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    I wonder how many other highly touted LBs this has been said about over the last 15 years, and how many of those guys got blown out of the league... Take a look at Urlacher's bio: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/U/UrlaBr00.htm Expecting any prospect to be better than a HOFer is setting yourself up for disappointment.
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    Who do you think was most impactful as a rookie for the Colts over the past 20 years? This goes back to the off-season when we drafted Manning... Remember, specifically as a rookie. I got Edgerrin James. 2nd place I think goes to Luck
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    At this point it's all speculation one way or the other.There's nothing we can do about so best just to wait and see.Sitting around worrying about doesn't help.
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    You know what Luck should do. Stroll into the room, exchange pleasantries with the reporters briefly, invite everybody outside on the field, throw 1 long pass to Hilton, & say, "now that I've cleared the air. Let's go back inside & talk about football again shall we? Sound good? Works for me man." The visualization of 1 successful bomb completion would be huge for this fan base's psyche. And 1 throw with a ball shouldn't mess up Chewbacca's shoulder at all. Actions speak louder than words. INDY breathes a collective sigh of relief & reassurance. Page officially turned.
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    I’ve hit that point where I’d be okay with literally any prospect. Nelson, Chubb, Barkley, Fitz, Edmunds, Ward, Smith, I want em all! Too bad we only get one. Just don’t do something stupid like draft Calvin Ridley
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    Nelson keeps getting compared with the best of the best... John Hannah... the greatest guard of all-time. Steve Hutchinson and Alan Fanaca... I think they were on the all-Decade team and are widely expected to be in the Hall of Fame someday. Now this story talks about Marshall Yanda and Zack Martin. Pretty elite company. I'd be thrilled if we can draft him. But I'll understand if we don't.... this guard class is very good, and there should be a number of quality Day One starters in R2 and R3. If Ballard grabs one of those guys, I'll be OK with that as well.
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    Ballard has a real great opportunity here. Will be the longest amount of time in my life that I watch the second round .......GO COLTS !!!!!
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    This conspiracy talk is giving me a headache. Did it ever dawn on anyone Luck hasn't signed the release for his medical issues to be discussed and made public by anyone? Just because he is a football player for the NFL does not entitle anyone including the fans to be told anything about any of his medical procedures, rehab or anything else pertaining to any part of his medical history.
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    They will not pass on those three players for a mystery player at 6.
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    I would agree, I like both. Personally, I like Smith a smidge better because you CANNOT beat him to the sideline, but Edmunds has the bigger ceiling and freakish size and athleticism. I read one draft thingy that said if Smith had Edmunds' size he would probably be the #1 prospect in this draft. But I don't see the Colts passing on either Chubb or Nelson for them if they are available.
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    Talks say he’s lazy so I’d take him in the 4th. His stock his dropping very quickly
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    My thought too. Last year they said rehab was going to be very deliberate. And then we find out he skipped steps. Doesn't rehab have to be supervised in some way when you decide to enter into a 100 million dollar contract? Do the Colts approve a rehab schedule set forth by the player, his doctor, and the Colts doctor staff that has to be monitored for compliance? Or does the player decide to just do what he wants based upon what his doctor says, or not? Everything said by Luck or the Colts to this point is a bunch of talk to placate an audience. We shall see come practice time what the situation is and not a moment before.
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    Comical and sad at the same time.
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    I saw “new uniforms” in title and got very excited... I was disappointed to say the least.
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    Outside QB, pass rusher, CB and OL can be the most expensive positions to pay for in FA. If you have a chance to get one of those at the top of the draft with a quality prospect under a rookie contract for 5 years, the value proposition is just too good to pass up, IMO.
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    Having listened to the audio this morning, here are my reasons for being upbeat about where we are: 1. Andrew is back towards "football size". Holder posted a tweet saying his sources are telling him that Luck has been "killing it" in the gym and he looks like he could bench a small car. If his shoulder was still in bother, he would not be smashing up the gym like he appears to be. The shoulder must be stronger. 2. Luck said there is a timetable. This is a key change to the rhetoric last year of "wait and see" that we heard continually. There is a clear plan and they are working the plan with dates in mind, although Luck said he wasn't sharing them at this time but he was fully aiming to be involved in training camp. 3. Luck is being more open. He was open about perhaps being to blame for some of the delay last year and that he was pushing too hard, which we have not heard from him before. This may be projecting on my part, but you only get that reflective when you are nearing the end of a process. I admit I was also one of the positive group last year, but I genuinely feel like we start game 1 with Luck under center, but I understand many will not be satisfied until they see him throw in a game-like scenario (OTA's, pre season, etc), and is understandable after last year.
