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  1. Sorry slacking I'm a little late on posting Wow hats off to TY Hilton, your only going to get better. Reggie Wayne have always been a fan way to break some records. After the game I loved when you said "When your in for 12 years, you'd better do something." Keep it up! Freeman on defense way to get in there and sack Fitzpatrick and leaving an impact for people to remember your name. Mathis props on the other sack. Defense is getting to the point they are clicking well holding them to 4 of 13 3rd downs. Offense blocking is key Luck was sacked 4 times, I know it happens and Luck has def pr
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  2. No record setting passing stats, no incredible runs, no game changing plays on defense (almost was) just 60 minutes of solid team football. Got to start off with that unit (special teams) since I had planned on not mentioning them again, the rest of the year, they made the game changing play.............Hilton's 75 yd punt return TD, the first for the Colts since 2007 (T.J.Rushing).... a very good game for the coverage units vs one of the leagues best returners and a big game for McAfee, who was singled out as a guy who needed to step up......and did. Wasn't too excited when we traded away (a
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  3. So it finally happened. I finally got to see my beloved COLTS play in PERSON! My parents and I flew New York to Indy to watch my beloved COLTS take on my dad's beloved Bills. When I first learned we were going, I was beyond excited. I pretty much could not believe that we were actually going to a game! You have to understand-- I've been a fan of the COLTS for years now, and had never witnessed a game in person. In 2009 when Buffalo hosted Indy, I remember being sour that we didn't try to get tix to the game. My dad kept telling me that it would be cold, snowy, miserable, and the Colts would re
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