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    Good lord Grigson had Luck! Ballard has Brissett. Luck carried this team and got hurt under Grigson and Paganos watch. Ballard is stuck fixing this giant turd of a team Grigson created.
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    I'm just gonna go ahead and lock this....
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    Grigson brought in old washed up players. That’s why the FAs failed. Theres nothing wrong with signing good young talent.
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    Good heavens... I might need to check out for a few days.
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    The Colts were Free Agency winners few years ago when Trent Cole Andre Johnson and Frank Gore were signed. The point is just because you spend money doesn't make you a champion and Ballard is building us the correct way!
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    Yeah, and just in case... I'm putting a 'double secret' lock on this...
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    I'm not okay just sitting around and letting the Titans win the damn off-season. Suh is still a dominant lineman, paired with Casey he'd be lethal. Colts need to spend some of their damn money.
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    Is he wrong in questioning Ballard though? And no I’m not saying Ballard should be fired or that he’s failed. I just see his point
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    Theres EVERY reason for it. salary cap or not, you HAVE to use this approach. Its common sense. Obviously. The salary cap is not infinite: more savings everywhere, means more spending everywhere. if you do your homework and tind guys that, for whatever reason were underutilized , used incorrectly, or (my favoite) "hidden" or un-noticed behind a strong positional group (think simon last year). Too often i find thes "big splash"!guys have trouble transitioning to a new team, scheme, players beside them, etc. plus, you spent 10% of your TOTAL budget for the year. It BETTER work out. builing a solid team has been and always will be grounded in good scouting, good drafting, good teaching and development of YOUR OWN players. Its just your best, most consistent and reliable way to build a solid consistent winner. IMO, of course.
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    People don't realize, his moves are about bringing up the talent of our team, tier by tier. With the terrible roster of a team that we have had recently, it is going to take a lot more than just a couple 13+ million/yr players to get us back on track. On the other hand, you target guys like Simon, Sheard, Autry, Hankins, Woods who are mid-to-upper tier players (but NOT superstar status) but who you can get reasonably for 4-8 million a year. You grab many of these players, who are high upside and often have personal drive to excel in a full-time role. Then you slowly raise the talent level of the entire team. That is how you build a dynasty. You need to have a solid, relatively cheap base that performs a base-level and then you supplement with superstars (whether through free-agency or high draft picks) to get to the championship level for a few seasons. We will be fine. As long as he comes out of the draft with atleast some Simon Sheard type players, we are good.
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    In Baseball Billy Beane invented moneyball because small market teams couldn't compete financially with big market teams. The Oakland A's don't generate the revenue the Yankees do. In the NFL all revenue is shared equally between the 32 teams. A small market team like Indy, Green Bay have just as much money to spend on players as NY Jets, Giants etc... Plus there's a salary cap enforcing no team has a advantage over another by way outspending their counterparts. The way I see it there's no reason for moneyball in football. If I missed something please explain.
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    Ohhhh, well tha would be nice seeing Suh and Campbell chasing around Luck coming off an injury twice next season. Hopefully he goes back to the NFC.
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    Why do you guys all use this excuse to make you feel better about our team? Yeah he will cost money but he will also smash luck 2 games a year....
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    I think Ballard gets a pass in year one, seeing Luck didn’t play. However, his first draft was decent, but it was far from impressive. Unlike some fans, I’m not convinced nor should I that Ballard is a good GM yet. His 2nd draft will need to be very, very good or you have to start raising an eyebrow if Ballard is a good GM.
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    You should lead by example. Start by boycotting the Forum!!!
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    Eh, I was asleep the whole time. I had some of the most vivid dreams of my entire life. Like, I thought we won a double decker boat in a lawsuit and that I invented a video game and was rakin in the cash. When I woke up and told my wife, she said none of that happened as nicely as she could. I was frustrated because she didn't believe me so I went through all my old emails to prove it to her. I found nothing and was hoping to go back to sleep... lol.
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    I dont think Fitzpatrick will be a CB in the NFL. Denzel Ward is probably the best pure CB in the draft. If we are truly running the Tampa 2 then we are going to be asking a lot less of our corners. Polian always found mid round guys besides Jackson and Hayden.
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    No! What Ryan Grigson during his time led us to 4-12. Andrew Luck missing the entire season is what led us to 4-12. The fact that you don't know that... that you can't figure out 2 plus 2 equals 4 tells me all I need to know. You've decided to take the easy way out as a Colts fan. You're going to + and moan and complain and tell everyone you're smarter than Chris Ballard. Good for you. I've said for years here... this is a passionate but ignorant and ill-informed fan base. And that puts you with the masses, where it's easy to sit back and scream your unhappiness. I doubt you and the masses will have much fun this year... load up now... it's all Chris Ballard's fault. That's the best you can do.
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    Again...... What? Are? You? Talking? About? Of course, Ballard took a big swing. Or were you not around a few days ago when it was reported here that the Colts were a finalist for Norwell, the most expensive player in FA other than Kirk Cousins. We offered a boat load. That's why we were a finalist. And now, he's doing EXACTLY what he did last year. Waiting a few days to buy mid and low priced players and he had a good FA last year. Mike Silver is an * He's a friend of Grigson and is taking it out on Ballard. He doesn't know jack. And judging by your posts this week, neither do you.
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    Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the problem with free agency is that you typically DON'T get what you pay for. That's why guys get cut all the time long before their contract is up. Why do so many people here NOT understand this. Free agency is often Fools Gold. Thats why GMs always say... "Build through the draft!" Hello!?!
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    It's nobody's fault but your own if you're being surprised by the Colts activity (or lack thereof) in free agency. Ballard has literally said this for months. The Colts weren't going to build their team through FA. Also, McDaniels was his fault? So what is Ballard supposed to do exactly? Mind control Josh into forcibly taking the Colts head coaching job?
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    A lot of people are calling Ballard out. Reggie Wayne is even shaking his head because of the Colts inactivity. He better know what he is doing, because he has put a target on himself. I am patiently waiting to see what this plan actually is. For Ballard's sake, it needs to work. The national media is about to light him up.
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    They send a private plane to Tampa for a lineman and make Luck fly commercial? It's all over for Luck.
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    I will say this: Our forum is a very, very difficult bunch to please. So let me get this straight: - If we do not sign OL players, we are not addressing one of our most glaring weaknesses and we are not trying to protect Luck and we are wasting his talent and getting him hurt, etc etc etc -If we try to sign the best guy (Norwell) and miss out (for whatever the reasoning is) then us turning to another guy who isn't as good as Norwell is met w angst -If we pay Jensen $10M a year and he is even 70% as good of a Guard as Norwell is, then he is actually worth the contract! Yet we complain that we would be overpaying Jensen and should have spent more on Norwell. Is Jensen an upgrade if we get him over what we have? Yes he is. Does Jensen offer versatility and flexibility? Yes he does. Is Jensen arguably better than Fulton who everyone else seemed to want? In my humble opinion yes he is. Why the heck did this forum not explode over the idea of signing Fulton as a Guard when Fulton just played Center most recently for KC and when Fulton graded out better at Center than Guard? If we can get Jensen for $10M a year or less then get him. Once he is here we play the best combo of the top 5 guys on the line that we can. I believe it will be Kelly at Center and Jensen at Guard. But if that flips then so be it.