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    Wow hope your doing better , and yes if you got disability that quick , that just doesn't usually happen . In fact most have to fight for it even when they deserve it.
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    I started having lower lumbar pain back in 1997. I put me in bed for a week. Man I couldn't move. Doc said he would have thought I was in a bad car wreck if I hadn't told him different. Today, for whatever reason it is much much better. I kept working all those years. My job wasn't easy either. Occasionally I would tweak it and have to take a few days off (not hard to do when you are the owner, lol). My point is somehow it kind of healed on its own. It is still stiff and sore at times but nothing like the early days. I am hoping my neck does the same.... and I hope yours heals too. I can't sleep on my back or stomach and when I sleep on either side my arms fall asleep and hurt after about 20 minutes so I have to flip over. It is constant all night. About once a week I take like 2.5 mg of valium and it allows me to sleep through it for most of the night. If I was a horse I would already be dog food lol
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    That is very true. I see that all the time. Once in a while SSDI is approved fast. I had a client who was approved in less than a month. I was pleased because she needed so much medical care (cancer). Being on disability (SSDI) allowed her to take advantage of certain protections to get additional benefits. Her husband did not have to spend all his life's savings to care for her. They were young -- early 60s.
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    Thats scary. Mine is bad too but I don't want to have any more surgeries ... it took about 18 months to heal from the last one and I am not sure I am right yet. The neck is complicated as I said before. With all of my issues now it is likely I could get disability too but I keep pushing forward until I have to. And Jay is right, I never heard of getting approved that quick. Some that fight it for a year or so end up not being awarded, then you have the type that get it and continue to work under the table. Watched a neighbor, on disability, build an elaborate deck. Hand dug all the post holes and he was on it for his back issues... Hate to hear that you have had to deal with your neck. It is not fun I know. Hope you at least feel better.
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    Thanks, I will be ok, at least I hope my friend. I love you too my friend. Not trying to get dramatic but this bad. Gonna get some x-rays, see what's going on. I will be ok don't worry about it.
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    I agree brother I love you. I will be ok, going to the Doc Tuesday I am Superman right
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    Thanks Jay, I have moved on a while back. I appreciate your support.
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    Yes I totally agree. I just didn't understand how anything got started in the first place. It's all water under the bridge so as far as I am concerned is let's just move on.
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    Lol lets just have a good time as we always do , last thing I want is fighting . Everyone is welcome here . All I ask is that we all respect one another . I for one think this has been one of the best and most peaceful threads . I really think every one in here is more than enough of an adult to patch things up when theres a little riff and move on.
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    Well good luck with having that checked out. Either way you should have some answers. Not knowing exactly what the problem is just let's your mind wonder.
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    When I was in college, I dislocated my shoulder while swimming. That was the most pain I had ever experienced. It was recommended by 3 orthopedists that I have surgery. I chose not to. My shoulder dislocated many times afterwards (at least 30x) but in the last 5 years, it has not once dislocated. If I try to serve a tennis ball, it will dislocate easily but I won't be doing that.
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    Yeah it's crazy brother. No way am I having surgery lol if they tell me that.
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    Yes I am doing better today but I still have some tingling and numbness but nothing I can't deal with today. As far as the disability I was also surprised because I was expecting to fight for it for long term. The company I worked for had held my job the whole time. (over two years) I really hated I couldn't go back to work. It took me a long time to get over the depression and boredom of not working.
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    Is it a herniated disc? That is what I have. When it bothers me, the pain lasts 5 to 6 weeks and then I don't get it again for 6 or more months. I think I last had it in January.
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    Most days I'm fine once I'm up and moving , have found ways to help in sleeping as well . It could always be much worse.
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    I have had back problems for some time, although mine is in lower , have had issues because of it in neck between shoulder blades. it seems if one parts messed up you hurt the rest compensating for that. Where mine is ,it effects sciatic nerve . Specialist told me if pain is not cronic and can stand it better off not having the surgery . I have spells and bothers me sleeping however I get up and moving most days are not bad. Every once in a while it flares pretty bad. I don't wish it on anyone .
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    Good to hear that you're getting that checked. Your are Superman ??
