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    QB: Luck has not played well, the inconsistent O-line play, less than steller play by the receivers and injuries haven't helped, but his judgement, reads, accuracy and overall production is more like a journeyman backup, than an elite player. Hasselbeck has exceded expectations, even moreso considering his poor showing in the pre season and his performance vs the texans was one for the ages, with Luck out his production down the stretch is critical. grade:D RB: Gore has been one of the few pluses in this years offense, is having a great year, despite being held back by the overall lack of consistency in the offense which has led to playing from behind. He is currently 44 yds from being the #1 rusher in the AFC. Varga-Robinson and Tipton have been non-factors. The recently signed Bradshaw has been an upgrade. Grade:A TE: In today's NFL, the TE position is a huge key for sucess in most of the elite teams game plans and despite the fact we have 2 that are both very good, this position's production has been noticably absent in the first half. Fleener has been decent, but the big plays have not been as frequent and Allen has a total of 9 catches...............very puzzling!!! Grade: F WR: Hilton's overall production has been very good, he is currently 50 yds from being #3 in the AFC, despite several games where he was shutdown. Moncrief has had a very good year and has been huge for the offense due to the lack of production from the rest of the group, with a great finish could even come close to a 1,000 yd season and leads the team with 5 TD's. Johnson has been a major disapointment, Dorsett has not been used much, is now hurt and Whalen has made big plays the last few weeks. Grade: C O-L: Castonzo is the player that most people think is the best of the group, has had maybe the worst year to date and has struggled big time. Mewhort did not play well at RT , but has been solid , back at G. Reitz-Thortan and Holmes are all average, at best. Harrison has filled in for Holmes and there has not been a noticable dropoff. The backups are nothing to get excited about and an injury to one of the starters could be fatal. The overall production has been better since the tweaking, but this is still a group that needs significant upgrading.Grade: D Summary: Take away Gore's and Moncrief's production and we are looking at maybe one of the least productive offenses in the entire league, from what was supossed to be potentially one of the best!! Hamilton did play a part in the lack of production, but players still need to make plays. Luck's overall play has been just as big, he is the offense and if he is playing poorly, it's not going to be productive. Grade: D
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