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    Hope this game says more about us than it does about them.. HASHTAG: Slowandold
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    Yeah him and Turner should get ample play time together. If not I'm going to throw a fit.
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    Wow the Pacers man. I like this team. They’re tied for the division lead right now. Screw the Cavs
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    This is a really impressive win. No Myles Turner, on the road, back-to-back, and right after the Cavs apparently had a "meeting" to hash out their problems. Great execution. Sabonis is a stud man. I completely underestimated his game.
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    Foul, penalty, flagrant foul, icing, unnecessary roughness, and roughing the passer on Thaddeus at the end there ejection and Cavs are awarded 30 points and 10 consecutive possessions.
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    76ers are up next. Won't be as easy against them as it has been in previous years. Simmons and Embiid are really good. But still a game the Pacers should win.
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    Yeah both Ellis and Teague had 0 idea how to play defense. Both Collison and Victor are playing much better overall ball on all fronts, heck even scoring.
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    That meeting was supposedly about defense..but they could not contain us....
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    Oladipo came on strong....Collison came on strong Thad Young can shoot? who knew?
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    Oh that was a great few possessions right there!
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    The refs sure look like they want the Cavs to win. Almost every big and bad call has went in the Cavs favor. Goodness
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    Another garbage call, 8 point game only 4 mins left they can do this.
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    Yeah they do, extremely biased. They try to make it not look so obvious but I assume the Cavs going forward will get the benefit of the doubt until the games over.
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    Good first half considering the Pacers are also playing the refs.
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    The NBA is so far up LBJ's rear it's just not funny. It makes the NFL and Brady look like a hostile work environment.
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    Lakers looked Great tonight, Ball played ok but their team dominated the Pistons by 20.
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    I am out of LIKES but we will keep it going. We all miss you but I know how work can be. You did have Astros in 7.
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    They would be a great team.. in 2009. Lebron was already telling people he was slowing down last year. There is not a "switch" this year. Rose is done. Wade is done. Korver is done. And literally no reason for the Warriors to panic.. they will find the cruise. Nothing has really changed for them