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    You go with whomever the highest scored player is on your draft board. That's what keeps you from going against the logic of your scouting. If it's even steven then you go with the Need. If there's a large gap then you go with the Blue Chipper regardles of need. I'm interested to see how we attack Free Agency. If we can make some solid OL additions then it would make what we do at the top of the 1st round even more interesting.
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    That’s actually a fair point. But there are some guys who only get 1 interview and it ends up being the job they get. Pagano to my knowledge never had any HC interviews until the Colts called. I’d take a guy who has been interviewed a couple times over one who never has. My guess would be the reluctance of a team to hire STs coach is why he hasn’t gotten a job yet. Who knows. All I know is options are slim.
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    The Cavs can't hit anything this quarter whether it is contended or open. The win is ours if they hit free throws.
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    Oladipo needs to stop settling. Coach just told him that during the timeout and he pulled up for a contested 3 anyway. He's had to of missed his last 7 shots at least.
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    I wouldn't say it makes no sense. The FDA has their heads up their butts here in the US on many helpful techniques and treatments that have been around in Europe for years. Tons of athletes go over there for treatment. Let's not act like he's going to some third world nation.
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    If this thread goes much further it will eventually turn into a bash Pagano thread just like 99% do.
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    If Jake does leave I just hope he doesn't sign with the Dodgers or Yankees. Those 2 teams may give him a load of cash because they haven't won a WS in a long time. If the Dodgers picked him up and got rid of Darvish, they would increase their chances of winning it all if that is possible . Astros wont have any interest in Jake because they just traded for Verlander so I am not worried about them getting him.
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    I said this the year we took Ryan Kelly, and although I relent that he was probably the best need on the board at the time, my original thought still holds true for me. Offensive line development/talent (and you can defend either theory) is hard to find and quantify coming from the college ranks, harder than in years past. I would be more in favor of building our O-line with free agency (players that have proved to some degree they can perform at an NFL level) or in later rounds, 3, 4 and beyond. Simply because the risk reward is so much better. I think there is some precedence for this approach from the Colts recent Manning era past.....we tended to flank a couple high round left and right tackle types, and the middle of the line was more mid round to ufa stock...... Our O-line has been bad for a while and as fans I don't want to go off the deep end with a line of first round picks that if they pan out, means their second contracts will dictate joe no name will be QB'ing and tossing screen passes to WR no name just to make the cap work. I really thought this year we had a serviceable 5 that was middle of the pack talent and capability wise at the start of the season, until injuries set in, with essentially nothing behind them we are back at square one on Sunday's. Healthy Mewhort and Bond at the guard positions and RT (Haeg or Clark) would have been our weakest spot..... Now if no injuries had happened I would still have liked to see us improve on the mid pack talent, but I really don't want to use our 1st or 2nd rounder on O-line unless there is NO OTHER options available to us. We need too much at the skill positions on both sides of the ball.......and with coaches that (A) have a good eye for skill sets and (B) can coach up those players we can have a good line without having 5 1st and 2nd rounders in front of luck
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    Not sure what to make of the Tyler Chatwood signing? Cubs signed him to a 3 year 38 Mill contract. Kid is only 27 and throws in the mid 90s. Theo is known for going after young Pitchers that have potential which is why I think Jake is gone. Jake is in his 30s so I don't see us re-signing him. I love Jake but we got the best out of him if we do depart with him. It is what it is. Chatwood actually has pitched Good up until last season where he struggled but Jake struggled before he became a Cub so I trust Theo's process. -In other news G.Stanton announced today that he only wants to play for either the Cubs, Dodgers, Yankees, or Astros if the Marlins do deal him. Man if the Cubs get him, that would stack our lineup! -I was watching some Youtube video's earlier of Dodgers fans reaction to losing the WS. Man those are hilarious, same for the Indians fans losing in 2016 to the Cubs. Hey you can only have 1 Champion and the Cubs got it done in 2016 and Astros got it done last month. Cant wait for 2018!
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    Yes, but not for the reasons that most people imply. Peyton was just fine in Denver, so it wasn't the weather that effected his game. Basically what it comes down to is that playing on the road in the NFL is significantly more difficult than playing at home. Adding snow/rain to the equation, along with the crowd noise, only adds to the difficulty. Even Tom Brady has a losing road playoff record.
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    They probably still apply, but that's the least of our worries anymore. LOL!
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    He ain't stalking you dude, just chill no one is making you respond
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    Nice read for sure. But if Nelson is there, I think we gotta go OL over DB.
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    Pagano will be gone soon and we can get this ship headed in the right direction.... I can't wait. Firing him will be better than watching the Patriots lose the SB
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    OMG are still defending a coach that has only had 2 winning seasons since he has been here? He is a terrible Coach. It is evident in every game.... it is just amplified without Luck. ''This team has no vision. Cannot make adjustments in game or week to week. His hand picked coaching staff sucks. None are worth keeping.... the team gets worse week to week. He is a laughing stock in the media. With every word out of his mouth he sounds dumber. There re is not one single reason he should be the HC of the Colts except he is ensuring a top draft pick and Irsay is a man aof his word He has used his assistants and the GM as the blame for his horrible coaching. Nothing gets better no matter what changes as long as this horrible horrible coach is on the sideline. Except the draft..... i cannot not wait until he is gone and his minions follow.
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    throwing every assistant under the bus to save his job? leaking untrue information to the media to garner public favor to save his job? throwing the players under the bus to save his job? whatever this vontae davis thing was. open your eyes dude. the picture is painted. and you don't need glasses to see it
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    Should have been more, but based on recent suspensions I'm not at all surprised by the decision. There's no room for that in this game.
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    Sorry I was wrong in calling you delusional. You are hallucinating.
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    Quenton Nelson! Why? Colts Offensive Line is a mess since years and as a result you have your franchise QB seriously injured and with Luck the Colts game rise and fall so it is obvious that you have to everything to protect him. It's a no brainer even if it means to invest a top 5 pick in OL. Protect Luck is Priority Nr. 1 Quenton Nelson in my eyes is a blue chip player and the best OL in this years draft probably one of the best coming out the last years. I think you are not gambling by picking him plus he fills a huge need as I mentioned above. I think he is worth the nr. 5 pick even if you think a guy like Saquon Barkley would be the best player to pick. You need a line to block, you need a line to pass protect and the Colts line is still a huge mess and you can't simply afford to get Luck hurt again. So go with Nelson he will improve our Line and that will improve our running game and you can afford to pick a back later in the draft that in combination with an improved line gives you a better production.
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    I’d be all in on Nelson. As far as I’ve seen he’s the only elite prospect. I’m not sold on Chubb or Barkley.
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    I have 2 options. 1. Quenton Nelson OG 2. Roquan Smith ILB Nobody else interest me. Barkley is great but you need a line first
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    Belichick did pretty much everything at some point. He's in a category all by himself.
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    I was just about to post that Victor has to hit these free throws and he misses the first. What the heck is going on with Victor and these free throws recently???