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    I need to learn to stop putting my foot in my mouth. Trust me I was as surprised as anyone. Doesn't change the fact he is a big downgrade defensively. I knew he had a good bat and expect him to continue to hit well. He has lost some of his punch but he is still a dangerous hitter. Again I like him as a player and a signing....it just meant to me that someone was hurt to go out and get him. Maybe this is what the team needed. If guys don't produce then Theo will go out and replace you in the lineup. That said Russell/Baez double play is probably one of the best in the league. Both have great range and great arms.
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    Cardinals win again! Very nicely done by them. The NL Central standings after tonight (August 22nd) reads as: Cubs 72-53 *best record in the NL, own #1 Seed Cards 71-57 (2.5 back) *own the 1st Wildcard spot Brewers 71-58 (3 back) *own the 2nd Wildcard spot -In the NL East, Braves own the #2 Seed as of now (71-55) -In the NL West, D-Backs own the #3 Seed as of now (71-56) -Of course in the AL, the Red Sox are running away with the league at 89-39! Can anyone beat them come Playoff time?
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    Yeah people can poo poo it all they want but getting Murphy for really nothing was huge and a gift.
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    Murph is 2 for 5. Did Dgambill say that Murph could not turn double plays? I see he was part of 1 double play on defense.
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    8-2 Cubs, Rizzo just Homered, back to back HR's by Baez and Rizzo!
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    Cubs are now up 3-1, Murphy just got a Hit which got another Run home. Off to work gang but I will follow the game at work.
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    Hey Cubs actually Scored more than one run. A 2-run Homer instead of just a solo shot. Botes with Almora on
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    Yes they can be beat , but its gonna take a hot team with good pitching to back it up.
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    I should not have singled you out. I apologize. We all joke with each other on this thread and we all get along. You wrote that you were surprised. Are you referring to the double play or the trade? A large gathering of Mets fans just got on the subway, trying to beat the crowd. The Mets are losing 3-1 in the bottom of the ninth.
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    Cubs win 8-2, still remain 3 games ahead of the Brewers. Fly the Flag Hozer.
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    Baez 3 Run HR, it's now 7-2 Cubs! The explosion on Offense finally happened.
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    It's now 4-1 Cubs. This is much needed. Brewers already won today. Cards at Dodgers later tonight.
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    Take care brother, it will be interesting to see what happens tonight.
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