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    So........ This is NOT good news for Le'Raven Clark... Ballard was on NFL Radio with Alex Marvez and some other guy named Polian... Marvez introduced Ballard by calling him the most honest, straightforward and truthful interview he's done in 24 years of interviewing NFL people.... High praise... Then, in the interview, they asked him to breakdown the O-line.... Left to Right.... AC -- Nelson -- Kelly.... Then.... he said RG would be a battle between Slauson, Mewhort and the rookie, Smith... Then..... he said RT would be a battle between Good and Haeg. No mention of Le'Raven Clark. Not. A. Word. That's not good. The only way to spin it would be to say that he's trying to light a fire under the guy. Otherwise, he's telegraphing that Clark is not long for this roster.... He did say, in a perfect world, there would be 10 O-lineman on a 53-man roster... and he said that he's not done looking for more.... so, I took that to mean, any cuts made now, or during the cutdowns in August and Sept, he could grab someone..... But if you're Le'Raven Clark.... if you want to make this roster, it's time to man-up and deliver.....
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    What is this screen pass you speak of? Short throw?? I don't understand...
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    That is because from Glenn to Lilja to Saturday to Scott to Diem, everyone was h*** bent on run blocking that playoff run. They were not the biggest guys on OL in the middle but they sure worked darn well together.
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    I read this and I think this is awesome. . . we almost certainly got a lot better up front. We just drafted both of the 2017 AP first team All American guards in this draft. Listen I said before that I would have rather had Josh Jackson over Smith, but I can say this. Ballard is 100% committed to keeping Andrew Luck protected. Grigson never showed this level of commitment to protecting the franchise.
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    Guys/Girls Look this is a guaranteed no brainer that I'm shocked no one is seeing here. Regardless of what Mayock, Kiper, McShay all say, the Browns will NOT take a QB at 1, it will be Barkley and here's why. There are 3 Qb's that are the "top" prospects this year. Rosen, Darnold, and Allen. Mayfield is the 4th. Anyway, IMO going on a few things I have read so far and that I agree with, the Browns view these three guys virtually the same. All have different skill sets however none really separate themselves from one another as clear cut favorites so.... Browns take best player at 1 which is Barkley. That means Giants would trade out 2nd overall pick or take a QB. Lets say Giants trade with Jets. Jets take Rosen. Or if Giants take Rosen, That leaves Darnold and Allen. Colts trade pick 3 or take Chubb. Lets say Colts trade with Bills. Bills take Darnold. That leaves Allen or lets say Colts stay put and take Chubb that leaves Allen and Darnold. Browns on clock at 4, either pick from 2 still available or take whoever is left. Browns get RB and QB. End of story. Based on where the Browns sit in the draft there is no way the Browns don't come away with both positional players of need and Dorsey knows this. My point is there is NO WAY this scenario doesn't play out this way except the name of the QB the Browns might get. Makes NO sense for the Browns to take a QB at one and every so called pundit should know that. Barkley will be a Brown 1000% Lock!!
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    So I stumbled on this video going over the Colts draft picks from the 2018 NFL draft and comparing their athletic and production scores to different pro-bowl, all-pro, starter level treshholds and averages. You can take a look here: It seems like Ballard was looking at great athletes and didn't knock them a lot for not having elite production. He probably believes their coaching staff can coach them up.
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    So.... on Monday, Ballard invited the Indy media into a meeting where he spent two hours answering any and all questions.... and offered up video to support his views for the draft picks... Two hours. As someone who has interviewed NFL Owners and GM's and Head Coaches, I can assure you that is pretty much unprecidented. It's unheard of. I was always happy if I got 20 minutes. Two flipping hours! Anyway, today, Colts.com writer Andrew Walker has written up an issue by issue story that breaks down everything that was said. I'm sure the local media has their version of the Ballard interview. But here is the Colts.com version. Mad props to Ballard, he is fearless in the interview. In another thread today, I mentioned that Ballard was also on NFL Radio on Tuesday and host Alex Marvez introduced him as the most honest, straightforward and truthful person he has interviewed in his 24 years of doing interviews. Impressive. This is a long read. It's NOT a hard read, but it is long. They talk about most everything. Now, as truthful as Ballard is, he does not throw anyone under the bus. He pulls the occasional punch. I'm sure he takes a bullet or two for the mistakes of others. He's pretty gracious and self-depricating. But I urge you to read this. Spend a few minutes and learn about your General Manager. This is Ballard explaining Ballard. Agree or disagree, Ballard is laying himself wide open. The results on the field will tell if he's right or wrong. But Ballard is explaining himself and his view in as blunt of terms as he can. And if you're still complaining about Ballard in 6-8 months, I'm going to ask if you read this article. Because if you don't read it, and are still complaining, then you are demonstrating that you have no real interest in understanding him. You just want to stand on the sidelines and complain. Props to Andrew Walker for a great write-up. http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/Go-Inside-The-Colts’-Draft-Room-With-Chris-Ballard/6533061e-471d-4bcc-a640-5285b34d25a6
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    Great job Eric Reid! Not only are you out of a job for now, but after this little stunt you’ll probably never play in this league again.
