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    Respectfully, I disagree. There is enough talent on the team to have numerous leads well into the second half of the games played this year. The coaches then take a conservative approach and give away the lead. If anything, Pagano has been given plenty of opportunity to prove himself a good coach and he’s come up short.
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    What purpose does firing Pagano at this point serve? Especially if we intend to clean house? We aren't going to hire his replacement until January. And the worst thing that could happen would be chud taking over, winning a couple games, and making an argument that he deserves the job and getting it. So really. Other than satisfying your own lust to see him gone, what purpose does it serve?
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    Hope my fellow New Yorkers are safe tonight after another senseless attack on innocent people. Thoughts and prayers are with victims and their families. Hug your loved ones today.
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    The existence of threads isn't actual evidence of teams being interested
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    Apparently the stupid Ballard guy did
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    Anyone who can't see they've already been loyal to Pagano to the point of this teams demise..... is not someone I would want coaching this team. No one in their right mind could question whether Pagano was given a fair chance.....
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    http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000870452/article/panthers-trade-wideout-kelvin-benjamin-to-bills Only needed a 3rd and a 7th too. Guess the Bills are going all in on this year? And before the season started it looked like they were going to write off the season and play for next year... I like it, addresses our biggest concern at this point (that we have pretty much no one at WR).
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    Hey what did you all do for Halloween? Just hand out candy. Nothing out of the ordinary. BTW it is my least favorite holiday. Just love it for the candy! Tisk Tisk!
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    Ballard not trading away Davis, Gore, Moncreif etc for whatever we could get was very smart. First off, what free agent would want to sign with us knowing we have a track record of shipping them off their last year? These players don't want to move and be away from their families just for 8 games. 2nd, you don't quit mid season. It's already circus level with uncertainty surrounding Luck's shoulder and a lame duck coach. If the front office mails it in then people stop going to games and watching. This is a business and salvaging what fan happiness you can during a bad season is very important. Most fans are not like us that read forums and are casual at best. If you gut the team most people will stop watching bc they feel it is pointless bc the team just quit. You lose enough casual watchers when you are bad. No need to turn it into a dumpster fire. Super long time lurker here so maybe my opinion doesn't mean much but the whining is ridiculous.
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    Sad thing is none of what you have mentioned here just started happening this year. All of these things (or similar) have been collectively consistent throughout his time in Indy.... Yet.. Here we are. I am officially over Chuck.
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    I'm unaware of the Avery Moss issue, but the rest is 100% speculation, and you're using it to get yourself worked up? Why would you do that?
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    We have a lack of talent no doubt. But theres been just as many games lost due to lack of game adjustments and planning as well as coaching blunders. Combined with that, we are 2-6.
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    And Chuck continues to make questionable moves during the game and rarely has his team prepared in the early part of the game.
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    I actually liked that little move Basham put on the guy after I went back and watched it. That tells me he's starting to learn and execute some of the things he's being taught. He sort of sold the guy inside and then worked to the outside and got the sack. Starting to use his hands and set things up a little bit.
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    I am thankful for that. Teddy will be activated by Wednesday, November 8th. He was fortunate not to have arterial or nerve damage. I saw when Miller's injury happened. It looked bad and I looked away. Thankfully the doctors were able to save his leg. I wish him the best for a full recovery.
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    Well said NCF.... tip my hat to ya
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    Some of you people need to invest in a hobby or something.
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    I can't make up my mind if you've been sleeping the past couple months, or you need a nap.
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    That's not entirely fair. I typically stay out of these discussions, but Pagano's fingerprints are all over this roster. I was an avid anti-Grigson guy since probably June of 2013 (worst offseason of all time...and that was BEFORE the TRich trade)...but the last few years Pagano has had an influence on the roster moves of this team.
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    This is what I thought too I think you and I might have been the most optimistic about the trade. Vic is comfortable and the year with OKC helped. He saw the work a guy like Westbrook puts in. They have similar skills Vic is like a Westy lite. He went from college to savior of the Magic. That year at OKC was the first time he wasn't expected to be the man. I really think that helped him. I knew Sabonis was going to surprise a lot of people. OKC made him a stretch his game is around the paint. He can hit the 3 pretty sure he drop one vs the Spurs but not his strength. He was a monster at Gonzaga. I knew he'd play well being back around the paint and his game is perfect for the pick and roll. Who could've expected him to play this well this quickly? The trade is looking pretty good. We did get lottery picks back a #2 and a #11. I am ready for Myles to return and see how Nate handles the line up. You hate to see one of your best players miss time but there's a silver lining. We got a good look at Sabonis and let's not forget TJ. He's been a pleasant surprise after his summer league and preseason play. I wasn't sure we'd get much from him. When I saw @Minn @OKC and SA on the schedule I'm not going to lie I was trying to figure how we could get one and avoid a big hole before Myles returned. 2-1 is great and we hung around with OKC. We were playing the second of a back and back. I really like this team. We get Myles back Bog's shots starting to fall. We just need Lance to pick it up. That's the reason I think we see Sabonis back with the second unit.