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    I better go do something outside while it is nice out. Not that I don't like being here with ya'll, I do... but we only have so many days in our lives and need to make the best of them while father time marches on.... I will check back later tonight.......... Cheers (go get your neck checked tomorrow or Tuesday) its painless to do so.
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    Sorry to hear, BR. Yes, CBE, please see your doctor. Do it for all of us, if not for yourself. We need to know you will be okay.
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    I know.... I have tears in my eyes from laughing. When I hit the send button it said the word that means to stop or restrict... not a famous football team from Indy, lol
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    I am stubborn and hate seeing the doctor but I am not Superman and I may have no choice here. I keep thinking it will go away.
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    Get it checked. Good health is the most important gift we can have. If we are not healthy, it makes everything difficult. Take care of it.
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    MRI. Don't let it get too bad. They dig out the disc, fill it with graft material and screw a plate to your vertebra... You lose more ROM but feel better. Also cortisone shots but those are even dangerous for me as far as bleeding goes. Good luck with it.... but like I said dont wait
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    You were the one who did that... I never questioned that... my post was that I have YOU friends because of RR7. He started following me within weeks of my join date and in a way introduced me to the ones he respects... which includes you. I do have your back and I always will. I read the post and scratched my head as to the meaning, but my immediate thought did not include a shot at you or I would have said something myself. In fact, you had my back once if you remember and the cause was similar... and your words were a tiger can't change its stripes which led to our PM's... remember? No single person can "feel" the emotions of what the other person has written or intended which is the cause for a lot of communication errors on the forum and any other forum for that matter. That doesn't mean that I think you were wrong by responding the way you did. It may very well have been intentional, only CC1 knows that for sure. If it was then shame on him because it was direct and intentional. It would be nice if we all could avoid being offended and walk away from words typed in a forum, but sometimes they hit home and we have to express ourselves. No shame in that. Anyway, I was surprised to see it go where it went but it is over now... so on to enjoying the day/ weekend. I hope I haven't offended any of you... not my intention at all.
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    P.s. I think my post got edited during the moderation as it is different than I left it. I couldn't figure out what was going on... I was trying to inject some comic relief and such...
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    Thanks, yeah when I woke up I didn't know what was going on. We never have problems in here on this thread. If we do Jay will kick butt
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    Since this thread hardly ever has issues, I'm gonna take it easy on you guys this time. I had to remove some posts from this thread. This is a good thread, don't let a spat ruin it.
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    As you know, I have no problem with you or any of the regulars here. All of us get along. You and I were joking about that emoji here and on PMs but that was our joke. Anyway, you and I are good.
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    Don't come out now, you will be called a bandwagoner by some I have been a fan since 1984. It's finally paying off. They may not Repeat but they are still great as they won a WS. Their Bullpen scares me a bit and Lester doesn't seem right which could bite them against a team like the Dodgers or even Nats.
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    I saw this today and just had to show you. Laughed so hard I was in tears at Le'veon Bell's rap music.
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    Hey, fellow Baseball fans, I apologize for the back and forth. I should not have responded.
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    Hey buddy. Hope you're well and pumped up for football as I am. Please play me some Steely Dan. Walter Becker died.
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    Speaking of orthopedic issues, the Mets have had it all. Today they announced that one of my favorite players ever, David Wright, will have rotator cuff surgery. He has also been battling spinal stenosis and other health issues. This may be the end for one of the most popular players ever to don a Mets uniform.
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    Sorry to hear that. Once in a while I get that lower back pain and it affects my sciatic nerve. When it flares up, it hurts to get out of bed. Once I start to walk, it feels better though, but I still feel an annoying pain. Thankfully it does not happen often.
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    I have already had two operations on my cervical spine due to degenerative arthritis. The first one they replaced 2 cervical disc with cadaver disc. The second one was much more intrusive. They replaced 5 cervical disc and bone with cadaver parts and added 2 metal rods for support. It resulted in me becoming disabled. It was so severe I got my Social Security disability in two weeks. I wore a neck halo for 8 months and a plastic brace for another year. In all it was over two years of recovery.
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