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    Greg Cosell was on Tennessee radio and they went through the division spending good 10 minutes on every team's draft, including the Colts. The part about the Colts starts at about 10:00: Here are some highlights: - a team that's trying to rebuild from the inside out. Even if Luck is ready, the team needs to be physical, not put everything on Luck - Quenton Nelson will start right away at left guard - clearly the best guard in the draft and some may say best G prospect in a long time - He likes Braden Smith - he will end up the starting right guard sooner rather than later - 4 year starter, 41 consecutive starts - high level of consistency in terms of execution, awareness, savvy... doesn't jump off the film like Nelson, but he very rarely loses reps, not many bad plays(this might explain why he was ranked this high, #3 guard in the draft, by PFF - they are big on not losing snaps and not having bad plays rather than completely dominating in some snaps). If you need him to kick out to tackle, he can do it. - Darius Leonard - off-the-ball stacked linebacker - really good small school prospect. Really good size, length, really easy movement, really good play speed and range to play inside out, sideline to sideline. "The more I watched him the more I believed he's a high level linebacker, who can be a 3 down linebacker in the league". - Tyquan Lewis - will be ready to push for snaps week 1 - he can play DE and he can play DT - really solid, consistent, good player, maybe he can develop into meaningful pass-rusher from the inside as he grows in the NFL - Kemoko Turay - fascinating guy - his size, his length, his explosive movement traits are first round level, but his production didn't match that and that's why he's drafted in the second round rather than the first. But he's got 1st round physical traits off the edge. "If they can develop him... 6'5 250lbs, long arms, ran well... this guy is highly, highly athletic and he has explosive closing speed". - Nyheim Hines - Frank Reich comes from the Eagles, who didn't have a foundation back, so the expectation is the Colts will have RB by committee Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Turbin. He's a shorter back, but close to 200lbs, ran phenomenally well at the combine. Quick, dynamic feet, great change of direction, showed that jump cut ability that always looks cool. He's got great lateral quickness, he's got speed through the hole, burst and he's a good receiver. Really intriguing pick. - Deon Cain - can become productive WR. He was an enigma based on 2017 tape, had to go to 2016 tape, which gave a much better barometer about the type of prospect he is. He was more smooth, more fluid in 2016. He looked more explosive and dynamic. And those are good traits - 6'2" over 200 lbs, ran well... 10 yard split was phenomenal... there must be something else there for him to not be drafted higher?
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    Hasn't the prescribed response to a bully always been to fight back? In this case, the argument seems to be 'he's not a bully, he's just a jerk until you fight back,' and to me, that seems like typical behavior for a bully. In Incognito's case, he's been reprimanded by his teams in the past, even before the whole Jonathan Martin thing went public. In 2009, he was voted the dirtiest player in the NFL by other NFL players. He had anger management issues with the Rams. I guess we can call it whatever we want, but there's a years long history of him being disrespectful to other people, including his teammates and coaches. His public actions over the last couple months make me believe he's unstable. He reworked his contract, then a month later fired his agents on Twitter. A few days later he retired on Twitter, directing questions to the agents he said he was firing. He would go on to say that his liver and kidneys couldn't handle playing in the NFL. A few days after that, he un-retired on Twitter. Not long after that, he begged the Bills to release him, again on Twitter. And now he's throwing weights at someone in a public gym (allegedly), and is now on an involuntary psych hold (again, second time in four years). This same person destroyed his own car with a baseball bat, and then said he was just venting. Bully or not, I don't think he should play football anymore. He seems to be coming undone, and he should probably get serious help before something really bad happens to him or someone else.
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    But, is Andrew Luck throwing a Duke yet???
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    Here's the thing. Everyone is looking at this move by the owners as a way to stop the negative publicity and such. Which it is. But I think there's more to it. I think this was a move to appease both sides as an attempt to get the NFL out of the political crosshairs and back to being an American Passtime. This was a move designed to unite the teams and players as they didn't ban kneeling, they simply said you have to it off camera, off field. Which is where ALL political statements should stay. I don't know about anyone else, but I watch the games to get my mind off all the stress and drama and other nonsense in the 24/7 news cycle that is just bombarding everyone. I don't tune in to see political statements or social issues during the game. That doesn't mean the issue doesn't exist but there's better places to do it.
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    I do Civil rights movement, women's suffrage
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    Some of my favorites https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2018/05/11/marion-county-deputy-saves-baby-florida-orig-llr.cnn http://kjzz.com/news/offbeat/walterboro-police-officers-happy-dance-will-make-you-smile-video
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    NFL Owners: "We'll just sweep this mess under the rug and into the locker room. Problem solved."
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    A funny thing happened when I went to mom's on Mothers Day. Cubs lost to the Braves that Sunday. My step-dad and I were talking about it and out of nowhere my mom looked at me and said the Cubs suck this year don't they . I looked at her and said where did that come from? She said, I know I watch a little and they are nothing like they were when they won it all. She said, that team was unbeatable. I walked away thinking, damn even my mom thinks the Cubs are Bad!
