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    I’m perfectly fine if Ballard already decides to go ahead and bring Quenton Nelson back in the office after practice today to talk about a 4 year extension on his rookie deal
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    Colts Rookie Minicamp runs this weekend with today being the first day
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    We landed 2 top tier guards in the draft that may have solidified our core 3 interior line and in the process we did not overpay for Norwell like the majority of us wanted Mr. Ballard is very smart.
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    LOL, I’m actually scared that Nelson will injure some of the other rookies! Knock on wood!
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    Nobody knew who 2pac was before Dr. Dre?
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    Yeah.... well I'm with @DaColts I'm not getting it either.... Rendered meaningless? CJ had four more 1,000 yard seasons AFTER his 2k yard season. So, doesn't seem meaningless to me. And he got badly overused. In a two year window, he had 675 carries. In 32 games. Do the math, that's 21 carries a game for two straight years. Teams don't do that any more. The Titan burned him out. And that doesn't include his receptions. You make it seem like anyone can gain 1,000 yards if they're fast enough. The problem with that argument is most players who are that fast don't want the heavy contact that comes with being a RB. That's why the super fast athletes are more typically WR's and Corners. They avoid contact. Not CJ. If gaining 2K yards was as easy as those in this thread make it out to be, we'd have someone doing it every year. But that doesn't happen --- does it? If you simply want to argue that Adrian Peterson was a better back, a tougher back, that his accomplishment were more impressive you'll get no argument from me or anyone else. But trying to trash Chris Johnson to make some point that his accomplishments weren't that impressive is just silly. Embarrassingly silly.
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    Agreed. We'll see in time how his picks pan out. But i gotta say, he seems to really kjow how to do the GM thing. I LOVE how we gained draft capital, and i agree, compensatory picks ate huge. This draft mad me realize how even 4th, 5th, and 6th round picks are more valuable than i originally thought. You can trade them now too. They are great to package, or grab someone you like before UDFA.. Once again, we'll see on draft picks, but other than really mis-reading and trusting McDaniels, I really like what Ballard is doing. And when our own home-grown talent are free-agents, We'll have the money to keep them. The guard Norwell or other free agents would have been nice, but Ballard seems uneasy to take that big $ risk on players we havent had in-house as players so we really only have tape to go by. Hard to argue that since i have trouble remembering the last big $ FA really "earning" the big contract. It seems many dont even last thru the contract:
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    Norwell signed a 30 million dollar guaranteed contract. You think it would have been good for the Colts to offer more to sign him? Nah, they got two really nice guards for a rookie contract. Ballard will have the cap money to sign some pretty nice free agents after the core of the team is built to win. I look for Ballard to have one more draft and then check the free agent market. Signing high dollar free agents just covers up the deficiencies in the core of the team.
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    That first football he throws is going into orbit. I'm starting to wonder if all this "shoulder injury" nonsense was really just a cover up for a secret, experimental upgrade on that cannon. I think there are some shady European doctors hiding in the background of each of his press conferences just smirking and wringing their hands.
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    OK...... I think it's time for me to jump in here.... First.... the offense wasn't under Pagano... the offense was under Arians, then Pep, then Chudzinski. They have have been operating on the wishes of Pagano, who always preferred "chunk" plays, but the day to day operations and the play calling is under the OC, not the HC. Second.... my memory is not what it once ways... I've lost a few miles an hour off my fastball, but I'm pretty confident when I tell you, I don't know where you got the notion that Ryan Grigson threw Chuck Pagano under the bus. When did this happen? When Grigson was fired? If he said it then, I don't care, and it got lost in the massive celebratoin of Grigson's firing. And if you're going to claim he said it some earlier time, during his run as GM and Chuck was his HC, then I've got a series of questions to ask you..... Such as.... If Grigson had made such a comment, why didn't it turn into national sensation? Or a local sensation? A GM who publicly throws his HC under the bus?!? That's a headline story. Except there are no headlines of that happening. Where was the 1,000 post thread talking about this? (And we've had several threads over the years exceeding 1,000 posts.) Why are you the only poster I've ever read to make such a claim? Why haven't i read this claim from any other poster who doesn't like Chuck, and on this website, there are no shortage of posters who don't like Pagano and would delight in repeating this ALLEGED crack from Grigson. I've never seen this claim except from you. If Grigson said it going out the door.... well.... BFD.... I think Grigson has been pretty exposed as a fraud.... If Grigson said it in his recent interview explaining his tenure here, again, BFD.... He hired the man! He hired Chuck Pagano. Grigson was the boss. If he didn't like Chuck's scheme's he could've insisted Chcuk hire coordinators more to his wishes. He could have gone to Irsay to try and fire Pagano. Which he probably did. And Irsay sided with......... Pagano. Of course, then it goes back to Irsay trying to keep Grigson and Pagano from killing each other with the use of therapists. I find these random shots at Pagano to be cheap and unnecessary. Flimsy at best and worthless at the least.... I'm sorry.... I don't mean to be a jerk about all this.... but I find this viewpoint a big mystery and I don't pretend to understand it.....
