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    After almost four weeks 4 hospital visits, two hospital stays, I have finally beaten covid 19 now colts lets kick butt this year!
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    We just got a 25-year-old All-Pro at a crucial position on the defense.
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    I will start by saying there are some great people on youtube. They split the games so you can see every play by a QB in an entire game in 8-15 minutes. And this past weekend my wife got sick, so as I was hanging around to take care of her, I watched every game available of the four QBs. I did not review Burrow, Tua, Herbert or Hurts, the first 3 because I think they will be gone by pick 13 and Hurts because I think the idea that he has a future as an NFL Qb is media hype because he seems like a hard working, likeable kid but he just does not seem like a QB to me. I will say upfront, some strengths or weaknesses cannot be seen on game film, such as leadership, work ethic, ability and desire to improve, etc. Anthony Gordon. Positives - He has great field vision. People talk about he's a product of the system, etc, etc. And it's true, in another system he would not have thrown for 5500+ yards and 48 TDs. On the flip side though, there are not many QBs would have have thrown for 5500+ yards and 48 TDs in Leach's system especially not 1st year starters. I believe he would have been successful in many other systems as well. Yes his receivers were wide open but when you watch multiple games those receivers were not always the first read (like some other Qbs I reviewed), he scans the field quickly, makes a decision and pulls the trigger. Which leads me to his next positive his release. The beauty of a quick release is that is does not give defenders time to react. Tied in with his field vision is he seems to not only see the entire field very quickly but he processes that information quickly. Many times I saw him scan the field then come back to his 1st read again, he was able to spot him instantly and throw the ball. Lastly, his anticipation is top notch. because of his ability to see the field and process the information, not only does he do an excellent job of anticipating where his receivers will be but also he does a great job of anticipating what the defenders will do, so because of that he is able to throw his receivers open on many occasions or put the ball where only his receiver can make a play on it. One last point on his receivers being wide open, for Love people like to blame the talent of his receivers... Gordon did not have any real talented receivers/TEs/Rbs either. they were open a lot because of the offensive system and because Gordon threw them open. Weaknesses - Has not footwork... at all. The coaches did him a disservice by not working on his throwing fundamentals. I don't mean his throwing motion but how to drop back and move while keeping the proper foot spacing and balance so the body can be in the correct position to throw. Mobility is lacking. He can move around in the pocket ok but that is about it, he seems to trip over his own feet when he tries to scramble. No feel in the pocket. He has good peripheral vision so he move when he sees the rush but he doesn't sense with the rush is coming. That was evident on several occasions when he was sacked standing flat footed. He makes some boneheaded decisions but whether they are bone headed decisions or lack of experience decisions I do not know. Overall, I think Gordon is an excellent pro prospect but he is at least a year away from being ready to play an NFL game and probably two years from being counted on as a starter. And that is assuming that A QB coach can work with him and he takes to coaching and is able to apply what he learns. That, combined with his 1 year as a starter in a college system that QBs have not transitioned well in the NFL, his slight stature at 6'2 199lbs, Gordon will probably not be drafted before the 5th round. Jacob Eason At first glance you wonder why Eason is not considered in the top with Burrow, Tua and Herbert but as you watch entire games it becomes obvious. Positives: IMO, Eason is the best QB in the draft at operating under center. I wish I would have kept stats but he looked incredible when operating under center... his drop backs were smooth and consistent, he scanned the field well while dropping back, he made a decision, planted his back foot and then had near perfect form in his throwing motion.... every time. His arm. Not just his arm strength but his throwing motion is nice and fluid and consistent, combined with his strong arm he can place the ball exactly where he wants, anywhere on the field, consistently. His mobility... yeas, I now a lot of people with disagree but he is a fluid, natural runner who can pick up yards with his legs when he needs to but he only has adequate speed. Plus he's a big, strong QB who will plow into the line to pick up a first down on 3rd/4th and short. negatives: He does not do a good job of handling pressure. His first move when the rush was coming was to spin backwards and roll left. In the first couple of games of the season that worked but it was obvious teams learned that was his move and really shut it down in the later games in the season. Since that seemed to be his only move to combat the rush, he will not get away with that in the NFL. And, even when he did escape the rush he was not good throwing while running to his left. His decision making. Several times you could see he had two receivers at two levels, the closer receiver would be very open, the receiver at the deeper level would be well covered, rather than throwing to the short receiver for a good gain, he would try to force the ball into the deeper receiver with very mixed results. Overall: I think Eason will be the 4th QB taken in the draft after Burrow, Tua (assuming he passes his physical) and Herbert. Eason, though reminds me a lot of Jeff George... all the tools and ability in the world it just seems something is lacking between the ears. I will be surprised if he stays in the NFL past his rookie contract. Jordan