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  1. Brother the Cards split with the Crew up there and let one get away , Cards have been bit pretty hard by injury , still hanging . I fully expect them to make a move in the Central . Also I expect them to make moves to bolster their team before the trade deadline. Molina handling the young pitching staff well . It will still come down to the Cards and Cubs . It will be an interesting stretch in my opinion. Have been out of town so haven't kept up totally watched the Cards game from yesterday when I got home. After being down two zip in that series they showed me some guts to come back and win l
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  2. Yeah you guys did great to get a split on them in Milwaukee. I was glad to see it brother. The Cubs completely laid an egg in Cincy over the weekend. Morrow and Edwards both are out with injuries and it has killed our BullPen. Our BullPen was awful against Cincy.
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  3. It will have to be addressed and the Cards will have to as well if we don't get some pitchers healthy in the Pen . If we don't it will be what removes us from the race. Brewers are in same category and their starters are not as good as they were.
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  4. Yeah, 4 in a row in that situation is an anomaly. But a good team losing to a bad team is not. It happens.
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  5. At least the BrewCrew lost, Cubs still only 2 games out of 1st in the NL Central despite this disaster of a series.
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  6. Yeah we have hit a little snag . Our BullPen has issues right now. We need to get these next 2 games just to break even in this series.
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