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    What if he doesn't play the first preseason game, like 2016? Or what if he plays the first game, skips the second? End of the day, only time will tell. I'm not paying a whole lot of attention to any of this speculation. I think he'll be fine, but the craziness won't die down until this whole saga is in the rear view mirror.
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    From NFL.com about him on draft day, very first line....."Fires out of starting blocks at the snap. Difficult to control him off snap." NFL Comparison: Caraun Reid (who is currently on the roster too) His analysis has UT written all over him, as does Reid obviously.... Very solid waiver pick-up here! We are 3rd on the waiver wire so we have an excellent chance to make incremental improvements all off-season!
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    Wow, you spent 30 years in the media. Why haven't you mentioned this before?
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    That's why Ballard brought in the ex Navy Seal who had the same issue with his recruits. He designed a system that increased the % to a much higher retain rate. He be ieves it translates to football as well. I believe that's one reason why we taped our interviews with players. Balllard also brought in the best trainer in the leagues history to keep our players healthier than the average. Ballard is trying to beat said averages is what I'm saying.
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    You're not the first poster to make this claim. And every time I ask the same question.... who were the players the old staff didn't develop that went elsewhere and were developed by another coaching staff? And every time I get the same response.... (crickets)... no one... And look who we developed... Doyle.. Vonte... Darius Butler... Michael Adams... Dwight Lowery... Jarrell Freeman.... and Sanchez, our new punter. There's seven guys who played the best ball of their careers for the Colts right off the top of my head... So who did the Colts not develope that went elsewhere and turned into something... I think you're going to struggle to come up with names, but I'll wait... The problem wasn't as much the old staff as it was the old GM... he had trouble finding enough talent. That's in part why he's the old GM....
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    Some people say I'm an under achiever. One day I'm going to get a job and show them all.
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    I'm waiting until one of those CB's or LB's that we all liked in the draft get waived and see if he passes on them a second time around....
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    The biggest difference between Chicago/Tampa Bay and our Colts 4-3 defenses were ALWAYS the quality if the interior defensive line and the MIKE/WILL. We never had the beef inside and lets face it, Nickerson/Brooks and Urlacher/Briggs is hard to replicate too. But Polian never invested in the interior line like he should have!
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    He's not DE in 43 scheme. He's listed as DE because he was on the Chiefs who use 34 scheme. He's interior lineman, not EDGE rusher. He's 307lbs. Will likely be 3tech for us if he wins a spot on the roster.
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    How do you know your team was bad last year? Your punter has a highlight reel.
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    Who the hell is going to watch this?
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    How many do the Indians win that year if not shortened ?110 or 112
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    2001 Mariners lost in the ALCS to the Yankees so they didn't lose to Humpty Dumpty and his buddies and they won 116 games so they are probably #1. The 2016 Indians almost gave me a heart attack and made me eat a bunch of Tums so for that I put them #2.
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    I don't know that it has "worked out" yet but anything for Harvey was fine with me. Harvey may turn out to be the second coming of Cy Young and it would not bother me. He was not working out for the Mets. He was too self-centered. Moving to a place without as many distractions may work for him.
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    LOL, how often does a trade work out for both teams that quickly?
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    I know it's early but I am impressed with the whole Division so far. Even the Reds are cooking now.
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    A look at the NL Central Standings going into May 12th games, Cards 22-14 (W2) BrewCrew 23-16 (W2) .5 back Pirates 22-16 (W4) 1 back Cubs 20-15 (W4) 1.5 back Reds 12-27 (W4) 11.5 back -The Cubs have won 4 in a row but because the 4 teams ahead of them are also sizzling hot, they haven't gained any ground over the last few days. The whole Division is on fire, Reds have even won 4 in row. -No longer the Dark Knight, Matt Harvey has now become the RED KNIGHT! In Harvey's Reds debut, he pitched 4 scoreless Innings. Reds defeat the Dodgers 6-2 who now fall to 16-22. What is wrong with the Dodgers? Dodgers now 8 games behind the 1st place 24-14 Diamondbacks in the NL West. -I love the AL East race. The RedSox and Yankees both are tied for 1st at 26-12. That should be fun to watch all season.
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    Dorsett was a terrible pick in the 1st.
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    I am late to the party but I was going to say them as well. They won 116 but lost to the Yankees in the ALCS. That Indians team that lost to the Cubs is probably 2nd, if a couple breaks go their way they beat us.
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    Remind me, what did the Colts brass say about Luck this time last year?
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    your statement would only make more sense if we didn't have a new head coach. Because under pags i would totally agree with u
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