Love: This one is going to get me the most hate mail because a lot of people on this forum have bought the hype that he is Patrick Mahomes esqe and his poor play is a product of his team and coaches. And it is somewhat true but not totally. Positives: He is a smooth athlete with a good combination of touch and and power and accuracy on a lot of his throws. He is at his best when he's rolling to his right and throwing on the run. He seems to have good pocket awareness and can feel the rush around him even if he doesn't see it. Does not seem to panic under pressure. Has some escapability in him to extend plays when the pass protection breaks down. He seemed to have good control of the offense. Seems to be very competitive negatives: He cannot throw left. When you watch Love throw ahead or to the right, he has pretty good form (he relies on his arm too much but overall his form is fine) but when he throws to his his mechanics break down and his throw accuracy and velocity drop considerably. He is not good at presnap reads. Several of his interceptions were not because his receivers couldn't get open or because they had not separation, they were because his misread things at the LOS and threw the ball immediately after the snap. The rest of his INTs (not counting a couple that were in the desperation time towards the end of the game) were because he has a blind spot to underneath coverage. He stares down his receiver and the underneath coverage slides over and he is unaware of it. I'm not basing this on just the Wake Forest game but if you want to see multiple examples of this watch that game. He had was appears to be an impressive stat line with over 400 yards and 3 TDs but he also threw 3 INTs (2 of them were all because of Love, not the receivers, 1 was with 17 seconds left in the game and they were trailing) and could have easily had 2 more INTs if the defenders had not dropped the easy INTs. Overall, I do want to point out that even though the negative paragraph is longer than the positive paragraph, if you read closely, I do list more positives than negatives. Love definitely has some tools to work with but he does not work to be ready for the NFL. And personally I think his ceiling is about a Dak Prescott level.. someone who, if he's with a talented team will have some impressive wins but won't be the type of QB to win games when everything is on the line and he needs to outplay and out think the defense. It's funny after watching these games films Friday night and Saturday morning, I think watched the XFL on Saturday. So I'm watching the Houston Roughnecks and out trots, Indy's own practice squad king, P Walker as the starting QB, so I'm watching him play and he's doing well but I keep think that he reminds me of someone... then it hit me, Love plays just like Walker, same pocket movement, same throwing motion/style (Love does not pat the ball like Walker which is why Love may be able to make a career in the NFL), same arm strength, same running style and oddly enough same break down of mechanics when throwing left. Personally I think Love is a 3rd round talent that will be drafted higher and may sneak into the 1st round when team trades up to pick him towards the end of the round. Jake Fromm: Positives: Since I saw a lot of the positives from Fromm that have been discussed... accuracy, touch, anticipation on his throws, understanding of the offense, head for the game, etc. I won't go into great detail about that. Some of the positives I saw that don't seem to get talked about much. His competitiveness, to me this really popped out in watching his games and it's one of his best attributes. One of the ways I think this came through was on 3rd and long (6 yards or greater). All the Qbs above on 3rd and long, the majority of their throws were little 2 or 3 yard dump passes hoping the receiver makes a play. The majority of Fromm's passes on 3rd and long were near or past the sticks. That is someone that wants to keep the drive going not just playing it safe or being a game manager. His does not have scrambling ability like Wilson or Prescott or Watson, but he chooses to run at smart times and has enough speed to make positive yards and first downs when the team needs it. He can make accurate throws from different arm angles. Negatives: His arm strength is not elite but I would classify it is above average and I think it could move into the good category with proper mechanics. He does not consistently engage his hips and core when throwing, he's more of a step and lean thrower. But he made multiple 20-25 yard outs throws from the far hash both to the left and right side while fitting the ball into a tight window. He has enough arm strength for the NFL. The only other real negative I see in his game is if one rusher is pressing the pocket he can handle it well, if two are pressuring the pocket, he doesn't seem to know what to do and he is not the type to run around until he figures it out. Overall: I think Fromm is the most NFL ready QB in this group of 4, and IMO, even more NFL ready than Tue. People say he has a limited ceiling but I don't believe that to be the case (remember people said that about both Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning) but the ceiling is determined by how well he can read and recall defenses which is how all QBs who have long careers in the NFL keep improving and playing well year after year after year. and from all reports that is one of Fromm's greatest strengths. Since he is not ready to be a day one starter because of his throwing mechanics and lack of an elite arm, he could slip to the 2nd round but I could see either the Raiders drafting him at 19 or the Patriots drafting him at 23 if he's available. Which means, if the Colts want him, they will probably have to draft him at 13. 2 Side notes: If you want to see a game to convince yourself that Fromm is an NFL QB, watch the Georgia Notre Dame game, Georgia won that game because of Fromm and his competitiveness and toughness. Also, if you want to see another potential Colts pick watch the Georgia South Carolina game and you will see why Kinlaw would be a great 3T in the Colts D.
