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    Hey guys, want to thank everyone for your input on the Colts, I have learned a lot from your input on moving forward good or bad LOL At my age it's time to past the torch to more inquisitive minds to see what the future holds for our organization. I only wish the best for us as fans and hope you will too. I am a old timer who knows my time is growing shorter. I hope I will be around longer, but, if not I hope you guys keep the faith and the dream longer. In this busy world that we live in , time marches on , and my only wish is that we can all agree that. no matter what our differences is that we can form a bond that we are galvanized to the betterment of our franchise. So in retrospect , just remember we are all Colts fans and give your fellow fans, the respect regardless if you agree with them, that in the end it's about us as a team.
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    As you might know, there's a Purdue fan who is dying... Tyler Trent has terminal cancer. And he wanted to go to the bowl game tonight that Purdue was playing in. Jim Irsay made it happen. Gave his family the use of his private jet. Here's the ESPN story with a picture... Well done, Jim! http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25619573/indianapolis-colts-fly-tyler-trent-purdue-boilermakers-bowl-game These are the kind of gesture's Irsay does that make me like him.... he's a part of the community in ways that some NFL owners never are....
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    We can go on and on about the moves Ballard hasn't made , but because we truly aren't privy to what he's attempted to do , let's take a look at what can be judged : what he has done 2017: Released D'Qwell Jackson - good move, not in league anymore. Old and overpaid. Re-signed Jack Doyle - good move Traded Dwayne Allen +6th to Patriots for 4th -- smart trade , rid himself of a high salary for an average player. Is just a blocker in New England Released Patrick Robinson-- eh, debatable , but he wasn't that good for us Signed John Simon- good move Signed Jabaal Sheard-- really good move Signed Barkevious Mingo-- good move Signed Margus Hunt -- fantastic value signing Signed Al Woods-- tremendous value signing Signed Sean Spence-- didn't work out , no harm/no foul because of the contract Ballard gave him Signed Kamar Aiken-- didn't work out , only a 1 year deal though, so again , no harm/no foul Released Arthur Jones- good move , isn't even in the league atm Signed Jonathan Hankins-- good move Signed Jon Bostic -- solid move Signed Mo-Ali Cox-- TBD *Note* the 2017 draft was conducted with Grigson's scouting staff and for an entirely different coaching staff. Doesn't mean Ballard gets a complete pass , but it should be considered at the very least. Drafted Hooker 15th overall -- I really liked this pick , some may disagree. Still only 22 years old with tons of potential, imo. Drafted Wilson 46th overall-- due to injuries/Pagano etc hasn't been ideal. Still, Corners take time to develop, by no means am I writing him off yet. Drafted Basham 80th overall - Bust , no other way to put it. Still has no counter moves. Wish him well in New York. Drafted Banner 137th overall- Bust Drafted Mack 143rd overall- I think this is an outstanding pick. Time will tell , but the potential is obvious. Drafted Stewart 144th overall- Decent rotation piece right now in a new scheme. Solid pick with some upside. Drafted Hairston 158th overall-- really good rookie season , hasn't had the same impact in the new scheme. Good value pick, imo. Drafted Walker 161st overall -- brilliant pick and likely our starting Mike for some time. Signed Rigoberto Sanchez -- terrific UDFA signing. Found our longterm starting punter instantly after Pat's retirement. Signed Christine Michael - meh Released Kendall Langford -- good move , is still a FA to this day. Traded Phillip Dorsett for Jacoby Brissett- outstanding trade. Provided a starting 2017 QB and our best backup in ages. Will be flipped for picks eventually. To get an asset worth good draft capital for a bust of a WR is just brilliant. Cannot understate how good of a move this was. Claimed off Waivers, Desir- outstanding move. to get a CB capable of starting off waivers is brilliant work. Claimed off Waivers, Kenny Moore II-- terrific pickup. Has been playing solid considering how we acquired him. Still young and improving. Released Vontae Davis-- I mean.... yeah, thank god. Good move. Claimed off Waivers, Ross Travis-- good move Claimed off Waivers, Glowinski-- solid move 2016 Cap Space: 8 million and the 4th oldest team in the league 2017 Cap Space: 18 million and the 9th youngest team in the league 2018: