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    A funny thing happened when I went to mom's on Mothers Day. Cubs lost to the Braves that Sunday. My step-dad and I were talking about it and out of nowhere my mom looked at me and said the Cubs suck this year don't they . I looked at her and said where did that come from? She said, I know I watch a little and they are nothing like they were when they won it all. She said, that team was unbeatable. I walked away thinking, damn even my mom thinks the Cubs are Bad!
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    Same with the Mets. They scored 5 runs in a 3 game series against the team with the worst ERA!!! Now they play the Brewers who have the best bullpen ERA (CBE, Mets broadcasters also mentioned it, but you mentioned it here FIRST ). Mets play the Brewers, Braves, and Cubs next before interleague play.
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    "Honestly it seems the Cubs have been hung over since that last WS win". - I agree with this 100%. People that don't watch them everyday like we do dont see it. They just assume because we have Bryant, Rizzo, Zobrist, Russ, and Schwarber we are Great. They assume Lester is what he was 2 years ago and Darvish walks on water. Last year and this year so far, I have seen some very lackluster games out of the Cubs. Something I didn't see at all in 2016 when we went 103-58. The only time I had my doubt in 2016 we wouldn't win it all was when we were down 3-1 to the Indians in the WS. I think most people were worried at that point though. We still came back and won that even.
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    While posting my favorite all time albums....how did I forget this?
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    They are not bad , they could use a couple pitchers to prop up the pen , but they are far from bad .
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    OUCH! That is a tough schedule, at least the Cubs get a 3 game set with the Giants starting Friday. I am still not even taking that for granted the way we are playing.
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    Great pitching wasted. Speaking of pitching, Jake is in the running for the Cy Young award. He pitched a shutout today. He is pitching well. Cubs wished they had him back.
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    Yeah very frustrating. Russell missed a 3 run HR in the 2nd Inning by like a foot and Rizzo got thrown out at home in the 7th. 0 Runs is really mindboggling. A Great wasted Pitching performance by Lester.
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    That sucks, sorry about that. Cubs are losing 1-0 last I checked in the 7th Inning. Back to our ways of scoring no runs I guess
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    Yeah Harvey looks solid so far for the Reds. Sometimes a change in atmosphere does a player good.
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    deGrom pitched 7 scoreless innings, lowering his ERA. He has a 1-0 lead. Let's see if the Mets can win it. The Marlins have a man on and a man out in the 8th. Lugo is pitching. I heard on the Mets broadcast that Matt Harvey pitched very well for the Reds yesterday.
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    No doubt. The Cubs don’t have that mental sharpness. That hunger for success to prove themselves. Kind of full of themselves. I can understand that running over into last year but they should have had some hunger to get that success back this year and I don’t see it. Just kind o coasting on their talent. Madden is a good manager but he needs to turn that attitude around or else management may have to ship some guys out to make a statement.
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    What is funny is with how inconsistent the Cubs have been, if the season ended today the Cubs would still make the Playoffs as the final WC Spot % points ahead of a few teams. The NL Standings are so bunched up, the parity is unbelievable right now.
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    Agreed its not a move the Cardinals would make...which is exactly why we shouldn't lol.....Cards have always been one step ahead of the Cubs. I think we have good people in charge right now. We traded some talent for Chapman because we had a glut of young guys blocked at the AAA stage. We don't have that now...still lots of talent but I don't think we are as close to winning a WS as we were a couple years ago...the pitching isn't as strong...the make up mentally isn't as strong. Honestly it seems the Cubs have been hung over since that last WS win. They just don't play with that same hunger. Next off season I'm all for making moves....I just don't want band aid fixes.
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    I really don't think they are better than the Cubs but are pesky and Good. They keep winning too, maybe they will fade as the season goes on but who knows? Luckily we just beat them 4 straight games like a month ago otherwise we would be 5 or 6 games out of 1st already. -Brewers won again today 9-2 over the D-Backs.
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    Cubs shutout, offense doesn’t show up, again! Base hits is all we need....BASE HITS!!! What the heck. Oh well.... GoCubsGo!!!!!
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