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    This goes out to all my colt brothers and sisters to be safe during this time. We all bleed blue and in all honesty you guys are like a second family to me and I truly mean that. God bless.
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    2 words - HELL NO.
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    I've seen some stats tossed around about "building" a team that can compete for a Super Bowl. I think some of what has been tossed out is "convenient" cherry picking, so decided to finish a little drill down that I started a few months ago. Anyway, just the facts below. In short, I've looked at Super Bowl teams since 2000, and listed their unit and total ranks. I've also added QBR rank. Below is a summary of some key takeaways and conclusions. Below that, is an easy summary of total and unit tiers, and farther below is the raw data capsules of each team. I've used tiers rather than averages as I think the distribution if far more educational than a simple average (which will hide/blend outliers). I also don't discriminate in W or L in the SB, only that they made it to the SB. Warning: The factual information contained below might be too much for some. If you think stats are unimportant, please ignore this thread. Key Takeaways in general on SB contender data: 1. Having a QB with a Tier 1 QBR is by far the biggest commonality of Super Bowl contenders. 30 of 38 teams had Tier 1 (top 10) QBRs. QBR is far more important than passing YPG, rushing YPG, or any D total or unit stat. 2. Balance in O and D is best, but O is significantly more important. 33 of 38 teams where above the median in Total O, while only 24 of 38 were above the median in Total D. 3. Passing O vs Rushing O was very similar, but Passing O had a slight edge in importance. 4. Passing D vs Rushing D was similar compared to the median, but T1 Rushing Ds were far more prevelant. Colts Current Rank and Contender Comparison: 1. Zero teams have played in a SB with our current Total O and Pass O rank 2. Only 2 of 38 (5%) teams have played in a SB with our current QBR rank or lower. Those QBs were Peyton and Big Ben. 3. Our Rush O is as good or equal to 63% of SB contenders 4. Our Total D is as good or equal to 39% of SB contenders and T2 5. Our Pass D is as good or equal to 24% of SB contenders and T4 6. Our Run D is as good as or equal to 53% of SB contenders and T1 Conclusion / Recommendation 1. QB is by far the most important thing to address (draft or FA) based on our current rank in QBR and Passing 0. 2. Passing D is the second biggest need although almost a quarter of SB teams had the same or worse Tier rank. DT please. 