Signed Vinatieri to an extension -- no brainer Signed Denico Autry-- good move , great contract Traded 3rd overall pick for 6th overall pick , 37th, 49th, 2019 2nd round pick -- Terrific trade. Released Hankins-- controversial , but I think it was the right thing to do. Speaks volumes that he couldn't find a team until recently and hasn't made much of an impact. Signed Ebron- great move. Absolutely outstanding. Signed Ryan Grant- solid risk-free 1 year deal. No harm/no foul. Won't be here next season most likely. Good value for cost. Signed Slauson -- outstanding move and unfortunate injury. Unbelievable value for cost. Extended Desir-- solid move. Getting a waiver claim worth a second deal is just quality. Re-signed Mewhort-- unfortunate , and I wish him the best. Signed Goode- decent cheap deal. No harm/no foul. Won't be here next season and the SAM is becoming less important. Signed Acker - no harm/no foul Drafted Nelson 6th overall -- Some may disagree due to positional value, but I think it was a great selection. Changed the complexion of our offense from Day 1 and will only get better. Drafted Leonard 36th overall-- I mean.... wow. What can I say? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect this. Drafted Smith 37th overall -- Dude looks good. Like , really good. Super impressed and excited to see what he becomes. Quality starting OL. Drafted Turay 52nd overall- too soon to really say, but he's getting better week-by-week. At worst a rotational pass-rusher, imo. I think he'll be more. Drafted Lewis 64th overall- no idea , but he looked good in camp. TBD Drafted Hines 104th overall- exactly as advertised , good pick , and will be a weapon for years. Drafted Fountain 159th overall - TBD. Not giving up on him by any means. I'd love it if he could crack the roster this season, but it's a massive jump to the NFL coming from where he came from. Drafted Wilkins 169th overall-- love this kid. good pick Drafted Cain 185th overall-- Like Lewis , he looked good in camp. TBD , but I have a hunch he'll be a really good pick. Drafted Adams 221st overall-- getting any contribution from a 7th rounder is great , and he's doing just that. Really nice pick Drafted Franklin 235th overall- see above So, yes, it's too early to really make any definitive conclusions about the 2018 draft (or even 2017) , but from what I'm seeing, if Cain and Lewis become anything close to what I think they can and Turay can continue down this path.... I mean, this draft class goes from outstanding to special. We're talking about possibly 5 starters , 2 rotational RB's, 2 depth LB's, and whatever Fountain becomes. That is just crazy. Signed UDFA Moore-- good move Signed UDFA Odum- good move Signed Howard--- just flat-out didn't work. Ballard did the smart thing and gave him a no harm/no foul contract, though. Claimed Pascal -- meh , I doubt he'll be here next season , but to get anything from a waiver claim is solid. To be clear, I don't want him here, though. Traded Darrell Daniels for Marcus Johnson -- I thought Johnson showed flashes , unfortunate injury. Good trade. Released TJ Green-- thank god Claimed Corey Moore -- good move Claimed Muhammad- good move , provides some upside/depth. Released John Simon-- again like Hankins, this was controversial. But, I think it was the right move. Turay and (eventually Lewis) need the playing time and he wasn't a good scheme fit. Signed Jihad Ward-- Definitely premature on my part , but I think this was a great signing. Tons of upside. Signed Boehm-- no idea Signed Mike Mitchell -- looks pretty fantastic so far. Not a big Geathers fan, myself. So this is a nice change. Signed Inman -- no idea. We'll find out. 2018 Cap space: 52 million , 4th youngest team So yeah, for those who love to complain about Ballard not spending money , look at what he's actually done. He inherited an old , average (at best) , expensive roster going nowhere. In under 2 years, he's taken the 4th oldest team , turned it into the 4th youngest, and cleaned our books up substantially. I have no idea how people can't like what he's doing. Truly. We've been in every game this season ; Luck looks outstanding ; our O-Line finally seems to be coming together ; our young players are all improving ; we'll have another draft to stack on top this one and tons of cap flexibility. The plan is clearly working. Ballard looks like he's an elite evaluator so far with a disciplined approach. His hitting % is insane. His worst moves are 3rd/4th round picks (with Grigson's scouts) and a couple dudes on 1 year no harm/no foul contracts that he eventually cut. Oh, and I guess Simon and Hankins if you like complaining about guys he signed in the first place. I mean, @threeflight , I just don't get you bro.
