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    Replacing Bill Polian, a legend in the NFL, an icon. Tough challenge, firstly because it's been "his" team for 14 years, and i won't be easy making it "your" team. First off; the HC dilemma: Word on Twitter(and everywhere else) is that the players worked their butts off for Caldwell. Problem is, his game management leaves much to desire. However, I would do my best convincing him to be reassigned to his former job as a QB-coach, as P-Money and Caldwell has a great relationship. I would look for a defensive HC, Jeff Fisher will be coveted by a lot of teams, and he might be gone by the time you're hired as GM. Bill Cowher is another option, as P-Money clearly is an established QB. The outside pick, could be Rob Ryan from the Cowboys. Assuming Jeff Fisher is available, he would be my pick. He knows the team, the staff and his philosophy matches the roster. A change of scheme would be a nightmare, due to the player material. He would have his hands free to get the coordinators he wants, but i think a person like Mike Murphy would be allowed to keep his job as DC. He impressed late in the season, and he has huge knowledge of the cover-2. He would be a great guy to have around, at least in a transition period, as Fisher's scheme is similar in many ways, but the small o-line will be new to him, and an experienced hand would be a good thing. Clyde Christensen would be replaced. His playcalling this year has not been satisfactory. Problem is, he has strong ties to P-Money. I think i would be a little unorthodox. A name like Mike Martz, would be a nice addition in my opinion. Martz' pass heavy offense would match the skills of P-Money perfectly, and could become "the greatest show on turf" v2.0. Second big decision; The Peyton Manning situation: Actually, this is Jim Irsay's decision. I would keep him, this would be a great cornerstone on at team with a former DC as HC. P-Money can take care of the offense with Martz, and Fisher can start rebuilding the offense, making sure the next couple of seasons will be better than the one we just left. I truly think it's the right decision, and as Irsay have strong ties to him, i would be surprised if he leaves. Of course, this is assuming his health has been cleared by the medical staff. If he can't play 100%, he should be cut. Many propose a trade, but he has a 28 mil bonus march 8. so the decision has to be made before that, and the league doesn't allow trades until march 13. If he were to be cut or traded after march 8., it would be a cap suicide. "#Pleasepeytonplay" Third big decision; The Draft and the #1 overall Pick: I truly believe the right thing to do, is trading the pick to the highest bidder. According to Adam Schefter a trade would be worth 3 1st rounders and 2 2nd rounders. On top of that, the word on the street is that The Browns aren't sold on Colt McCoy, and could have luck on their radar. Again, this is Irsay's decision, but i believe it is the right choice. Assuming this trade goes through, it would give us 2 1st rounders and two 2nd rounders this year. This would be a huge boost to Fisher's new defense, and replace some of the FA's on offense. I won't put any names up, I'm not that experienced in the scouting world.(although as The Colts GM, i actually should be) next big decisions; Free Agency: I won't make a huge deal of this, as a lot of it depends on the draft. No matter what, i would do my best to keep Robert Mathis an Pierre Garcon. Payers like Jeff Saturday, Anthony Gonzalez, and Reggie Wayne, would be evaluated and compared to drafted players, and may be retained if the price is right. And then, your first season as the Colts GM would begin. If they did like i say, they'd probably go 0-16 but hey, this is just one amateur colts fans opinion.
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    1. Take the time to see if Peyton is really going to be healthy. 2. Take a look at and interview the other QB's in the draft. Decisions don't need to be made until after the combine. 3. If Peyton is healthy, and we don't see much drop off from Luck to the other QB's trade down. 4. Ideally trade down with Washington, get some extra picks and grab RG3 in Washington's spot. 5. Re-sign Robert Mathis, Re-sign Reggie Wayne. 6. Draft Secondary and O-line help. 7. Probably time to let Joseph Addai go. Donald Brown looks like he finally gets it. 8. If Luck really is a once in a generation QB, then draft him. Worse things could happen than having 2 greats on the same team. (We don't want to be one of those teams who's constantly looking for the next franchise QB.)
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    If I were the Colts GM; i would view game tape from every single loss this season. As challenging as this season was; there are gems and jewels to be obtained from our mistakes. I believe that these tapes will need to be viewed and carefully evaluated even before our next step of draftingd "Luck". After that; we need to fine tune some of the things that worked well. Although the season was dismal as far as wins; there was several times in which we did execute on various plays. It's important to not miss that as the game tapes are being reviewed. Also; specifically if we are blessed to obtain "Luck" and Manning returns. We need to play "Luck" in the second quarter of every game. It is not wise or prudent to have him sit on the bench and get no play time. If he is allowed to play in the second quarter of every game; there is much benefit that will come from this. Hardly anyone in the league follows this practice; but it seems like common sense to me. "Luck" is going to get experience beyond practice; plus we have the whole second half for Manning to come back and "fix" things. It would be a shame not to learn from the experience of last season. We are still Colts Faithful. We still Believe. We as fans are behind our players and our team. The next season; Colts will be unrecognizable as contrasted to this season. Colts will monopolize in obtaining talent and build on a legacy. I have never stopped Believing. I wear my Colts gear with pride and I "sound off" with any and everyone who approaches me about the fallacy of this last season. We have a "gift" in the Indianapolis Colts. We are so blessed and don't realize it. All the great seasons are not erased by one season. As * Cline said--"Stand By your Man"; in our case--"Stand By your Team". It is through challenges that greatness is Achieved.
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    Anyone who thinks the Colts should draft Andrew Luck should take a long look at he previous winning Super Bowl Qb's and they will see that there or more who weren't #1 overalls, then there were that are. And take a long look at the Colts since Peyton was drafted-1 championship. A great team and a very good Qb, is going to beat a very good team with a great Qb, ALMOST , every time. Thats what we need, a great team, not a great QB. The way to get that (great team) is to trade away that pick, cash in on what should be the biggest value for a #1 pick in 30 years and re stock. It's time to realize that one player can't win championships, what they will win , is alot of games. We have tried that, it doesn't work, everyone seems to want change, there it is.
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