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    Cliche wagon.....you are never as bad as you look when you lose......are the Colts that bad? for 7 of the last 8 quarters of football they have played, they have looked like a team that probably wouldn't win many games, they are not as bad as they have looked in those 7 quarters, but...........why have they looked so bad? Again, this is not an off day,etc, it is almost total complete team meltdown. The defense , despite the score wasn't horrendous, wasn't really that good either. I mentioned last week, how winning masks reality............losing also magnifies weaknesses. Davis has had back to back very poor showings..... that goes with the territory at CB, maybe I am reading too much into it, but he really hasn't looked a guy who is giving it his all. The special teams......adequate (overall) but really got caught off guard with the 98 yd return, this just in...Austin is a game changer....pay attention The offense is not playing NFL caliber football, the O-line ( theme for the past few years) just is not good enough...Luck, for the most part ( in those 7 quarters) has not looked like a great QB, to be brutally honest, has not looked like a starting QB...I think the injuries have really taken a toll....Reggie being out is a given, that's a huge loss, not having Allen magnifies that loss and the rest....other than Hilton,have not stepped up....enough...not sure why Fleener isn't being targeted more often or why Brazill hasn't gotten more reps? Losing Thomas has hurt, weakening an already shacky unit and losing Ballard AND Bradshaw has hurt the running game. The overall record is still very good and the playoffs are there to be had, but..... the coaches need to figure some things out in a hurry, before this slips away, when a team plays that bad and it has been really bad, it has to be a wakeup call Good news:it's very hard to watch any game and not see some positive, there wasn't much this week, Mathis added 2 sacks to his league leading total, Herron made the most of his brief appearance and Hilton has pretty much been a 1 man offense lately A short week and next up the Titans ( 2 of the next 3 weeks) on Thursday...if they can get it together and win those 2 games, the division is all but won, there really aren't many teams that have looked really good and have dominated play.....once you are in the postseason, anything can happen. There are alot of things that need to be fixed, but if some of those things can be improved and the team gets hot down the stretch..... there have been some signs of a winner.....playing mistake free football and solid-overall team football, at times......
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