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    @TKnight24 not sure if anyone's thanked you lately, but I know that for those of us who aren't active on Twitter, we really appreciate the consistent updates! So thank you!!! Go Colts!
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    Jim Irsay isn't perfect. His drug/addiction issues are well chronicled. He's had some messiness in his personal life. He used to tweet too much, and sometimes seemed less than coherent. He's a poor public speaker. But the man is a great NFL owner. He gives his football people whatever they ask for, whatever they need, he doesn't meddle, and he doesn't stand behind them looking over their shoulder, calling them out about all their mistakes. He spends money, he empowers his people, he supports them, he's patient with them, and every decision he makes about his football team appears to be well considered, not rushed, and not influenced by popular opinion. I'm tired of people calling him impetuous, impatient and impulsive. He's actually been the opposite.
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    Over 2 minutes of analysis for you all to enjoy. Love Baldy's twitter and even better when it's one of our own in focus. He has done a few on Leonard too.
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    https://www.stl.news/ap-all-pro-team-has-kansas-city-accent/238886/ HUGE honor for these guys!
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    Can we please put the Le'Veon Bell to Indy rumor's out of their misery? That dog don't hunt and frankly never did. Mack looks to have the makings of a feature back and is complemented very nicely by Hines and Wilkins. 200+ yards in two straight games by a younger and far cheaper group. Why would they ever consider giving up the asset or dollars required to get Bell?
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    NCF does a yearly apology thread for when he makes people mad with his posts on this forum. I want to do one here and explain why I act the way I do at times to people who have no idea, or just think I'm completely crazy or a troll. I have Bipolar. That means I'm going to be at both extremes when it comes to anything happening on the Colts, good or bad. When good news happens and we are successful, I'm the most optimistic person on the forum and will actually overreact in a positive way because I'm so excited something good is happening. I'm the person who was telling my mom about Darius Leonard and his week 2 game three different times when I visited my dad and her to watch wrestling on Monday the next night. I was talking to my best friend at midnight 10 hours later because I still was giddy like a schoolgirl over what he did. Likewise, when someone like Luck struggles, it brings me down to a certain depression, and makes me question him, my love for football, and all sorts of thoughts go through my head whether he'll ever play at a decent level again. I see a game like last night with Cousins and Goff putting on an incredible performance and wish Luck could do that. I'm 31 right now, and I've never been in a position from a football team standpoint where I've had my team's QB be a bust besides the 2011 season. I'm still adjusting to it personally and it's very depressing for me. However, I want to apologize to all the posters who I drive crazy with my posts. I don't hate this team, I don't want to spread negativity on this forum or start arguments. That's not my intentions. It's very difficult to control my emotions when I see Luck play like this, then we have to wait another week to see if he improves his game. When a team is doing well, we enjoy the week, when they are suffering, it seems like eternity til that next game to try and get your rhythm back. I'm not the most patient guy (though I've gotten better at it), and I understand Luck is rusty and trying to recover, it just puts me in a depression to see him this way. I salute all of you who can genuinely believe he will recover. I wish I had the same mindset as you. In my mind, he's the QB, so he is the team, and we can't win without him (though the defense is better now). So in closing, I'm very sorry for driving everyone here crazy on a daily basis. As much as you all may hate me for bashing Luck or spreading negativity, it hurts myself more than anyone. I love being positive for this team and want to be a happy person on here 100% of the time and talk about how great Ballard and Reich are doing, and how we are going to win the SB. It's very fun for me and it keeps me up at night in a good way when it happens. All I can say is, thanks for putting up with me if you do. Sometimes I don't deserve it and I genuinely want to be the best poster possible, I'm also the most extreme poster possible from both ends and it can be good or bad. I hope you can forgive me if I upset you in the past, and this helps you see how I view football from my viewpoint. Thanks!
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    Got to give some love to Desir. He's quietly been playing at a very high level. He has shut down some of the league's top receivers (Hopkins, Amari Cooper) and was matched up against Hopkins again today. Before the game, Hopkins promised that he would not be shut down like last time. He emphatically stated that it would not happen again. Desir (and Deshaun Watson) held Hopkins to 5 receptions for 37 yards, again.
