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    Actual footage of Vujnovich near other teammates' feet
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    Prince, a fellow Vikesfan, would have celebrated his 60th birthday today, if he were still alive. I think his halftime performance in Super Bowl XL1 was the best I have seen. And who won that Super Bowl? Continue to rest in peace.
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    They've said for months that he will start throwing somewhere after OTA's and before training camp. Ya'll are just being dramatic
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    Luck is almost fixin to get ready to get close to getting ready to throw a regulation football really soon in the not so distant future.
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    Caesar Rayford. The man, the myth, the legend. lol
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    Roy Hall would be a more apt example wouldn't? Big, fast WR from a major college program. (Sorry had to throw a Buckeye out there)
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    Steve Etman played in only a few games in his career with the Colts. The kid was the real deal, look at the won vs loss record when he played. Brandon, not Brian, was a very talented O'Lineman but was killed prior to the pre-season by a driving accident. Andre Rison went on to be a very good Wide Receiver...
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    I enjoyed watching Gonzalez too. I remember his very first NFL touchdown against the Ravens. He put a double move on David Pittman, it was an out and up type pattern and Pittman was faked out so hard he fell to the ground leaving Gonzo wide open for a 57 yard dart from Manning. Now Gonzalez is the GOP Primary in Ohio, if he wins the November election against Democrat Susan Moran, he will have a seat in the House of Representatives at just 33 years old. Its good to see he is still successful outside of football after injuries derailed his career.
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    Collie would have been awesome if not for the concussions. He had the quickness in and out of his breaks like Harrison and hands like Wayne and also a dedicated pro who worked hard at improving. He was one of my favorite Colts in his short time with the team.
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    Austin Collie will always be a case of what could have been. His football IQ was very high and when he was on the field, he was highly productive and found open spots in the zone for Peyton always. He was an outstanding route runner that could separate though he was not the fastest guy. I am glad he has found his new passion, and that is to help others that deal with issues like his.
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    T.O. should have been a first ballot hall of famer without a doubt, but stunts like this just make it easier for members of the media to justify not putting him in sooner. Come on T.O. have some class and change your mind on this one. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/23723959/terrell-owens-declines-invitation-pro-football-hall-fame-induction-ceremony
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    I agree. This looks childish and selfish. I hope he goes.
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    A lot of people follow their Alma Mater, and where their kids go/went to school. Others like doing their home version of draft scouting from the HD TV's. Indeed. The only league that is competing for players against the NCAA is the Pacific Pro League. That is exactly their target as a matter of fact. Different but still very much a football flavor. They have produced some quality NFL guys too.
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    Luck is getting close to throwing? So soon, Wow! Quick healer. Lol Let's hope it's true and no setbacks when he does start throwing the 'Duke'.
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    Hello folks. I’m back Sorry for my absence from the forum, had a death in the family and it’s just been a lot going on. But I’m back now to supply you guys with more updates and all the other good stuff
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    How about he goes in when he shows up, but needs to be voted in again.
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    Steve Emtman Quentin Coryatt Trev Alberts Anrhony Gonzalez Brandon Burlsworth Austin Collie Jon Hand Andre Rison Jeff George I could probably go on......but I digress
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    Cmon man, I’m still holding out hope for a return of Caesar, he is a beast in hiding. I feel it
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    Joseph Jefferson, Donald Strickland, Quinn Pitcock, Drake Nevis, Buster Davis to name a few.
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    It's not that he can't. It's that throwing a regulation football NOW is not part of the process. That's not supposed to happen until later. He reportedly is still rehabbing and building strength. Walk before you run.... Luck is still walking.