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    Mets finally won a game that deGrom pitched. They beat the Reds 8-0. The guy has a 1.77 ERA and his record is under .500. The kids (guys from minors) are playing well. I want to see the kids the rest of the way.
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    Since the Mets held pat with their hand this year they HAVE to go all in. They have a great young staff....it is now or never. They are never going to have as good of a chance to make a jump back into the post season. I say this off season sign Kimbrel and either Machado or Harper...fill in some holes with some affordable talent...maybe bring back Murphy and really make a run at this thing. Hopefully Cespedes comes back healthy and a young guy or two develops but dang they can't go another year like this one can they?
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    Cards up 5 to 1 going into bottom of the 8th . The Bull pen looks great since they made moves and went with youth. Youth on starting staff pitching very well also the future looks very bright for them.
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    Can't believe Joe West is still working in baseball. He is one of the most argumentative umpires out there.
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    Brewers just got smoked by the Padres! Pads score 6 Runs in the 9th Inning, Holy Moly! Cubs now 2 full games ahead in the NL Central.
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    I disagree with signing a bunch of free agents, especially high-priced ones. This is why we cannot sustain any success. Winning comes from drafting well and making smart trades for young players that will grow together. Old teams don't win anymore. Mets have never had success with free agent hitters. Trades have worked better but not great. Do you you remember telling me that you thought Neil Walker was better for the Mets than Murphy? Walker was not bad but he was not great. He is no longer with the Mets. I would have preferred Murph. Murph used to get on base consistently. We have not had that since he left. I don't want Machado or any other high-priced player. I was disappointed that they re-signed Cespedes. I want youth, speed, and guys who hit for average. I wish the Mets built the team like the Vikings do.
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    The Mets have 2 ACE's which is a huge luxury, alot of teams don't have that. Cubs don't even have that. If they get some Good Hitting they could be dangerous next season.
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    Padres now pouring it on the Brewers 9-5 in the Top of the 8th! Cubs win 5-0, Fly the Flag Hozer! After tonight we may be up 2.5 games?
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    I go to Evansville at least once a week My Dad went to University of Evansville(East Side) and I went to Univserity of Southern Indiana(West Side) @BrentMc11 almost went to UE
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    DYK KC 1st Baseman Drew Butera was born in Evansville, Indiana
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    Cubs are down 2-0 in the 5th right now and the Brewers are up 6-0 in the 5th.
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