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    Source: MEMBER INTRODUCTIONS - please say hello to the forum HERE
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    After this last PRO BOWL game they should close it down ( i dont blame the players ) maybe they can select the best players to compete and win some money for some charities.
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    Mesmerized by the "Horseshoe" since I was 7 years old, going on 43 now. I just cant seem to get it out of my system. For me it began watching a QB by the name of Jones, bigger than life to me as a kid, Bert to be more specific.. throw the perfect spiral pass only to have his career cut short with shoulder problems. Then this Elway guy refuses to play for my team and they laughed at us. To pour salt in the wound my team up and moves out of town..not just any move but like a thief in the night. So surreal. Alot of losing years went by, it was bad. But I was there. Determined. Watching. As always. Then an old friendly face came to town. Teddy...Teddy Marchibroda. A time machine connected the past to the present and the Colts were actual contenders again. I scoured through newspapers, digging for any info on this team like a private investigator. The elusive team with "Horseshoes" on their helmets. It was short lived though.Then they were bad again. Bad enough to get that first overall pick... Again. Who would they squander it on this time? That kid Manning out of Tennesee looked pretty good, but so did the other kid..whats his name Leaf? Over 53,000 yards..399 TD`s later its safe to say they got it right. And a whole lot of winning, it wasnt only raining wins it was like torrential downpouring wins. And then one neck injury later it was over. Just. Like. That. The flick of a switch. Now what? Where do they go from here? I`m here. Loyal. Watching. As always..
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    "what are you doing in here little kitty cat?" .. hilarious!
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    I don't know why I just found this.....this guy is nuts and I love it. No, SW....I do not coach quite this crazily but close. Especially on sspecial teams....you have to be nuts on special teams. Something we have not see here with the Colts for years.
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