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    I've generally stayed out of the kneeling threads because the issue is just so stupid, but these are my thoughts: This whole thing started the Sunday morning Kaepernick was told he was no longer the starter. He throws a temper tantrum by kneeling for the Anthem in defiance of his coach. After the game and he's calmed down a bit, some reporter sticks a mic in his face about why he knelt, and he fabricates some canned issue that generally gets unwavering popular support, some sort of persistent inequality in our country. He didn't say it was about police or a racist slave owner song writer writing the anthem. It was the generic feeling of inequality. An easy way to get support. (Edit: You know, if I was a QB "of color" and got benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert, I'd probably come up with all sorts of wild excuses about how racist the country is just so I wouldn't have to admit to myself I was worse than Blaine Gabbert) Because the concept of perpetual inequality is constantly reinforced in various venues, groups of people who are triggered into giving unconditional support for that concept come to the defense of Kaep even though he did something really stupid to raise the issue. Realizing that protesting the anthem has nothing to do with inequality, the defenders, who have now embarrassed themselves by defending the nonsense reason for Kaep's protest, have to come up with another reason for the protest that tries to make sense of it. They fabricate the lame excuse that a verse originally written by slave owner Key alluded to ownership of people, and that the verse (that isn't part of the song) means the rest of the song that became the national anthem is a racist song. (Avoiding the obvious, that politicians TOOK OUT that verse of the song in order to make it acceptable for the rest of the song to be the national anthem) Having taken yet another step down the rabbit hole of stupidity, these people finally grab some issue of the day worth protesting, police brutality, and then say that was/is the reason for the kneeling in the first place. Instead of just letting these people totally embarrass themselves with going down these rabbit holes of made up reasons for defending Kaep's original temper tantrum protest for being benched, politicians and the commissioner get involved, making the whole stupid temper tantrum by Kaep some sort of national issue. Having said that. This policy does nothing. Players are still protesting the anthem by staying in the locker room. There is no difference between kneeling and staying back. Its an irrelevant policy that we are supposed to think means something. So anybody who is offended by ignorant players protesting the NATIONAL anthem over police brutality committed by local municipalities' police forces (no such thing as a national police force, so maybe a Raven should protest the city of Baltimore instead?), or because the writer was a slave owner and the song was edited before it became the anthem, or because of general inequality, or simply because Kaep sucks and got benched, this policy shouldn't really appease anybody. They're still protesting by being absent.
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    They might as well stop parroting the US flag too: http://www.usflag.org/uscode36.html#176 Or remove it the flag from the helmets: Cuz you know... respect for the anthem and the flag and all that...
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    Honestly, this is probably for the best. Stay in the locker room unless you want to stand for the national anthem. That's the rule. I find it childish that some players or staff are going to look for ways to get around it and do what they want anyway. It's like dad told you no but you run to mommy and she lets you do it. Bleh... About the concessions thing. NFL stadiums are so large so I don't know 100% that they stop for the anthem. But I go to many baseball games and literally everyone stops for it. You may have the occasional person who doesn't give a crap or isn't paying attention or something. But for the most part, everyone is polite and respectful. Does anyone really think that the protests actually work? It's successful in creating awareness but does it statically create anything? Fast forward 100 years and I think we still have the same issue. For the most part, it's victim mentality. For the most part...
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    Did we insult your country? No, so take that crap elsewhere before it creates a giant argument and thus a forum lock down.
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    Never got the connection between kneeling for the anthem and the problem they were protesting. Seems ignorant. I think I'll follow their lead. My employer has a policy of no soft drinks at the work station. Because this country has had a history of inequality, slave ownership, and now police brutality, I think I'll protest buy drinking a coke while I work today.
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    Land of the free, where children can shoot themselves and people defend their right to carry guns like they still live in the Wild West, where even Nazis can speak freely because of freedom of speech but some athletes kneeling during an anthem or kneeling in front of a piece of cloth? That's an absolutely no go... americans are killing me sometimes with that kind of hypocrisy and blind patriotism.
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    Greg Costello just loves Leonard. This is the 2nd different interview I've seen with him and his praise for DL is high.
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    Its better than being forced on the field and standing, and yes it is free speech because you are still making a choice and expressing yourself. Not sure if you're aware that you don't actually have to be someplace to express yourself. A lack of presence by choice is still an expression.
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    Same with the Mets. They scored 5 runs in a 3 game series against the team with the worst ERA!!! Now they play the Brewers who have the best bullpen ERA (CBE, Mets broadcasters also mentioned it, but you mentioned it here FIRST ). Mets play the Brewers, Braves, and Cubs next before interleague play.
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    An objective viewpoint (with supporting reasons) for why I have tempered my immediate expectations for a 6th round WR (who I have said that I like)...and you point and cry "Hater!" Talk about useless blather. Grow up.
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    I am with Jed York and Sage Rosenfels
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    "Honestly it seems the Cubs have been hung over since that last WS win". - I agree with this 100%. People that don't watch them everyday like we do dont see it. They just assume because we have Bryant, Rizzo, Zobrist, Russ, and Schwarber we are Great. They assume Lester is what he was 2 years ago and Darvish walks on water. Last year and this year so far, I have seen some very lackluster games out of the Cubs. Something I didn't see at all in 2016 when we went 103-58. The only time I had my doubt in 2016 we wouldn't win it all was when we were down 3-1 to the Indians in the WS. I think most people were worried at that point though. We still came back and won that even.
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    Of course there is hypocrisy - you are OK with NFL and NFL teams draping the flag horizontally before EVERY SINGLE GAME even though it's explicitly against the 'respect of the flag' code because their intention is not to disrespect, but you don't extend the same courtesy to the players, who do something that's advised against in the very same document, but they explicitly say they mean no disrespect . This is the embodiment and definition of hypocrisy You might very well be right about the prudence of their strategy, but this is not really what we are talking about. Also, it's worth pointing out that this is NOT the only way they are drawing attention and addressing the issues they seem to care about. I wonder if you knew that and purposely ignored it or if you didn't even know about it?
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    Agreed 100%. If it were up to me, I'd just remove the anthem from every sporting event that isn't international (Olympics, World Cup, etc). Problem solved. You can't protest something that's not there, and people aren't spending their hard-earned money to have phony patriotism shoved down their throats, they're paying to watch a football game.
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    Yup, it's right up there with QBs that have accuracy issues RBs that have vision issues Olineman that have strength issues DTs that have play recognition issues Lbers take false steps CBs that have trouble locating the ball Safeties that take poor angles.