3. Total D while slightly below the SB contender median, was still T2 (current year) 3, Our Rush O and Rush D are both Tier 1, and well within SB contender performance (50+%). Tier Definition Tier 1: 1-10 Good/Great Tier 2: 11-16 AMA (Above Median / Average) Tier 3: 17-22 BMA (Below Median / Average) Tier 4: 23-32 Bad/Horrible Distribution of 38 SB team rankings from 2000-2018 Total O/Pass O/Rush O/Total D/Pass D/Rush D/ QBR T1: 21 / 19 / 18 / 22 / 11 / 23 / 30 T2: 12 / 9 / 7 / 2 / 12 / 4 / 2 T3: 4 / 5 / 5 / 8 / 6 / 8 / 4 T4: 1 / 5 / 8 / 6 / 9 / 3 / 2 Colts Current Rank / Tier / # SB Contenders equal to or below / % of SB teams equal to or worse Total O: 25th / T4 / 0 / 0% Pass O: 30th / T4 / 0 / 0% Rush O: 7th / T1 / 24 / 63% Total D: 16th / T2 / 15 / 39% Pass D: 23rd / T4 / 9 / 24% Rush D: 7th / T1 / 20 / 53% QBR: 20th / T3 / 2 / 5% Team specific data. TO=Total Offense, PO=Pass Offense, RO=Rush Offense, TD=Total Defense, PD=Pass Defense, RD=Rush Offense TO, PO, RO, TD, PD, and RD are all team/unit ranks 1-32. QBR is an individual rank (1-32) with the exception of two years when a team had 2 QBs play 6+ games each (in which case QBR is averaged). 2018W (NE) TO 5 (PO 8/RO 5), TD 21 (PD 22/RD 11), QBR 9 2018L (LAR) TO 2 (PO 5/RO 3), TD 19 (PD 14/RD 23), QBR 10 2017W (PH) TO 7 (PO 13/RO 3), TD 4 (PD 17/RD 1), QBR 1 2017L (NE) TO 1 (PO 2/RO 10), TD 29 (PD 30/RD 20), QBR 3 2016W (NE ) TO 4 (PO 4/RO 7), TD 8 (PD 12/RD 4), QBR 2 2016L (ATL) TO 2 (PO 3/RO 5), TD 25 (PD 28/RD 17), QBR 1 2015W (DEN) TO 16 (PO 14/RO 17), TD 1 (PD 1/RD 3), QBR 25 2015L (CAR) TO 11 (PO 24/RO 2), TD 6 (PD 11/RD 4), QBR 9 2014W (NE) TO 11 (PO 9/RO 18), TD 13 (PD 17/RD 9), QBR 3 2014L (SEA) TO 9 (PO 27/RO 1), TD 1 (PD 1/RD 3), QBR 6 2013W (SEA) TO 17 (PO 1/RO 4), TD 1 (PD 1/RD 8), QBR 7 2013L (DEN) TO 1 (PO 26/RO 15), TD 19 (PD 27/RD 7), QBR 2 2012W (BAL) TO 16 (PO 15/RO 11), TD 17 (PD 17/RD 20), QBR 18 2012L (SF) TO 11 (PO 23/RO 4), TD 3 (PD 4/RD 4), QBR 8* 2011W (NYG) TO 8 (PO 5/RO 32), TD 27 (PD 29/RD 19), QBR 9 2011L (NE) TO 2 (PO 2/RO 20), TD 31 (PD 31/RD 17), QBR 3 2010W (GB) TO 9 (PO 5/RO 24), TD 5 (PD 5/RD 18), QBR 6 2010L (PIT) TO 14 (PO 14/RO 11), TD 2 (PD 12/RD 1), QBR 7 2009W (NO) TO 1 (PO 2/RO 6), TD 25 (PD 26/RD 21), QBR 1 2009L (IN) TO 9 (PO 4/RO 32), TD 18 (PD 14/RD 24), QBR 2 2008W (PIT) TO 22 (PO 17/RO 23), TD 1 (PD 1/RD 2), QBR 26 2008L (AZ) TO 4 (PO 2/RO 32), TD 19 (PD 22/RD 16), QBR 3 2007W (NYG) TO 16 (PO 21/RO 4), TD 7 (PD 11/RD 8), QBR 18 2007L (NE) TO 1 (PO 1/RO 13), TD 4 (PD 6/RD 10), QBR 1 2006W (IN) TO 3 (PO 2/RO 18), TD 21 (PD 2/RD 32), QBR 1 2006L (CHI) TO 15 (PO 14/RO 15), TD 5 (PD 11/RD 6), QBR 19 2005W (PIT) TO 15 (PO 24/RO 5), TD 4 (PD 16/RD 3), QB-R 3 2005L (SEA) TO 2 (PO 13/RO 3), TD 17 (PD 25/RD 5), QB-R 4 2004W (NE) TO 7 (PO 11/RO 7), TD 9 (PD 17/RD 6), QB-R 9 2004L (PH) TO 9 (PO 7/RO 24), TD 10 (PD 12/RD 16), QB-R 4 2003W (NE) TO 17 (PO 9/RO 27), TD 7 (PD 15/RD 4), QB-R 10 2003L (CAR) TO 16 (PO 18/RO 7), TD 8 (PD 9/RD 11), QB-R 14 2002W (TB) TO 24 (PO 15/RO 27), TD 1 (PD 1/RD 6), QB-R 3 2002L (OAK) TO 1 (PO 1/RO 18), TD 11 (PD 23/RD 3), QB-R 2 2001W (NE) TO 19 (PO 22/RO 13), TD 24 (PD 24/RD 19), QB-R 6 2001L (LAR) TO 1 (PO 1/RO 5), TD 3 (PD 11/RD 3), QB-R 1 2000W (BAL) TO 16 (PO 22/RO 5), TD 2 (PD 8/RD 1), QB-R 20 2000L (NYG) TO 13 (PO 13/RO 11), TD 5 (PD 16/RD 2), QB-R 12 Note, "QB Rating" was used in place of QBR for years prior to 2006 (ESPN created QBR in advance of the 2006 season) Note2, I did those over a few sittings, and eyeballs going cross towards the end.... so, let me know if you find any errors or have any questions.
