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    Watching the Colts GM and Head Coach sit side by side and talk Colts football? It's hard to imagine that Reich would ever be seen as the backup choice to come coach the Colts. These two guys are on the same page and after everything this organization went through with the whole Pagano/Grigson disaster, it's so nice to see how everything turned out for this team. These two guys get it. I could sit here and listen to them talk football for hours and listen to them talk about why they selected each player in the draft. Andrew Luck and the future of the Indianapolis Colts are in good hands. If Luck, Reich, and Ballard can't bring at least one championship to Indianapolis then I don't think anyone can.
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    Not to throw a fly in the ointment but this kind of talk is exactly what was said the first couple of years in the Grigson/Pagano era. Maybe it would be safe to wait and see how this works out before crowning champions?? Don't get me wrong as I truly like what is going on but let's not fool ourselves into counting the chickens before they are hatched.
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    Of course. You can’t spell colts with out OL. Sorry. I’ve really been holding that back too.
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    Walker looks a lot more fluid at that weight moving around it would make sense for him to be the Mike in this system he seems to diagnose plays very well solid tackler with some range. I think him being trim in this system helps since they likely want a gang of players meeting to the ball speed is a premium. I won't put much stock into the LB's and where they might end up. In all cases, they need to know all 3 spots in the system.
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    I knew you'd be here! Before I even got halfway through Dougs post I knew you'd be the first one on this. You said the same thing I was thinking. Carry on! LOL
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    We have a quite a ways to go before saying we are contenders. We still have a couple of holes that I think exist before we can really say anything about contending. 1) Elite pass rusher 2) better than average running game 3) a healthy Andrew Luck.
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    I read this and I think this is awesome. . . we almost certainly got a lot better up front. We just drafted both of the 2017 AP first team All American guards in this draft. Listen I said before that I would have rather had Josh Jackson over Smith, but I can say this. Ballard is 100% committed to keeping Andrew Luck protected. Grigson never showed this level of commitment to protecting the franchise.
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    Definitely have hope now. Our squad deteriorated at the end of the last regime. Hoping Ballard hits on these picks. Reich I'm digging early on. Kind of has some Dungy chillness about him.
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    Our fanbase/forum won't lose its mind if they allow a sack or two a game.. Q.Nelson's first sack he'll be a bust around here.. lol.. sarcasm off..
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    @krunk and @NewColtsFan I believe he started a huge thread about the drafting tactics of Ballard.....I didn't read it as I understand each team evaluates players based on thier own criteria and how thier abilities mesh with the thier schemes..... To say X player is better than Z player because a draft publication says so is dumb when they're grading them purely on measurables and not fit. Anyway, just my $0.02......
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    lebron owns then so badly they should give him stock in the company
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    While its always best to get a superior athlete over a not-superior athlete, I have a bit of concern when Ballard implies that athletics are premium consideration, and that the rest can be coached up. (thinking more about some of the draft picks maybe and not this UDFA) Can tackling, at least willingness to tackle, be taught? Instincts, play speed, and pattern recognition? It reminds me of the era when baseball outfielders were judged by how much footspeed they had, and less about how quickly they judged the flight path of the ball as it left the bat. Nobody can run down a baseball. A half-step head start and proper angle judgment trumps a half-second quicker 40 time and pure drill quickness. IMO, he was undrafted for a reason and I assume he had reasonable coaches in college.
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    This series was over before it began
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    It is cool. Just to say you put on a pro uniform and tried out would be a dream for 99% of us who ever played the game.
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    We have one His name's Eugene.
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    Yeah, that was something Ballard said during his 2 hour media presser that really jumped out to me, the idea of Nelson setting the tone for the OL & raising everyone's level across the line... I don't think it is too much of a stretch to at least hope that improved play on both sides of Kelly, with Nelson & Smith, can help raise the level of play across the whole line...
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    There are guys getting cut from other teams as we speak right now. We are in good position on any waiver claims we want to make. And I'm sure there's going to be a decent veteran or two who gets axed in the next couple days/weeks.
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    I hope you arent a stock broker or palm reader.
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    Matthew Adams-49 Michael Badgley-1 Dein Cain-8 Chris Cooper-37 Lashard Durr-36 Daurice Fountain-10 Zaire Franklin-97 Nyheim Hines-42 Steve Ishmael-3 Robert Jackson-34 Tomasi Laulile-66 Darius Leonard-53 Tyquan Lewis-94 Skai Moore-48 Quenton Nelson-56 George Odum-30 William Ossai-47 Braden Smith-72 Henre Toliver-42 Kemoko Turay-57 Jordan Wilkins-30
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    ..and Toronto is better than we are..but we actually think we can beat Cleveland..and we have guys who aren't afraid of LeBron.. Raptors treat LeBron like he's Prince Charles..and he just crowns them
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    It seems the player that Nelson tea bagged is K'Lavon Chaisson 6-4 240 lbs. OLB for LSU
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    I have basically taken some heat over the past day since I have posted this, and we shall see come draft night, however I stand by my post/assertion. I get where everyone seems to think that the Browns "MUST" take a QB at 1 overall but I'm telling you that neither one of the top 3 ( Rosen, Darnold, or Allen ) warrants that pick. Not one of these guys is head and shoulders above the rest and I would almost wager that when it came to the Browns, they might even think Mayfield is in the same class too. So again, because of this factor Barkley is a no brainer selection for a team. Cleveland hasn't had a dominant running back for 53 years ( Jim Brown ). The only other RB worth mentioning for the Browns was Leroy Kelly and I guess none of you know who that is as that was over 45 years ago. Barkley will be the pick. Cleveland finally stops being stupid and takes the BEST player in the draft, then grabs a QB at 4.