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    It's about 7 on Christmas Eve and every year the thought occurs to me. God has blessed so very much and I offer a prayer to all those that are less fortunate, alone, hungry, in pain or any other type of distress. Precious savior in your unlimited wisdom and Grace we pray for the people that need the help the most. Please find a way out for the desperate. Bringing families back together and help them find the provisions they need. Thank you Jesus
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    Tonight I watched the Colts drop to 1-4 but even after taking another loss to the Patriots, I came away from the game happier and a lot more positive than I normally would after suffering a loss. Andrew Luck is phenomenal. Tom Brady's team won the game tonight, but Andrew Luck was not only the better Quarterback tonight, I believe he's all around better than Brady right now, period. Tom Brady's team was actually able to run the ball and he's been playing in the same system for nearly his entire career. He's always had the same head coach, and he's still surrounded by guys he's played years with, and was playing at home. Tom Brady basically had all day and night to throw the ball unlike Andrew Luck. The Colts couldn't run the ball and were playing from behind the entire game. Andrew Luck was forced to drop back and throw the ball 59 times! and completed 38 of them. There were countless balls dropped tonight that should've been easy catches which killed scoring drives. Luck's second interception was all on Pascal, not Luck. Despite not having his starting LT,RT,RB,TE, and WR. Andrew Luck looked flawless out there tonight and kept the Colts alive in every game this season. When Andrew Luck gets to play with a healthy offense and gains more experience in Reich's offense as they continue to build around him, I believe our offense can be special in another year or two if everything falls into place. Frank Reich and Andrew Luck is the perfect marriage and thank you Chris Ballard AND Josh McDaniels for allowing Luck to finally get the coach he deserves. Matt Eberlus, are you even human? I have no idea how Eberlus was able to take a handful of rookies, free agent signings, who are playing together for the first time, as well as introducing a completely different scheme into the fold, and be this competitive during games? This guy literally makes the correct adjustments during the game and literally has this defense balling right now. Could you imagine what this guy is capable of once he's able to bring in more talent while continuing to grow the guys we already have here. If he's able to get this much production out of this group, could you imagine what he'd do if the Colts drafted some monsters or even a few free agents? I noticed that every single person on this defense gives a 110% on every single play. I love how these guys are playing together and as one. I'm starting to understand this whole Horseshoe guy philosophy Chris Ballard's been preaching about. These guys all seem to be very mature and all about the team. There's no negative distractions that I was able to see and everyone seems to have each other's backs on every single play. People who don't think coaching is that important should look at the past seven years here in Indianapolis. You can have all the talent in the world, but guys like Frank Reich and Matt Eberlus know how to make proper adjustments while putting our guys in position to make plays on every single down. Look at Eric Ebron for example and the way he was able to create havoc and manipulate the Patriot's defense. Everyone talks about Gronkowski, but Eric Ebron was the best TE on the field tonight and he's the Colts number two option behind Jack Doyle who didn't play. I seriously love the direction this team is headed in and truly believe the Colts will make the playoffs in 2019. I believe another year after that they can easily be a top 5 football team and win it all, as long as they have a healthy Andrew Luck and continue to build around him. Tonight was the last time the Patriots are beating Andrew Luck for a very long time. Sorry for the rant, but I'm feeling a lot of positive vibes and wanted to share them with you all. #ColtsNation
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    Man talk about difference maker. That O-Line was dominant. Him coming back was so major. I admittedly slept on him but he killed it!! Big Kudos to him
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    Am I the only one who feels like this team is much better coached?
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    Hello Colts fans I just got my Colts tattoo finished and would like to show it to you guys and ladies So, the story behind my tattoo or symbolic of it, is that as a former soldier ind the danish army and with multiple tours to Iraq and Kosovo, I have been diagnosed with PTSD. A condition that many formers vets have been diagnosed with both in the US and in Denmark. But as a huge Colts fan and sports fan, what better way than combine those two things in a tattoo and create something unique thats tell me and those who see it, that my PTSD shall not hold me back or let it ruin me and my dreams. Most of you remember when Pat McAfee delivered one hell of a hit to Trindon Holliday, if not, then go watch it. I thought that hit should be incorporated in my tattoo and be the inspiration to idea behind it. So the colts player hitting the PTSD (the soldier in my tattoo) is supposed to be Pat McAfee. Again I would just show my tattoo with you guys and hopefully you like it as much as I do. Go Colts Peace and Love from Denmark
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    Thanks for creating a thread for this. I was having a hard time finding whether or not anyone was disappponted with free agency so far. This was much needed.