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    Colts don't spend... We're losers.. Colts spend... Spent on Wrong guy... Colts trade... Don't like the trade. Can't win with our fanbase.. Lol
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    Because we'd be 13-0 likely if we had Luck. I'm not a Ballard worshiper, but this isn't on him. He's upgraded or made solid attempts to upgrade every unit after inheriting what was mostly a dumpster fire in terms of depth and talent. Even the JB fan club knows this boils down to the change of QB. Not saying we don't need upgrades in several areas, but who here thinks we're not at least at 11-2 had Luck not left and playing for a 1 seed right now, even with all the injuries.
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    Delete this while you still have time.
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    For God sakes I really don't understand why Chad Kelly has such a following.
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    Are you trying to play victim before the thread even gets started? Baffling thread... What? Did you watch the SB? Besides a few splash plays like that bomb from Mahomes to Hill, that was a RBs game. NFCCG? SF RBs won that game. How did the Titans go into Foxborough and beat NE? RBs. RBs are definitely important in todays' NFL.
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    Life to return to normal so that there is football. Of course, more importantly, so people stop dying.
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    I know this post will probably wind up getting folded in with another thread, but I was so wow'ed, that I had to share. I still have my 2016 Lindy's Draft Guide. Here is their evaluation of JB: Jacoby Brissett, NC State 6-4, 236 projected 4th round In Our View: Brissett sat out the 2013 season as a transfer from Florida and earned the starting job in '14, opening eyes with his performance against Florida State as NC State almost pulled the upset. He finished the 2014 season with 26 total touchdowns (23 passing, three rushing), 2,606 passing yards and only five interceptions. Set career-bests in 2015 with 237 completions and 2,662 passing yards, earning All-ACC honorable mention and a spot on the Senior Bowl roster. Brissett is well-built with physical traits for the next level with size, mobility and arm talent. He can make NFL throws, but is also slow to read and showed gun-shy tendencies as a downfield thrower -- was the king of dink-and-dunk passes and checkdowns inflated his completion percentage. Will get a chance as a backup but short of major improvement as a downfield passer that's his ceiling. Strengths: Built for the NFL with a filled-out frame. Has some Houdini to him with his mobility and physicality to brush off contact and keep plays alive. Natural body power in short-yardage situations (902 career rushing yards). Functional movement in the pocket and square to his target to deliver on the run. Strong arm to spin spirals and can execute the entire route tree. Understands touch, controlling his ball speed to add juice or trajectory. Experienced making decisions in NFL-style offense, anticipating windows and reading coverage. Tough and durable. Takes care of the ball with a career 45-to-15 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Weaknesses: Not confident as a downfield thrower; inconsistent with deep ball accuracy. Too comfortable throwing on the run or delivering with his momentum going backwards. Shaky platform and needs to set his base when given the time. Inconsistent footwork leads to inaccurate ball placement (59.5 percent career completion percentage). Low career interception numbers because he is too careful, not consistently pushing the ball downfield or fitting throws into tight windows. Not an explosive athlete and tends to be indecisive on non-designed runs. Doesn't understand how to use his eyes, leading defenders with late throws. Pressure disrupts his tempo and late to climb the pocket. Is there anything in there that isn't still true, 3 years later?
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    Your right... Doyle can run block and catch the ball unlike Ebron.
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    Let's hope he doesn't... flatten the curve... I will show myself out.
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    I wonder how much JB paid "The Blast" to publish this article...
