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    I'm embarrassed with my post about Leanard. I was wrong and eating crow because the guy is looking real good.
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    I don't, not when it comes to draft picks which are an inexact science anyways. Like Polian said "if you listen to the fans, you will be sitting with them". I wonder how many words of mine could be regurgitated back to me from when I was loose with my mouth in my youth. We all say dumb and uninformed things in our lives, no different on a forum. That is all I can say.
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    Safe to say there would be no "we"... "We" would be the LA Colts by now.
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    Going to Colts/Pats with my husband next month. LOL should I cover my eyes during the game or can an upset happen? Luck looks fine IMO, but Brady is some sort of freak ageless wonder that even makes Lebron James jealous.
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    Just having fun. But in retrospect, isn't judging after one game....just as silly as judging before a guy has played?
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    Or go back to the '98 draft & look at how awful every single pick is outside of Manning. If not for the Manning pick, that's an all-time horrible draft class. He gave me a migraine yesterday when he was in at left tackle.
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