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    I won't be on the forum much, if at all, after today until after the end of the year (I know, I know, most of you are happy about that.) For those that celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year and I hope you get to spend the time how you want, whether that be with friends and family or alone or traveling to exotic locations. For that that do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a fun and safe holiday season. Just remember, just because you don't celebrate Christmas does not mean you can't enjoy all the good food. :). Take care everyone. --Coffeedrinker
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    Here. With all the whining and crying and otherwise boo hooing going on about how Ballard didn't impress, he didn't do this or that, he didn't bring home the Lombardi tonight. So I'll just go ahead and save you all the time and start this thread for you... feel better now?
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    I was at the John Legend concert in Indy tonight and had a Colts crew right in front of me! Even got to fist bump Leonard and tell him they just played "a hell of a game". Not pictured is Al Woods... He's a big man! Desir, Leonard, Geathers, David Thornton
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    So does this mean it's possible Ballard might be right and drafting a guard top 10 isn't always a mistake?
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    Funny I came to this website specifically to post about the draft after seeing the two All Pro selections today and I saw this thread has been revisited. I have to give a lot of credit to Ballard. His draft really came on the second part of the year. I will gladly eat crow and say I was wrong in this case. Gladly. Good luck Colts this weekend.
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    Holders latest Stampede Blue podcast talks about how close this team is. He’s been covering the NFL for 14 years, he’s in the locker room, and he said he’s never seen anything like it. He said Luck and Walker are best buds, Sheard has taken Lewis under his wing and the D and O players all get along. No matter the outcome Sunday, or the rest of the season, Ballard and Reich have done an incredible job building a winning culture that we can all be proud of.
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    Again, I'm so happy McDaniels pulled a McDonald's. Frank and company have things headed in the right direction. There will be head scratching mistakes, but I think frank is the right guy
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    According to the PFF folks there have been series of stories about Quenton Nelson and his participation in the combine last year. You can hear the stories here(go to 47:25): Story 1: Quenton was interviewing with the 49ers and they showed him the tape of him blowing the safety away coming from the other side of the formation from the game vs Georgia. So they ask him "what did you see, how did you see the safety blitz? Talk us through this" and Quenton answered the regular stuff "I've studied tape, I saw the formation and picked up the blitz, etc."... then he looked straight at John Lynch and added "I would have done the same thing if it was you" Story 2: Quenton and his trainers had decided to not do one of the drills at the combine and some team told him "if you don't run that drill we are not going to draft you" and he was like "Look, all I do is bury people into the dirt every single play and if you cannot work that out from the tape then I can't help you"
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    So, everyone has been starting a thread to share their viewpoint... I was mostly (but not entirely quiet yesterday) But it feels like I should offer my two cents now... those of you who are not fans/friends of mine, well, here is your chance to rip me. Take your best shot. Here we go.... 1. Not surprised we lost, but WAS surprised the game was so lopsided. But it was from the very first play/series. 2. In my judgement we lost badly and the "game plan" looked so poor basically because we got whipped badly at the LOS on both sides of the ball. Their D-line outplayed our O-line. Their O-line had their way with our D-line. When you lose the battle at the line of scrimmage, there aren't many game plans that succeed. I think all the comments about what "a terrible game plan" are badly overstated. Lose the Line of Scrimmage, lose the game. I don't know WHY we got beat so badly there, but we clearly did. Reich's comment about being outcoached and outplayed were the exact right things to say. You don't throw any one, or any group under the bus. But inside the franchise, there ARE answers to be found. The coaches WILL KNOW what happened. So will Chris Ballard. 3. I don't believe we gave up on the run too early as many here do. I believe the Chiefs took the run away from us. There's a difference. When you can't win with your bread and butter, then you become one dimensional and easier to defend and defeat. 