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    Disclaimer: This thread is being made in a lighthearted way. There will be some funny math involved. Don't take it too seriously. So I saw in another thread that someone said Andrew Luck was worth 5 wins. That got me thinking about how many wins per season you could rely on a QB for. Think back to when Peyton Manning missed 2011. The Colts went from a perennial 12-win team to a 2-win team. You could say Manning was worth 10 wins a season. The Colts went from a perennial 11-win team with (healthy) Luck to a 4-win team in 2017. You could say Luck was worth 7 wins a season. Our Colts QBs have carried some bad teams to good seasons. When Elway retired, the Broncos went from a perennial 13-win team to a 6-win team, so you could say Elway was worth 7 wins a season. Now when Brady missed 2008, the Pats went from a perennial 14-win team to an 11-win team... so is Tom Brady only worth 3 wins a season? Both of those teams were thought to be complete teams with good run-games and good defenses, so how was there such a dropoff for the Broncos, but barely any dropoff for the Pats? So my main point is this: having a QB like Elway or Luck that you can basically rely on for 7 wins is REALLY good, but having Manning, who we could basically rely on for 10 wins is as good as it gets. We will probably never see a QB like Manning ever again. He put this franchise on his shoulders and carried it to the top of the mountain, and for all his accolades, I'm not sure he gets enough credit for that.
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    Nice. Now everybody shut up about receivers lol.
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    I think self isolation is getting to you.
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    I like it a lot. I was wanting a DT at 13 anyway. Now we have a young pro bowl caliber DT. Plus we wont be taking Jordan Love Lol.
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    OT - Re-signed Anthony Castonzo. QB - Signed Philip Rivers. DT - Traded for DeForest Buckner and signed Sheldon Day. CB - Signed Xavier Rhodes and TJ Carrie. TE - Signed Trey Burton FB - Signed Roosevelt Nix Drafts Michael Pittman at WR and Jonathan Taylor at RB. Ballard has done a good job so far. He found answers for the biggest question marks, addressed the biggest weaknesses on the team, and drafted guys that can contribute right away.
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    Finally an all pro difference maker at DT and only 25 yrs old. What's not to like? Or take a chance on a rookie with the 13th pick who has yet to play a down in the NFL. I'll take Buckner. Expecting a QB signing now.
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    Couple thoughts on this: 1. This clearly signals that Colts will sign Phillip Rivers and/or draft a QB at 34. 2. Buckner was named an All-Pro last year at DT. He's a great player and still relatively young at 25.
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    To all forum administrators and members, a quick note of appreciation for helping a fan pass the time during this atypical off-season. Reading topics and comments from all has helped make the days go by and educate this older Colts follower.
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    I watched alot of clips on Phillip Rivers over the years, both on the field and off. Personally, I resonate with his leadership style and personality. In my opinion he will represent the "horseshoe" super well. He is REAL, meaning that he shows his emotion and is an expressive, entertaining character. He is honest and no nonsense. Bottomline, he is very comfortable in his skin. He knows his football and will be a fantastic coach when he decides to leave football. I am rooting for him 1000%.
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    Really happy for him! https://fox59.com/2020/02/01/edgerrin-james-voted-into-pro-football-hall-of-fame/
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    The "Scary Truth" people always show up after a loss being unreasonable and forecasting doom and gloom.
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    No offense, but I feel more like the fan base is just....meh. Ballard freaking rules. If I ever get to meet Jim Irsay, I'm high fiving him on this hire.
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    Over the past few days, most of the forum talk I’ve seen mentioning Chris Ballard is saying that he makes bad picks and that he always trades down for second rounders that don’t do anything. I really don’t get it. We are just one draft removed from 2 All-Pro Rookies, both of which were acquired from him making a trade down. Just because not everyone hits one draft doesn’t make him suddenly incapable of making great selections and grabbing impact players. Even Rock Ya-Sin and Bobby Okereke from this class have made early huge impacts on the team, and still it seems that very few are still invested in the process. I’m honestly confused, and if someone could please enlighten me as to where all of this loss of faith is coming from, please tell me so I, and others like me, can understand!! Thanks, and let’s go smash this offseason!! Go Blue!