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    There shall be no refunds or exchanges for those who fail to see the greatness of this story.
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    Every time I see a new post on this topic, I check it hoping he's finally responded. So far nothing but disappointment. This thread cannot be locked. Not until the crow has been eaten.
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    Yeah you guys have some key injuries right now but still have maintained a solid record at 20-14.
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    Not sure how this Cubs season will go but one thing is for sure, the Cubs are building a nice winning tradition over a number of seasons finally. We are no more the lovable losers, no more the team with a curse = Billy Goats/Bartman, or a laughing stock. I was doing some research and over the last 30 seasons (1988-2017) only 3 teams in the NL have even made it to the NLCS 3 seasons in a row with at least a WS win and the Cubs are 1 of them. The other 2 were the Braves from 1995-1999 who made it 5 in a row (won WS in 1995), Cards from 2011-2014 (won WS in 2011) who made it 4 in a row. Cubs have made 3 straight NLCS from 2015-2017 and won the WS in 2016. This season so far is a mystery on how it will end? Just some fun Cubs talk, we start a series with the beloved Whitesox starting tomorrow.
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    It is especially in a sprint. Go watch the bolt versus tyson gay race when bolt ran 9.58 and tyson had 9.71. A .13 difference
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    I was thinking the same thought about knocking off the rust, and how long he has been out. I also thought back to Peyton with that infected bursa sac in his knee, and those first 5 games were ugly. Now Andrew is younger than Peyton was then, and he is in great shape, but it will take at least a 1/4 of the season just to get reacclimated to the game. My guess is Reich knows this already, and the game plan will be designed around more short passes, getting it out quick, so he can get a groove going, and that muscle and game memory reassert themselves. Game Plan will be crucial, but if he does not play well, it is something I expect. If he does play well, it is gravy since just having back healthy is what I care about. I am hoping with Nelson, Kelly, and Smith (if he starts) will be able to open some holes and our running game will also help him. Nothing makes a QB better than a good line and running game. Andrew has had none of these things his first six years. One more thing I think is a big positive which I think is overlooked is the amount of information he processed over the last year being on the sidelines, and just being able to watch. The way his mind works, I think it will be more like having a coach out there, which will allow Reich to start giving more rein for Luck to call his own plays and switch out of bad plays. It may take a bit, but I forsee positive things going forward.
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    I had a girlfriend once tha loved to rise and grind. Best way to wake up in the morning. besides wake and bake, of course.
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    Cant wait for literally every one of the talking heads on tv to eat crow when Luck is back and better than his 2014 season.
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    Either Andrew is auditioning for Capt. America or he is doing a TON of work on everything but his throwing. He looks jacked....especially his legs. He may not be able to throw but he hasn't been sitting back drinking Mai Tais. What the heck did they do to him over there in Europe?? Hope no secret serum.....I know who is getting tested first this year. I mean the beard alone has to scream he is on Testosterone right? lol
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    It was on something called "ChatSnap" yesterday.
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    Ben Roethlisberger = butt hole for as long as he has lived.