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    Less than 3 weeks until "the boys are back in town" !!
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    I think this team needs Lance. He was the "McKey" for us. We could put him on the other teams best player and we would keep them in check. Olidipo is capable, but I don't want to see him used like that.
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    It looks like we may end up having 4 of our last 5 draft choices on the roster. Unfortunately, the minutes played by them will be very small and in trash time. Holiday will be the exception. Who to resign? Good question. Collison - If he isn't demanding too much, he may be good to bring back. Maybe to back up Holiday if Holiday proves to be ready. Joseph - Probably not. Bogdonavich - He should be affordable. Good from three. Young - Not sure on him. He hasn't shown much as far as PG skills. Evans - He is a wait and see.
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    I agree. Getting Lance back would make the Pacers significantly better than last season.
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    I agree in the stats he won't be a 15 and 8 guy. I just meant as in ability. 15 and 8 would be far from his usual 25 and 13. I just meant that if he comes back as a much lesser player like a 15 and 8 player, he is still a huge weapon off the bench. I don't think he'll sign with Golden State next year. However, who knows.
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    I was doing some research and this is the best 4 season stretch that the Cubs have ever had since the merger in 1947 when African Americans were allowed to play in the MLB. Take a look: 2015 = 97-65 (Made the NLCS as a Wildcard) 2016 = 103-58 (Won the WS as #1 Seeded Division Champs) 2017 = 92-70 (Made the NLCS as #3 Seeded Division Champs) 2018 = 49-35 so far this season (Currently a Wildcard team) Totals: 341-228 59.9% winnings - 4 seasons in a row, win 60% of your games! 3 NLCS Appearances 2 Division Championships 1 WS Appearance 1 WS Championship -It will never get better than this for us Cubs fans so lets not take it for granted. It would be so sweet if we can win at least 1 more WS with our same core group. If it doesn't happen at least we did get 1 during this run. I am just going to kick back and see how 2018 ends up . -Here's how clueless some of the Posters are over at ESPN. William Bryant Posted "Let's see what cubs can do against a good ." That was the exact quote but I am sure he meant good team. I would say like go 8-3 vs the Brewers so far . They have the worst Posters in the world over there. Now days there are only like 10 Posts too on the Game Thread's and if the Cubs lose the same 3 Trolls always pop up. ESPN has went so down hill on their Convo Board that it's a joke. Glad this is here, Thanks Jay.
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    Klay and Draymond are up after next year. If Boogie makes any kind of progress, they could let Klay (Klays dad wants him to play for the Lakers) and Draymond (He wants a max deal this next go around) walk. Steph, KD, and Boogie could be the main 3 and they build around them.
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    He'll be back next year. Even if he returns at 70%, he's light years better than McGee and Zaza. They'll probably keep him shut down until after the All-Star break, which would be ~14 months of healing. Even if they get him for just the last handful of regular season games and the playoffs, that 5.3M would be more than worth it. He's going to have play next year at some point because he's going to be chasing his 19'/20' contract.
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    Yep Cousins can space the floor you can’t help off him...he can also post up and get you some easy baskets. His pick n roll defense will be the big question but GS will likely just out score most teams. I just wonder if he will get enough shots to stay happy. If he is content with his role...wow GS will be tough to beat.
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    For @Lollygagger8, because the guy just rocks, he passed a difficult work related exam recently, & since it's the almost the 4th Of July, I wanted to leave my brother from another motha with a decent celebratory BANG of my own... This guy named Josh Steffen & he plays Lars Ulrich to perfection man! I idolize drummers like this who make their presence both heard & felt...This dude is amazing! My kinda fella. LOL! Proud of ya Lolly! Enjoy the fruits of your labor man & drink a cold one on me tomorrow. That's an order. Okay, more of a polite command really. You earned it my man. To all my other amigos on the forum, have a blast on Wednesday & try to keep all your fingers & toes attached.
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