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    Hmmm like maybe throwing the ball to open WRs? That sure would be noticeable
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    After reading this article, I am even more excited to have Buckner. I loved the acquisition, but after hearing Bosa talk about all the things Buckner did for that SF line, I just had to smile. He was their D-Line play caller, and the guy who gave they pregame hype speeches. What an addition to the team! Buckner will become one of the instant emotional leaders on this team. Reads very much like he is the Quentin Nelson of the Defensive Line with his play. Quick read, and well worth it! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112951/article/nick-bosa-says-49ers-d-has-to-step-up-without-buckner
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    It’s pretty clear the Ballard regime puts a heavy emphasis on leadership and football character. About 75% of the Colts draft picks over the last two years were team captains. With that in mind, here’s a list of 2020 draft prospects that are also team captains that I thought might be worth sharing. A couple of quick points: in addition to captaincy (C), I’ve also noted Senior Bowl players (SB), the position-adjusted SPARQ percentile of players that worked out at the combine, and arm length for positions that the Colts probably have a threshold for (OL, DL, and CB). I left out probable first rounders, since the Colts aren’t scheduled to pick until #34, and limited my focus to combine invitees. Also, this list isn’t meant to be comprehensive. Tracking down team captains isn’t as easy as it might seem — particularly for schools that nominate individual game captains. QB Jalen Hurts (C, SB) Jake Fromm (C) Cole McDonald (C) James Morgan (C) Steven Montez (C, SB) Nate Stanley (C) Jake Luton (C) Brian Lewerke (C) Tyler Huntley (C) RB Jonathan Taylor (C, 96%) D’Andre Swift (C, 63%) JK Dobbins (C) Eno Benjamin (C, SB, 62%) Antonio Gibson (C, SB, 89%) WR Michael Pittman Jr. (C, SB, 85%) Devin Duvernay (C, SB, 93%) Bryan Edwards (C) KJ Osborne (C, 79%) Jauan Jennings (C, SB, 13%) Marquez Calloway (C, 58%) Aaron Parker (C, 4%) KJ Hill (C, SB, 32%) Tyler Johnson (C) Antonio Gandy-Golden (C, SB, 67%) Chris Finke (C, 17%) Freddie Swain (C, 53%) Lynn Bowden (C) Collin Johnson (C) James Proche (C) IOL John Simpson (C, SB, 45%, 34 1/8) Matt Hennessy (C, SB, 70%, 32 1/4) Tyler Biadasz (C, SB, 32 1/4) Nick Harris (C, SB, 83%, 32 1/8) Lloyd Cushenberry (C, SB, 59%, 34 1/8) Hakeem Adeniji (C, SB, 54%, 33 3/4) Danny Pinter (C, 94%, 31 7/8) Ben Bredeson (C, SB, 31 1/8) Shane Lemieux (C, SB, 52%, 32 1/4) Cohl Cabral (C, 32 1/4) Kevin Dotson (C) Logan Stenberg (C, SB, 18%, 32 1/2) Cameron Clark (C, 34 1/8) Jonah Jackson (C - Rutgers, SB, 12%, 33 1/2) Kyle Murphy (C, 33 7/8) Calvin Throckmorton (C, 32 1/2) Simon Stepaniak (C, 32) Colton McKivitz (C, SB, 27%, 33 3/4) OT Prince Tega Wanogho (C, 33 1/2) Josh Jones (C, SB, 60%, 33 7/8) Ben Bartch (C, SB, 32 7/8) Matt Peart (C, SB, 96%, 36 5/8) Lucas Niang (C, SB, 34 1/4) Terence Steele (C, SB, 82%, 35 1/8) Charlie Heck (C, SB, 80%, 34 1/8) TE Adam Trautman (C, SB, 73%) Colby Parkinson (C, 70%) Brycen Hopkins (C, SB, 36%) Dalton Keene (C, 54%) Josiah Deguara (C, SB, 20%) Charlie Taumoepeau (C, SB, 65%) EDGE Josh Uche (C, SB, 33 5/8) Zack Baun (C, SB, 60%, 32 3/4) Bradlee Anae (C, SB, 13%, 32 1/8) Darrell Taylor (C, 33) DJ Wonnum (C, SB, 69%, 33 1/8) Curtis Weaver (C, 68%, 32 3/8) Casey Toohill (C, 89%, 33 1/2) Alex Highsmith (C, 68%, 33 1/8) Derek Tuzuka (C, 71%, 31 3/8) James Smith WIlliams (C, 83%, 33 3/4) Kenny Willekes (C, SB, 33%, 31 1/4) Anfernee Jennings (C, SB, 32 7/8) Jonathan Greenard (C - Louisville, SB, 32%, 34 7/8) Khalid Kareem (C, 34 3/8) Tipa Galaei (C, 33 5/8) LaDarius Hamilton (C, 9%, 32 1/8) Kendall Coleman (C, 7%, 31 3/4) Cam Gill (C) DT Leki Fotu (C, SB, 93%, 34 1/4) Ross Blacklock (C, 21%, 32 3/8) Jordan Elliott (C, 65%, 32 3/8, 63%) Rashard Lawrence (C, 32%, 34 1/8) Jason Strowbridge (C, SB, 20%, 32 3/8) Neville Gallimore (C, SB, 69%, 32 3/4) Marlon Davidson (C, SB, 