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    https://t.co/XfMGbIMINa Just keep scrolling.
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    Yeah, I read that yesterday. Very interesting and great read. I personally think it was a stroke of genius to do this, because it made sure that Ballard got his point of view on the drafted players across to the media. From a PR standpoint, you really don’t want the media to build up negativity about certain drafted players (like drafted too early, or an unknown talent etc) if you can help to avoid it. He is a smart dude, this mister Ballard!
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    Among the other comments.... Ballard said he does not subscribe (my word, not his) to the idea that Guard, or other positions (like RB) can't have a player that has elite skills.... that he thinks these difference makers are worth taking... so, a guard or a RB or any position can have a player so good that he can justified being taken anywhere. He acknowledged that WR is not a loaded position for the Colts... but said he was very happy with both TE and RB... and that if you scheme it correctly, the offense can create mismatches that can be taken advantage of... said Ebron looks really good... compared him with KC's Travis Kelcie and said he looks like he could be a difference maker. He said he was very strict about getting guys who both had playing skill and super high character... said Polian had done a good job of training the scouts about what to look for. Also said he and the scouts sat and talked with the coaches about what THEY were looking for. The type of player and skill set.... "traits" is a word that Ballard loves to use... They spoke a lot about Luck... and again, Ballard was mostly evasive, which he acknowledged... but said he loves Luck and Luck is right where he supposed to be. Ballard was literally asked if Luck would be ready with the opening of camp in late-July and Ballard tap-danced around a specific answer... he used the "Luck is not going to skip steps" on his road to recovery.... They didn't get too much into the defense.... did say that Hooker and Wilson should be fine in the new defense... Interestingly, he did say when he was in Chicago running the same Tampa-2 defense, they had a big NT, and so he's looking forward to seeing if guys like Stewart and Woods can make the transition. I don't recall anything more specific about the defense.... I think that's most of it.... if I hear a re-broadcast, I'll listen for more...
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    Kraft should have let BB trade Brady and kept Garoppolo.
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    I'm also considering self identifying as a 68 year old so I can get Medicare and full social security. I think that because I feel that old I should be able to claim I am.
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    I cant wait until we have a MLB that can stop running backs crossing the middle. We have given those plays WAY to many times including Abadulla on opening day last season that cost us the game
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    Its weird. He wants his scouts to see the players through the players eyes, and then he shared that vision with the media. Hes educating the media from a straight shooter point of view, and its clear they dug the HELL out of it. And, from all takes it appears that it was approached by Ballard as if he were making them part of the team. Trying to imagine Polian or Grigs doing this... Nah, I cant.
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    Bigger willing WR's can make short screens into long runs. We have not been a good team at downfield blocking since Reggie was blocking and Peyton/Edge/OL had defenses thinking too much.
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    Yup. Time will tell whether he's a good GM or not, but it's pretty obvious that he gets it.
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    farmersonly.com may be in trouble.
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    I'm going to start suing companies that won't hire me, it's obvious collusion.
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    In one of his interviews he was talking about finishing and brought up a point that is important - he said one of the most important things about finishing plays through the whistle no matter whether he's involved directly in the play or not(for example you can see him blocking and throwing people around on the left sideline while the play is going towards the right sideline), is that it takes a toll on the opponent purely physically and tires them out and if the whole line does it, it accumulates over the progression of the game and makes the defensive players much easier to handle the longer the game is going. I think we as Colts fans can recognize that from being on the receiving end of this treatment in the last several years.
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    How exactly did this get to be a Pagano problem? How about Grigson? How about Philbin? How about scouts? On the list of where blame for Clark lies, I suspect Pagano's name is barely on it.... Come on now...
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    Yeah I know. I am almost shedding a tear.
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    I just found out there is a company named Lord Nelson specialized in making tea: Oh, the marketing opportunities...
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    I hope you arent a stock broker or palm reader.