of promising things for the Colts today. They are still not a good team though. Plenty of more losses to come. Expect it. Improvement is the important thing this year.