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    With the Colts not playing this week, it allows a chance to look at where we are as a team and, if you are to look at our season so far based on pre-season expectations, it makes for quite good reading, in my opinion. So I decided to make a list, based on pre season expectations, listing who has been a pleasant surprise so far, and who has been a disappointment: Pleasant Surprises Jacoby Brissett - Goes without saying, he has been a very solid stand in for Andrew. Has made errors but I don't think anyone could expect a 2nd year player to move systems and play as well as he has. Not worth thinking about how the team would have played with Tolzein under center. Cornerbacks - Did anyone expect Desir and Melvin to be as strong as they have been? Melvin asking to go up against Brown last week says a lot about his character too. Nate Hairston - I love this guy. Potentially my number one pick for this category and a long term asset for this defense. Al Woods - Hankins was the big money addition, and has done well, but Woods has been excellent value. John Simon - I cant decide if I love him or Hairston more! Mathias Farley - Hard hitting, strong in the tackle. Very solid player. Rigoberto Sanchez - When Locke was cut, did anyone else have a sinking feeling in their stomach? Sanchez has played so well I don't even think anyone has missed Pat (for his punting anyway), which is a massive compliment to the kid. Kudos Tom McMahon for unearthing this talent. Disappointments Vontae Davis - A real disappointment for me. All the talk from training camp was that he was back to the old Vontae, then picks up an injury and comes back and plays poorly. Donte Moncrief - It was interesting hear the WR coach talk about him last week, admitting that he has been "hot and cold" and its so frustrating to see the raw ability not convert to the field regularly enough. I still think there is something there but would not be surprised if Ballard lets him go. Jack Doyle - It was interesting listening to the "Chopping Wood" podcast where they mentioned that Doyle cost us two games. He did have that one game where he was phenomenal but he had high expectations from last year and being made TE1 for 2017. I am not worried about him long term, but has to be listed here. Le-Raven Clark - Say no more. Other Notes: Marlon Mack - I don't think I can put him in as a pleasant surprise as there were expectations on him and, although he has been explosive in some instances, still a lot to work on in protection and inside running. Offensive Line - I did think hard about putting them in disappointments (not just Clark) but I don't think anyone came in thinking they would be an elite unit and, with the amount of injuries and shuffling, I actually think they have faired as I would have expected. A long way to go but Castonzo has been strong I think (and unfairly targeted) and Kelly is a stud so there are strong building blocks and I trust Ballard will address this after focussing so hard on the defense this year. Honourable Mentions - Mingo, Gore, Hunt, Sheard. Looking at the above, although the record is poor (and you are what your record says you are), to look at what we have done in recruitment and the increasing trajectory of play, a change of coaching (which seems inevitable) could mean we come back strong in 2018, with the potential for strong draft acquisitions. Feel free to add your own for either category but thought I would share my perspective....
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    I think you have done a very nice assessment of our teams progress and where we are right now. Most of the teams improvement has come on the defensive side of the ball coming from additions and improvement from our young players. The loss of Luck for the year and the hurried assimilation of Brissett to the lineup certainly has not helped the offense meet our preseason expectations. I read where Doyle was second in the league in receptions among TE's before the Pittsburgh game. A stat that blew me away actually. Who knows what a healthy Luck and a better OL would have done for Moncrief and the rest of the WR's. I think you have to congratulate the coaches for this progress and continued improvement that we have seen from this team. They have gotten better and that's what we are looking for. It might be a lost season record wise but if you are looking at player and overall team development you have to be pleased with the great progress they have made this year. No one is happy with the record but you can not ignore the overall improvements that have been achieved. Everyone is looking forward to new coaches next year but this years staff has done some pretty impressive work teaching and improving the overall contributions of our players.
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    YES !! and I think there will be a solid tackle in rounds 2-3, add in a FA guard and we might have something.
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    i think they are not using him right, he is not an up the gut runner, he can get outside with his speed and would be great at pitchouts and shuttle passes, run him outside he can turn the corner
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    FWIW, nfl.com has him #14. His comp % is a solid 60%, & he throws deep kind of a lot. He’s playing better than an average NFL rookie QB (which is essentially what he is), & he didn’t even have training camp or preseason to learn our offense.
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    What. A. Find. 5th round rookie CB who has stayed healthy most of the season and even more consistent in his play.
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    This is how I think we fix the line in one season: FA: Sign Justin Pugh, OG Draft: -Round 1: Quenton Nelson, OG -Round 2: Connor Williams, OT 2017 starting OL: LT Anthony Castonzo LG Quenton Nelson C Ryan Kelly RG Justin Pugh RT Connor Williams Williams can take over for Castonzo at LT once his contract is up while we figure if Clark or Haeg can be the RT of the future.
