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    March 11 Through the Years 1818- Frankenstein is published 1824- The Bureau of Indian Affairs is established 1861- The CSA Constitution is adopted 1918- The First Case of the Spanish Flu 1990- Lithuania breaks away from the USSR 1993- Janet Reno becomes the First Female United States AG 1999- Infosys becomes first Indian Company to be listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange 2009- Winnenden School Shootings
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    I'm protesting those who take knees to protest by sitting on my butt
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    I'm taking a knee to protest people protesting protests.
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    He is probably going to the Texans, based on their QB hiring history!
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    I actually like Stephen Morris.
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    And 3 months later, no more Cooks. This article was true back in December, we are truly better off without him. http://www.blackandgoldreview.com/2016/12/05/too-many-cooks
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    I'm taking a knee to protest this topic
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    WBC Advancement Pool A Israel Netherlands Pool B Japan Cuba
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    I'm going to miss you Gavin. I enjoyed talking football with you. You are a big reason this site was a great place to visit. Thank You.
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    I'd rather sign Vince Young. Same skills, better personality.
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    God no. He's as worthless as he is stupid.
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    Absolutely positively not... plenty of things I could say about him and none are good
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    Wait, Colin is a quarterback? Had me fooled...
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    I'd rather bring Jeff George back.
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    Please move this to the "Bad Joke" thread.
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