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    6 - Quenton Nelson, OL, Notre Dame - The best player in the draft, Nelson will be one of the better guards in the NFL in his rookie season, and should only improve from there. A dominant, nasty run blocker who has good pass protection skills as well. 36 - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama - A really good linebacker in a class that’s stacked up top. Evans has a good blend of coverage and run stopping skills, and especially sets himself apart as a great blitzer. 37 - Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado - One of my favorite cornerbacks in this draft class. I think his combination of size (with his monstrous wingspan, he plays bigger than his height) and change of direction speed will allow him to be an effective starter in this league. I think he’ll fit our new defensive scheme well, additionally. 49 - Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida St. - The most explosive, athletic edge rusher in the draft. He compares well to Vonn Miller athletically. Reportedly he’s a guy who really loves the game, too. He has a good skill set, and with proper coaching and scheme has a very high ceiling. 67 - Ronald Jones II, RB, USC - The second best running back in this class in my opinion - although that isn’t the consensus view. If Alvin Kamara (who I really badly wanted us to get last year) could go in the early 3rd, maybe Ronald Jones can too. He has electrifying speed and a decent power element to his game as well. He can also be an asset receiving out of the backfield. 104 - J’Mon Moore, WR, Missouri - A big receiver who (aside from a disappointing 40) really showed some great skills at the combine. He is very agile for a receiver of his size, and he has had outstanding production for Missouri over the past 2 year. 140 - Andrew Brown, DL, Virginia - A defensive lineman who may fit our new scheme preferences. He will have a quickness advantage over most NFL guards, and had a nice showing at the senior bowl - particularly in the practices. 178 - Darren Carrington II, WR, Utah - A talented wide receiver who has had a DUI in the past and a recent foot injury. We could take a flier on a more talented player like this late in the draft, as it seems as though at least some scouts think he’s more mature now than when he did what he did. He's got good deep threat potential, but he's not limited as just a deep threat target. He has good hands in particular. 221 - Jordan Thomas, CB, Oklahoma - A good slot or nickel package kind of corner. Thomas has outstanding lateral quickness (he ran an insane 6.28 3 cone at the combine) and great ball skills. He lacks the long range speed to be a starter on the outside, and he’s not quite built enough that you’d love him out there either. He’s also a guy who has had character issues in the past - so I wouldn’t draft him any sooner than this.
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    Yeah I am upbeat about this. Some people are just real worried because of the way things went down last season. Luck looks like a different person now IMO. I could be wrong and the guy might be done but I doubt it.
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    I feel pretty good about Luck and his return. Now it's a wait and see scenario for all of us. If he don't get back to a quality starting QB we have no choice but to move on with what we have. It would be sad but the reality of it is the is nothing else to do. I hope the work and training he got from Tom House and Adam Dedeaux helped him not only with his arm and shoulder but also his mechanics. We have a couple of coaches hired that seem to be pretty good in those areas. I am staying positive till we see what happens.
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    There is no rolling the dice as you say. Ballard has already said that Brissett was traded for with the future in mind. He was covering his bases last season. What you also failed to understand is Ballard said this team was not about one player. You think that didn't include Luck? As much as Luck is loved as a member of the Colts Ballard has to carry on with or without him just as the fans have to. Now you may have a problem with Brissett being a starting QB in the NFL but that is a whole different issue.
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    All the people being skeptical blows my mind. Andrew looks 100% better now than he did back in December. When he spoke today he looked happy and sounded optimistic. Maybe he is in on the conspiracy to sell tickets . Geez give the silliness a break. If he was actually done the Colts would've never traded their 3rd pick because they would need a QB. If the people think what the Colts say is nonsense then find another team to root for, that simple.
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    Nelson is the safest pick in the draft, and has as much potential to be a multiple All Pro and eventual HOFer as anyone in the draft. He might be the flat out best player in the draft, to be honest. But generational? Why, because he might go in the top five? First, the primary reason he might go in the top five is because there are no freakish edge rushers, no elite LTs, and no true lockdown corners (Minkah is a chess piece, Ward doesn't have the length most man teams covet). There aren't even any truly impressive WRs. (Compare this draft to 2014; Zach Martin fell to #16 because Clowney, Mack, Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, Watkins, Evans, Beckham, etc., were standout prospects.) Second, his draft status won't make him a generational player. Andrew Norwell was undrafted, and now he's the highest paid interior lineman in the league. Last, this is the season of hyperbole. The only time we talk about interior linemen is draft season, when they are ready to sign a new deal, and when they get cut/traded. But there are a lot of really good to great interior linemen. Suggesting that Nelson is going to be the best of this generation is a bit much. I will accept drafting him at #6, and I definitely expect him to be really good.
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    Reading the comments from this Raven Blog. The consensus seems to say Howard is a good OT. However, Baltimore is strapped against the salary cap, and have several younger players waiting in the wings. Should the Ravens release OT Austin Howard? https://www.baltimorebeatdown.com/2018/3/12/17110202/ravens-release-ot-austin-howard-james-hurst-lardarius-webb-free-agency-nico-siragusa-marshal-yan
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    Some of these replies are just comical