4. I'm not the least bit down on Frank Reich and can't understand why many here have lost faith in him over one loss. After such an incredible season, you jump ship over one game? Sorry, but that says much more about you than it does about him. And what it says is not good. If you're one who wonders if we can do better at the HC position, then I hope you're cooling off after blowing off some steam for a day. Frank Reich coached a not very good team and got every last ounce of talent out of them. Most coaches would not have turned this team into 10-6 and a playoff win in their first year. Major props to Frank. Glad he's our coach. 5. I don't know why, but Luck was dreadful yesterday. Seriously dreadful. I think his first 3 or 4 passes were either batted down at the line of scrimmage, or batted down by LB's or DB's... and it looked like he lost a LOT off his fast ball. Was it weather related? Don't know? Was his arm tired after a long season? Don't know? But he was clearly off his game. He looked like the Andrew from the first 6 weeks of the season. I'm still hopeful that after an off-season of rest and rebuilding we will see an even BETTER Andrew Luck in 2019. His arm got stronger and better during the season. Should be even better next season. 6. Still curious if the success of this season will accelerate Ballard's 3-year plan of rebuilding? It might, but I have no gut instinct for it. I think there are arguments both for and against it. Ballard and Reich will probably have an end of the season meeting with the media tomorrow. Really looking forward to hearing/reading what they have to say. If not tomorrow, then Tuesday or Wednesday. Would recommend everyone pay close attention to it. Both are pretty transparent if you kow how to read between the lines. 7. Been a football fan for more than 50 years and this season was one of the most enjoyable I've ever expereinced. I suspect it's the same for many of you. Nothing that happened yesterday changes anything for me. I've been referencing the expression we're playing with House Money for months and that's the way I feel. We had everything to gain and nothing to lose. I kept posting about letting the young players play and learn on the job, even if it meant some losses. We did that and we will be a better team for it. I'm glad we didn't trade for all the big name players around the trade deadline. I'm not expecting a major trade this off-season either. Not for Antonio Brown or LeVeon Bell or anyone else. We might move up or down in the draft to get who we want, but that's standard for Ballard. But he's not trading for an expensive player. Not happening. I'm probably forgetting some things... over looking some things. Perhaps what you respond with will trigger some other thoughts. But I welcome hearing from you. Even if you want to tell me that I'm full of... well... you know. Bring it! The 2019 off-season has begun! Let the fun begin!!
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    Funny how we can win 10 out of 11 games, then lose to what is likely a Super Bowl team, and all of a sudden "we're just not that good" or "our schedule was weak" or we played lousy QB's." We are good. Better than most of the teams in the league. We're just not in the top echelon of the league, which only includes 4 teams (Chiefs, Patriots, Rams, Saints). We're every bit on the same level or better than the next tier of teams (Ravens, Cowboys, Texans, Eagles, Bears, Steelers, Chargers, Seahawks, Titans). Are you watching the Chargers getting embarrassed by the Patriots? It happens. When a top team plays their "A" game and a 2nd tier team plays like garbage, it's s blowout. We're simply not at the top level yet, but we took a giant leap towards that level this season. Another good draft, a couple key signings, and rookies with this year of experience (including coaches), and I'm confident we will be in that top echelon next season.
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    Its Gameday! And I just got engaged last night! Now let's pick up this W today and make my weekend complete!
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    You're not the only poster to say this. And for the life of me, I don't understand why anyone here is holding the McDaniels fiasco against anyone other than Josh McDaniels. He is the only person who did anything wrong. Not Chris Ballard. McDaniels was the number one HC candidate this off-season. Thought to be the next Sean McVey or Kyle Shannahan. JM could've gone to any team he wanted and Ballard went after him and got him to agree to terms. No one in football thinks Ballard did anything wrong. They think McDaneis did. Almost hiring McDaneils should be viewed as a good thing on Ballard's resume, not a bad thing. Yes, it sucks the way things went down, but none of that is Ballard's fault. It's all on McDaneils.
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    Ballard is impressing me far more than this thread is...
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    Just a humble request from those like me watching the NFL Draft live on ESPN, at least for Day 1 and Day 2, please do not post the draft picks a few seconds in advance from twitter. Thanks!!! Don't be a spoiler!!!