33%, 33) Broderick Washington (C, 32 1/2) McTelvin Agim (C, SB, 89%, 33 1/2) Raequan Williams (C, 31%, 33 3/8) Teair Tart (C) Malcolm Roach (C, 93%, 31 7/8) Darrion Daniels (C, 51%, 33 1/4) S Jeremy Chinn (C, SB, 99%) Kyle Dugger (C, SB, 99%) Tanner Muse (C, 94%) Brandon Jones (C) K’Von Wallace (C, SB, 97%) Daniel Thomas (C, 91%) L’Jarius Snead (C, 98%, 31 3/8) Alohi Gilman (C, SB, 34%) JR Reed (C, 66) Geno Stone (C, 26%) Xavier McKinney (C, 20%) Jalen Elliot (C, SB, 28%) CB Bryce Hall (C, 32 1/4) Dane Jackson (C, SB, 7%, 30 3/8) Kindle Vildor (C, SB, 60%, 32 1/4) Brian Cole (C, SB, 87%, 31 3/8) Michael Ojemuda (C, SB, 66%, 32 1/4) Jeff Gladney (C, 27%, 31 7/8) AJ Green (C, SB, 43%, 30 7/8) Essang Bassey (C, SB, 56%, 31) Demarkus Acy (C, 31 1/8) Bopete Keyes (C, 32 5/8)
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    The same Marvin Lewis who coached for 15 seasons in Cincy and never won a playoff game, no thanks . Frank deserves to be here, this has just been a strange season.
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    Not everyone here is on board with this this viewpoint of what Ballard has done. But the team Ballard inherited was mostly staffed by players who were not all that talented, or all that skilled, or athletic, or quick or fast. This was a complete re-build. And 4-5 years from now, I suspect many of the faces we're looking at will be long gone too. Ballard is going to continuously turn over the roster. Churn the roster. Always looking to upgrade. Get younger, faster, more skilled --- everywhere. It's going to be fascinating to watch.....
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    Sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery. Hope it works out.
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    Who is Kent Sterling and why should we care what he says? Never heard of him. Was it racism that caused the Colts to trade for JB? Was it racism that caused the Colts to publicly call Brissett a top-20 QB? Was it racism that had Ballard say he wouldn’t trade Brissett unless he was overwhelmed by an offer? Was it racism that made Ballard say JB has ELITE leadership skills? Was it racism that had Ballard make Brissett the starter after Luck retired? We could have traded for someone. Was it racism that drove Ballard to give Brissett a two year contract worth $30 mill when JB was already signed to a contract? The Colts were under no obligation. Was it racism that now made Ballard keep JB as the highest paid backup in the NFL? The Colts could’ve cut him and saved good money. Look.... a nobody has a blog. But he doesn’t have the brains to back it up. Very disappointing. He’s clueless and he’s wrong.
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    There's already a celebration thread for this at Reddit.
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    I think I see the problem. TY was running routes that were more than five yards downfield, putting him out of range of Brissett's arm.
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    Merry Christmas to all. Back in Indy with family for the holidays and wanted to say blessings to all. Sports are fun but never forget what is truly important. Go Colts!
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    The truth is that we simply need a better QB. That is all.
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    Meanwhile .... “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released their estimates for the influenza season from October 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020. During that period, an estimated 34 to 49 million people have been sickened with the flu, with 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalized. The estimated deaths from the flu is between 20,000 and 52,000 people.” The panic over corona is relatively just so out of hand.
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    Just announced. AC will play!
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    Big name veteran FA. Box checked. Ballard is done.
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