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    I agree. He has a purpose on this team. Just not a 3 down back. Ballard was smart to get him. If Gore goes he will need to address the RB situation. And I have confidence he will
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    Random things im throwing out.. Desir's int was absolutely a play of the year candidate. I replayed that a few times for a couple days. TY's flop TD in Hou and his Cleveland TD where he broke Peppers ankles...beauty. I think John Simon will continue to get better. Moving on from McGill, Parry and Kerr were absolutely the right moves as none of them have done squat. Same with Walden as Sheard is solid and looking better each week. Al Woods has been a pleasant surprise as well as Hankins even though he's not getting sacks and accolades, he's a solid force in the middle who doesn't miss any time. Jacoby has saved us from looking like a Curtis Painter led team. Now that we've had a good sample size of what we look like. I'll say I think next year we actually could make a run if things go well obviously. Guys like Luck and Hooker will be back and add in another solid draft by Ballard coupled with some serious cash to play with and I definitely think we'll at least get our South crown back again. Ballard seems intelligent and knows the Oline can't be fixed with a 3rd or 4th pick and a udfa or two. I think he's going to get 2 new guards in FA (solid legit nfl guards) and draft a T along with the udfa guys. They (Ballard/Jim) know they can't just wing it anymore. Sorry for the novel.
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    I like the assessment. I would personally include Mingo in pleasant surprises, the guy is all around the ball all the time, he is rejuvinated it seems with us after lackluster play in Cleveland and NE. I also would include Mack in pleasant surprises as i believe we have only seen glimpses of the REAL Mack attack yet due to the coaches not playing him, i understand we have a proven veteran RB on the team, after this season when Gore leaves im fully confident Mack will assume the number 1 role and become a top 5 running back in the league. Then lastly i would put the Oline in dissapointments, as you stated nobody expected them to blow anyone away but i personally dont think anyone expected them to be as bad as the have been either.
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    Kalis has been okay so far, which is encouraging considering the circumstances. Maybe he has something. But here's the thing. I seriously hope the Colts don't go into next season having an expectation of an improved Oline based off the potential improvement shown in the last half of this season. Last season, the Colts O line was like one of the best in the league weeks 11-17 I think. That's all people talked about in the offseason, and it led to Irsay giving his "The Oline is fixed" comment. Guys like Clark, Good, Haeg, among others showed growth and were expected to be better, and granted each of those guys still have time, but the unit as a whole has struggled (injuries have been a part, but they still struggled). It's cost us games and has resulted in our backup QB being in concussion protocol right now. No matter how good the O line looks the rest of the year, they need to invest some early picks or dollars in FA in improving it.
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    Not if they get Josh McDaniels they'll finish last.
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    I agree. Why should he? He is control at Michigan and he wouldn't have that here. He is making the money of a NFL coach already. No one is doubting or arguing his history with the 49ers but there were reasons he was let go. It takes a personality that works well with others to continue to work in the NFL. Thus the problems with the front office of the 49ers. There have also been reports he treats NFL players like they were college players and some of the veterans have even went as far as saying he treats them like children. That works at the college level but not the NFL. Look, I like Jim but IMO his personality is more suited for the college level.
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    I am stopping by briefly now since I can't be on tonight. I am working but taking a break since I still am in an NBA frenzy. You sound like Barkley, he seems not happy with the Celtics surge either. Shaq is ready to pummel him. Oh mark.......sigh. Seriously? What else do they have to do for you? Set themselves on fire naked at halftime? And arguably the best defensive guard in the NBA this year or in the top group. He flat out shut down Curry last night too. You hear much from the Splash Brothers in this game? Marcus Smart is in a scoring slump big time but if he can ever start hitting those shots again it would be amazing. But he does so much on defense I am not sure they ask him to score a ton. Wait until they shut down Isaiah Thomas later on........ You can't shut down guys like Leborn and Durant though, you have to live with them getting baskets at times. I don't think Gordon Hayward was Boston's best player. Arguably #2 though. Kyrie Irving and Al Horford IMO are both better all around players than Gordon Hayward. But I always figured the best player the Celtics had was Kyrie. Believe me I love Gordon and the Celtics might need him badly later on........he is also a product of Brad Stevens too who found him at Butler. Gordon is great but losing him is not like losing Lebron or Durant. It's still replaceable by committee. Gordon going down badly though kinda rallied the troops together in a weird way since it was so traumatic and also forced Jayson Tatum to step up in a big role. Tatum being this smooth as a rookie is saving Boston as well. If they drafted Fultz or Ball they would have been screwed since they needed an immediate impact. The unsung hero of the Celtics this year is clearly Al Horford, he is quietly the most underrated big man in the game right now. Kyrie though is demanding so much attention on the court that he is arguably their MVP even though his stats are down this year so far compared to his Cavs days with Lebron. And Kyrie is the Celtics closer in the 4th quarter. You can argue the Wizards had a ton more talent then Boston did last year but still lost a 7 game series to them in the playoffs. Talent is important, but coaching/effort/hunger is just as important too. I mean for years when Peyton was still here in the mid to late 2000's how often did we hear the Chargers were the most talented team in the AFC? And they never got to the Super Bowl either. Patriots are hardly ever the most talented team in the league, but they find ways to win games. But who is to say the Celtics don't have underrated talent? I mean sure they don't have the group of marquee scoring machine highlight reel players ESPN always blabs about. But you can argue that both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are potential super stars in the making too. Kyrie and Horford are both 4 time all stars each. Horford nobody ever seems to care about and Kyrie is still only 25 and won a game 7 in the finals. Aron Baynes is some gem too that Danny Ainge seemed to find who is Australian or something. He's so strong he broke a bone in Kyrie's face. Very true, still early here in November and come April we'll see what it looks like. I got no doubt though Boston won't finish the year first or second in the east. They are just too motivated and confident. Getting to the finals though is another story, I think getting by Cleveland will be very tough. It's fun though and very refreshing to watch this streak. If Boston has one weakness to me it's the depth and bench. I don't think they can afford to lose anyone else for the rest of the year, with a serious injury. They need to keep this current group in tact to be together for the playoffs. They scrap a lot out there when they have players miss games but they can't have this happen in the postseason against say Cleveland. And also it's worth keeping an eye on Brown and Tatum too and if they ever hit a slump this season being so young.
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    You know hes good because you never hear his name mentioned during games.
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    It hurts just looking at that photo. I can't imagine playing football with that.
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    The McDaniels bit was interesting.
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    They should drug test Dakota Crawford for that article.
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    Brissett is getting better every game, against tough conditions. I would say he would have an entire season of showcasing what he can become and right now, he has far exceeded my expectations of being able to at least give us a "chance" to win most games. You couldn't say that about the Browns QB or the 49ers QB or freaking Brian Hoyer who couldn't win with SF, or with even Eli. Plus, all of those had attended full training camps with their team, for crying out loud, before they stunk. Brissett, along with the others, probably because of a lot of youth infused into this team by design, has to learn to finish and that is to be expected with a team that suddenly got younger, IMO, people tend to ignore that. However, there is a difference between a vet QB Philip Rivers led team not being able to finish games vs a young QB like Brissett not being able to finish games. That is why, when you do an objective comparison, beyond the QB passer rating and stats, he might be the best back up QB in the league when Luck comes back, IMO with a season of weathering under his belt.
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    Numbers lie to those who don't understand reality. & truth be told... that's a large portion of humanity.
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    After week 10 (through Sunday afternoon games) Key games I was watching this week along with Colts. - LAC had JAX beat and blew it. LAC win would have helped Colts a lot (all W/L, SoS, and DIV) - CIN had TEN down to the final minutes. CIN win would have helped Colts a lot (all W/L, SoS, and DIV) - TB beat NYJ TB leap-frogged many teams in draft order due to SoS Key games I'm following next week. CIN over DEN. (CIN would likly leap frog Colts with lose, but DEN is close too) LAC over BUF. (LAC could leap frog Colts with loss. SoS would be close) CLE over JAX. (Any AFC South lose helps Colts in SoS) BAL over GB (BAL only 1 game up, SoS is better than Colts) TB over MIA (Need to get some distance between Colts and TB). CHI over DET (Need to get some distance between Colts and CHI). NYG over KC (Eh, aint gonna happen). HOU vs ARI -- either way could help Colts. HOU win probably helps more draftwise. Teams 0-9 #1 CLE 0.5000 JAX Teams 1-9 #2 SF 0.5448 BYE Teams 1-8 #3 NYG 0.5278 KC Teams 3-7 #4 IND 0.4861 BYE Teams 3-6 #5 CIN 0.4641 DEN #6 LAC 0.4894 BUF #7 HOU 0.5068 ARI #8 CHI 0.5379 DET #9 TB 0.5563 MIA Teams 3-5 #10 DEN 0.4792 CIN (play Sunday Night) Teams 4-6 #11 NYJ 0.5252 BYE Teams 4-5 #12 BAL 0.4583 GB #13 ARI 0.4898 HOU #14 OAK 0.5035 NE #15 WSH 0.5278 NO
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    This is indeed surprising. I wonder... if Bill Belichick quit the Patriots, would he have a lot of suitors? I mean, he's kind of a grouch, so I don't know...