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    Time for people to admit that the Pacers are a good team. They are.
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    Great win, we ended the Cavs 13 game winning streak. This game here was a statement game, they had everyone healthy and LeBron was playing out of his mind and we still beat them. Dipo with another 30+ point game. 15-11 now on the season. I have seen enough now to believe we can hang with anyone in the East. We played well against Boston too actually and didn't have Dipo in that one.
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    Another thing I like about Victor is he knows his flaws and looks to improve them. He's humble and admits his mistakes unlike cough cough, some former player that used to play here. I'd take Oladipo any day over PG.
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    Sometime around new year is what I was hearing on one of the radio shows.
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    NY sports radio stations are reporting that Stanton has been traded to the Yankees. He is a great player but the Yankees did not need him. Glad the Mets did not pursue him. I hope we don't sign any high-priced veterans. No Ian Kinsler. The Mets are still trying to replace Murph. If only they had kept him... I will always hold that decision not to re-sign Murph against our GM Sandy Alderson.
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    Yes I did read it but miss read it. It was not surprising the media has their heads stuck up LBs rear.
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    No they actually didn't. The whole highlight was centered on James. All they did was mention Vic had 33 but that was it.
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    6-0 is a tall order it's tough to win 6 in a row We have some tough games Den Det and the Thunder still to go Denver may catch us low on energy
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    Sure would like to see 6-0 on this home stand.. There's some hard road games after the 1st of the year
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    That's what I'm saying the Cavs and Boston are the class of the east We have won in Cleveland and now at home. I think it's incredibly short sighted to say teams like Detroit Philly and Miami are better than us. We split with the Raptors and the Pistons so far. Don't look now but we are #4 in the East. I guess looking st the standings makes me blind. It's not likely we hold it but not as crazy as some are trying to convince themselves. Anyone who compares the Pacers with the Cleveland Browns is a troll. That is absurd
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    Bet they talk more about the Cavs on SC tonight than us *s lol
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    I wonder if he's tiring? I know that sound silly but he seems to get so hyped up....
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    The Cavs can't hit anything this quarter whether it is contended or open. The win is ours if they hit free throws.
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    Oladipo needs to stop settling. Coach just told him that during the timeout and he pulled up for a contested 3 anyway. He's had to of missed his last 7 shots at least.
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    If Jake does leave I just hope he doesn't sign with the Dodgers or Yankees. Those 2 teams may give him a load of cash because they haven't won a WS in a long time. If the Dodgers picked him up and got rid of Darvish, they would increase their chances of winning it all if that is possible . Astros wont have any interest in Jake because they just traded for Verlander so I am not worried about them getting him.
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    Not sure what to make of the Tyler Chatwood signing? Cubs signed him to a 3 year 38 Mill contract. Kid is only 27 and throws in the mid 90s. Theo is known for going after young Pitchers that have potential which is why I think Jake is gone. Jake is in his 30s so I don't see us re-signing him. I love Jake but we got the best out of him if we do depart with him. It is what it is. Chatwood actually has pitched Good up until last season where he struggled but Jake struggled before he became a Cub so I trust Theo's process. -In other news G.Stanton announced today that he only wants to play for either the Cubs, Dodgers, Yankees, or Astros if the Marlins do deal him. Man if the Cubs get him, that would stack our lineup! -I was watching some Youtube video's earlier of Dodgers fans reaction to losing the WS. Man those are hilarious, same for the Indians fans losing in 2016 to the Cubs. Hey you can only have 1 Champion and the Cubs got it done in 2016 and Astros got it done last month. Cant wait for 2018!
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    I was just about to post that Victor has to hit these free throws and he misses the first. What the heck is going on with Victor and these free throws recently???