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    Look, I know there are a lot of upset people about how free agency has played out, but I wanted to take a deeper look into Ballard's process and maybe relax some people's anxiety. 2 of Ballard's core philosophies are.. 1. Take care of your own players. 2. He wants the Colts to be the best team in the league at developing talent. I think we can all agree that FA has been full of huge contracts payed out to (outside of Earl Thomas and a few others) good, but not elite players. Ballard's view is likely that he'd prefer to spend our cap room on resigning OUR guys and keeping our core together, rather than let our stars go and try to find their replacements. Next year, we have a ton of big name free agents. AC, Kelly, Ebron, Moore, Sheard... just to name a few. Then TY is the year after. So, the question is, where is all this money we have gonna go? Its gonna go right there, to OUR guys. Now, I have seen many people say, "It doesn't matter what they spend, if we want to win a Superbowl we need better talent." If you are of that belief, you're not wrong.. What is wrong is assuming Ballard doesnt believe that too. He knows it. The difference is how he chooses to find that jump in talent. Instead of bringing new faces into the building on big expensive contracts, he is putting all his resources into developing the talent we have. Taking good players and making them great. Let's look at pass rush for example. (I'm gonna use Madden like terminology just because it's easy to digest) Let's say, on a scale of 0-100, Kemoko Turay was at a 75 last year. Maybe Preston Smith was an 84. Ballard drafted Turay with the belief that, (and again, I'm just thinking hypothetically here) with time/reps/the right coaching, Turay could be a 90. So, in his mind, his answer for the pass rush is already on the roster. Instead of REPLACING a 75 with an 84, he wants to UPGRADE his 75 to that same level and hopefully beyond. It's more affordable on the cap, and it establishes a culture of progression. When players think, "Man, the Colts can help me get the best out of myself. They can help make me the best version of me." then not only do they want to come here and stay here, but they also trust the coaches and lean into them. They work harder knowing that the team has a proven track record of success developing players. They become better players, we win more games, they earn their more money for their next contract. The entire system is symbiotic. It takes time, and I know that's frustrating when we as fans can't look on paper and just already know the team is definitively better than it was last year. But Ballard has proven that he can do this. Just look at last year... Ebron went from ridiculed bust to leading the league in touchdowns. Glow went from obscurity to incredibly impressive starting RG and earned a nice contract. Kenny Moore and Pierre Desir, even Quincy Wilson were mocked and called "the weakest position group on the team"... and look how well they played as they got better and better throughout the season. Ryan Kelly went from a solid Center to arguably the best center in the NFL. So, yes, its easy to be upset. Theres nothing wrong with wanting impact players to come to the Colts. But Ballard is banking on himself, and trusting that they're already here. He's earned the right to have this season go HIS way and on HIS terms, where he can prove to all of us that he can make that process work.
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    Here it is official: https://www.colts.com/news/colts-bring-back-howard-mudd-to-staff-klayton-adams-named-assistant-offensive-li
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    What a great guy. We need to bring him back. He could have even a better season if he had a entire off season with Luck.
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    A injury free Andrew Luck in his prime. Think about that for a second. No more rehabbing the shoulder, no mental block of worrying about getting hurt, no more answering questions if he can ever play again. This is going to be his first off-season in years where he can focus on his craft and not about getting better injury wise. To throw 4600 yards and 39 tds with basically just Hilton and Ebron to throw to is another scary thought. There is no doubt in my mind Ballard will get Andrew and Reich the weapons they need to really make this offense prolific. I can't wait for September already. GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!! Side note, I just might be going to the chargers game next season. Crossing fingers
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    Some plays he remembers like Oher in The Blind Side trucking his opponent to the other end of the field
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    Irsay called CB the best GM candidate of the 2000s and many snickered at the hype. Irsay took a lot of arrows (including from me) for the things he said about Luck being ready for 2017 and the fact that AL needed to get his head in the right space. Time seems to have brought some validity to his (perhaps overly-public and enthusiastic) assertions. And when the new HC hire bailed at the last minute, Irsay turned to two HOF'ers who remain close confidants, and (by many accounts) steered the search to a guy who wasn't high on Ballard's list, while the country laughed at the Colts for being left at the altar and having to marry a leftover consolation prize. Don't see people laughing at the Colts now. Jim Irsay, I admit I've rolled my eyes at you at times but I'm here to eat some crow. Thank you for being the owner you are, for the Manning/ Polian / Dungy glory days we all enjoyed, and for the anticipation of Luck / Ballard / Reich glory days to come. Seeing as its Christmas time, lets count our blessings (imagine being a Jags fan!), and as I think Tiny Tim eloquently put it, many Christmases ago: "God bless us, one and all, even EbeneezerJosh McDaniels for telling us at the last possible second that we weren't good enough for him."
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    Rats. Our TE position has been decimated in recent weeks. And according to Doug, Ebron isn't even a TE, so we're really attached to another object by an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis...
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    I read that quote and it made me kind of sad. It's true... but it still made me sad. Chuck is good people.
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