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    I think its time we show what this so called 32nd rank team is really all about.
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    Why is swoopeon your list and not Ebron? Just curious
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    I had some in my possession until I put it in my bong......now it's gone.
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    Mets finally won a game that deGrom pitched. They beat the Reds 8-0. The guy has a 1.77 ERA and his record is under .500. The kids (guys from minors) are playing well. I want to see the kids the rest of the way.
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    Dear Mother and family, I will take the pensile to let you know we are alright. We have seen the greatest commandant heading to the west and pass through our shadow. A messenger in this hero's company has informed us of the great Colonel Luck and of an injury he sustained in battle, but this most noble of warriors has overcome the worst and is now preparing to battle the Hawks who swarm by the sea, well behind us. They have the tallest of odds so we wish him and his Regiment's company, the greatest of outcome. My commander has bestowed the kindest of wishes forthwith and on behalf of our sum. After assembling hardy weaponry, we continue our volunteer journey back eastward to the great war. We are within a fortnight. Please favor me and feed the chickens extra cornmeal the night of your read. I long for my return to Madison. 12th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Christopher Crosby Farley
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    Yeah, no. Perhaps you meant all the times they are wrong, except when they’re right? Most media didn’t like the looks of the 2017 Colts. Posters ridiculed those media reports. But NOBODY acknowledges they were right. The Colts went 4-12. Most media didn’t like the look of the 2016 Colts. Posters here ridiculed the forecasts that predicted we would not be in the post-season. The Colts went 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Nobody here EVER remembers that. EVERYBODY remembers the media hated us in 2012 and we went 11-5. Fans have been living off of that mistake for years. I appreciate that this is the nature of fandom.... I just wanted to remind folks that sometimes the media is more right than fans want to admit. Anyway.... carry on! Have fun! Don’t mind me! Let’s all enjoy 2018! Dilly! Dilly!! Go Colts!!
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    really can't wait to see him prove everyone wrong
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    Yeah, I have to try the sports bar experience this yr for the first time as well since I no longer have Direct TV anymore & I didn't grow up in the selfie obsessed cell phone era. Therefore, my existence is not defined by social media period & my self worth is not bound by technology either. Thank you for saying that SMRE. I wish the one team package was a reality. It blows when you live out of market & have to pay for all or nothing. That's not a choice DTV; it's extortion created by a monopoly. Also, it bothers me when society acts like you're a neanderthal if a person living in the 21st Century doesn't own a iPhone or computer. I own a computer obviously to surf the forum & keep updated on INDY's prospects & wins etc. It just annoys me when people think you're a creature from another planet if your phone isn't attached at the hip. End rant.
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    Nice Ken Burns documentary filmmaker diary entry there Chris. The only thing missing is the background music. You know, a hauntingly moving composition on violin. Here we go. Problem solved:
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    Cards up 5 to 1 going into bottom of the 8th . The Bull pen looks great since they made moves and went with youth. Youth on starting staff pitching very well also the future looks very bright for them.
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    Brees believes Luck is ready, and repeated his prediction on who will win the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year award. "I think I have already said it," Brees said. "Him and Darren Sproles are my two picks for comeback players of the year because I have a little insight on the way those guys have been working this offseason." That is Drew Brees's take on #12 - good news
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    If the Colts players were not held accountable under Pagano, the team would be wildly undisciplined and would also be a losing team. We know that under Pagano, the team had a winning record. As for penalties, the Colts finished the #8 least penalized team in 2012. In 2013, they were the #1 least penalized team. Last year, they were the #7 least penalized team. The other years, they were in the middle of the pack. Winning and discipline were fine under Pagano. I don’t see accountability as a problem under Pagano, and it showed on the field. Pagano wasn’t a great coach, but he was a ‘good’ coach. He had his flaws and is no longer here, but he was not nearly as bad as the forum would make him out to be.
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    All the bases have been covered in this thread... good job, all! I don’t care who wins, I just don’t want to see serious injuries and I’d like to see improved play from all the usual suspects..... If we can wake up Friday with all the right boxes checked, then a Thursday night pre-season game will have been well worth it.
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    Watch his most recent press conference if you haven’t yet. We have an extremely excited (albeit nervous) quarterback and I’m so happy FOR him. I think once he gets his confidence back, “checks off the boxes” if you will, we are going to see an Andrew Luck that some of our fan base has even forgotten about.
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    Gonna keep it real with you @CR91 I feel attacked by that Apple juice line. Why I gotta be singled out? You wanna take this outside or something? jk
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    Can't believe Joe West is still working in baseball. He is one of the most argumentative umpires out there.
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    Not sure of the fit here at DE...but I would gladly trade Simon and our extra 2nd we have next year for Mack. Guy is a double digit sack machine entering his prime. Granted we have to re-sign him but we have tons of money to do that. Everyone complained we didn't go out and get anyone in free agency but Mack is a star.....which we don't have a single one on that defense. Immediate upgrade and someone for our rookies to learn from. We still need help in the secondary but dang pass rushers like him don't grow on trees.
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    It is clear Ballard and company value everything a player brings (or lacks) to the table, not just ability. That said, Ballard is also adamant about (re) building the (winning) culture back in to the Colts. Locker room too. Outsider FA’s brought in will be vetted strongly for culture fit as well as scheme fit. In addition, projected production vs. anticipated pay will weigh in. Nothing rips a negative wave into a locker room quite like massively paying an outsider FA and he comes in and does not produce accordingly. GM’s build four the long haul as much as the upcoming season.
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    Cheerleader of the Week: VANESSA
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    I’m more worried the Colts will win all their pre-season games than not. Im so used to losing out in pre-season I feel like if we win it will jinx our season
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    Based on all feedback, the draft date and time is set for September 1, 2018, at 6 pm ET.
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    This is laughable. We had 4 wins last year with no Luck and terrible coaching! I cant remember the exact stats but sure we were winning at half time in a few more of those games and were competitive until the fourth quarter in almost all of them. The difference new coaching, Andrew Luck (even with a bit of rust) and some young fresh talent can make, means our floor must be 6 wins IMO.