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    Congratulations to the Astros! It is great for the people of Houston to celebrate a championship after all they went through during and after Hurricane Harvey. They should enjoy this. Congrats @Qwiz. You guys deserve it.
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    Even though I picked the Dodgers to win I was glad to see the Astros win because almost everyone was saying LA was unbeatable. Congrats, my Cubs won it last year so party it up!
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    Thank you! I went out last night and could feel the triumph in the air. It’s been a long time coming!
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    Pretenders win again. Inside joke. I'm glad they won. It was a great series to watch. Especially, game 5, of course.
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    Pretty shocked the Dodgers lost, congrats to the Astros! Nothing is a given and this is why I was relieved the Cubs won last season. Great to experience as a fan winning the WS.
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    Yeah all these non-contact devastating injuries are mind-boggling. And this happens literally the day after Houston finally wins the World Series. The Texans are cursed.
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    Congrats to the Astros! Has spring training started yet???????
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    They still weren't better than last seasons Cubs, Cubs won the WS at 103-58, Astros were only 101-61 . I am just messing around, in all seriousness congrats to Houston and their fans. I cant believe how bad Darvish was in both of his starts. Man did that move backfire acquiring him!
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    Told y'all Astros would win (although I said in 6, so we're all wrong I guess ) Congrats Houston. Great series. Now maybe a certain NL East team can win the thing next year..........(probably not lol). Also, kinda feel bad for Darvish, I always liked him. He's definitely not sleeping easy for a while.
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    Yep, that’s the biggest thing that hurt the Dodgers, 2 key games that they got behind because of Astros hitters getting on vs Darvish, and this time made sure their pitchers kept on it. Congrats to Astros, they never quit, much like the Cubs last year!!! Game 5 was the best ever, Astros were so resilient.
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    Congrats to the Astros. They weren't who I wanted but they did deserve it in the end. Tonights game looked kinda bad for the Dodgers early on so I didn't follow it much.
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    I am out of LIKES but we will keep it going. We all miss you but I know how work can be. You did have Astros in 7.
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    Wonderful. Enjoy it. I am happy for you guys. I just read that Watson tore his ACL? I feel terrible about it. He was having such a great rookie season. That stinks. He seems like such a great kid. So many injuries! And it was another non-contact one. Sorry about that.
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